(Episode 16) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

Grace smiled, still with the letter in her hands, she sat down. And shook her head,

Grace: “Osaze, are you serious? Are you really gone? Your prank I guess!” she smiled again.

She stood up and walked towards the mirror, stood in front of it and unfolded the letter as she read aloud every single thing that was on it,

MY dear wife,

                        I know it was cowardice leaving this letter but that was the only choice I have. I couldn’t bring myself to tell you the truth face to face. I just lacked the courage. To start with, Zainab isn’t Alhaji’s daughter and she isn’t just a client. I am sure you know that. I never stopped seeing her. I tried but I couldn’t. I love you and the kids very well. You all are all I have but sometimes a man has to be a man and take certain decision. as you read this letter I should be on my way to Abuja with Zainab. We are leaving for UK. I know it is heart shattering for you right now but just know that you’d always be in my heart, you and my kids. I am not going on some teenage voyage but I am following my dreams and this is the only chance I have got. I hope you understand. Please, tell the kids that someday I’ll be back. Cos of time I couldn’t write as much as I would have wished.

It’s me,


She looked into, she smiled at herself, tilted her head left and right. With a pouted lips she sized her breast, juggled them a little, they were still firm,

Grace: “What’s wrong with me then?”

She turned her back, titled her head and stared at her butt, she tapped it, it was well sized. She ran her hands through her thighs off a sudden tears began to drop,

“Osaze, tell me you are joking! Are you truly gone? Ain’t we together last night, having the greatest sex we could ever experienced?” She recalled how Osaze scooped her up in his arms, lifted against the wall, went on round after round till she was so worn out.

She flung to the paper and it flew, sustained by the early morning cold that ran into the room through one of the opened louvers. On the bed, she sat staring blankly. She took her phone and dialled Osaze’s number but the response she got was, “the number you are trying isn’t available at the moment.” She kept on trying it , it rang but he didn’t pick and it rang out. As she tried it and she got the reply of, “the number you are trying is switched off!”

Tears dropped from her eyes but she didn’t sob. She fiddled with her fingers as she looked quite restless.

“Osaze, so it’s true! So, it’s very true! You left me and your adorable kids for a stranger.”

She started sobbing. The day was beginning to break as flood of light flushed into the room in a circular direction. Staring blankly she dialled Sharon’s number,

Sharon: “Good morning,dearie!”

Grace: “Osaze has left!”

Sharon: “what?”

Grace: “Osaze and the Zainab girl!”she talked like  a toddler who was still finding its way around words.

Sharon sat up,

Sharon: “what are you talking about?”

Grace sniffed,

Grace: “ Osaze, he left,left me and the kids  a letter!”

Sharon: “You can’t be serious!”

Grace: “There is no life without Osaze!”as Grace spoke she just stared into empty space. She wasn’t listening to Sharon. It was a a case of passing information not conversing,

Sharon: “Hello! Hello!”Grace didn’t respond the phone was on the bed and it spoke on speaker, “Hello!!! Helloooo! Hellooo!!! Speak up dear. I am coming right away!!” the call ended.

Grace stopped crying abruptly, screamed very loud. Alex and Sandra could hear their mother’s scream. Grace ran and bolted the door as she heard her kids running towards her room. She was crying very loud.

Alex and Sandra kept knocking on the door,

Alex: “Mum!”

Sandra: “Mummy!!”

They heard her cry.

Sandra: “is she crying?”

Alex: “Wait,let me listen!”he placed his ear on the door and after listening, he looked at his sister and shook his head, “she is crying!” Sandra gave her brother a befuddled look.

Sandra: “what of daddy?”

Alex shrugged,

Alex: “how am I supposed to know?”

Sandra: “Hmmm!”

Unplanned, they knocked at the same time,

Sandra: “Mummy why are you crying?”

Alex: “Open up the door,mum!”

Sandra: “Please!!”

