(Episode 13) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

(Episode 13) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

For days, Zainab’s thought and proposal had been on his mind. She called him most times. He held the camera, he slot in the memory card that had only her pictures. He had been tempted to delete them when she had broken his heart,

Osaze: ‘Dis geh fine sha!” he said to himself as he stared at the pictures. Her smiles and poses in the pictures were charming. Was he ready to give away his loving family for the quest of adventure? He thought.


Grace was at sharon’s shop. She was a makeup artist. One of the biggest in town.

Sharon: “You said you don’t want to take anything?”

Grace nodded and smiled,

Grace: “I have enough already and besides you know I don’t take all these sugary things now!”

Sharon: “Okay oo! Salamatu come go buy me coke!”

Grace: “ah sis, you and Coke! Between you and my husband I no know who drink em pass! And you kno…”

Sharon: “Eh, eh oo! No start dat your preaching about how Coke isn’t good for one’s health!”

Grace started laughing and held her lips,

Grace: “Okay, ooo. I hold my peace!” they laughed.

Sharon: “Beta hol’em! Thank you dear, “she collected the Coke, “See as e cold. Eh,”she quickly opened it and gulped it, “Coke is life,my sister!”she dropped the bottle. Grace was laughing.

Grace: “Enjoy!”

Sharon: “Before? Of course na!”she gulped some more,dropped the bottle and bilged, “Pesin wey drink Coke wey no bilge never drink Coke. Abi that Coke na fake!”

Grace laughed some more,

Grace: “Na wa oo!”

Sharon: “ehen before I forget I saw one style in magazine and I said I must show you so you’d sew it. E go fit you with dis ur beta shape! Salamatu!”

Grace: “Sis, you no go kill pesin!”

Salamatu ran in,

Salamatu: “Ma!”

Sharon: “Go and bring the magazine inside, the one with a girl in pink,”she said in Hausa.

Sharon and Grace were Edos but Sharon had grown up in Jigawa state with her parents who had died a few years back. Grace had come to stay with her cousin and that was how she met Osaze. So Sharon could speak Hausa better than her mother tongue.

Salmatu handed it over to Sharon who moved closer to Grace,

Grace: : “Wow. E fine die! My sister sabi better thing!”

Sharon giggled,

Sharon: “Trust me,na! I get eye!”they laughed.

Grace: “How’s reverend?”

Sharon: “he is fine oo. Travelled to Katsina,”she flipped through the magazine to check for more styles,

Grace:  “Hope all is well?”

Sharon: “yes. He attended the northern Christian Minsters conference!”

Grace: “wow, that’s nice! I love his undying love for God oo!”

Sharon: “My dear if we no serve em who we wan serve na!”

Grace: “Na so oo!”

Sharon: “How my in law?”

Grace sighed,

Grace: “he is fine,”sighed again,

Sharon: “hope all is well?”

Grace nodded,

Grace: “but…”

Sharon: “…but?”

Grace nodded  and sighed again,

Grace: “ I think that girl is back in his life again!”

Sharon: “True-true?” Grace nodded, “na wa oo! Has he being behaving strangely,”

Grace: “yes!”


Osaze entered the room. It had candle lights all over and the air carried a very sweet fragrance. Zainab wore an ash coloured gown with a cut to the thighs,

Zainab: “I thought you wouldn’t come!”

Osaze: “I just could fight it anymore!”

She beckoned on him with the second finger of her right hand. She was kneeling on the bed, he walked to her like a robot- as if he had been programmed. He stood before her, speechless, expressionless she caught his lips before he could say a thing. They kissed for some minutes maintaining their positions. She was still kneeling on the bed and he was standing. He broke away,

“Where is this going to lead us to. A lot of things are against us. I’ve got a family. Your father would be mad if he knows you are seeing me cos I am a Christian!” he sat on the bed she used her breast to rub his back,

Zainab: “Let’s just flow with the tide,Osi!” she tilted his head and started kissing her.

In no time, he had pulled off his shoes and wrestled her to the bed, he was on her fondling with her body, his fingers ran down all the contours of her body. She was visibly shaking and moaning,

Zainab: “You’re driving me crazy!”she cried,

He undressed her, kissing every part of her body. She gave herself to him like never before. They went on for a long period of time. It was sensational. The heat of their bodies rubbed against each other and they made out with passion. When they were done she rested her head on his chest.


As he drove back home, it now seemed like his conscience had gone through a renaissance. He felt guilty. What was he going to do?

