(Episode 12) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 12) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Osaze sighed, he looked at the time. It was almost eight. He rubbed his sore neck; and twisted it left and right. He was thinking, should he go and meet her or call her to warn her off not to ever bother him again? After all, it didn’t take long when she got to London to start cheating on him. His phone beeped, it was her call. What was he going to tell his wife? He didn’t have a choice but to cook up a lie. See him thinking those days of staying out and lying were over. What was he saying, he thought? He wasn’t going to cheat on anyone. Not when things had fallen into their right places. They were only going to talk that was all. Just talk. The door opened, it was Sandra,

Sandra: “Daddy, we are waiting for you. Food is ready!”

He smiled,

Osaze: “come here, “he held her close to him, “I heard you cooked?” she nodded smiling, “That’s my girl. Very impressive!”

Sandra raised her shoulders and smiled,

Sandra: “It isn’t anything serious. It’s just spag!”

Osaze: “But that’s still impressive. Mum taught you right?”she nodded,

Sandra: “and I have been observing too. I have watched Mum closely and Mummy Sharon too!”

He handed her five hundred naira note,

Osaze: “This is for you. Don’t tell anyone not even mum! Just add to your savings!”

Sandra: “Thank you, dad!” she hugged him,

Osaze: “Anytime, my baby! Alright, go on I am coming!”

Grace screamed for them to come over, Sandra was already at the door,

Sandra: “Better come out before your wife chops down your head,” Osaze giggled. She banged the door and left,

Osaze: “Lemme just go,” it was few minutes passed eight already, “ in no time I’ll be back,”he said as he picked up his car keys.

He appeared in the sitting room, everyone’s eyes dashed towards him. He was casually dressed as he dangled the car keys.

Sandra: “where to, daddy?”

Grace and Alex looked equally surprised; they flung their hands in the air, obviously asking same question.

Osaze smiled,

Osaze: “why is everybody making me feel like I am in a law court,”they giggled.

Alex: “Because we have all being starving cos of you,sir!” he moved closer to the dining table, stood close to Alex and rubbed his head,

Osaze: “sorry,man!” he was busy racking his head for an excuse to use. It had to be a pretty good one. He was running short of ideas.

Grace: “An emergency!”

Yes that was it. His wife had just given him an idea,

Osaze: “Yes kinda! Forgot some pictures at the studio and I am supposed to work on them this night and deliver them very early tomorrow.”

Sandra: “Daddy,should I follow you?”

He was shocked for he didn’t see that coming. Turning her down would be suspicious for most cases if he was to go pick something up at night in the studio it was either he went with the kids or all of them including his wife. He stammered,

Grace shook her head,

Grace: “You have to eat dinner. Remember it isn’t good for a lady for to eat late!”

Osaze: “Lemme go so I’ll be back on time!”

Grace: “Be careful,babe!”

Osaze: “and please, don’t finish the food oo!” he left them laughing. As he went out he could hear Grace praying, blessing the food.

As he stepped into the car, his phone blared,

Zainab: “Heyie,I should consider you aren’t coming again right?”she said mildly.

Uninterestingly he replied,

Osaze: “I’m on my way!” he dropped the call.


He sat looking at her- there was anger in his eye. She could feel its heat,

Zainab: “what would you take?”

Osaze nodded,

Osaze: “Nothing!”

She sighed- the tension was getting high but she had her strategy. Everything would work out for her, she was that sure.

She grunted and said to the waiter,

Zainab: “Bring water for me!”

Osaze: “And me too!”

They brought the water for them, Osaze almost emptied the container with just one gulp. She smiled and said,

Zainab: “It seems you were thirsty,”he couldn’t help but break into a smile,

Osaze: “Yea,” he dropped the bottle. Silence strolled and kept staring at each other. Time was fast going, he had to leave so he wouldn’t get his family worried,”Ehm, so you said you wanted talking or telling me something urgent.”

She nodded and grunted,

Zainab: “Yea,”she sipped the bottle of water with her.

Osaze kept a steady stare at her as he fondled with his hands,

Osaze: “How’s your husband?”

She giggled,

Zainab: “Do I sense jealousy in someone’s voice?”

He nodded but the truth was he felt a pinch of jealousy. It was stupid of him to feel that way but it was something he couldn’t help. Shrugged and said,

Osaze: “Not at all. He was the one you returned to right. The one you were with the day I called you and you ended the call!”

She sighed, stretched her hands to touch him but he moved his hands away.

Zainab: “Sorry for that day. Guilt has being killing me that’s why I haven’t had the guts to be in touch for the past six months or so. That was my boyfriend, Sadiq! And I am not married!”Osaze was shocked to hear that even though the news made him happy- a feeling he couldn’t explain, “Sadiq was into drugs and a jealous lover he had threatened to kill me if I kept in touch with you. Osi,”as she fondly called him, “I can’t get you off my mind,” she tried touching his cheeks but he tilted his head backwards. He swallowed spit. What she was doing was what he had wanted avoiding and that was why he wasn’t excited about seeing her. She was coming to mess up his life.

Osaze: “Well, that’s past now. I’m over everything. You made me realize that importance of my family again!”

