(Episode 10) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

That day Osaze came home very late. At about ten at night. The kids had gone to bed. Grace was almost asleep when she heard the door creak. Osaze was knocking. She had been waiting for him to come and she kept herself busy watching Big Brother Nigeria.

Grace: “Yes? who is that?” she walked to the door wiping her eyes with the back of the hands.

Osaze: “It’s me!”she heard him say but his voice seem kind of distant.

The keys made a crunchy sound as she opened the door,

Grace: “Welcome!” he murmured and brushed her aside, she sighed and bolted the door. She followed him to the room, he was undressing, “should I warm the food? It is in the flask,”he gawked at her.

Osaze: “Are you a visitor in this house? Don’t you know I don’t like cold food.”

She was astound,

Grace: “the food should still be warm,babe.”

Osaze: “Please, I don’t  have strength to be drawn into some sorta debate!”

She sighed,

Grace: “Sorry!”and left for the kitchen. She went about warming the food as he went in to take his bath. After having his bath, he came in and sat on the couch watching TV, He changed the channel from BIG Brother to CNN,

Osaze:”All these jobless Mnet folks,”he hissed, “I wonder why they couldn’t host in Nigeria yet they call it Big Brother Nigeria. Nonsense!”

Trump was CNN giving his inaugural speech,

“Trump, my man! I love this guy. Funny but blunt. That’s what a good leadership entails. I am very sure he is going to keep his promises!”

Grace: “should I bring it over or keep it here!”

Osaze: “Leave it there!” she dropped the tray of on the dining table. She sat on of the chairs, looking at him. After few minutes, he yawned and walked to the dining table. He yawned again drew the chair and sat down. It was Semovita and vegetable. He washed his hands and whispered a prayer with his eyes closed and his hands on the cover of the plate, “amen!”he ended the prayer with. He started eating and she sat staring at me. He was really hungry as he rushed at the food. She seemed happy that he was eating her food. His eyes caught her staring at him,

“Why are you looking at me that way? Did you poison my food or do you want me to choke?”

She was shocked with such accusation,

Grace: “why are you saying a thing like that? Why have you being acting strange? What have I done,eh? All of a sudden there’s no peace in this house. Even the kids are now scared of their father! What is going on with you, Osaze!” she flared up and walked away.

Osaze was taken aback; he didn’t expect such outburst,

Osaze: “Wow! That was harsh,” he said as he continued eating. Grace was in the room crying, “wow!” he said again.

After eating, he retired to the room. He knew he had to be careful, when she heard him open the door, she pretended to be asleep; shut her eyes. He looked over her; he knew she was pretending to be asleep. He sighed and went over to his side of the bed.

As he laid down to sleep, he was filled. The food was very sumptuous. A call came in. it was Zainab’s. he went out to pick. Grace could hear him laughing, he sounded very happy. It made her really sad. The call lasted for hours. Before he got back she was asleep.

Sharon, her cousin, who was married to an Ecwa church reverend came to visit her. Sharon’s husband was from Jigawa state, a cousin to the governor. One hardly saw indigenes as Christians not to talk of being ministers of the gospel.

Grace was the only one at home, she had just finished a cake she was contracted to do for a wedding. That was all she did for a living.  Osaze had stopped her from working and agreed to be paying her fifty thousand every month. He preferred her being a full time  house wife and that was how it had been. She did some catering job once in a while not always. She had studied Home Economics at Idda Polytechnic Lokoja.

Grace was excited to see her. she couldn’t control herself when she saw her she started crying,

Sharon: “Ah,ah sis what’s wrong?” they embraced each other, “why are you crying?” she made her sit, Grace was still crying. Sharon was worried, what was the matter with her always cheerful sister?  She went to the fridge and got water for her.

“take it and calm your nerves!”

Grace gulped the water.and after catching her breath she started talking,

Grace: “Osaze is seeing someone else!”

Sharon was shocked,

Sharon: “which Osaze,please!”

Grace gawked at her,

Grace: “my husband  of course!”

Sharon: “what? How can that be?”

Grace sighed,

Grace: “Yes!”

Sharon: “You saw them or saw a text? Or you know!” she was confused couldn’t believe that Osaze who was crazy about his wife, Grace would cheat on her, “I am in total shock!”

Grace: “Same way I have been feeling all these while.”

Sharon: “It’s well o! Do you know her?”

Grace: “Her name is Zainab the daughter of his Alhaji client!” Sharon sighed, “I first noticed he was always chatting her up and they spoke for long hours at night. And when I asked him he said there was nothing. I trusted too much,”tears trickle down her cheeks,

Sharon:”Oh, come on stop crying!”


Grace: “The other day we were about to make out and when I touched him he called her name! that means they have had sex!”she increased her cry. Sharon tried all she could to calm her down, “he is being quite aggressive even to the kids!”

Sharon: “Ah, ah why is Osaze behaving like this now,eh?” Sharon spoke and encouraged her, “don’t stop showing him love and don’t nag you hear? Just pray about it, please!”


