Remi Sonaiya Attacks Buhari For Talking To Trump But Ignoring Nigerians

Remi Sonaiya Attacks Buhari For Talking To Trump But Ignoring Nigerians

The presidential candidate of Kowa Party and only female candidate in the 2015 general election, Professor Remi Sonaiya, has reacted to President Donald Trump’s proposed call to President Muhammadu Buhari.

She wondered why President Buhari can speak to Trump on phone, yet can’t speak to Nigerians.

Special Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmaad, had earlier confirmed that the president will speak with Trump today at 3:45 pm (Nigerian Time) from his London residence.

The 61-year old professor of French and Applied linguistics said Nigerians have been waiting for days, hoping the President will talk to them but he has shunned them, and will now speak with United States President, Donald Trump.

On her Twitter page, @Oluremisonaiya, she wrote: “We hear President @MBuhari will speak on the phone with Mr. Trump today.

“Meanwhile, WE have been waiting for days, hoping he’d talk to us!”



  1. This Sonaiya woman is just a busy-body. What is PMB speaking to Nigerians about? The President is on vacation, the VP is acting is his place, governance is not suffering in any way because of his absence, so tell me why will he not be allowed to enjoy his vacation, what is the emergency that warrants him breaking his vacation to speak to Nigerians or cut short his vacation or he should speak to “Nigerians” just because a few mischievous Nigerians who want him dead for whatever reasons are not happy that he is alive. Well, those of us, and we are in the majority,who have always known that the President has been well and hearty, do not need him to speak to us while he is on his vacation, vacation is vacation, his can not be different just because he is the President, Presidents all over the world need and take their rests also.

  2. If the president was on a straight forward holiday break I would have agreed with Ed and Oluwafemi.
    This response to Trump is official duty and not a social call.
    Why should the Nigerian president suspend his leave to respond to non-Nigerians and ignore the inquisitive masses?
    Two simple answers
    1. A failure to prioritize Nigerians and lack of patriotism
    2. A lack of respect for the common man and the Nigerian

  3. Oluwafemi, don’t be quick to portray others negative or as haters.
    Prof has made a comment or critique
    If you are happy with been in the dark about the president;
    You have a right to your ignorance.
    Allow those who want to exercise their constitutional right also do
    And have access to information!

  4. I wonder why this ED guy doesn’t think before talking. Must everyone have same myopic view like you. The woman sure made a very good observation so whats the hate comment about. Pls dont bring your dirty politics here. When everything has nosedive, you are still not thinking straight

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