(Episode 6) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 6) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Osaze had woken up with a nagging head ache that morning,

“Good morning, baby!”Zainab said and kissed him.

An awful feeling had pounced on him. What had he done? He had slept with her. He wanted to resist her but it was a difficult task. It eventually his wife found out she wouldn’t take that as an excuse. He didn’t reply her greetings, looked away and shut the eyes. When he checked his phone his saw thirty missed calls,

Osaze: “what?” he opened the missed calls, twenty five was from Grace and five from his elder brother.  His heart felt as if it was going to jump out his mouth. He felt tensed, ”what would I tell her,”he whispered.

Zainab stroked the hairs on his chest

Zainab: “Had a great time,last night! You are good,really!” she said but his mind was far and couldn’t reply. He wasn’t there any more. After a while he  jumped out of the bed, Zainab was startled,

Zainab: “What’s wrong?”

Osaze putting on his trousers in a rush,

Osaze: “I need to get going!” he grabbed shirt and threw it on. He was standing by the bed, with her knees on the bed she helped him button up,

Zainab: “In trouble with wifey?” she smiled.

Osaze sighed, nodded and repeated,

Osaze: “I’ve to be on my way!” as he was about to turn she abruptly grabbed his neck and kissed him. Everything blanked out, he kissed her back and they kept kissing.

The act went on for two minutes until he finally broke away and repeated what he had said earlier, “I’ve got to be on my way!” as if he was cramming lines from an acting script. She refused to listen to him, she wasn’t listening to him at all. All she saw was the moving lips whom she wanted to chew like a candy bar. Dived at him, they fell to the bed and they tossed from one end of the bed to other. Osaze’s shirt and trousers were off and boxers flung to the head of the bed, with just a drag her robe was flung opened revealing her bare boobs and thighs. In no time they had their backs on the bed panting. It was short but intense. Osaze couldn’t believe he had just had sex again. Zainab pouted her lips smiling. Osaze’s mind was blank; he had shut it out. The only thing he saw was darkness and nothing more. Zainab curled up on him while he laid on his back with his head on the right arm. There was no denial he wanted her-more of her. He was worried, yes, but he somehow felt good. Zainab had fallen asleep; the thought of his wife and kids flashed in his mind like the lightening.

“Shit!”he yelled.

Zainab jerked up with a squinched face,

Zainab: “What’s it?” it was some minutes after seven already.

He shook his head as his phone blared. It was his wife.

“Wifey, I guess?” he nodded, “Pick up!”

Osaze looked at her like one who was asking him to commit suicide. What was he going to tell her? That he was in a hotel with a woman?

Osaze: “Nah! I’ve got to get going!” he picked his things and got dressed. Fondling with her fingers, she smiled,

Zainab: “So? I’ll be leaving for Manchester tomorrow!”

He stopped buttoning his shirt and gawked at her,

Osaze: “really?” he nodded, “for?”

Zainab: “Told you I was planning to start up an African fashion outfit over there. Would be dealing with Ankara outfit and all. So, I’ve got a meeting with a man who wants to invest in it.”

Osaze nodded,

Osaze: “Wow! How long do you plan to stay?”

Zainab: “Six months. I need to get things running before I return!” he felt a shaft in his heart. Six months was very long. It was a lifetime, he thought.

He sighed she rose up to him and planted a kiss on his lips,

“I’ll be back before you know it!” He sighed again as she kissed him, “I’ll miss you!”

He broke into a smile. That was soothing. He stretched his hand and picked his jacket, looked inside the breast pocket, the car keys were inside.

Osaze: “I’ve got to go!” she pecked him and threw herself to the bed smiling. He smiled too and headed for the door,

Zainab: “You could come with me, you know?”

He turned and looked at her,

Osaze: “ UK?” she nodded. He just giggled, opened the door, “Safe trip!” as he shut the door he heard her yell,

“Think about it!”

In the car he dialled Praise’s number,

Praise: “Good morning,sir!”

Osaze: “Ehen, How are you, bro?”

Praise: “Fine,sir!”

Osaze: “Is everybody around?”

Priase: “yes, sir!”

Osaze: “Is everything in order?”

Praise: “Yes, sir!”

Osaze wanted to ask if his wife had been at the studio so he’d know the next line of action to take,

Osaze: “Okay, did my wife come by the office?”

Praise: “No sir!”

Osaze: “Okay, I am on my way.”