Osaze: “Should I go and confess to my family?”

He promised that, that was going to be the last time he would cheat on Grace. He was never going to do that.

“Grace that was the last. Zainab, good bye to you!”

What advice would you give Osaze? Do you think he’d keep to his promise?

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  1. we all know dat he has never be a promise keeper, he has severally promised to tell his wife, bt failed many atimes. if he could still fall 4 Zainab after d claws of death dat God saved him from, how much more. he no more has any conscience!

  2. we all know dat he has never be a promise keeper, he has severally promised to tell his wife, bt failed many atimes. if he could still fall 4 Zainab after d claws of death dat God saved him from, how much more. he no more has any conscience!

  3. is better osaze forget that woman and go back to his wife, the woman might push him into big trouble and leave her but his wife is always there with her

  4. He won’t keep to his promise, he is very weak, zainab knows how to manipulate him that he wont resist. Osaze wld hv to learn the hard way….

  5. osaze should rather keep to his promise but I trust him he can never do that because he never believe in himself and hold on to his promise ,so he will still cheat on his wife

  6. Story for the gods, Osaze is a sick man that never know what he wants in a lady, he has a beautiful family and a caring wife.
    He can stand on his word, because he is an obsessed man.

  7. it’s better osaze should confess to his wife and stay away from zainab but he won’t because he’s already away by lust.zainab has the remote of his life.he was not suppose to even see her at all in the first place

  8. He won’t keep to it, it will take the power of God to break such chains Grace need to pray hard for osaze, he can’t resist zainab with his strength alone he needs God intervention

    • Dz guy is really something else, so weak emotionally. I bet if he meets many other like Zay, he will still fall head over heels for them, over n over again.

      Morning Famz

  9. He won’t keep to it, it will take the power of God to break such chains Grace need to pray hard for osaze, he can’t resist zainab with his strength alone he needs God intervention

  10. for wia? he will still do it again but I feel very sorry for me, he had better left that marriage destroyer and stick to his family.

  11. My advice to him is that, he should for once stop being indicisive, he should mak a decision lik a man n syand his ground. He should stop acting lik a cow takin to d slaughter house. Wia was zainab weh his wife was nursing him to health? Tout he is a christia? Has he nt seen it in d bible dat adultery is a serious sin in d eyes of God?

  12. Osaze should confess to his wife and also accept Jesus into his life for him to fight and deliver him from this spiritual wickedness..This is spiritual and not ordinary..One can never win over the devil with mere decision…… Devil is wiser and stronger than him..Osaze will not stand to his promise,because he lacks the power and Jesus to win…

  13. osaze should confess to his wife and stay from zainab but he won’t because he’s already carried away by lust and zainab has the remote to his life.before she call or see him,he has already fallen into her trap again.osaze is even suppose to see her in the first place

  14. osas in under the influence on Nicodemus chapter 11 vs 2 “if any man is in love behold a new munmu is born” I sure will go back.but I pray for him today.

  15. Morning ALC&Fs,

    Osaze needs to be sincere to himself through counseling, prayers and strong resolve to desist from this old way. He should talk with his understanding nervous wife.
    Else he broke his word the first time, he’d break it again.


  16. Once a cheat will surely be a cheat. Osaze would nt be able to tell his wife. what he needs now is to be able to stand his ground by rejecting and resisting zainab then pray to God to fight the temptation.

  17. I don’t kw dis guy problem ooooo
    wn u v a lovly n caring family.
    u r nt used to keeping promise,but I advice u keep it dis time so dat u don’t later regret it

  18. I doubt if he will keep.to his promise seeing that this zainab have gotten into his head. If he can he should forget about her and stick to his wife

  19. Hmmmnn….. Osazie is too much into Zainab. He’s willing to keep his family happy but he is very weak both in the spirit nd in flesh. His resolve to put Zainab away is good but he can’t do it alone. He needs to confess to his wife nd let her know how hard he’s trying not to continue with Zainab, then they can both take it to the Lord in prayer. Good morning ADELOVELIES

  20. He can’t keep to his promise. He has tasted the forbidden fruit again, there is no going back. I advice him to flee now that his conscience is still pricking him.

  21. osaze is seriously sick, after u survived a terrible accident and u promised ur wife dt u wudnt cheat again, wats does zainab av dt Grace doesn’t av? Osaze confess to ur wife and put it to God in prayers because d end of ur affair wt zainab will lead to destruction. after its pregnancy that will b d result. God help u osaze.

