(Episode 11) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Grace rushed into the hospital crying and her lips were quivering. The hospital was crowded as bodies shoved against one another. She didn’t know who to talk to for the nurses were busy. Her eyes went to an inscription on the door of one of the wards, “Male Ward,” he rushed to a nurse who was walking in there, Grace was still sobbing,

Nurse: “Madam, what is it? I’m in a hurry please! Talk!” Grace still couldn’t find her voice, the nurse shrugged and left. She was in a hurry. Grace still sobbing placed her hands on the head crying,

Grace: “Father, keep my husband for me, please! Don’t let him die. For my sake for the sake of the children. Osaze I love you. Sorry for ever nagging!”

An elderly woman passed her, she wore glasses her uniform was skirt and blouse not the usual short gowns. Grace quickly greeted her, “Good morning, mummy,” when she looked at the tag she had on, “Matron” was written on it,

Matron: “Good morning, dear,” she could see tears in Grace’s eye, “why are you crying?” Grace starting sobbing again, “It’s alright, please come to my office!” the woman led her to her office on their way Grace finally spoke,

Grace: “Mine, I am looking for my husband,”the statement looking for my husband took the matron aback, Grace quickly added when she saw the weird look, “I was called this morning that he was rushed into last night he had an accident!”

Matron: “Oh you’re the wife of the young man?”

Grace sobbing,

Grace: “Yes,Yes!! where is he please?”

Matron: “Emergency ward!”

Grace: “Ah, I want to see him please,mummy! Please!” she embraced her to her office,

Matron: “You can’t now. His condition is quite critical but the team of doctors are doing all they can to make him stable,”

Grace: “Oh,oh! Osi, Osaze!”she cried shaking her legs as she sat.

Matron: “Just relax! Take it easy! Have faith that he would be fine!” she held Grace’s hand, “Everlasting father, King of kings, you are the healer…”

Grace: “…amen!”

Matron: “ I ask that you listen to the cry of your daughter and heal your son. Keep him for his family…”

Grace: “…amen!”

Matron: “I trust and believe in you. You never failed me not even for once. Lord I know you can do this. You did for my husband I know you are going to do for her. You did for our only son. I truts you father with my everything….

Grace: “…amen!”

Matron: “Thank you for this is the confidence we have in you that anytime we ask and pray in your name you’ll always answer. For In Jesus name we have prayed!”

Grace: “Amen!”

She kept on saying amen crying all through the prayers.


Two weeks had passed. Osaze was recovering, he had broken his neck during the accident. Grace sat on a stool close to his bed. He could hardly do anything because of the cervical collar he had on. She fed him and helped him move around. Alex and Sandra had moved in with Sharon. She had just finished giving him Pap as she turned to go and wash the plate he held her,

Osaze: “I am sorry! I am sorry for maltreating you! I am sorry for ever cheating on you!”

Tears had gathered in her eyes, “I had a dream that you were going to leave me once I recover. I am not saying you shouldn’t but just look back and see all the moments we have had together. Look at our beautiful kids. I want you even more baby!”

She found herself sobbing. It was true, she was going to leave him once he recovered, that was her initial plan but with the plea her mind had softened a little,

“I am sorry. You mean the whole world to me. Please, stay with me!” tears stood aghast in his eyes. She didn’t say a word, she left to wash the dishes. The stress had made her lose a large amount of calories.

Osaze was giving his drugs and he dozed off.

Grace: “Hmmm, Osaze. You did hurt me real bad but I’ll never leave not now, not ever,” she kissed him but he was snoring-fast asleep.

She sat watching him until she slept off too. Sharon and the kids entered quietly.

Sharon: “Shhh! Don’t wake them!” Sharon emptied the basket of fruits and food she brought on a small table close to the refrigerator, Alex and Sandra sat on their Father’s bed. They  crossed  their legs and sat on it watching their parents sleep. They were smiling to each other.

Grace was startled to see them,

Grace: “Heyie,”she smiled with sleepy eyes. They jumped down and hugged, “easy, so you wouldn’t wake your dad!”

Alex: “I miss you,mum!”

Sandra: “Miss you more!”

Grace: “I miss you too my babies!”she hugged them tightly, Sharon sat in the opposite direction smiling at them, “welcome,sis!”