As he drove his mind had the thought of Zainab wrapped around it. It wasn’t right he knew that. He had vowed not to cheat on his wife ever and as a good Christian he wasn’t right  to keep a mistress either. It felt wrong but Zainab was too much of a sweet temptation to resist. Was it love or lust? He thought. The thought of Zainab going to the UK and never return clawed at him. The blaring of horns woke him from his reverie,

“You dey sleep for road!”a taxi driver asked.

“Your father!”another driver cursed and sped passed him.

That was when he realized that he was so lost that he was causing traffic. He sped off. What was he going to tell his wife and kids? He thought.


After settling in the office, a text came in, it was from his wife;

What’s happening? I am dead worried about! I’ve called you a countless times. If I don’t get a reply then I’d take it that something bad has happened to you. I’ll contact pastor before getting in touch with the police!

He quickly dialled her number,

Osaze: “Baby,sorry! I am just seeing your missed calls and texts. I worked all night and slept off. My phone has being on silent. Told you it was Alhaji’s daughter send froth party to London. It finished quite late and they need all the pictures to be ready today before she leaves.”

Grace knew that Osaze sometimes slept at the studio working. The feeble voice blared with so much zest all of a sudden,

Grace: “Oh, thank God you’re fine! I was dead worried about you!”

Osaze: “Sorry for getting you worried, baby!”

Grace: “No worries at all. Should I bring food for you?”

Osaze yawning,

Osaze: “Don’t worry I’ll be home soon.”

She went on to tell him the events of that morning and what she was up to. She sounded like an excited child. Osaze suddenly felt guilty. He was cheating on a woman who has being sweet to him since they got married. He wasn’t flowing- guilt wouldn’t let him,

Grace: “Are you okay?” she could feel the coldness from his voice.

Osaze: “I am just stressed!”

Grace: “Oh,oh my superman! Sorry,come and rest at home na!”

Osaze: “soon!”

Grace: “I’ll be expecting you!” she dropped the call.

As he dropped the phone on the table a figure before him made him flinch. It was Zainab, she brought food for him. Fried rice and chicken.

Osaze: “You got me scared!”

She smiled,

Zainab: “sorry! I figured out that you’d come to the studio and you would be hungry. So, I brought this for you!”

Osaze thanked her and devoured the food. She watched him as he ate, carried one of the cameras on the table and was playfully taking shots of him. He smiled and kept on eating. When he was done she made for the door and shut it then walked over to where he was sitting,

Osaze: “not here,please!”

Zainab: “shhh!”she caught his lips.

They tore at each other passionately. They were done as sweat ran down their faces. Zainab was intense so was Osaze. She picked up her bag,

Zainab: “Lemme go home and freshen up! See you whenever!” She smiled and left.

He felt exhausted as he laid his head on the table,

Osaze: “what on earth am I doing?”

On his way home, he had concluded to tell his wife. He was going to confess everything to her,

Osaze: “I’ll do it. I mean it!” he affirmed as he got to the house.


Do you think Osaze would confess to his wife? Would it be the right thing to do? Would she forgive him for breaking her trust?

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  1. I don’t think osaze will confess to his wife but even if he did confess his wife will forgive him. And I guess is the right to do because if he confess it to his wife they willl pray over it so that such temptation won’t come bk to him again

  2. I don’t think osaze will confess to his wife but even if he did confess his wife will forgive him. And I guess is the right to do because if he confess it to his wife they willl pray over it so that such temptation won’t come bk to him again

  3. haaa he wouldn’t. he will. change his mind about it
    .BT if the wife get to know. she can forgive him cause she love him

  4. The best is to open up to his wife before it gets out of hand because this zainab seem to be sent by someone to nail him even the pictures are going to be an evidence

  5. she will forgive him,but i dont think Osaze will mount up the courage to confess,seriously Osaze messed up,one needs a percentage of self control,Zainab is an agent of destruction.let him confess to God first.

  6. He will be too scared to tell his wife.But I tink he should tell her I knw she will be heart broken but its best he hurt her wit the truth than lie to her I know she will forgive him

  7. Osaze will never confess to the wife,because he will not like to break her heart and he lacked the courage also. It would have been the best thing to do,because it would have helped him to kill the spirit of lust that possesed him…She would have forgiven him due to the unalloyed love she has for him…

  8. Osaze is in deep trouble,why can’t he control his hormones.You can imagine the type of devil that Zainab is,Osaze doesn’t even know whether Zainab has been sent on a mission to destroy him,yet he fail so cheaply .Let him confess to his wife.