Osaze did what he has never done in his entire life. He had consumed bottles of alcohol. He was heartbroken. Zainab had shattered it. He was drunk! The event that led to his drinking was playing in his mind, he had called her and someone in her back ground screamed, “Baby, I am waiting for you so we would have a shower!”and when he confronted her instead of explaining. She ended the call and refused to pick his calls.

Osaze: “it’s all my fault!” he said in a crying tone as he gulped the last bottles. He had finished seven bottles of beer and a bottle of Macdowel. He staggered and entered the car. It took him thirty minutes before he could start the car. On his way home his driving was a reflection of his drunk state of mind. Still on the road, he rested on the steering,crying and calling Zainab’s name. And suddenly there was a bashing sound! His car had run into another one.

Questions: Would Osaze survive the accident? If he survives would that make him repent?

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  1. He will survive the accident but i don’t think that would make he repent, because Zainab might arrived in the cause of his admission in the hospital or after he was discharged. Grace should buckle herself up with prayers to win her marriage back.

  2. He will survive the accident but i don’t think that would make he repent, because Zainab might arrived in the cause of his admission in the hospital or after he was discharged. Grace should buckle herself up with prayers to win her marriage back.

  3. The evil that men do lives with them…
    I hope he survives the accident to enable his make amend for all he has done to his once peaceful and lovely family..
    Grace will still be the one to shoulder the consequences of the accident…

  4. sure he will survive it. But the wife will bear the brunt of nursing him back to health. things women suffer in d name of marriage

  5. I just have a feeling he will be paralysed. For sure he won’t die.

    Imagine the yeye man crying and drinking to stupor because of his girlfriend when his wife is at home

  6. he will survive d accident……….its tym fr him to learn his lesson in d harsh way… He desreves it nd I guess he will go back to his normal self (d osaze who once loved his family)

  7. He that break the edge the serpant will bite osaze has sin against God, his wife, Religion and his children and God just want to teach him a lesson with this accident but will not die but will repent and be as examples to others

  8. He will survive the accident but I think zainab will try to cover up her actions with lies and he will go back to her.grace needs to pray for her hubby.

  9. That’s the much-needed turning point. Hr will survive but certainly not without serious injuries which could lead to permanent disability. During his recuperation he’ll understand how loving his family has been and the damage he has done to himself.

  10. he will recover but am not sure he will recover his sense yet…but he is so funny dating a single girl n expecting her to b loyal wen he married..he is such a fool,,but anyway Zainab still owns d card,play it until his wife start seeing som1 else.oooshisko

  11. He wuld survive the accident but he will not repent immediately bcos Zainab has affected his life negatively but at d end he will repent

  12. I have been reading stories here for sometimes, if u are single or married and u haven’t learnt anything from here, pls stop reading for pleasure. I learnt these: u will always see a sign that evil is about coming into ur relationship, Don’t over trust, don’t give certain people too much secret of ur life, anybody can be envious or jeaous, devil will use people u never expect, DON’T BE TIRED TO PRAY, Avoid sex with someone that is not married to u, it is a death sentence,. Never Give Up, support or fight for true love. Always think about the outcome of ur actions before u do anything, put the feelings of ur partner, even friend into consideration…etc..

  13. Hmmm nawa ooo, dis Osaze issue baffuls me oo. How possible is it dat a man who adored, luv & cherish is wife of so many years could be this cruel to she & their kids over night jst because of some gal he knows nothing about? Hmmmm Osaze, I jst hop u won’t do any damage to ur family befor you realize ur wrongs!

  14. He will survive the accident but he will not repent cause zainab will come back and the will continue from where they stopped. Adelove.com, please give me a link to your other stories. I have been trying to read many of them but there are no continuation. Thank you

  15. Osaze will survive the accident he might end up in a will chair that is when he will realized the love the family has for him his dream is coming to past zainab has gone for good she has accomplished her mission

  16. Served him right, he brought it to himself and he should suffer the consequence. Whether he repent or not is his probable, you can’t eat your cake and have. A woman you just knew few months ago, you want to die for, forgetting the person that has been with you thick and thin.
    They always come back.

  17. he will survive the accident.
    BT I don’t think he will completely repent. cause zanaib will still come and brainwash him

  18. If he survives it, he will be sober and the time he needs zainab most she will abandoned him and his wife and children will be the only one to take care of him, that will break his heart and will make him repent but Grace should keep praying.

  19. this no be ordinary eyes oh o.i knew zaniab no pure.it can mean she is married.sef.Osaze.shine ur.eyes cos i know.she will come back.n.lie.rubbish

  20. He will not die and even in his state if he want to repent with Zainab in d picture his heart is still in lust with her , she av not complete a her mission which Osaze has already given her chance. Grace be strong for ur children and husband, pray for this devil not to distroy ur happy home.

