(Episode 9) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 9) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Grace stared at him,

Grace: “Zainab? Who’s that Osaze?” he turned his back against her,

Osaze: “I have told you that I am very tired!”

She sat on her knees on the bed,

Grace: “Are you seeing her?”

With anger in his eyes he turned and looked at her,

Osaze: “Please, I am not ready for your drama and I am not seeing anyone!” his yelling rocked her.  Tears rushed down her eyes.

Grace: “Osaze it’s me your wife for many years you are yelling at this way,eh?”she sighed and repeated his words after him, “you are not ready for my drama?” he turned away again. It was unbelievable; she couldn’t imagine that Osaze would ever raise his voice at her not to talk of cheating on her, with tears running down her eyes, “What has come over you,Osaze,eh?”

Osaze stood up and took two pillows,

Osaze: “It seems something is wrong with your head!” he hissed and left the room.

Immediately blood stopped moving in her body, she suddenly developed cold feet. Was it a dream? She thought. He left the room for the sitting room.


Grace was setting the table for breakfast for the children. She had prepared Spaghetti for them. They were still in their rooms getting set. It was some minutes to six. She was contemplating if to go ask Osaze of what he’d love to have for breakfast. Finally, she decided to go and ask him,

Grace: “Humiliation or not, he is still my husband and I love him. I promise to remain dutiful as a very good wife!”

She left the sitting room for the room, “Lex, Sandy food is ready!” she called out.

“Okay, mum! Thank you!” they answered. Alex ran out and as usual Sandra was still getting dressed.

Osaze was getting dressed. Grace was surprised, where was he going that early?  She thought. She leaned on the door,

Grace: “Good morning,baby!” he continued dressing, ingnored her at first but later answered her dryly. She sighed and went ahead, “what would you have for breakfast?”

Osaze buttoning his shirt said disinterestingly,

Osaze: “I am not hungry. I’m fine!”

She shook her head and turned to leave when he said,

“Okay, just fry yam for me. Don’t make it salty please!”

She shrugged and left. Osaze had even start telling her how to cook his food after many years of marriage. That was strange, she whispered.

She left for the sitting room and sat down watching the kids eat,

Grace: “You guys should be fast. You know time is going,” she said.

They nodded but she couldn’t mask her feelings. She sat morose. Sandra and Alex knew something was wrong.

Alex: “Mum,what’s wrong? You don’t look happy!” the question triggered tears, her pupils swam in tears, she tightened the veins of her eyes so tears wouldn’t dop,

Grace: “Just eat your food!” she quickly dashed to the kitchen; Alex and Sandra looked at each other and sighed,

Sandra: “Let’s just eat!” they both ate looking towards the kitchen.

Grace was in the kitchen  peeling yam to be fried as tears dropped. She didn’t bother to wipe the tears.

Alex stood by the kitchen door and said,

Alex: “ mum, we are going.”

Grace: “have a blessed day sweetie!” Sandra was standing beside her brother.

Sandra: “Mum, are you okay?”

She nodded refusing to look at them,

Grace: “I am fine. You guys should get going,”she said mildly.

Alex: “are you crying?” he walked towards her,

Grace: “You guys should get going!” they scampered as she yelled.

She had lost her cool. She felt terrible. What had she done?  Osaze came to the door of the kitchen,

Osaze: “what’s wrong with you,Grace?” she turned gawking at him leaning her back to the sink. He was the cause why she had flared at her kids, “why are spreading your negative vibes around? Why would you scare my kids that way? You had better behave yourself. If you’re frustrated with yourself or life just learn to keep that to yourself and not rub it on me or kids,” she bit her lips staring at him with tears trickling down. He hissed, he left for the dining room, she could hear me shouting, “breakfast isn’t even ready?” he charged at her, she didn’t moved nor bat an eye lash, he had raised his hands to slap her but seeing her reaction he quickly changed his mind, “Don’t push me to do something I’ll regret!” he sighed, dropped his hands and left the house cursing and kicking. Grace threw herself to the ground crying, burying her head in her hands.