She looked at him with tears in her eyes,

Zainab:”But I want you back. It could be in your terms now. Just how you want!please!” tears dropped from her eyes,

He quickly helped her wipe them,

Osaze: “Hey, don’t do that,please!”

Zainab: “I want you back,osi. I don’t mind taking my own life if I don’t have you!”

Osaze was shocked,

Osaze: “wow! That was, that was, I mean.. You can’t b…”

Zainab: “…I mean every word I just said. I am not kidding!”

He sighed, she was making things quite difficult. Grace had given him missed calls already,

Osaze: “I need to get going. Don’t wanna get my wife worried.”as he stood up to leave, she held his hands,

Zainab: “Promise me you’’ll think about it!”

He nodded and left. In the car, he just kept thinking about what she had said. What was he going to do? She was a very sweet and loving girl but she was trouble too. Playing with fire again, he might not survive it at all.

What if I say no and she kills herself? He asked himself.

What do you advice Osaze do? Should he give in or forget about her?

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  1. If you like Osaze,go ahead and cheat on your life.If I am Grace,i won’t ever forgive you.Besides Zainab may infect him with a disease.Mtscheww.

  2. He shud better forget her and this time bring his wife alert on this issue. If he falls again on her prank he wont survive it.

  3. it’s seems his life has a duplicate, otherwise he wouldn’t b toying with live wire. he should have at least let his wife know @ 1st, rather than absconded to see her. he should better 4get abt her or put an end to his own life.

  4. it’s seems his life has a duplicate, otherwise he wouldn’t b toying with live wire. he should have at least let his wife know @ 1st, rather than absconded to see her. he should better 4get abt her or put an end to his own life.

  5. Ha this osaze na complete otula, he should better tell the wife about this demon zainab before she destroy him completly because he is a weak man, he should not give in to her at all

  6. Osaze forget about her…..Say no to the devil. He seems to be easily deceived and has a week spirit. He should simply standfirm, reject her and let Zainab understand he mean business. He cant fall again after what he put Grace through. Its just not fair

  7. I just don’t understand this Osaze at all…sometimes I usually think is not important for we lady to marry is just necessary because there is nothing we can do for men they will still cheat even if we caught them and forgive them they will still repeat there sinful act…Men are born to cheat…

  8. He should just forget about zainab if she want to die let her die cos she’s not the first person to die if osaze tries anything funny with that zainab of a gul he will surely have himself to blame I no this time his family will never forgive him

  9. Osaze should run for his dear life..I can see train coming to him on high speed…..I know him as a weakling,that he will give in to her plea..he might not succeed this time around..Zainab came to kill him to steal him and to destroy him….Beware…

  10. Who is Zainab to u, is high time u forget about her and move on with ur life she is try to distroy ur happy home, she cant even pinch herself not to talk of taken are life. Osaze cant u see d joy u av when ever u are with ur family, open up to ur wife and God is time u forsake satan.

  11. he should forget that zainab ever existed, she is bad news and dere is no need for him to think of going back to her. He should b careful and know dt he might not survive it d second time. family is ur priority osaze.

  12. This guy is just too weak to decide for himself. It would be good if he could just forgot everything about Zainab and move on with his family. It’s just like he has been possessed.
    Grace should not relent in praying for him.

  13. Hi ALC&Fs,

    I have caught myself crying many times already. There somethings in this life that may be cool but at the same time dangerously foolish!
    If only Osaze would toll the path of wisdom he would quietly let go and focus squarely on his beloved family.

    Thanks AdeLove.


  14. This Osaze acts like a fool. He will succumb and cheat again. He knew the effect her presence will have on him yet he went alone and lied to his wife about it. It shows he still want to knack her irrespective of the consequence. Else, he would have gone with his wife to send her the message that the days of cheating are over.

    People should learn to be self disciplined. No matter what, I don’t see any guinune reason why he accepted it is a must to see her that night. He should learn to be in charge when it matters and not oblige to every demand.

  15. He should forget about her, she can’t kill herself just an empty threat. But Osazie is too blind to see that. God will save him.

  16. Tout she said she’s now a married woman?….and how sure is osaze dat sadiq won’t cum back 4 Zainab nd probably hurt Osaze d more. ignore her and move on wit ur family.

  17. Forget bout her and go back to ur sweet family coz it might not survive anoda trial. Don’t let her sexual sweetness cloud ur judgement coz I don’t believe ur in love wt her. What u guys have is lust and dt fades wt time. BE WARNED.

  18. There’s no two ways about it, Osaze should let her go & do her worst. He might not b too lucky again if he goes back to her.

  19. Let’s understand that the heart of a man is very weak when it comes to matters of the opposite sex. Osi may fall into her trap again.

    If he get brain he go run for him life. If she likes let her kill herself. She won’t be The first

    Talking from true life experience.

  20. Osaze should forget about her and stop playing with fire. Osaze you have a happy family now, what is your stress why did you want to destroy your happy home just because of a girl. Pls don’t do that.