Sharon: “thank you dear,”she moved closer, Alex and Sandra went over to their dad who still asleep, “You have really lost weight. Try and eat more. I brought food for you. Oya try and eat you hear?”Grace nodded. Sharon quickly dished food for her,as Grace ate they chatted, “So, when are they discharging him?”

Grace: “The doctor said he is okay but he is being kept for observation. Hopefully in tow days times,”she rubbed her sore neck and twitched, “I feel pains all over!”

Sharon: “Sorry,”she smiled.

Grace: “Thank you,ma!”


Three months later, Osaze was discharged. Things had returned back to normal for his family. They had returned to a happy family once again. He had started moving around fully and had resumed work although he was still on medications. He had returned from work so tired, he had a busy day. He had been working on the pictures he took during the presidential visit to the state. He got the contract through one of his clients, a personal assistant to the governor on media. He was paid very well but the stress was much. He felt slight pains on the back of his neck. Alex and Sandra hugged him when he entered the house,

Sandra: “Welcome,daddy!” she jumped at him.

Alex: “Welcome,sir!”they did a hi-five!

Osaze: “That’s my boy!”he pecked Sandra, “That’s my girl!” he handed them apples and left for the room. Grace was inside folding clothes she had washed, he came from behind,placed his hands on her waist and kissed her neck,

Grace: “Awwww who do we have here?” she tilted her hand and kissed him.

Osaze: “how’s my baby doing?”

Grace smiling, she had regained her glow. She looked beautiful and plummy as ever.

Grace: “Gracious!”

Osaze: “always beautiful!”they kissed again, she broke away and asked,

Grace: “how’s work?”

Osaze: “Tiring!” he yawned,”I am so hungry! What are we having today?”

Grace: “Your daughter cooked Spag and I made stew!”

Osaze: “Sandra?”

Grace: “Uh, huh!”

Osaze: “Nice,”he smiled and pulled off his shirt.


As he came out of the bathroom, his phone beeped. It was a number he doesn’t know. he hesitated before picking,

“Hi”it was a lady that spoke,

Osaze: “ who is this,please?” the voice sounded familiar but he couldn’t really place it.

“I am sorry but I need to see you to explain things to you!”the voice rang a bell. It was Zainab! His heart skipped, quickly he ended the call.

He was sweating, she called again but he didn’t pick and she sent a message:
Please, I need to see you. I am not interested in having an affair with you. I am a married woman now. I just want us to talk,please!

He sent her a reply:

Can’t it wait? It’s late besides I am tired!

She replied,

tomorrow might be too late,please!”

He threw the phone away and sat down thinking.

Question: Should he go and see Zainab or he should just ignore?

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  1. Uhmmmm… Even is he want to go, he should go with his wife at least that will be better. But I will advice he ignore her.

  2. The devil rear it’s ugly head again! Whatever has to be said can be discussed over the phone!. I hope she’s not pregnant for Osaze sha oooo

  3. Osaze plzzz ignore d devil ooo,she is at it again

    Please, I need to see you. I am not interested in having an affair with you. I am a married woman now. I just want us to talk,please!…….Talking as if she respects marriage,devil incarnate!!!!

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  5. Wen he was passing tru pains as a result of the accident ..his family filled the gap..he shud ignore zainab …she is bad news

  6. Osaze will go and see her,this one Zainab said tomorrow may be too late,are you sure,she is not suffering from any disease?Osaze has to be careful oo.Zainab spells trouble

  7. Osaze should just ignored zainab if he doesn’t he will be inviting more problem to himself cos I know zainab want to tell him she’s carrying his baby and is better he confindede in his wife before going to see her

  8. Bitch with a mission.

    Ignore the bitch. If she likes, let her be pregnant or have STD. If at all he must go (and that should be next day), let him go with his wife as a surprise and demand she says everything she wants there.

  9. Who knws wat the devil in her wnts to say this time. If he ignores her, she will trace her way to his house so let him go hear wat she got to say aslong as he can withdraw frm her temptation.

  10. You see y i said he should ve been crippled? He has started again ooo. If only he can tell his wife this time around and let zainab come to d house or office nd say wateva she wants to say in d presence of Grace.