Osaze sat in his office,

Osaze: ‘what’s wrong with you, man?” he said to himself.  He knew his attitude towards his wife was uncalled for. All she had ever done was love him. As he sat thinking, his phone beeped. It was an international number. It was Zainab.

Zainab: “Heyie, guess who?”

Osaze giggled,

Osaze: “You have given yourself already!”she laughed.

Zainab: “You missed me?”

Osaze: “Lemme think,Uhm,” she was laughing, “maybe!”

Zainab: “Oh,oh. Now you leave me heartbroken!”

He giggled again,

Osaze: “You know I sure do, I do! I do!”

Zainab: “I can’t wait to be back,baby!”

Osaze: “Can’t wait to have you back!”

Zainab: “How’s wifey and kids?”

Osaze: “They are good!”

Zainab: “lemme call you back. About to start a meeting.”

The call ended as Osaze leaned his head on the chair, smiling to himself. The guilty feeling had all disappeared.


At dinner that night, Grace, Alex and Sandra at the table waiting for their father. They all had sullen faces still angry at their mother for yelling at them. Grace wanted to apologise but she didn’t know where to start from. For the first time in her life she felt very ashamed of her kids. They were busy chatting with each other ignoring their mother.

Grace finally finding her voice,

Grace: “Alex and Sandra,”she looked at her, “I am sorry for what happened today. Sorry for yelling at you  for no reason. Please, forgive mummy you hear? I woke up on the wrong side of the bed…”

Alex chimed in,

Alex: “what does that even mean?” they all giggled.

Sandra: “It means she had an awful night.”

Alex: “Oh, it’s okay,mum. Forgiven!”

Sandra: “Forgiven too!”

Grace: “You guys should come and give mum a hug,” they rallied round her. She pecked them as Osaze appeared they all went back to their seats. He had being acting arctic with the kids. Grace served dinner and Alex prayed. A clanging sound was heard as Osaze flared,

Osaze: “what the hell is wrong with you,Grace! Do you want to kill us with pepper! “he pushed the plate to the ground. Everyone was shcoked, Sandra had glued to her mother-she was shivering, “nonsense!”he kicked and left the house.


Would Osaze ever get into his senses? What should grace do to get her husband back?

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  1. Lovely Monday AM ALC&Fs,

    Only Osaze can answer that accurately but I’m hoping he would soon for the sake of his wonderful family.

    Grace must intensify prayers and alert her immediate family and inlaws.

    Wishing everyone an exciting week!


    • thanks gal,osaze is really heartless and stupid.i tire i swear.den in the end everyone will expect grace to forgive him after the serious emotional trauma he has put her through.pepper in food ke,tomatoes ni

  2. he will still get back to his sense but it might be too late and the damage he will cause will be difficult to repear and Grace should try to report him to his elder brother and serious pray to God to bring back her husband.

  3. Ozase will.get back to his senses. Grace wud just hv to.be patient and prayerful. This is the time she needs Gods intervention in.her marrital.life.

  4. He thinks he’s in love with Zainab but he has lust for her, I pray his home would not have scatter before he comes back to his senses

  5. He is a scumbag, nw am scared to get married, for pete’s sake, dis is a christain family, a christain hubby, see hw he easily succumbed to d devil, even with zainab outta town he gets worse by d sec. Poor woman!

  6. Osaze will surely get back to his senses,because he did not know what he is doing…he has been possessed and charmed by evil Zainab from the pit of hell…..The wife and children should help him by burying themselves in prayers…that is the only thing that will liberate and deliver him..It will be a big battle but victory is sure at the end..

  7. osaze will after he has tasted the other side of life.with fervent prayers,I believe Grace will get her husband’s heart back

  8. Wow!!!
    Osaze needs help. Grace pray very well your husband needs help, fighting it spiritually is th best.
    He will definitely come back to his senses I pray it won’t be late for him.

