(Episode 5) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 5) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Osaze’s phone rang around some minutes past five in the evening. It was his wife,Grace.

Grace: “Hey,babe! Should we wait for you or you’d come and meet us in church?”

Osaze: “Ehm,”he hesitated for a second before answering and finally said, “Just give me few minutes I’ll be there”

He had made a decision; he was going to church with his family,

“I love my family too much!” he added.

After muttering those words, he felt much better. Picked his car keys and left for the house.


He yawned as he entered the house; Alex ran to him,

Alex: “Welcome,dad,” they did a high five.

Osaze: “Where are the babes?”

Alex shrugged, Osaze smiled, he knew he had something cryptic off his sleeves,

Alex: “Getting dressed on the behalf of all the women in the world, “ Osaze smiled. And ran to the kitchen, his stomach was churning, he opened the fridge and took two apples. Made a crunching sound as he took a bite, he walked to the sitting room. Alex opened his mouth as his father munched the apple in his right hand and held another in the left.

Osaze: “what?” he flung his hands in the air as his son gave him a bewildered gaze.

Alex whispering,

Alex: “Mummy! Have we forgotten we are to break in church?”

Osaze smiled and offered the other apple to Alex, who gladly jumped at the offer. Osaze had gotten an alley. They munched quietly. The apples were juicy and succulent.

Osaze: ‘Eat quickly before mum catches us!” he whispered to his son. All those times they didn’t know Grace and Sandra have been watching them. They giggled quietly as they watch the boys flout the fasting rule. It was a family rule that they were to break the fast together and that was in church with communion. Sandra and Alex were used to fasting until six in the evening. Grace and Sandra grunted at the same time as Osaze and Alex turned towards their direction having finished what they were eating. It was as though they hadn’t  eaten anything.

Grace: “Welcome, baby!” she went straight to Osaze and removed the crumbs of the apple that was hung close to his side boards. Alex smirked Osaze joined him. They knew they had been caught.

Sandra: “Welcome dad!”

Osaze smiling,

Osaze: “Thank you, sweetie!”

Alex had to open up there was no need pretending,

Alex: “It was daddy’s idea!” he feigned an innocent gaze pointing at Osaze.

They all were giggling as Osaze asked,

Osaze: “What?” he flung the hands in the air.

Alex: “Dad, there’s no use denying we have being caught!” more giggling was heard.

Grace and Sandra chorused,

“We saw the two of you!”

Grace: “as you munched and whispering!”

Sandra: “Oh oh, Daddy!” they all laughed. Grace’s eyes dashed to the clock, it was almost six.

Grace: “It’s almost late. Let’s get going when we get back we’d think of your punishments, right?” Sandra nodded with a smile as Osaze and Alex feigned a frown.

They got into the car and drove off. The church was a twenty minutes’ drive. On their way, his phone who was in Sandra’s hand, she was playing Zuma beeped it was a message tone.

Osaze: “Lemme have my phone!” he yelled. Everyone in the car was startled. They threw strange gazes at him. Off late, he had suddenly got agitated whenever his phone was with someone else . That was strange for they were used to a father who never yelled at anyone for reading his text messages. Osaze opened the text. It was a message from Zainab. He had saved her number as client Zay;


The message was written in caps lock. Osaze felt bad for reacting the way he did but he had little or no choice. It would have been disastrous if his daughter had seen the text. He closed the phone and dropped in his breast pocket. Everyone was cold in the car. No one said a word until they got to the church. As he parked in the parking lot close to the church primary school his wife kept throwing gazes his way.

Grace to the Alex and Sandra,

Grace: “Take your offerings!” she handed white envelopes to them. And they stepped out of the car. She flung her door opened about to drop, she added, “Osaze, you know you can always talk to me right? About anything!”

