(Episode 7) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 7) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

When he got down from the car, his wife ran to him,

Grace: “welcome, baby!” she leaned on his back as he locked the door of the car. She was  excited to see him, she collected his bag, and threw her arms in his, “welcome,” she smiled at him and he smiled back.

Osaze: “Thanks,love!”

Grace: “I made your favourite for you!” she said as they got into the house,

Osaze: “really?” she nodded as he made his way to the room she held his hands and pulled him towards the dining room instead, “lemme go and freshen up now!!” he said.

Grace: “Oh, I forgot. Okay, go ahead! The fact that you haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday till this morning is killing me!”

He screamed as he entered the bathroom,

Osaze: “I had plenty to eat at the party!” he lied.

Grace: “Where’s my share?” she giggled she could hear him giggling too.

Osaze: “You’d take it once I’m done!”

Grace: “Promise?”

Osaze: “Yea!!”

As he scrubbed the body, his mind, went to Zainab and he thought of how unfair he has being to his wife

Grace entered the room while he was bathing and she heard his phone ring. It was Zay Client that was calling,

Grace: “Hello,”

Zainab: “Are the pictures ready? I’ll be coming to pick them tomorrow!”

Grace: “He is having his bath!”

Zainab: “Please, pass my message to him!Thanks!” she dropped the call.

Grace: “Na wa oo! Some girls are manner less sef! So that’s what my baby suffers in the hands of these kind of girls,” she hissed, “ and she sounds like those type of girls who would want to go after people’s husband!” she dropped the phone.

Osaze entered wiping his face with a towel,

Osaze: “did my phone ring?” he said and moved to the wardrobeas he brought out a short to wear,

Grace: “Yes. I picked. It was Zay Client, I think. She talked about the pictures!”

Osaze: “Oh, that’s alhaji’s daughter!”

Grace: “Really? But I thought Alhaji daughter’s name was Aisha and that he had only one girl!”

Osaze: “Nooo! He has two daughters, Zainab. She isn’t really around! Always in UK?”

Grace: “all these rich people. And why did they do a party for her as if it was her first time of going to the UK?”

He knew he had to be smart with whatever lie he was to come up with. Quickly, his mind ran to the fashion outfit Zainab told him about,

Osaze: “ehm, she is starting up a fashion company in the Uk!”he said as they both left the room for the dining room, she walked behind him with her hands on his shoulders.

Grace: “Impressive! But she is rude oo.”

Osaze: “what do you expect of a spoilt brat?”

Grace nodded and repeated her fears,

Grace: “and she looks like one who would steal people’s husbands, ”she made him sit as she served him, “And I am sure, she has an eye for my handsome bobo!”she stroked his cheeks, “Maik she no come close oo. Cos Edo woman no dey carry last sha!”

They giggled but Osaze’s giggling wasn’t from his heart. There was fear in his. Did she see anything? He asked himself. As she was serving him, he ran through his texts or chats to see if there was anything implicating but the coast seemed to be clear.

Osaze: “You know that can never happen now!” he smiled.

The intention he had to tell her that he was cheating on her with Zainab died a natural death, he wasn’t going to tell her a thing. He didn’t have the courage to.


Osaze had a dream, he was about to fall off a cliff, his hands were dug to the ground as he was about losing his grip and he needed help. A lady figure appeared, she looked and smelt like Zainab,

Osaze: “Hey,baby!”he called out, “help me!” Zainab moved close, standing over him, ”Please,help me!” he cried.

Zainab: “Why should I?”

Osaze: “Please, you know I love you! Help me! I am losing my grip!”

Zainab: “You shouldn’t have cheated on me you know!” her voice had changed to Grace’s.

Osaze: “Grace!” she smiled, it was Zainab’s face but with Grace’s voice and smile.

Osaze: “I am sorry,baby! Zainab deceived me! She is a slot and a drug head!”

Zainab’s voice had returned,

Zainab: “ So you’re calling me names right?”

He shook his head,

Osaze: “Nooo! Please, help me!”

Zainab: “After you called me names?”

Osaze: “I’m sorry,baby!”

Grace suddenly appeared,

Zainab: “Do you love me?”

Grace: “Do you love me?”

Osaze was sweating and pleading. Zainab walked towards him and stepped on his hands, unable to stand the pains he did let go and headed to the ground but as he landed it was on Grace’s arms.

He woke up sweating, his eyes were scarlet. Grace was fast asleep, he sat up and looked into her into face as tears rolled down his eyes,

Osaze: “I’m sorry,”he stroked her hair.

He inhaled and exhaled for he was  tensed.

“What sort of dream was that?” he whispered. It was 1: 30 am. He couldn’t sleep. The dream had chased sleep from his eyes. To keep his mind busy, he put on his data and the first message that popped from his Whatsap was Zainab’s. It was a picture. Her picture with a caption;

            Are you dreaming of this?