Alex: “Open up!!” Grace kept crying and in not time, Sandra joined her, Alex gave his sister a weird look and continued banging on the door. He was in pains but didn’t stop.


Grace walked to the side of a wardrobe and took a little container, it had a bluish substance glued on its body. It must have its contents spilling. On it was written Sniper, written in blue and had yellow stripes,

Grace: “I can’t live without you, Osas!”

She sat in front of her mirror and dropped the Sniper in front of her.

Sandra was on the ground crying. When a knock was heard coming from the door of the sitting room. Alex paused knocking, Sandra stopped crying. They looked at each other,

Alex: “Maybe, daddy went out and his back!”

The knock came again impatiently. They both ran to the sitting room and Alex, opened the door. It was Sharon, they couldn’t hide their disappointment,

Sharon: “where’s your mother?”she asked impatiently.

They looked at the same direction, towards their parents’ room. Grace could hear triple knocks on the door and the next thing she heard was Sharon’s voice,

“Sis, open the door. Open up,please! Don’t do anything stupid!” she sounded agitated and it was clear to the kids that something wasn’t right.

Grace uncovered the bottle and gibberish before raising it to the mouth. She said:

Grace: I’m sorry Kids! I can’t live without Osaze…

Questions: Would Grace commit suicide? Do you think Osaze would make a decision and return to his family?

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  1. Yippee,am the first to comment,Grace if u commit suicide because of Osaze then u must be a fool,take back d pieces of your and make best use of the situation.

  2. No grace will not commit sucide, as for Osaze will come back but it won’t be now, zainab will hurt him before he come back and ask for forgiveness.

  3. Evening ALC&Fs,

    The situation is heart rending but with Sharon’s help Grace will pull through it.
    It’ll only some time before Osaze realises that the only place he’d truly be is in the company of his estranged family.

    Night All and thanks for the Credit again ALC. Was indeed a day of showers of love.


  4. Whata stupid thing to do, Grace will be hospitalized and will be fine again,while osazee will regret ever going with zainab,cos truly all that glitter ain’t gold

  5. Grace would not commit suicide for the sake of their children. OSI is really insane by the time his new found love dump him then he will regain his sanity and it might be too late for him. Well done adelove

  6. Grace shouldn’t even think of taking her life, her husband is not worth dat. She shouldn’t abandon her kids just like Osaze.

  7. I’m almost crying. It is so heartbreaking. she should not drink it, I don’t want to think about her drinking it, NO she will not drink it. Osaze can’t come back now until he is dump that’s when his eyes would open.
    Next episode please

  8. hmmm…this is serious case but I dnt think Grace will drank d sniper even if she drink it she will b rushed to hospital for treatment in other to flush it out, as for Osaze, Zainab won’t allow him to change his decision that easily but I pray he did so bfor is too late

  9. Grace will not commit suicide for the sake of her kids and for osaze he will surely come back but maybe not now I know that zainab will later hurt him and he will come back and ask for forgiveness.

  10. i think Grace is abt to lose it all, she has forgotten that she has to be strong for her children so they can cope with the life challenges. she suddenly refused to think aright, she wants to take a wrong decision, such that her husband had always been taken. i hope she realized on time that she has her children to nurse, as they look up to her ….

  11. She shouldn’t commit suicide. Osazie doesn’t worst it. He will surely come back someday begging but I hope it won’t be too late then. Probably Grace might have remarried. Who knows??? Eku Ise

  12. Grace take heart,live for your children,she won’t commit suicide,but she will be broken,osaze will come back but not now

  13. i think Grace is abt to lose it all, she has forgotten that she has to be strong for her children so they can cope with the life challenges. she suddenly refused to think aright, she wants to take a wrong decision, such that her husband had always been taken. i hope she realized on time that she has her children to nurse, as they look up to her …. she should at least consider her sister’s sake

  14. Hmmmm wow thats a huge one! Grace might drink the sniper if the door is not forced open by Sharon. I feel Osaze will change is mind and return home soon very soon.

