(Episode 14) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Two days later, after Osaze had ignored Zainab. He wasn’t picking her calls or replying her Facebook or Whatsapp messages. It wasn’t easy fighting the thoughts of her but he was determined to get rid of her completely. The last message she sent was a day before;

I’m wondering why you are doing this to me. You know how much hold you’ve got on me yet you keep ignoring me. I am in Abuja but will be around in a few days time. I’ll be hoping to see you soon. I don’t mind going any length to have you.                

Osaze had wanted to delete the text but somehow he just kept it. Praise came in and told him that a client was around and demanded that she wanted him to take her pictures not any of his workers.

Praise: “sorry for bothering you,sir. A client is here and she is insisting you take her pictures,”

Osaze had just taken pain killers, he looked dismal, the nagging head ache and sore neck had returned. He sighed,

Osaze: “Okay. I am coming!” he didn’t have strength to start posing or taking shots. He felt like the world was twirling with him. Dragging his feet, he went to the studio. The young girl smiled at him- she should be in early twenties,” what do you want to use the shot for?”

Most times customers insisted on him taking them shots when they were to use the pictures for important occasions or purposes. She greeted him,

Lady: “Good afternoon,sir!”

He yawned,

Osaze: “Afternoon, dear. How are you?” she nodded, “what are you using the picture for?”

Lady: “I am entering for an online beauty competition!”

Osaze: “Oh, nice!” where

Lady: “Adelove.com.”

He smiled, remembered how he was teasing his wife to send her pictures and win ten thousand naira,

Grace: “Abeg, I am too old for these things!”

Osaze: “Don’t worry. I’ll upload your pictures without your consent!”she laughed.

Osaze collected the camera from Praise looked at the setting; did a little adjustment to the ISO and aperture and handed back to Praise. The girl didn’t look Praise.

Osaze: “Haruna, set the lights!”

Haruna: “Okay,sir!”

Osaze turned to the young lady and said to her,

Osaze: “I am not feeling too good would have loved to  take your pictures but you are in safe hands,”he pointed to Praise, who gave a shy smile.

Lady:  “Thank you,sir!” she smiled. He watched Praise pose her and take the first shot, it was good- he shook his head and as he turned to leave, he was stunned to see Zainab. She had being staring all those while. She smiled at him and something inside of him leaped.

“Oh, my God!”he whispered.

She went into the house and made herself very comfortable. Counting his steps, he entered too,

Zainab: “ I missed you!” she held his hand and kissed it. The kiss froze him only his lips quivered.

What was he to do? He wanted her gone. He would have loved to be able to tell her I need you out of my life but he couldn’t garner such courage. She rose up to him and kissed his lips- he shut the eyes and refused to kiss back.

Osaze: “ I don’t wanna do this anymore, Zee!” he moved away, she stood staring at him  standing akimbo, “you know I have an awesome family, a beautiful wife and adorable kids. I don’t wanna hurt them,”he turned his back against her as she walked closer and leaned her head on him. He felt her hands move down his rib to his waist, “I can’t do this,Zee!”

Zainab: “I am not saying you should hurt them. I just want you!”  she kissed his neck,

Osaze: “Stop please,”her hands were everywhere on his chest, “Sto..” she turned him and they faced each other. She tilted her hand ran her hands down his waist to his thigh as they were engrossed in a kiss.  She used her leg to shut the door.  The romance was scintillating.  They were partially undressed and he didn’t waste time in sliding into her- she tried controlling herself so she wouldn’t attract attention with her moaning.  He rode her quite faster than usual- that was what she demanded. She wanted that way and her response was like a dance. He was the singer and she was the dancer. The session went on for close to thirty minutes. What he was doing was wrong but he just couldn’t help it. When they were done, she adjusted her gown, panting, he buckled his belt sweating,

Zainab: “No man has ever made me this happy!” he broke into a smile. He flung himself into the chair, “anything to drink?”

Osaze: “Check the fridge!”

She opened it and brought out a bottle of Coke and water,

Zainab: “Care for?” she said with the fridge still opened,

Osaze: “Just the water,please!” he collected and gulped half of the content. He was that exhausted.


After that meeting in the studio, their meeting became very often. And every meeting was either started by sex or ended that way. That was all that mattered for Zainab,

Zainab: “I am going crazy for you!” she said to him as she placed her head on his bare chest,

Osaze: “ You are more than special to me!”

Osaze seemed to be a different person at home- he tried so that his affair with Zainab wouldn’t affect his family but it didn’t work. He hardly touched his wife and when he did it was Zainab that was on his mind. Sex with his wife became more of a punishment than consummation of love.

On a fateful day, Zainab called Osaze on the phone. She sounded urgent,

Zainab: “Hey babe, where are you?”

Osaze: “work? Sup?”

Zainab: “Can you meet me up in our spot?”

Osaze: “yes.”

Zainab: “How many minutes should I give you?”

Osaze: “Ten. Lemme quickly finish a shoot!”