It was a picture showing her cleavage, very transparent; he could see some parts of her breast. Another message popped up;

What are you doing awake?

He typed with one eye on his wife who was fast asleep;

I was thinking of you.

A call came into his phone. The blaring of the phone woke Grace but she pretended to be asleep for she kept tossing and snoring.

Zainab: “Hey,babe!”

Osaze: “Hey,you!” he whispered, “hold on lemme leave the room!”

He tip toed out of the room;

He went out and had a very long conversation. It was close to an hour. After the call he sneaked into the room, as he laid on the bed gently, Grace spoke,

Grace: “Where were you,baby?” she said with a sleepy voice.

Osaze flinched stammered,

Osaze: “I went to take water!”she looked at him and smiled.


Do you think she must have eavesdropped on him? Would she react?

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  1. it seems Grace eavesdropped on their conversation.she would react because not only did her husband cheated on her but he lied to her

  2. Grace has possibly eavesdropped on their conversation but I think she won’t be quick to react until she has all the needed evidence.

  3. i think that dream he had is manifesting already. He has to be very careful, Grace may be pretending that everything is alright.

  4. It seems Grace eavesdropped on her husband or she may be having some bad feelings about his movement, like d way he left d room 2 received his call.

  5. she eavesdropped on his conversation, bt fr now she will pretend lyk she didnt knw anytn. She would wait fr clearer evidence bfr reacting

  6. she eavesdropped on their conversation.
    she she is going to pretend she knew nothing.
    and blow up when the need arrived

  7. diz osazie shudnt kill his lovly wife oo
    i think she eavesdrop their conversation
    just pretending she was sleeping
    feel sorry for her

  8. she surely eavesdrop his conversation, she is jus didn’t want to let out yet. Zainab is nearly running his family life, & his willing giving in to her.

  9. Osaze should be careful because Grace heard him when called Zainab as babe. What is this competition about first to comment all about?

  10. Yes she did eaves dropped on him, but she won’t react because she isn’t a nagging woman.She will just ask him in a friendly manner in the morning if his cheating on her.

  11. Osaze should have @ least tink abt d dream he had…he’s heading towards destruction. Grace heard everything nd she should react react b4 tinz get out of hand.

  12. Hmmn…if Grace doesn’t raise hell after hearing the phone call, then I’m sorry for Osaz o. The quiet ones are d most dangerous!

  13. I think Grace have being feeling some instinct abt Osaze cheating on her, she’s trying to pretend to caught him red handed

  14. I think she eaves drop on his phone conversation. Frm the story it says she was pretending to be at sleep at the time the phone rang which woke her up. It is quite clear she wants to see the reaction of her husband towards her question.

  15. I think she eavesdropped on d call…..and yes she will react even if not immediately. As she said earlier” Edo women no dey carry last”. Next.

  16. Grace eavesdroped on their conversations and she is going to react, but before she talks, she must investigate and catch them redhanded. Osaze will go be sorry for what he is doing to his wife.

  17. His mistake is that his dream always come through… So now that she dreamt of falling from a cliff…it gonna happen but I think to the trap of Grace his wife

  18. Hmmm
    This Osaze is very crazy. She had eavesdrop on him and she will know her man is cheating on her. Let her pray him out cos this Zainab is not ordinary. She has a mission

  19. yes she must v heard but pretended not to nd kept calm until she get clear evidence and catch him red handed. Men sha i dnt knw if its compulsory for them to cheat and dey cant tolerate same. Oga oooo

  20. I think she heard all d conversation but won’t react now until she gets all d evidence she needs. I think Grace show be mindful of her reaction so as not to let the family split.

  21. Hmmm I think Grace eavesdropped on his conversation but she won’t react already she has started raising an eyebrow due to osaze recent behavior, she will secretly find out who the girl is and do her investigation without her husband knowledge,she will be bent on saving her marriage

  22. Some men don’t value what they’ve got until they loose it. Grace can’t sense something fishing but decides to keep mute until then.

  23. I think she listened to the conversation. She will just discuss the matter with osaze. she would fight or quarrel with him

  24. Osaze is playing with fire and he will get burnt. His wife is becoming suspicious and he is about to loose the best thing that has ever happened to him, his family.

  25. Hell has no fury like a woman scorned. There is every probability they she heard everything,she is just buying time. Laughing in Greek.

  26. Indeed grace is a good wife, I guess she will start suspecting her husband, she did not hear what they where discussing she was just lining on the bed

  27. Grace heard every of there discussion she just decide to pretend and get ball play on until he will catch him red handed with a genuine proof which he can never deny again

  28. wat s wrong wit osaze, is he mad. wat u dnt want to eat……u dnt smell. am falling inlove wit Grace and hating osaze bcos i hate wen sum1 cheats on a person who is faithful

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