  22. Ha dis guy can’t control himself.. he kips doing it and he always fil guilty… Dats madness.. he is lucky, how many wives out dere is like grace? Very unwise…

  23. I thought he promised his wife that he aint gonna cheat on her again after he had the accident and the so called Zainab claiming she’s married……men sha

  24. Dis zainab sef, grace is a woman like her wat goes around comes around… it’s so unfair nd demonic ow a woman wld see a man with a loving family nd still b chasing him… zainab holy ghost fireeeeeeeeeee

  25. Osaze u av fail urself not to talk of ur family. the holy spirit in u is too weak but ur flesh is active, the more u are looking at Zainab pix and still av her number no way u will still go to her. Talk to ur loving wife and pray to God before ur soul is lost to devil.

  26. Osaze keep on stabing Grace,everyday u will confess,why cannot u use your head,why cannot you control your fake emotion?pls stand your ground confess to your Lovely caring wife and fight the devil.

  27. Osaze should stop seeing her bcos he’s too weak to resist her,she’s full of deceit and she knew his weakness. Osaze would not keep to his promise bcos he’s too weak to take decision and stand on it.

  28. I will advice osaze to confess to his wife and their pastor,den he should rededicate his life to God and pray to God to help him resist zenab…its only God that can help him cause d flesh is weak…. And yes he should keeo to his promise.

  29. Abeg what’s wrong wit this man? After everything he went thru so him never learn? He had better keep to his promise this time around never to cheat again or he will loss his family for good. Zainab is noting but a destruction

  30. he didn’t keep his promise the first time, how will he keep it the second time? I pray he forgets about her and stay glued to his family

  31. He is not going to keep his promise because he is not capable of resisting Zainab. He is hopelessly in loved with the devil incarnate. I pity him.

  32. Wat is d problem with osaze? can’t he take a decision nd stay on it? he’s indeed a robot……Zainab has his remote control.

  33. D guy is a whore. Mtchew!. U beta confessed to her 4 ur foolishness to b quickly cleared in her heart cus she don knw alrdy u r back to that ur dirty act. *tongue out*.

  34. He shud talk to his wife.. She knows ow to go abt it. Since he can’t control himself. N i know that’s not the last. He’ll definitely go back again.

  35. I’ll advice Osaze to stop seeing Zainab bcos it seems she usually cast a spell on him whenever he sees her making him to lose his sense of reasoning.

  36. Its too late, osaze dint learn this time around zainab wud become pregnant and it will bring plenty trouble. Gd mrng to all and Adelove

  37. It’s not a lone battle, he needs someone to help him resist, and d perfect person is his wife, if he really want to stop then he should bring his wife in, and see how things will turn out.

  38. Osaze won’t keep to his promise to grace, and won’t confess to grace either, I think its not ordinary anymore, and grace was right when she said he have started seeing her again, I don’t think grace will forgive osaze dis time.

  39. Sorry to say but it now seems to me that Osaze’s love his lover more than his family. That’s stupid…no advice for him.
    Good morning Adelove,crew,fans and readers,it’s Val,a time to show Love not only to your loved ones but to the poor & needy around .Put smile on someone’s face. Happy Valentine’s day

  40. As I can see, he is easily turned on by anything associated with Zainab. So the best way to overcome this, is to cut ties with her. And he should stop comparing his wife with her ’cause they can never be the same, also channel his thought to his wife and two kids I guess that would help.

  41. Not again!!!! Osaze pls stop for d sake of your lovely family. My advise to him is to keep his distance cos is obvious that the chemistry or rather lust going on between them is so strong. She is just so seductive that he can’t resist. He should just stop seeing her and probably stop every communication with her. It might be his last moment with her, but I pray things doesn’t get complicated if she eventually gets pregnant for him

  42. Osaze is a weakling he won’t confess to his wife and kids.

    Make he continue when breeze go blow fowl yansh go open. Mtchew!!!

  43. I think he is toying with fire and its going to do more damage to him and his family than it has done in the past. My advice to him is to let his wife and probably his pastor know everything so they could fight this drawback together else he will be an uphill climb that he may be able to pull through alone.

  44. Osaze will not leave Zainab until she destroys him.Osaze is a weak man and he can’t control his emotions.He is also taking his wife Grace for a ride.Hmm I bet if he loses Grace again,he has lost her forever.