  11. hope not that Zainab wants to inform him that she’s pregnant for him oo…..well I don’t think osaze will ignore meeting her that night

  12. He shouldn’t meet her or if it’s a serious matter, then he should go with his wife at least she knows about them already

  13. hope not that she wants to inform him that she’s pregnant for him ooo….hmmm but I don’t think Osaze will ignore meeting her that night

  14. he should go,but not alone with his wife I think so there won’t b any misunderstanding.. besides she might try to act funny,like asking them to b secret lovers or so n DAT could easily destroy his home again.

  15. one thing is certain, if he keeps behaving a “monkey like life who couldn’t resist banana & thereby died thru it” he should be prepared to meet his death sooner also. if he dares go to her dat 9te, his life isn’t guaranteed!

  16. Why should he see Zainab, rubbish he hasnt learnt his lessons, he is so weak, if Zainab want to see him let her see him and grace together. Moreover what can’t wait till tomorrow and it won’t pass she is pregnant for him.

  17. He will go, men don’t learn when it come to somethings like this and to make things worse, the wife is mugu who doesn’t know her right.

  18. one thing is certain, if he keeps behaving a “monkey like life who couldn’t resist banana & thereby died thru it” he should be prepared to meet his death sooner also. if he dares go to her dat 9te, his life isn’t guaranteed! He should better open up to his wife, so he could be saved. unless he wants to blame God 4 sparing his life once..

  19. He should ignore her call or better still if he has 2 go and see her he should go with his wife Grace 4 both of them 2 listen 2 what ever she has 2 say.

  20. Omale, pleas ignore nd concentrate on your family. You almost lost them ones, dnt mk the same mistake again. Thumbs-up AdeLove’s team

  21. he should just forget her because if he decide to go and see her she might lore him into another thing again because she has his wick point

  22. hmmmm it would have been the best if he just ignored her, but this man has no power of himself. Another trap waiting for him if he should go and see her again.
    May God give him total deliverance.

  23. U had better open ur mouth n tell ur wife abt this. It will get her to trust u more. Better still, go n see her ; but go with your wife! She wouldn’t expect it n ur wife will come to love u more. I wish men will be like that!

  24. The best thing for him to do nw is to open up to his wife about it then they can decide together……nice one ALC

  25. Osaze had better learn from his past experience. Zainad is a distraction from the pit of hell.He should ignore her and move on with his lovely familiar no matter the news she bears…..Grace u rock joor. God help u

  26. He should just ignore the agent of darkness…but as a weak person that has not learnt his lesson,I knew that my advice will be ignored,because I knew that he will still go out and see her…she will still seduce him and he might even impregnate her this time around..Unscrupulous people….Sodom and Gomorrah..

  27. He should tell the his wife abt the call and go see Zaniab tomorrow but not that night. Am sure she wants to tell him she’s pregnant. Osaze should stop hiding things from his wife that will make her trust him again

  28. It will be good if he goes and see her else she’ll keep pestering him and it could result into another mistrust betwren him and his wife besides she had made it clear that she’s married and no longer interested in having an affair with him.

  29. There is no need to see her again, because Zainab is a devil. Whatever she have to say they should say it on phone. And maybe Zainab coming to his life in a first place is a Setup and she wanted to explain to him.

  30. one thing is certain, if he keeps behaving a “monkey like life who couldn’t resist banana & thereby died thru it” he should be prepared to meet his death sooner also. if he dares go to her dat 9te, his life isn’t guaranteed! He should better open up to his wife, so he could be saved. unless he wants to blame God 4 sparing his life once..

  31. He shuld not try dat she has caused a lot of havoc in his family but even if he is to go he shuld let his wife know about it

  32. He should either ignore cause if he dares to see her,sparks will start flying or he should inform his wife and both of them should go.

  33. If only men can be a little bit more sensible, think more wth their heads nd not that long thing inbetween their legs. The world would’ve been a very comfortable place to live. Just ignor Zainab.

  34. osaze if u go…….dry thunder from zambia go fire u. is dis guy kk at all, is he not happy tins ve gone bck to normal. Adelove pls tell osaze not to make me angry

  35. Would Osaze ever learn in his life ? Let him tell that Zainab off so that she won’t even have the morale to call him again

  36. He should ignore her call or better still if he has 2 go and see her he should go with his wife Grace 4 both of them 2 listen 2 what ever she has 2 say.

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