  21. Zainab isn’t a fool. Infact she s a master @d game! Osaz had better run; run as fast as he can! Make sure d back of your leg touches d back of your head

  22. Please, Osaze forget about this girl. You have caring Wife in Grace and two wonderful kids. Be careful zainb is dangerous and she has a drug addict as a boyfriend. They could set you up.

  23. What is wrong with Osazee? ha! is he not a grown man to know when one is being manipulated? he should abandon her to her devices joor…let him not forget what happened when Zainab left

  24. Osaze, u’re becoming a big fool. Zainab told u that she’s now a married lady nd that she’s not interested in having a relationship with u again just to lure u out of ur comfort zone. You met her nd she changed the story just to get you in between her laps again. Pls use ur head. Why do u have to even give it a thought @all, after all u went tru? Pls steer clear of Zainab if u value what u share with ur wife.

  25. This fool call osaze is really getting on my nerves, he almost lost his life and family. His is still sheepishly falling prey to a professional home breaker with deadly intent. This guy doesn’t have value for his family.

  26. This osaze guy,,is he in love with Zay or just lust bcos I don’t understand how he can’t withstand her…..better wife her now since he sees her as a sweet,loving girl. Lost soul.

  27. He should jus forget that witch. If he eventually give in after all what he has gone tru. Adelove pls,don’t end the story wit osaze back wit his family o. Want him suffer @ end in big time. He should lose his family to another responsible man or to their selves.

  28. Osaze should better keep off and stop taken her calls.she can kill herself for all I care. I new when once he sees her his feelings will come back. Sometimes I feel his been charmed or something

  29. The home wrecker is back nd she is ready to continue from where she stopped…osaze is a weakling.. Grace nd the kids don’t deserve this treatment from him …my advice though …he should stay clear from zainab

  30. The home wrecker is back nd she is ready to continue from where she stopped…osaze is a weakling.. Grace nd the kids don’t deserve this treatment from him …my advice though …he should stay clear from zainab

  31. Osaze is making angry already,just say nO,or u can still go ahead to play the game with her,this time u will end up in six feet,….Grace will not take any shit from u again,i know that Zainab is on a mission in Osaze’s lifeand family.

  32. osaze please don’t give her any chance again in your life ,just forget about her she can’t kill her self if you do she was just bluffing

  33. You see the reason why I never wanted him to meet zainab again, that girl is really a home breaker. There is a limit to what a woman can tolerate from a man not talk of from a hubby…if he dares break her heart again….I swear that might be d end of d marriage

  34. He shouldn’t give it a thought at all,zenab will nt kill herzelf,she is only using that as a strategy to get him… I knw that accident cn nt change him,it only depend on God

  35. Why is this osaze acting like he hasn’t seen a Lady before. What stupid move.. He is acting too childish and irresponsible. Very annoying.

  36. Like I say b4 is not ordinary she up to sumtin ND she not goin to stop on t she achieve her aims d wife should wake up she or dis 1 is gonna hunt her badly bcos osaze is lost

  37. Ozaze should not even think about it. if he’s not carful this time, he will lose his Family ie if he’s alive to tell the tale.

  38. osaze is a goat,how can som1 threaten him with killing herself and he’s moved,he’s too easy to be fooled, besides he is also a he goat cos am sure he’s just after d sex cos he doesnt love her.

  39. Why should he bother if she kills herself. She is not the first person to commit suicide. He better tell his wife the latest happening.

  40. There is fire on d mountain, but osaze wont see it. He wld still foolishly fall for zainabs tricks again. We men ehen, hmmmmm na only God fit save some of us

  41. When i say that this Osaze is stupid,i mean it. He has started considering what Zainab said forgetting that his wife could just leave him. He doesn’t learn from past mistakes. God should have mercy on the wife & kids.

  42. Wont this guy learn his lesson he shudnt v lied to his wife again now he is in anoda fix, he wont be able to say no and he wil fall her prey again cos d girl is nt ordinary and has a serious hold on him, i only pity d wife

  43. Did you say advice? Do u think he didn’t know what he is doing? Is just to give him a DIRTY SLAP for being so selfish; so that he will come back to his senses.

  44. Please don’t try to consider her…..ignoring her will be the best thing you can do Mr Osaze …..weldone for the good job Adelove and group

  45. Osaze is too attached to keep his promises. he has lost control of himself. I hope he doesn’t end up in a bigger problem this time

  46. I believe he should tell his wife about the issue he is facing. As the love they share is bigger than the lust zanaib is creating again. May the prayers of his wife continue to save him.

  47. Osaze should better forget about her and focus on his family… zianab does not mean well for him at all and I know zianab is just acting-up…. she has come to destroy osaze for good. And he should better be on the run.

  48. He should forget her and put his family first he almost died because of her and his family stood by him now he’s considering her again mhen this one don pass juju self

  49. better to forget her n never pick her call again talkless of seeing her,,,but as I already said he will still give in to her,, CU’s I know he is such a fool.

  50. I found it difficult to open d link yesterday until my data is exhausted, but is not too late to make my comment….Osaze shld jst try and forget her so that he can face his family

  51. Osaze must be mad to go back to that fool. Resist the devil and he’ll flee from you, she is even a Muslim and your a christian. Light and darkness cannot comprehend

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