Zainab: “I’ll be wating!”

The spot was their usual Dankaka hotel.  In less than ten minutes, he was with her. as they saw there was no pleasantries they lunged into the bed and had a hot session. As they relaxed, she brought out a brown envelope from a bag,

Osaze: “what is this?”he asked, she handed it to him.

Zainab: “These are your travel documents. I want you all to myself. I have come to a point of it is either I get everything or nothing!”

Osaze shocked,

Osaze: “I don’t understand!”

Zainab sat up,

Zainab: “ I have made all the necessary arrangements for you to follow me to UK. I have rented a big studio space for you. Everything you’d ever dream of!” she said.

Osaze: “what about my family?”

Zainab shrugged,

Zainab: “Well that’s for you to sort out! You have two days to make your decision! If you decide to stay then you’d have to forget about me!”

On his way home, he pondered about the discussion with Zainab; her words strung out, “These are your travel documents. I want to you all to myself. I have come to a point of it is either I get everything or nothing…. “ I have made all the necessary arrangements for you to follow me to UK. I have rented a big studio space for you. Everything you’d ever dream of… If you decide to stay then you’d have to forget about me!”

Osaze rubbed his head as he thought of all she had told him. He had just two days to leave all he had built here and try out an adventure in some foreign land,

Osaze: “I’m in deep mess!”

Zainab’s offer was juicy a big studio in the heart of Europe with all the latest gadgets. He could only achieve that only in his dreams. But on the other hand,leaving his family was crazy too. It didn’t seem like a viable option.

Questions: What do you think Osaze should do? Would he choose his family over her or choose Zainab over his family?

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  1. Nawa for this man self, is like he’s crazy abt this so called Zainab,; He should choose his family and leave that girl nah…

  2. osaze should choose is family over zainab because if he choose her over his family and go to the UK with her,she’ll be monopolising him

  3. from the look of things…he will refuse. then zanaib will look for another ways to destroy his family just to get him

  4. From the start he said family first i wonder why he is even considering the offer at all he should stick to he’s family and let her go

  5. Hmmm for sure he wuld yield to Zainab cos he’s lost now only God wuld save him.he shuld better let his wife know about it

  6. What’s actually wrong with this osaza?is zainab using charm on you that you hardly reason.. You are just risking your life and family. your family should be your everything and forget about that deciver

  7. Osaze like I said before is a weakling. He might travel with her and then she will jilt him.

    This zainab sef. I wonder why some women are so desperate for finished products

  8. Osaze case is really serious …he needs some serious spanking..I won’t be surprised if he decide 2 leave his family behind nd go for his stupid adventure

  9. I don’t even like dis osaze, d guy is crazy selling his beautiful family for a mosel of sex dat he can get thousand from his wife.. God will punish him for cheating on his wife becus of a stupid girl

  10. Men, always looking for an excuse to cheat. Hmmm wat ever he gets coming he deserves it o . cos it was obvious to him frm d begining dat zainab was a stalker and was only dr to reep wr she didnt sow

  11. Osaze… You better don’t fall for the trap….. Zainab; her words strung out, “These are your travel documents. I
    want to you all to myself. I have come to a point of it is either I get
    everything or nothing…. “ I have made all the necessary
    arrangements for you to follow me to UK. I have rented a big studio
    space for you. Everything you’d ever dream of… If you decide to
    stay then you’d have to forget about me!”

  12. How can he choose Zainab over his family. A family dat took him years to build just for frivolous adventure, he’s just making ways for his downfall.

  13. The best is to let her go finally but he is act foolishly. He will follow her and lie to his family that Alhaji’s family needed him in UK to shot for his daughter’s fashion work.

  14. Osaze is a weak man,he will follow Zainab but that will be his greatest undoing because Zainab is the devil and until she accomplishes her mission,she will never leave him

  15. hmmm…I pity Osaze. dnt even try to choose Zainab over ur family, dnt try to do what u will regret at d end,think back how u started with ur family, think abt d dream u wish to build together with them

  16. I don’t mean say this but you are very stupid to think of leaving your family to even think of it is madness better you bolt your shoes before it’s too late because if you ever leave with her you will regret it for the rest of your life

  17. I think he should sort that out himself, he landed himself there in the first place. But I dey pity the guy sha, he’ll used his own hand to destroy his own family

  18. if he go with her that will be his worst mistake because he will lose his family and also lose zaniab because she will use him as house boy

  19. so simple… he will choose Zainab over his family instead of him to choose his family over one harlot,,,he is such a big fool!!

  20. Osaze Osaze how many times i call u? I hope they are not calling ur name with a mirror in your village. Anything that comes so easily like this doesnt always last. Its not worth sacrifising your family….its from the devil and comes with a price. Osaze might leave his family cus the hold this lady has on him is too strong and hes a weakling….

  21. Osaze is crazy to even consider leaving his family. He should better stay with his family cos dt is d only pple dt always stand by U tru thick and thin.