  45. Osaze is such a weakling…..he is so much into Zainab,I pray he fights it and forget her before it’s too late.
    Happy valentine,ALF and ALC

  46. Osaze is a big fool y did he go to meet her in the first place knowing fully they will end up having sex just wish he will have another accident and breaks the two legs lets see if zainab will even remember he exist mtcheeew

  47. Hmmmm, adelove thank you but there is no episode 12 from 11 you just bring 13 anyway, is like osaze did not love and like his life because I was thinking he will lean and true back to God after that accident but he is lust in zianabs love so whatever that may happen to him again is death like a stubborn fly’s that follows a corpse to the grave, but for his family God will make away

  48. Its cofermed that Osaza is posses and he can only be free when he looses his family. He is a stupid man and so weak to say no, he does not deserve Grace his wife, he does not deserve a faithful woman at all

  49. Easier said than done. The earlier he delete Zainab out of his life the better before he himself will be dead. He is so much in lust he will definitely go back to Zainab without confessing to his wife.

  50. OSAZE WON’T KEEP TO HIS PROMISE TO GRACE, AND WON’T CONFESS TO HER EITHER, I THINK IT IS NOT ORDINARY anymore,n grace was right when she said he have started seeing her again, I don’t think she will forgive him again

  51. He’s just selfish he should have deleted her pictures and not go back to meet her am sure she will be the death of him what i would advice is that he should stick to his family and delete her from his life

  52. Na wa o. Osas is a very foolish man blown away the tide of time. He should go to God and genuinely repent before asking his wife for forgiveness.

  53. he should block her from getting in contact with him and I know he will not keep to he promise because the girl is really in control of him

  54. No sure osaze will keep up with his promise cos he has always failed. He needs to forget and avoud anything that will bring vack the memories pf zainab if he still wants his family.

  55. no I don’t think he can keep DAT promise besides..wat if DAT Zainab is already pregnant for him,,he just want to destroy his family..I just hope his wife will b able to move on n forget his good for Notin husband.

  56. Pls i need a bottle of coke to break dat fool’s head, someone should pass me one nw! b4 i change my mind. Damn! Am disgusted! Let me go and drink a bottle of coke to calm my nerves down before i go vex smash my fone for ground.

  57. i will advise him to be confident and table this problem before God and ask for the strenght to over come the temptation. HAPPY VALENTINE ALF.

  58. I’m sorry but I’m going to use words which I shouldn’t. Osaz is very stupid, he is one sob! How could he break her trust again! I knew he wasn’t going to change until something happens that would threaten him n show him who truly should be there for him. But I just hope that it wouldn’t be too late by then!

  59. Advise?for who? Abeg,i no get any advise to waste on that fool again. Infact,Osaze,continue eee.,you hear,continue so that that foolish girl will not die.

  60. He love his wife but he can’t stop cheating on her…stupid man, i don’t think he is going to stop except he told his wife the truth

  61. The guy is a big fool, he just doesn’t have discipline. I mean how can he fall like that again, if am his wife, I wish won’t forgive him.

  62. I doubt if this will be d lady. Osaze should just stop this nonsense he’s doing with that lady called Zainab before she will lead him into the pit. He should be prayerful for God to give him the grace to resist Zainab temptation

  63. Keep to which promise? We all have seen that Osaze is a weakling, He is a natural cheat. Who is to say that after Zainab leaves he wont cheat with some other beautiful woman. ODE!!!! OLOSHI!!!!! Some pple will have Gold, they ll be looking at silver, when they get the silver, wood go de hungry dem

  64. I guess he will confess to his wife this time around….hmmm I guess Osaze was very good in bed that’s why Zainab don’t want to let go of him

  65. I think he’s being propelled by some unnatural forces otherwise what does Zainab have to offer him that Grace can’t offer? He’s strolling towards the beginning of his end.

  66. I am so sure there are unseen forces attached to his undying love for Zainab. Besides things would soon be out of control by the time he realizes he is HIV positive. Thereby leaving His wife and Children to distraught.

  67. He should confess to his wife and forget Zainab for good but i doubt he if he can. He’s obviously too weak to say no and maintain his stand.

  68. He said DAT before, going to confess to his wife and end falling deeper in love wit her(zainab)so dis time unless he is man enof to stand on his words den u knw he can overcome d thought of zainab

  69. The bible said that if any part of your body will make you not to enter the kingdom of God,cut it off. I pray Osaze does so. He is too weak for my liking.

  70. zee has enter his life again is only God can save him this time around, because i don’t think he will confess to his wife it’s not his first time to make such a promise.

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