(Episode 8) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 8) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Grace woke up that morning with different thoughts clawing at her mind.

She had heard Osaze’s talking for long that night but she didn’t hear what they talked about for he spoke in a very low tone. It was a lady Osaze was talking to, she was sure about that. Was it Zay Client the rude girl? Alhaji’s daughter that he had never mentioned until the day of the call. Should she question Osaze about the call? Osaze had left the house rather too early that day and that was suspicious too.

She had made breakfast for Alex and Sandra, who were preparing for school,

Grace: “Alex! Sandra!!”

They chorused, “Ma!”

Grace: “you guys should come and have breakfast. It is almost seven thirty,” Alex ran out but Sandra wasn’t out yet, “where’s your sister?”

Alex hung his bag on the dinning chair, he shrugged,

Alex: “Taking her time as usual!”

She called out,

Grace: “Sandy, what are you still doing inside?” she came out with a sullen face, “what’s wrong?”

Sandra: “I can’t find my wrist watch oo!” their gazes fell on Alex who dropped his head down sipping his tea, he could feel the piercing of their gazes,

Grace: “Alex!” she stood akimbo.

Alex: “ what is it,mum?”

Sandra: “stop acting like you didn’t hear me whining about my wrist watch!” she was vexed.

Grace: “Sandra, lemme handle this. Sit and eat!”she flung herself on the chair as tears stood in her eyes,

Sandra: “If I go to school without the wrist watch my teacher would punish me!”

Grace: “I said lemme handle this!” she turned to Alex, “Young man, do you want to issue to get to your father or you’d hand over the wrist watch?”

Alex shrugging,

Alex: “mum but I sa…”

Grace: “You’ve said nothing. oya, bring it!”

Sulking, he said

Alex: “I don’t have it here, mum!”

Grace: “You have less than two minutes to bring it from wherever.”

He left for the room dragging his feet after a minute he brought the watch,

Alex: “This is it! “he handed it over sulking, “Tell her not call me shortie me next time!” he said angrily.

Grace was almost smiling, her kids were just dramatic. They loved each other but always poked each other.

Grace: “Young man, apologise to your sister.”

Alex: “I am sorry!”he said as he sipped his tea. Grace gawked at him and he broke into a giggle, “but I just apologized na!”

Grace: “That isn’t it,man!”

Alex looked at his sister and he smiled at her- a cynical one and her anger melted into a smile,

Alex: “Sorry, big sis!”

They all laughed for he only called her that when he wanted to be naughty. Sandra collected the watch and replied,

Sandra: “it’s okay, little one!”

Alex: “You see her again?” he turned to his mother feigning anger. Sandra was laughing out really hard. Grace rubbed his head and said,

Grace: “Don’t mind her! You guys should hurry up you are going to be late!” on her way to the kitchen she turned, “Sandra, apologise to your brother for calling the small one, “she giggled too,

Alex gawked at his mother,

Alex: “And you too, mum, “he sulked,

Grace: “sorry, my love but I am fighting for you now!”Sandra was laughing, Grace came back and hugged him, “apologise my friend!”

Sandra still laughing,

Sandra: “I am sorry!” they were all laughing,

Alex: “Mum, it was shortie she said not small one.”

Grace: “oh oh sorry! Okay time up! Get going!”

They headed for the door Sandra halted abruptly,

Sandra: “Anointing oil!”

Grace: “oh, I almost forgot! Go and carry in the room. Anoint yourself and your brother.”


Osaze and Zainab were on the bed, bare, with their bodies covered by the thick white linen,

Osaze: “when is your flight?”

Zainab: “Six this evening!”

Osaze: “from here?” she started laughing, “what’s funny,Zee!” she was still laughing, he asked again, “what’s funny, young woman?” he was beginning to catch the fever join her in the laughter, “Talk joor,”he tickled her as she laughed some more. She finally spoke after catching her breathe,

Zainab: “Is there an international airport here?”

Osaze giggled,

Osaze: “Have I ever traveled out before?”

Zainab: “really?”

Osaze he smiled,

Osaze: “I have been to a few African countries but never to Europe or America!”

Zainab: “Okay,”she nodded as she leaned on his chest, “when you call me,Zee. You leave me wanting you some more!”

He smiled,

Osaze: “Really?”

She nodded,

Zainab: “You don’t know what you do to me?”

Osaze: “You have same effect on me as well!”

They melted into each other’s arms and kissed.

It was ten thirty at night, Osaze and Grace were still up chatting,

Grace: “Babe, lemme tell you what happened today when I went to get somethungs from the market. You know Mama junior?”

He nodded,

Osaze: “Your customer, your new convert!”

Grace: “Yes, I met her discussing with her fellow market women of how she dealt with her husband after she discovered he was cheating on her,” Osaze smirked, “ she said when she discovered he was keeping another woman she made sure he makes love to her every night. According to her, I no send oo since he get strength to keep anoda woman e must get strength to satisfy the two both of  us,”Osaze feigned laughter. The story was rather disturbing than amusing to him, “Last night, after e go once he come dey as if e wan die I still insist make e go anoda round as e rest small, e come begin cry!” Grace was laughing, “those market women are just crazy, “  she noticed Osaze sounded dryly. She looked at him and asked, “babe, what’s wrong?”

He shook his head,

Osaze: “Nothing. just tired,” he yawned. She smiled at him, “what?”

Grace: “nothing,” she let out a mysterious smile, she sat on him.

Osaze: “Grace, not this time,please!” he was exhausted Zainab had sapped his energy,

Grace went ahead, kissed him as her fingers ran down his body. He was too weak to respond when she used her tongue to tickle his ears just the way Zainab did and didn’t know when he screamed,

Osaze: “Aww Zainab!” Grace paused; he didn’t believe he had just called Zainab’s name when he was about to make out with his wife.