  15. i think Grace is abt to lose it all, she has forgotten that she has to be strong for her children so they can cope with the life challenges. she suddenly refused to think aright, she wants to take a wrong decision, such that her husband had always been taken. i hope she realized on time that she has her children to nurse, as they look up to her …. she should at least consider her sister’s sake

  16. It will be selfish of her to commit suicide who will take care of her children their father is gone, I think she will consider that and won’t commit suicide and as for osaze he will get to the Europe before he realise what he has done and grace won’t forgive him dis time.

  17. She’ll attempt suicide but she won’t succeed cos I think the poison won’t be given enough time to work before she’s rushed to the hospital.

  18. Ah,this is really serious,what a heartbreak,men,it’s well,this is no more fiction but rather a true life tale,love can sometimes be painful and disappointing,good job adelove.

  19. Even if Osaze changes his mind and return, too late cos the harm has already been done, surprisingly, things like this still happens today in different ways.

  20. She might drink the content but she won’t die and as for Osaze he will definitely come back but that is when things might v become worse

  21. The useless man I have ever seen, but that shouldn’t warrant grace to commit suicide, she’ll drink the content but will be rushed to the hospital, Osaze will travel with Zaniab but he’ll regret doing so..

  22. Grace will attempt suicide but it will fail because of timely intervention.

    I can’t believe someone would contemplate suicide because of a partner that left. It is never the end of the road. The best thing in this situation is to remain strong and keep winning such that your achievements will put him/her to shame.

    Ozase doesn’t know it yet but Zainab has found in him a drug mule. And he might lose his head. Let him pray it doesn’t become late for him before he realised what was happening.

  23. Commiting suside will be the worst thing grace will do, because that act alone will take her to hell because no one own’s his or her life, we are just care taker and more over who will take care of her children, as for osaze he will reap what he sow

  24. Hmmmmmm okunrin sha, abeg grace dont die o cos of ur children. She will drink but survive it osaze will return bt alot of things wud v being spoilt. Wat foolish and selfish man he is bt its not new sha, cheating men are always like that. Iya e wa lori aja

  25. Grace will make a suicidal attempt bt she will nt die…and Osaze will make a decision to return bck to his family
    ….meanwhile Osaze is a foolish fool 4 causing Grace pains

  26. Even if takes d substance, she wont die, for osaze i blive he wont hv a change of mind. Its not done on him yet, until something terrible happens to him….. The wife shld just put her self together and b strong for the kids

  27. I don’t think she will commit d suicide but let’s tink of it,so bcus of osas nw,u can choose to abandoned ur children to die? That’s a very stupid tin to do*family palava* dnt like ow dis story is going joor. Too much stupidity n foolishness of the pple acting it*tongue out*

  28. The biggest mistake grace would make is killing herself…if not for anything but the sake of her two beautiful kids she shouldn’t dare ….if osaze likes let him return home

  29. Grace trying tokill herself is not the best option and she claim she love her kids.
    I know it will b too late to mend for osi

  30. She wont commit suicide cuz of her kids, even if she drinks d substance she wont die cuz an intervention will come. As for dat fool, he will get to uk nd meet wat he didnt plan for, am suspecting Zainab is a drug addict, he will be dissapointed and ruined, dats if he doesnt lose his life to her gangsta fellow in d uk.

  31. Committing suicide means you have nothing to live for…buh she’s got her kids to live for, so don’t think she’ll die even if she take the sniper

  32. so funny!!!wanna kill urself bcus of a man DAT find u n d kids u gave him unworthy to his selfish dreams,,,like seriously??
    OK..grace won’t dei both she will pass through hell b4 recovering n moving on. but ozas will surly meet his own suffering soon for d Zainab girl will turn out to b wat he didn’t imagine n he will live everyday of his life in sorrow till d day he go back home n find out his wife n kids av move on. nice1 Adelove am enjoying Dis..