He sighed turned off the engine and nodded,

Osaze: “I’m fine,babe!” she smiled at him. She waited for him as they entered into church together but his mind kept meditating on Zainab’s text. They entered when opening prayers had just started but Osaze wasn’t concentrating his mind tune off. During Praises it was the same thing. He looked up and it was some minutes to seven. He didn’t want to disappoint Zainab but  how was he going to leave without raising eye brows from his wife? What was he going to tell his wife? Wouldn’t leaving make his wife suspect him? Sweat covered his face, it ran down his cheeks. It was strange for he hardly sweat no matter how hot the weather was besides the church was well ventilated. Gigantic industrial fans stood at every corner.


He arrived at the hotel thirty minutes late just like in the dream he had a blue tie on but with a jacket. Entering the hotel, he stood by the door looking left, right she beckoned on him with a smile as their eyes met. It was Déjà vu. A charming goddess, she sat with her hair sprawled to the back. It wasn’t covered as usual. Her smile was magical. Osaze’s Adam’s  danced as he drew a chair and sat,

Osaze: “Sorry, I’m late!” she smiled,

Zainab: “I thought you weren’t going to show up!” she beckoned on the waitress who brought a bucket with an exotic wine in it. It was filled with ice.

Osaze: “Well, I had to attend to some family needs first”

She nodded,

Zainab: “Your wife and kids are lucky to have you, you know?”

He sighed and smiled,

Osaze: “I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you!”

Zainab: “Of course. It is!” she popped the wine and poured into two glasses.

Osaze: “I don’t do alcohol!” he smiled.

Zainab: “It is non-alcoholic. I don’t do alcohol too, “their glasses clicked as they gulped the contents down, “So, how many kids do you have?”

Osaze: “Two, Alex and Sandra!”

Zainab: “Beautiful names! I’m sure they are cute!” he brought his phone and opened a picture of his kids and showed her, “wow! They are so cute!!”

Osaze: “Thank you!” he gulped another glass.

They kept on talking; their discussion ranged from politics, social life, health, environmental issues and entertainment. She seemed to know a lot of things. He had taken many glasses and he felt a bit blurry and his feet very heavy. He checked the time and it was almost ten,

“I need to get going!” he tried standing but he staggered, she rushed towards him, “Why do I feel tipsy!” she smiled,

Zainab: “I feel same way too,”she locked her arm in his.

Osaze: “I need to go to my family right away!” he bilged.

Zainab: “Yes you will but be gentle enough to take a lady to her hotel room before leaving!”

He was drunk,

Osaze: “I will!” they walked towards her room upstairs. She was a little tipsy but not drunk, she only took her few gulps knowing fully well that the wine had a huge percentage of alcohol. Osaze couldn’t dictate for its sweetness. She led him to the room as the door opened they both fell on the bed. She removed his shoes and placed his legs on the bed,

“What are you doing?”he asked.

She started kissing him, he broke the kiss and said, “Why are you doing this?”he was dead drunk. She caught his lips as she chewed every part of it. He pushed her away and ran to the bathroom to throw up. He puked for some minutes and came out after washing his face. He felt a little bit better and lighter. What was he doing in a hotel room with Zainab?  he asked himself . She stood before him with a very short robe that displayed her smooth skin, bare, and curvaceous thighs. Before he couldn’t say anything, she had his lips in hers. They kissed as he leaned his back to the wall. He was fighting inside to stop but he was too weak to push her away. As they act was on, different questions popped up in his mind. The thought of his wife and children. What explanation was he going to give for going home late? She bent his head over as they kissed. He had lied to his wife that his biggest client Alhaji had called him for an urgent job.

His heart beat paced as they kissed. Abruptly, he broke off and said,

Osaze: “I can’t do this!”he was panting.

Would he stand by his word and return back to his family? Do you think they’d have sex?

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  1. Morning ALC&Fs,


    Thank God Osaze’s presence of mind is still potently present, yes it starts with a will to succeed…so he stands a good chance to stand by his word and clear out back to his family.


  2. with d level they are, if all caution wasn’t taken, he might end up having her. Zainab on her part can go any length to make him have her..

