Sexual habits that rekindle passion

Many times, married partners think that lack of real sexual intercourse is the reason for infidelity, lack of passion, or sparks on the sex bed. But I have discovered that daily life sexual habits go a long way to rectifying sour relationships. Here are some of the tips:

Do you know that as much as a quick peck on the lips or cheek of your spouse may not be a bad idea, it is not emotionally and scientifically sufficient for a loving couple to develop a strong sexual relationship? The same peck can also be given to anyone within the family or even a friend. So instead, why don’t you plant a full and passionate kiss on your partner’s lips whenever you are coming in or going out. Please, do not laugh this off and say, oh this is for young couples or couples who have no demanding work load. It is for every married lover. The effect can be overwhelming.

Besides that, this will definitely leave both of you with lusty feelings for each other.  The strength of the connectivity this will help both of you to discover is unbelievably strong. Don’t ignore this, it works. This could be done anywhere anytime and especially in the presence of the children, friends, relatives and even neighbours. If time permits, you can also go to your favourite restaurant or try a new place within your income. After making sure that the rest of the family have been catered for, the two of you can sink into the couch at home and have a prolonged kiss and foreplay without sex.

It is obvious that couples do not necessarily have sex every night. But on those no-sex nights, couples tend to just roll over and go to sleep. I think it is not wise for couples to create a barrier between each other. Why not evolve a gesture that indicates that ‘I want you’ even when no sexual intercourse is involved.  The point being stressed here is that any display of affection and desire can trigger off anything at any time. You can even use that moment to tell your spouse something about yourself that you have never revealed before. It could simply be a big dream that you have nursed all your life. Getting to know that there are layers of your personality that haven’t yet been peeled off will attract the interest of your spouse to you.

Remember that taking a bath together is one sure habit that can trigger sexual feelings between couples. While doing that, give yourself a massage or sit in bed to just cuddle and talk. This is especially useful for long-term couples who may have lost the good memory of old days. Instead of focusing on what pisses you off about your spouse, think of all the good things that attracted you in the first place. Also, try to recapture the various sexual activities that you enjoyed together. Put them on your daily schedule and start engaging in them again.

Habitually venture into unfamiliar territory; this helps both partners to create great memories together that will become a shared reference point in the future. For example, it has been known that wives mostly perform blow job on their husbands, but secretly would love such more on themselves, but when couples venture into unfamiliar territory, the reverse can be the case.

So, husband, go ahead and make it a habit. Start off by kissing her sensually and passionately. Then undress her deftly and draw her into the bed for the act.

Another area of exploit is the ‘G’spot discovery. The spot exists as the hotbed of orgasm for wives. You can turn your wife on by locating and caressing it. The spongy area around the ‘G’spot gets swollen and aroused whenever it is gently caressed, making it easier for you as the husband to feel and play with; it is easy to locate.

Using the middle finger, by the time you reach the second knuckle, you should be able to feel a slightly bumpy or ridged area on the upper wall of her vagina. Engage it whichever way you can. But be gentle because the ‘G‘spot always responds to pressure. So, press down and pull forward with your finger. Remember there is no ‘special ‘or ‘right’ way to caress the ‘G’ spot. Just experiment with it gently and watch out for your wife’s reaction to know what to do. Some wives like rhythmic pressure, while some like the stroking motions and others just the tapping. Also, some other women just like it anyhow with their clitoris stimulated at the same time. Since you are not an expert, just keep trying and you will be surprised that in that territory, you will make some unexpected discoveries.

Most men secretly long after that ideal girl that will turn their sexual life upside down but they fail to realise that the woman they marry can be that girl. Husbands, you can turn your wife into your ideal sex girl. Men have catalogues of sexual imaginations; the best way to relive these scenarios is to just share the idea with your wife, simple! Ask your wife of the possibilities of experimentation with good dividend. Experts say all living beings have sexual fantasies, in which an individual imagines himself enjoying erotic moments with his or her spouse in strange places at strange times with strange postures and positions. Sharing sexual fantasies with your partners is a way of heightening and intensifying erotic potential- by showing your spouse possibilities that he or she has never considered before. In turn, this will open the door to a lifetime of sexual ecstasy.