  21. Stupid guy. Was he thinking that Zanaib would not have other lovers?
    He would survive the accident but this is not d end of the drama.
    Zanaib for sure would come back and he would be charmed by her stupid beauty. Saw she used juju on him.
    Grace, I pity her. She should just face her God oh. Cos Na only God be d solution now

  22. Why do guys mess up sometimes,while person go get a good wife for house and still dey follow trash.
    He’ll survive the crash but that won’t amen him to change his mind, he’ll still find himself in a deep trouble he can’t escape

  23. Yes he will survive but am really not if he will repent if he sees zainab again. As for Grace she should just keep praying as her cousin earlier said and don’t stop showing him love. Am sure that zainab of a girl charmed him or some thing

  24. The evil that men do lives them, osaza will survive the accident but repenting wont be easy because when zainab comes back and he sets his eyes on him he will forgive her, expect the wife’s prayer saves him before then

  25. The stupid man will survive it,though it will be a long battle..He will later repent but will be heart broken,because the evil Zainab is in his blood and system….He is under a spell..He will not be freed from her so easily,because she came for a mission and not ordinary…

  26. some men can be foolish, imagine him crying cos he heard a background voice when he called his mistress,he should put himself in his wife’s shoes.I pray he survives n make amend

  27. He will survive the accident but I doubt he will repent after that because zainab will show up soon cuz her mission to ruin d family is not finished yet but I think it’s time for Grace to really fight for her man prayerfully she knew the man she once loved he was never like this;She shld read the hand of the clock well n start to act fast

  28. I Pray d accident open his eye but i don’t think so bcos by the time zainab show up again in front of him he would forget the past within tickle of time…. Abi no b woman is only God can safe someone from dem.

  29. He will survive d accident, but I doubt he will repent so easily except tru prayers. It luks like Zainab already has a strong hold on him. Next pls.

  30. so osaze is jealous that he had to get drunk. dt guy is sick, he nids serious help. So now he feels wat his wife is feeling. he will survive d accident and I dnt tink he will amend so quickly. I wonder Wat he was tinking wen he was slping wt zainab.

  31. Certain things do happen in our life to teach us what we couldn’t have learnt under normal circumstance. He will certainly survive this and by then he might have learnt his lesson in a hard way. He should have known that zainab is a cheap slut, if she could bodly go after a married man, then what stops her from sleeping with every other dick and harry……but karma will surely catch up with her soon, since she has decided to be the reason for her fellow woman’s home to be thorn apart, she will surely get what she deserves

  32. Osaze will survive the accident but I don’t think he will repent because zainab may show up and ask for his forgiveness and he will forgive her, grace will be the one to pray so that he can win his husband love bank.

  33. Your story is always so captivating,. We see this kind of thing in our everyday lives but the way we handle such matter always depends on the result we get. The least we can do as wives is to pray for our husband cos devil incarnate like Zainab is everywhere looking for homes to destroy. It is well with Grace. God protect nd shield our homes IJN

  34. I pray he survive, and that is what happen when u live a loving wife and kids at home and be looking for whats not your..stupid Osaze

  35. What did Osaze expect,that Zainab was single and belonged to him alone?He’s the one with the problem for cheating on his innocent stay home wife,Grace should result to prayer,love him more and don’t nag because he’s lost in Zainab’s world.I just pray Osaze survives the accident for the sake of his wife and kids.

  36. Zainab can’t be at the hospital with him she has achieved her aim that is why she allowed him hear from the background voice she came to destroy him and Grace will have no choice than forgive him and pray more

  37. Serves him right what was he thinking that his her only love stupid man Grace will be the one now to start caring for the fool assuming he sustained any injury

  38. He will survive the accident but I don’t think that would make him repent,bcos zainab might arrived in the cause of his admission in the hospital or after he will b discharge. Grace should b prayerful to win back her man

  39. Afternoon ALC&Fs,

    Fully concur @Ejima AB.

    Sad o, but we saw it coming. Osaze may not die but lets hope recovers whole. When he indeed survives, he will turn a new leaf. They say experience is a ‘bera’ teacher.


  40. He will survive the accident but he wont repent. Zainab will come up with a coverup story n he will definitely fall for it. Grace should pray for him

  41. Thank God for the accident at least this would open his eyes. He would surely survive it. God always make use of hard way in teaching and bringing a rebellion son to him
    His wife should keep on praying for him.

  42. Stupid Osaze.was he thinking he had Zainab,a single lady all to himself ? He was indeed dreaming. If he likes let him die but i pray he doesn’t die so he could repent from his adulterous ways

  43. Good for you Osaze, Zainab never start with u. Now u’ve brought problems upon ur family all becos of Zainab. What has she got that ur wife Grace don’t have? Let’s hope u survive this accident nd that it’ll bring u back to ur senses.

  44. Osaze can you now see your life, you have peaceful family already and you now looking for what is not lost in your hand. That is good for you.

  45. I said it the Osaze will surely come to his senses but that might have be after Zianab have showed her the bitter side of her…. now he will survive and Osaze will respect and love his wife

  46. Yes he
    will survive d accident,as 4 his repentance its only God that cn arrest him..cause zenab seems to hv a very strong hold on him

  47. Osaze will survive the accident, but repenting is out of it. Once he hears Zainab’s voice upon recovery, he will continue his stupidity.

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