  3. There’s something eerie about this Zainab girl. Osaze shoul be careful, though he think it’s just a dream but twice now he had been given wine to drink. The thing is spiritual. It’s not as if he doesn’t love his wife but spiritually, he’s lost to Zainab. If he knows what’s good for him, he had better confide in his pastor.

  4. There’s something eerie about this Zainab girl. Osaze shoul be careful, though he think it’s just a dream but twice now he had been given wine to drink. If they don’t have sex now, it’s inevitable. The thing is spiritual. It’s not as if he doesn’t love his wife but spiritually, he’s lost to Zainab. If he knows what’s good for him, he had better confide in his pastor.

  5. I don’t think he will keep too his words by going home, osaze beta not start wat he can’t finish cos dis zainab lady is a desperado. Gud morning and a happy Sunday to alc/f.

  6. Osaze might recover his senses and flee from every appearance of devils in form of Zainab but it will be a difficult tasks because Zainab will feel rejected and Osaze will not want to hurt her feeling.
    He need all the luck in this World to overcome this temptation.

  7. He will return home without having sex with her.
    Zainab is full of evil and I believe she has an assignment to accomplish. May God help Osaze to overcome this temptation.

  8. Osaze made a mistake by telling her d names of his kids and leaving the church for the Hotel. He may not be able to resist Zainab and that will surely ruin his home!.

  9. Zainab want to destroy Osaze home even if osaze refuses Zainab now he will still sleep with her later cos zainab is there for a mission until she’s done with her mission she won’t leave Osaze alone

  10. Dey did nt have sex and he wil go back to his family bt I knw dat he wil still fall for her,dat Zainab is queen Sheba who have nothing to offer bt to destroy a luvly family

  11. I think his likely he fall 4 sex. I jus hope he stand by his word cus if eventually he have a sex wit her,then he is of no gud and a family man. Also,I wontt call it 4 him devil’s work or zainab seduce him. Its also going to his fault 4 allowing himself to b use wen he has been blessed wit a good work nlovely family.

  12. That Osaze is a dead man, he will not stand by His words, they are sure going to make luv….. Zainab might even be Hiv positive….. She is on a mission to destroy Osaze……

  13. I felt for Osaze but that is the dilemma we face as men not forgetting that men are moved by sight and Zainab is a beauty. I just hope he is able to resist the temptation to have sex with her considering the fact that the alcohol is already working

  14. Osaze hardly escape this trap, considering the optimum level of the temptation….. Hmmmmm…. women? they are……… hmmmmm…… let me hold on.

  15. He will not stand by his word,because he has been sexually aroused..They will surely have sex because men are sexually weak..and it is hard for them to control themselves..Moreover he has been intoxicated by the spirit of lust..

  16. Osazie is very stupid, can’t he say no that he is not going to that hotel, him want that girl he is just pretending to love his wife

  17. He is too drunk and weak to resist and its likely he falls for sex except by divine intervention. Osaze is playing games if not why did he lie to his wife.

  18. He will stand by his words. God help Osaze. Good morning and happy Sunday to all Adelove’s Fans/crew and Adelove.

  19. He should come to his senses and escape or the devil will destroy him and disgrace him. May God save us from unnecessary actions

  20. Hmmm this is serious, I pray he doesn’t give in to her because if Ozaze should do it, that means he is bringing fire upon himself!

  21. I think he will stand on his words and would not have sex with Zainab. But if he doesn’t dt is d begining of his family problems.

  22. Hmmm, this is getting more interesting, but osazie will definitely get hold of himself and will commit any atrocities with Zaniab. I think Zaniab is a woman on a mission. .

  23. That Zainab of a girl just came to distory there marriage and she has succeeded, it ll only take God’s grace to make it right again cos the next time she’s coming now she ll be coming with the news that she’s pregnant

  24. from d way I c it, dey will definitely an sex. osaze is too weak to resist zainab. I wonder Wat he will tell his wife, besides he will put up an attitude dt Grace will begin to suspect him of Aving an affair. Delilah in d building…..

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