  33. Am sure she will attempt dat but it wouldn’t work God will keep her for d sake of d children and for Osaze am sure something will go wrong and he will have a change of mind. But hope it’s not late sha

  34. She’ll attempt suicide but thank God Sharon is there at the Nick of time to rescue her. Poor kids… your mum will be fine and your dad will soon come back to his senses. Hopefully, it won’t be too late then.

  35. Grace won’t commit suicide because of her kids, dts her life. Osaze u really surprise me, after spending a nice time with ur family, u absconded with a total stranger all because of studio in d UK. Nawaoh oooo Men sha! well I hope Osaze cums back to his senses by returning to his family. zainab isn’t worth it, d only tin Dere wt zainab is just sex. Grace brace ursef up for ur kids. no man is worth dying for.

  36. Awwwwww so sad,Grace plz don’t do anything stupid…..Osaze will be back to his family but I hope it won’t be too late.

  37. Grace will drink the sniper bcos she’s no more her self but she will not die bcos Sharon will rush her to the hospital. Osaze would not make a decision and return to his family bcos he’s been deceived by zainab

  38. Grace will not drink the poison something will distract her, as for Osaze, he will learn the hard way,and will come back a broken man. I am even suspecting that Zainab will use him for drug trafficking.

  39. Grace will attempt suicide, but she will succeed as she will be saved before time. As for Osaze she will foolishly return,but not just yet.

  40. Commiting suicide will be the worst thing grace will do, because that act alone will take her to hell, no one own’s his or her life, we are just care taker and more over who will take care of her children, as for osaze he will reap what he sow

  41. Grace will attempt suicide but she will not die, she will be rescued by her sister Sharon. I don’t think that Osaze will come back for now but later he will and by then, it will be too late.
    He ran away with a total stranger he did not know anything about her because of sex. By the time both of the are tired of each other, their eyes will clear.

  42. This is Delilah at work. Caused havok to an innocent man and his family. Karma I believe is no respecta of anybody, Osaze you turn is coming with your mistress

  43. I’m beginning to get angry. It’s not to good for a woman to attach all her life to a man. I believe in love but love shouldn’t be selfish, now Grace is been selfish trying to commit suicide meaning she careless about her kids. In fact I think if Osas should come back, she should never create a space for him in her life again cos once bitten twice shy but this is a case of twice bitten, many times shy. And to answer your question, she won’t do that.

  44. She would try to but she would come out of it stronger than usual…
    Osaz would have a lot of work cut out for him by d time he realises him-stupid-self
    God, I’m so angry!

  45. Even the Grace look like she’s a fool too.
    You two don’t care about those kids at all and claim you love them. Imagine dying bcos of ur stupid husband but can’t live for ur adorable kids. nonsense

  46. Grace shouldn’t commit suicide because of her lovely kids,rather she should pull her kids close and find comfort with them.Its useless dieing for a man likeo Osaze,if he is truly gone with Zainab,his end is near

  47. She will change her mind for the sake of her children and not take the drugs. If ever Osaze comes back, she should give him tough time and behave as if she is in a relationship with someone, to prove that he no longer means anything to her. She should make him feel very jealous for abandoning her and the children.

  48. Hmmm, this story is so touching, am crying already. i believe she will not commit suicide, as for Osaze the devil is tangling with his destiny. grace need prayer and only God intervention that would make Osaze to think of coming back, because he is already in.

  49. Grace will drink of it but she will survive it. As for Osaze he will still travel but zainab will soon gets tired of him and that’s when it will be done on him that he left his family

  50. So touching ,l know exactly how u feel but swry no MAN is worth taking your life for no matter how tough it is right now just try and be strong for ur adorable kids.let dem be ur consolation

  51. Why will Grace commit suicide wen she can pray to God to change her husband mind. Osaze may change his mind & come back to his family

  52. Why will Grace commit suicide wen she can pray to God to change her husband mind. Osaze may change his mind & come back to his family.

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