  9. Grace needs to go straight to her kneel and be prayerful,she will surely get her husband back,Osaze sense will be back but it needs special intention for him not regret at the need,for all that glitter is not Gold,Zainab came to destroy him.

  10. All he needs is prayers.

    The evil some women do shaaaa!! One woman has built her house another wants to break it down. Mtchew!!!

  11. Hmmnn….this is a tough one, Osaze is neck deep in shit. Grace will have to apply wisdom here. The bible say a wise woman build her house. She must know that her husband was never like this in all the years they’ve lived together. Two wrongs can’t make a right. Grace’s best bet is to take the challenge to the Lord in prayer. Osaze’ll csome back to his senses, i just pray he doesn’t destroy his once peaceful family beyond control before he comes back to his senses

  12. Before Osazie got to his senses, things will had grow worse. Grace should only be patience and to be prayerful, so that it won’t affect the children.

  13. Osaze will come back 2 his senses but it will take a very long time.If Grace pray about,she’ll get her husband back cos without God interference,it can’t be possible because Zainab has reali taken over his whole heart

  14. Osaze will get back 2 his sense by God grace,put Grace should fast,pray & talk 2 their Church pastor so that they can conquer d problem 2geda.

  15. Na wa 4 all this our men o!i jst hope zenab has nt jazz him sha… Osaze will come bck to his senses bt i jst hope it will nt b too late den. Grace should go on her kneels nd pray,she should also stand up to osaze nd that zenab of a witch.

  16. Grace should be prayerful, Osaze will regain his sences and come back to her. They always come back as a prodigal son.

  17. He would not understand the repercussions if his action now but before he will realise it wuld be too late,Grace shuld brace up and fight for her marriage on her knee

  18. All what grace can do to bring him back is prayers,if not osaze won’t get back to his sense and he will be tormenting dem in the house.

  19. The man osaze is in the devils net already, so grace should just start prayers and fasting before things will get out of hand because the devil has entered the family to take away their happiness and joy and with prayers God will put them to sham

  20. I pray God give her the grace to bear wit him der is noting God can not do. she should go to him in prayer because Osazie is really going to far. I pray he come to his senses soon enough so that things don’t get out of hands.Oh poor kids they shouldn’t get affected wit this pls

  21. Osaze will get back to his senses but l pray it’s not too late. Grace should be prayerful in order to get back her husband

  22. He will get back to his senses when it’s already late. Grace as a dutiful wife will be patient and put everything in God’s hands

  23. Grace should keep on loving her husband and pray for him b’coz devil is looking for gud home to distroy and ur husband as already fall victim. Osaze u av d guts to shout at ur dear wife and still be telling her she did not no how to cook untill u no wat Zainab has in store for u dat is when u will no wat u are lossing.

  24. Geez….I wish I could slap osaze to come back to his senses….chai Grace pls start praying oo
    Adelove crew thumbs up….i cant wait for d next episodes

  25. Dear Grace wisdon is profitable to direct, A prayerful christian is a power christian. U nid to go down on ur kneels an talk to d only King who has. Hrt of kings in his hands and also for wisom and patience. But pls kip d kids out of this saga.

  26. As usual,the woman is at the receiving end,nobody tied Zainab to Osaze,he could have resisted this temptation but he didn’t.Grace should continue enduring abi and at the end of the day,Osaze will come to his senses and beg Grace and everything will be expected to be swept under the carpet.Hmm interesting.

  27. This is so sad……I feel for you Grace
    Osaze will get back to his senses but U pray it’s not too late,Grace will get her husband back,she should be steadfast in prayer.

  28. Yes Osaze will get back to his senses….. I just hope it won’t be late den. As for Grace d only thing she can do now is to pray. Gudmorning ADL and crew.

  29. wit tym nd God’s intervention he will cm bk to his senses…….. All grace needs nw is to go dwn on her knees to God in prayer over ha husband

  30. He’ll get back to his senses bt i pray he does that early.. All grace needs to do now is pray harder n continue been peaceful.