What do you think would be her reaction? What excuse would Osaze give?

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  1. He has no excuse to give, then she will keep calm for a while and start checking the time her husband change, while checking and thinking, questions will come up for osaze to answer….

  2. She will feel shocked n curious to find d reason 4 calling that particular name. He is sure to make up another story,d content which I dnt really knw.

  3. She will be shocked,angry and disappointed…He will tell her that he just remembered promising Zainab and father that he will conclude their works today..but has failed them..He will feign angry..

  4. Osaze can u see urself, the joke ur wife is saying is just to know wat u are doing and now she is right now watch, i no he will still be saying somtin about work but ur wife is wise. she will still be playing along b’coz of love and trust.

  5. Grace has just caught him but he will lie as usual and I think grace will gradually monitor him till she gets the truth.nice one adelove,suspense all the way.

  6. Definitely a lie will be cooked up to defend the zainab name he mentioned bt his wife will start having full assurance that there’s smtin in be2wen zainab & Osaze “d lover boy”

  7. She will feel shocked n curious to find d reason 4 calling her that particular name. He is sure to make up another story,another lie for sure

  8. Grace should thread with caution now.that’s a hint to tell her that the husband is cheating.osaze will lied that it was due to work he had with Alhaji daughter

  9. Grace will knw there is something fishy going with zenab bd her husband,osaze will tell a lie to cover up,mayb he will say dreamt about zee or Grace didn’t hear him well..

  10. Osaze is just annoying. Some men doesn’t know the meaning of self control.
    Well, he can’t deny the fact that he’s a cheat. Grace will be heart broken, it’s not fair.
    She will forgive him dts what a good wife does.

  11. this story is becoming more intereting now,no execuss now,he must confess to his wife,hence his grace will start monitoring him,and she will apply same method that her friend used to checkmate her husband,…..betrayer of trust is too bad.

  12. Men are born liars when it comes to adultery. Osaze is going to tell Grace another lie to cover up. Sinning to cover up a sin. The wife should be patient and prayerful to bring out her husband from the shackles of Zainab. #whataworld

  13. ZAINAB, you just called me, lol, who is zainab? first question? why did u call her name while i was smooching u? second question. Husband searching for words to reply…..

  14. This already gives Grace an idea of what’s going on between Zainab and Osaze. He will surely get an excuse to cover up for his mistakes.

  15. Oh no he finally let it out. But I trust he will cover up with something. for the fact that Grace is not a nagging wife doesn’t mean she is a drumming she will get to find out very soon

  16. Hmmmm sin beget sin and lie beget lie, it a pity osaza has fallen this low, he will look for a lie to cover up his lie, but this will conferm the wife’s suspicious about the husband, this is the begining of the fallen apart of osaza’s family

  17. There’s nothing he will say that will convince Grace otherwise because she is already suspecting him. Poor Grace doesn’t deserves what Osaze is doing to her.

  18. She will be mad at him for him betraying and cheating on her. He might try to cover up but that will be foolish of him.

  19. Alarm don blow oo,why would Osaze want to destroy his lovely home,what will Zainab give him that he doesn’t already have.Anyway that’s his own cup of tea.

  20. all i know is, the cat will soon be let out of d bag! he can’t hide 4eva, d truth shall be out sooner. his wife has knew he was hiding a secret from her already.

  21. Osaze is going deeper wit Zainab each day thereby making him falling out wit with his family……i pity Grace…..Osaze will lie to his wife as usual.

  22. Some men sha…..she will be so disappointed and heartbroken. As for Osaze,he don turn professional liar nah,so he will still find a way to cover up,even though I know his wife will not completely believe him.

  23. Cheiii
    Osaze must find another way to cover up with this; it’s like Zainab has bewitched him that he lost control of himself even in his wife’s presence
    Let’s watch out how he will explain himself this time around

  24. OOOPPPPSSSS!!! The cat has been let out of the sack. Breez don blow fowl yansh don open. Grace will definately ask questions. Let’s see how he’ll his way out. Men’s middle name is CHEAT but this Zainab own i no understand @all.

  25. God don dey catch am..he thinks he can always play smart to a woman who dedicated herself to u without anything in return..and d devil wans to use zainab to break up ur home..well grace should ask him what he called out and begin to knw her steps to follow

  26. nawa ooo, so it has reached to this extent??? that means her suspicion is already becoming a reality……hmmm this marriage is about to crumble if osaze wouldn’t stop this infedility of his….he would soon loose his happy and peace loving family for a total stranger….

  27. He will still cover up with another lie because they are full of telling lies but this time he will be surprised when zainab will call him from u s that she is pregnant for him that is when all these lies will end and he will tell his wife that is was just once he slept with her but then his cup might have filled up with disgrace and sham for lusting after the devil

  28. Grace will demand for an explanation about who is Zainab but as you know he was very good in lying he will still come up with his abnormal habit by lying to her again

  29. Osaze will come up with another cock and bull story but Grace won’t believe him this time though she may not react negatively

  30. Osaze open the can of the worm himself and he should be ready for the consequences. This is the right time for him to confess and apologize.

  31. osaze is losted,I don’t think he is going to tell his wife the truth because he is in love with zainab .if he is ask to choose between his wife and zainab he will pick zainab because his mind set is filled with the thought of zee

  32. even if he come up with a lie for an excuse Grace instinct has already knw he must have an affair with Zainab that’s y he call out her name

  33. Osaze will use lie and cover-up but no matter how smart that lie might me. Grace will start suspecting he has something to do with Zainab.

  34. he won’t confess instead he will try to cover it up or change it for her,,,abi no b man…but she will b shock n her suspicious has been proven right.

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