  22. osaze don’t do the greatest mistake in life don’t leave your family because of worldly things that will leave you one day….. zainab is devil….

  23. I think the Juju man in his village have used his brain because I can’t seem to.understand this Osaze. What is wrong with him okay.he.should leave his family and follow her since his senses are not functional anymore

  24. This Osaze guy has gone real CRAZY! What kind of man is he? I know he’ll go wth that silly girl nd leave his family behind. His wife nd children will never forgive him. What’ll Grace tell the children? How’ll she explain? Men are very naughty creature.

  25. Osaze please come and receive sense… For him to even be considering zainab’s offer shows he never loved his family in the 1st place

  26. Osaze come and receive sense… For him to even be considering zainab’s offer in the first place shows he never loved his family as much as he claims.

  27. This Osaze guy needs serious deliverance for him even contemplating leaving his family after all what his wife has endured for him,its just a pity. I don’t know why some men can’t just be content with what they have.

  28. He is such a nonentity, how can he be so sure to determine his sustainability of his life in the hands of Zainab? how is he sure to survive his second death encounter to his life? i hope he doesn’t allow d lust for materializing cloud his reasoning facaulty that he wont stick to his lovely family!

  29. This osaze is a stupid man who doesn’t knw wat he wants…this story is getting me angry sef…abeg which kin mumu man be dis…all bcoz of sex he is willing to leave his family for dt trash

  30. This Osaze guy is begining to annoy me. Can’t he make a decision and stand by it? I feel like giving him a hot slap so he’d come back to his senses.

  31. Osaze should go o!!! So that he can learn, coz if he dosent he’ll not learn or know dat he already have what he’s looking 4 in Zainab(his family)… I’m waiting 4dat Zainab 2show him pepper soon

  32. The power of the third brain, i pray it doesnt get 2 late for him to realise what he is doing. He wld leave for uk with zee, am sure something terrible will happen to him

  33. He should choose his family…well judging from past bad decisions Osaze has made…..i wont be surprised if he goes with Zainab.

  34. he should rather stay with his wife because all what Zainab said might just be a lying she might say all this thing just to take him to herself,so she might just be deceiving him

  35. This Osaze is just a stupid man…. If this is actually a real story, you just need a slap to reactivate your senses…. If you like follow her, yeye man…..

  36. Osaze is in deep mess..I know that he will leave his family and choose Zainab..He has been locked in a bottle..Only Jesus and his family’s prayers that can save him…When Zainab succeeded in rendering him useless,she will then discard him like a rag..

  37. if he want to go, let him go all i kno is what gose up much surely come down, he cheat on his wife before and she 4giv him and now he is in a total mess. wen he will fault he will look 4 his family 4 helping hands and they will b far from him.

  38. What kind of a man is he? Well If His life and family is not important to him anymore then he can choose Zainab and follow her to the Land of the dead; then he will know that she is not human.

  39. Zainab! A devil in a dress… He should better forget the offer, he mustn’t choose Zainab over his family. Let him loose her for good. Another offer will surely come.

  40. Osaze is just being lustful at the moment. After his adventure, he will still choose his family over Zainab ’cause no amount of money or material things will make leave his family

  41. With the way things are going,he will choose zainab over family. If he does,after sometime he will realize that it was all good sex and nothing more. They will get tired of each other and he will regret his action.

  42. Osaze Osaze Osaze how many time I call you? Stop thinking about that zainab of a lady forget about her and everything she thinks she has to offer. Face ur work and family

  43. First, Osaze will be taught how to do drug, Secondly; Zainab will so fuck his life up over there. Grace dear, Just tell the children simple truth..that their idiotic promiscuous father has absconded with another woman. And hold yourself and pray to your God.

  44. Osaze should better chose his family over that seductress but i know he will stupidly follow him abandoning his family.
    MUGU 1

  45. pls my people help me see dis idiot cald osaze ooo, how u even consider that self. God pls intervene for my darling Grace nd my angels….Alex nd Sandra

  46. U r happy with Zainab abi? U v forgotten that sin is d sweetest thing on earth on first taste! But it only leads to a terrible downfall…

  47. Honestly this guy is so crazy, I’m even more angry now, What nonsense? Can’t you make a decision of your own? Must a stranger make it for you? What rubbish!

  48. This is total madness, why should he be contemplating on the issue. I can’t imagine Osaze having issue with the whole matter. If he ever leave his family for that stupid girl, that means he is real mad!!!

  49. Osaze Osaze Osaze why that guy choose to dance nakedly at the market square and Zainab beating drum for him. Let him tread cautiously.

  50. Morning Adelove, it has been a 3days.am that am online, but am back. What a rubbish proposer, how can you leave your happy family and go with another girl. Who told you that both of you will last.

  51. If he is sensible he should not attempt that adventure because all that glitters is not gold, his family should be his first priority, Zainab is just an unnecessary distraction.

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