  31. Osaze will get to his senses but that will be after Zainab must have showed him the Bad side of her. Grace should pray without sizing so that God will deliver her husband

  32. I.really cant believe dis is happening.What the hell.is wrong with osaze.i hate men who turn aggressive wen caught cheating. foolish man.Grace patience dear.it is well

  33. B4 Osaze will get bck to his senses it will be too late by den…as 4 grace dis tym she nids to tighten her bet more in prayers

  34. Osaze went astray with his family, by a blind love and adultery act he is committing with this good for nothing girl, Zainab. Even if he will come back to his senses, it may take time or depends on how Adelove cloun its story. Grace should be prayerful to win her husband’s heart back.

  35. Osaze will come back to his senses but that it’s when he must have destroyed everything he’ll come begging on his knees…. Grace should be prayerful

  36. Grace has to be praying so that she can get his husband back, for osaze I think he is not with his sense any more his cheating on his wife and he still have the gut to yell at her that is on fair.

  37. Grace should go on her knees and pray for her husband and rebuke dt spirit that wants to destroy her home. osaze has lost it. He is fully in lust with zainab, he has to cum back to his senses before its too late.

  38. Yes! he will get back to his senses but, it will take more time, Grace needs a strong christian that can always listen to her and pray together with that she will always fill little bit relief

  39. with prayer all tins r possible.. so she should keep on praying.he will surly get back his senses but I hope it won’t b too late by den.

  40. Osaze rather been remorseful still had the guts to yell at Grace.When men cheat they try to hide it and lie not feeling like s superman.Grace should go on her kneels and pray because Zainab is out to destroy a beautiful home.

  41. I really wished its all a dream and Osaze should wake up to reality, I’m crying for his family already. this is so emotional, Grace should go on her knees and ask God to intervene in her marriage.

  42. all she need to do is to pray in other to deliver her husband frm zainab cos dat girl was sent frm d pit of hell to destroy a happy family

  43. He will with prayers,she should go down on her knees and pray for his battles,such as temptation,so he can fight it..but he is moving farther as each minute passes by.

  44. first grace need to seek counsel from spiritual parent and pray in order to get Hubby’s attention. osaze has gone too far.

  45. Grace all u have to do is to pray for ur husband to get his senses back and leave him don’t even ask him anything about it again he will later realise what his about to loss for that stranger zainab MEN!!!!!

  46. Its been a while I dropped a comment due to bad network…well I pray osaze comes back to his senses and have his happy family back.

  47. Osaza would sure come back to his sense, what Grace needs now is prayer, because sure something is wrong somewhere, i don’t think osaza love for Zainab is ordinary, prayer would solve everything

  48. It been a while I dropped a comment due to bad network… well Grace all u need to do is pray and I hope ur husband will come back to his senses so as to ave ur happy family back

  49. That’s why it’s good to be prayerful. Grace should seek the face of God and he’ll deliver her husband bcos I don’t think Osaze knows what he’s doing

  50. Grace really need to go to the Lord in prayer, for that is all she needs right now to get her husband back because the devil have come in form of zainab to destroy the once happy family. The devil comes to kill to steal and to destroy and that is what he wants to acomplish here, only intensive prayer can stop this plan of the devil

  51. He will but that will be after he might have cause damages in his family. Grace should pray for her husband and ask God to restore her home.

  52. when ever a married man start seeing a strange woman, his marriage is at risk, he might end up losing every thing. Am only feeling bad for Grace and her children.

  53. Grace should be more fervent in prayer because this is spiritual war, for God to bring Osaze back to his senses for their sakes before it’s too late.

  54. Yeye man. I just pray he comes back to his senses before things spoil in her marriage & family. Grace should not leave God,always pray. She will overcome. Zainab your punishment is coming. Go look for your man,leave another person’s hubby.

  55. He will but it will be too late by den and she should be prayerful cos am suspecting dià is a spiritual force against dem

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