  9. He is not going to confess, he will continue with the act until the wife find out of her own accord or until something nasty happen between him and the so call mistress. Whether Grace will forgive or not depend on the situation, it was revealed.

  10. I don’t think osazie will confess to his wife o but is the best thing to do nd his wife would forgive although it will b painful bt she will forgives him bcos she really loves him

  11. Osaze isn’t going to confess to his wife the next time he will zainab she’s going to tell him she’s carrying osaze’s baby I don’t know why osaze decided to sleep with devil zainab

  12. Osaze will nt confess to his wife atleast nt now, because i don’t think he has d gots … Bt telling her its d ryt tin to do,surely Grace will forgive him bt it won’t b easy..

  13. Osaze will nt bt d best tin for him to do is to confess so dat his wife would help him to fight d battle of lust BTW him and Zainab.

  14. Osaze will never confess, infact, he has just eaten the forbidden fruit….. That zainab is a timing bomb waiting to explode…… Pray she doesnt come back with pregnancy or Osaze has contacted a virus….

  15. Telling his wife is he right thing to do and she will forgive him but he won’t have the courage to tell her the truth just yet.
    He’s lust after zainab

  16. Mtchew….. Osaze won’t confess bcos he is enjoying what he is doing.. He was drunk last night n he slept with her wat abt that of morning & in the office…. Just excuse to continue cheating after they will blame the devil that is not there….

  17. That’s not an easy task to tell his wife that he cheat on her, so I dnt tink he will tell her now….. Osaze u have already destroyed ur home bcos am very sure in a months time Zainab will call u to tell u she’s pregnant for me

  18. Osaze wouldn’t devulge that to his wife, because what he’s doing feels good at the moment but doesn’t know thats what will harm him

  19. That’s not an easy task to tell his wife that he cheat on her, so I dnt tink he will tell her now….. Osaze u have already destroyed ur home bcos am very sure in a months time Zainab will call u to tell u she’s pregnant for u

  20. I don’t think he will confess to his wife…although is better he does,and if she is told even if it hurts her is better dan adding lies to d cheating. I am sure she will forgive him cos she loves him a lot. But it will break her trust for him. Next pls.

  21. Gosh! Too bad Osaze, to hv fallen in dream n still fall in reality….
    But then, still wondering what’s Zainab’s mission in Osaze’s life cuz she cnt just come only 2 hv sex with him. Nah! There’s more 2 it, patiently waiting……

  22. It is very right for him to confess to his wife but I don’t think he will do it may be a text from zainab will stop him, that zainab is an agent of destruction

  23. Osaze wont disclose the fact that he has cheated on his wife with another woman …Communication is a key factor in a relationship.. Its sumtin dey can sort out if he decide 2 go with telling her d truth

  24. Osaze is known for nt keeping his words…I doubt if he will disclose the truth 2 his wife …nevertheless it would have been a Grt step if he would tell his wife ..its something they can both work out

  25. Osaze will never confess to his wife. If he confess to his wife,it will be the best thing that has happened to him.Infidelity has started,no going back unless the Lord delivers him. Osaze you disgust me. Am disappointed in you.

  26. what i know is, he can’t do it easily. cos he will discover it’s not as easy as he thought. d best idea is to tell her, bt nt at dis moment. he should either make it later in d day or @ night..

  27. what i know is, he can’t do it easily. cos he will discover it’s not as easy as he thought. d best idea is to tell her, bt nt at dis moment. he should either make it later in d day or @ night..

  28. It’s the right thing for Osaze to confess, his wife will understand in the long run but i know Osaze will have a reason not to go ahead with his decision to confess, let’s wait and see, men with adultery!

  29. Of course he should confess to Grace for her to forgive him, provided that he will not continue sleeping with Zainab. Though, it’s not an easy task, it’s a hard hard decision he has to take, but he has to promise his mind that he will abstain from sleeping with Zainab. Hope Grace will consider his confession.

  30. It would be a good thing if he could confess but he can’t be that bold to tell his wife,he may later on confess and his wife would surely forgive him though may be difficult.
    It takes the grace of God for one to take that bold step of restitution.

  31. Although it will be the right thing to so if he confess even though it will be hard for his wife to forgive him but she will forgive if he confess but he won’t be able to.. something will stop him

  32. Osaze wont have the nerve to confess to his wife though its the right thing to do. If she gets to knw its hurtful and painful but she wil definately forgive him cos of d love she has for him

  33. Zainab is on a mission…abt to accomplished.Osaze heart will fail him and will not be able to tell his wife.After 6 months,she will come back with pregnancy…..

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