Most times, spouses underestimate how powerful they become if they can fulfil their partner’s unrequited fantasy. The point is that if your partner has been dreaming about something all of his/her life and then you help make it a reality for him, the chances are that you will definitely inspire him to display incredible loyalty and devotion to you. The advantage of these fantasies is that they give room to assertiveness, unpredictability and an impulsiveness that creates fun, excitement and expectations; which in turn eliminates boredom. Before you know it, you are creating a bond that can’t be broken.

Another way sexual habit can take married couples from zero level to the highest plain is when husbands make it a point of duty to see to the fact that his wife understands, experiences and enjoys orgasm. No wife who has had a taste of orgasm or climaxing will not become ‘a married call-girl to her husband.’  She will not only enjoy herself; her husband will enjoy her always. One way to increase a woman’s speed of reaching orgasm is while kissing her, make sure you nibble on her neck a little bit longer than before. Even though most often ignored, the woman’s neck is both nerve-packed, highly sensitive and nothing turns up the heat for a woman like the feel of a man’s lips on her body. You can also fire up the titillation by taking turns to kiss her in different body parts. This usually takes her out of her comfort zone and gets her ready for some passionate expectation. You can experiment with more creative ways of bringing her to the brim of orgasm by rubbing your lips against her nipples, sweep them along her belly button, and even gently brush your face against her cheeks, for more intensified arousal. Drag her tongue into your mouth slowly, and then suck gently on the tip. This playful twist will send currents of electricity between her legs. Most women like an amount of pressure when they are kissed. While you are fully concentrating on this, you will be amazed that your ejaculation speed will slow down because you are fully focused on something else.

Husbands, you can help your wife and make sure she climaxes before or at the same time you do, start stimulating her clitoris as soon as possible. While the attention is more on her, slow yourself down and erotically speed up the clitoral stimulation. No woman has ever resisted this. To assist the good caressing and arousal from her, add a few drops of some natural lubricants on your fingers and use them from the clitoris to the virginal lips down to the inner part of the thighs and between her legs. These lubricants are proven to help women get aroused more easily. Experts report that circular stimulation, starting slow and building up the speed, is most effective. At this point, encourage her to hold firm the base of your manhood and at the same time apply some degree of pressure on it to help resist premature ejaculation. When handling your manhood, she should maintain a soft touch and keep her strokes closer to the base where you are less sensitive. Also, convince her to vary her moves: you’ll love the shifting sensations so much that you won’t notice you’re skipping the steady friction that makes you ejaculate prematurely.

If you are able to archive this, go ahead and further arouse her by inserting your pointer and middle fingers into her vagina with your palm facing the ceiling, and then rest your chin in the palm of your hand. In this position, you can move your fingers in a come-hither motion to massage the front wall of her vagina (G-spot territory!) while teasing her clitoris with your tongue. Remember the rule of the game is that you have to slow yourself down. To light your fuse without triggering an unexpected explosion, your wife should only kiss and lick your penis, but don’t suck (otherwise, it feels too similar to being inside her). Showing your testicles, a little love will also give you mega pleasure without pushing your ejaculation button. Now during intercourse, both of you should agree on ‘girl-on-top’ position. This grants her total control of the speed, angle, and depth. This is 100 per cent best for speeding up her orgasm. Instead of moving her hips up and down- which will bring you closer to the brink of ejaculation, she should slide them back and forth so that her clitoris is rubbing against your abdomen. Don’t be shy about getting involved and pushing up hard or increasing the speed. She’ll love the intensity. Finally remember long thrusts are the husband’s orgasm’s best friends, so keep them to a minimum.  One thing is certain, nothing happens until we work at it, if you work on your marriage you will reap the harvest.




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