(Episode 18) Little Voice that feeds us with Thoughts

She noticed it was taking too long and decided to go look for him. She ransacked the whole of the airport all in the bid to locate him. She was already giving up when she saw him emerge from the restroom at the arrival area with drooping shoulders. She ran to him and embraced him.

Zainab: “What took you so long baby? What are you doing with such drooping shoulders and distraught look on your face?”

Osaze did not reply at first, she had to jiggle him by the shoulders out of his reverie.

Zainab: “I asked you what the problem is. Let’s go back to the departure lounge, we might miss our flight, it has been 30 minutes since you were gone already. She held his hands firmly as they found their ways back to their earlier seat at the departure area. “So tell me what happened and do it fast, I am actually losing my patience”

Osaze: “It’s Grace”

Zainab: “What about Grace? See talk jare abi what kind of wahala is this?” she said in Hausa language.

Osaze: “She attempted to commit suicide apparently cos I left” he said with a wave of nausea threatening to choke the life out of him.

Zainab: “So that’s why you are like this? Shivering like a baby just because your wife attempted to die? Is she dead?”

Osaze; “Why are you talking like this Zee? She is the mother of my children and I just endangered her life. Isn’t that something to at least be sorry about?”

Zainab: “Yes if she had died. But she is not dead so why are you sorry? Are you having a rethink about this whole thing at the last minute? Do you want to see me go crazy here? Do you really love me or all you care about is my body and what I’ve got to offer you? Did you decide to come for me or for the mouthwatering offer?”

Osaze: “It’s not like that Zee, I decided to come with you cos of how much I love you not for anything else. You know I am saying the truth right?”

Zainab: “Well isn’t it obvious your heart still belongs to your wife?”

Osaze: “All I know is I love you and that is all that matters. Besides…” He was interrupted by the voice on the PA system announcing their flight was ready for takeoff. The people who sat with them started getting up in 2s and 3s.

Zainab: “Well that is our flight and your last chance, I will never ask you again so it’s either you take my hand now and come with me or go back to your miserly studio and family. There’s no time for word bartering anymore” she said standing up and extending her left hand to him. He took it and stood up, they hugged and kissed for some seconds then left for the runway.

Zainab’s apartment was at number 115 Weymouth Street, London. Osaze was so fascinated with the beautiful streets, fanciful buildings in London. He was more fascinated by the beautiful white girls he saw on the streets walking care freely around with headphones wrung over their heads on bomb short and sneakers. They were just his type.

Her apartment was like heaven, a kind of heaven where he had a woman to himself and sex on a platter of gold. He felt he’d rather be there than the real heaven itself and so he totally forgot all about his family. He and his bae went sightseeing almost every day, living frivolous and extravagant life. They drove from London to Edinburgh, sometimes to Manchester or Glasgow and back to London. He was so wrapped up in this frivolity that he forgot the reason he was there.

They were on the highway going to Glasgow one morning…

Zainab: “Pull over” she announced suddenly.

Osaze: “Why? Do you want to pee?” he said looking over his shoulder to search her face for response and at the same time trying to concentrate on the road.

Zainab: “Just pull over, I have a surprise package for you right here” she said pulling her Victoria’s secret mini skirt up further above her legs to reveal a fancy pink pant of the same brand. Osaze Swallowed hard and almost rammed into the car in front of him because the traffic light had turned red. “Park over there as soon as we start moving again okay?” she said unbuttoning the top of her blouse to reveal her bouncy and glistening mounds.

Osaze: “Oh girl! You are driving me crazy?” he said swallowing hard and adjusting on his seat cos of the bulge inside his pants which was threatening to rip his boxers into shreds. She reached out and unzipped his fly bringing out the object of his discomfort. She put the cap in her mouth and started sucking lightly on it. The traffic light turned green.

Osaze: “Wait baby! Let me park at the spot there” he said pointing at a side of the road, she lifted her head up slowly as impatient drivers horned and cursed at them furiously for not moving fast enough.

As soon as he had maneuvered the car into a spot, she bent down and resumed her earlier task on his hot zone. She licked and sucked till she felt the tension building as he moaned harder.

Zainab: “Do you like that?” she teased him.

Osaze: “Oh yes! I love it and love you more” he rasped.

They went to the back of the car, he did not bother to undress her as her skirt was short and flare, he pulled it up, shoved her G-string pant to one side and rammed into her in doggy style. Her Vulva closed tightly around him sending him into paradise, they both moaned. He bent down to fondle with her boobs while still banging her from the back.

Zainab: “Faster…Faster!” he increased his pace till he felt himself reaching a crescendo and crashing down in sparkles brighter that the stars. They came at the same time and collapsed into each other’s arms.

Osaze: “That was awesome baby! I never knew car sex could be this gratifying. Wow!”

Zainab: “That’s right. More so when you do it with a crazy lass like me. Okay lets proceed honey” she said using her fingers to brush off the rough edges on her skirt.

Osaze: “Yeah sure!”

They both went back to the front seat.

Going back home brought such memories of her husband Grace could not just let go. She would wear his shirts around the house. Stay at spots they both loved sharing in the house and talking to herself pretending to talk to him. She just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that he was gone and with another woman. Tears was her constant companion, she started ignoring even her children. Sharon was the one taking care of them, driving them to school and preparing their meals. She did everything in her power to bring Grace back to reality but it all proved abortive. As he came back from picking the children up from school that they, they met her weeping her eyes out with Osaze’s pictures littered all over the floor.

Sharon: “What are you doing with those pictures again? How did you even know where I kept them?” she ran to collect the pictures from her.

Grace: “Can’t you see Sharon? I am losing my mind here, everything in this house reminds me of him”

Sharon: “Yeah I know, I know it will never be easy but take a look at your children and take pity on them. They need you, they need you to get a hold of yourself! Will doing this make him come back home? He is enjoying his life over there while you are here wallowing in self-pity. It’s a shame babez”

Alex went close to his mum and held her two hands in his.

Alex: “Mum can you imagine how cold your normally warm hands are? These cold hands is affecting us too, since we no longer enjoy your warmth. Dad left, and now we don’t even have you too. Is there any difference between you and dad who left?”

Grace: “Oh son!”

Alex: “Look at Sandra, she cried all the way home saying she no longer wants to stay in this house.  We now live with heavy hearts mum and I’m sure all these is happening because we haven’t been praying like we used to. Let’s pray mum, Sandra come here! Who knows? God might eventually bring dad back to us” he said extending his left hand to his sister who took it. He led the prayer as his mum kept weeping silently. She could not believe how much she had made her children suffer.

Zainab had asked Osaze to meet the agent who was in charge of his studio. As he arrived home, in the sitting room he saw Zainab’s cloth littered on the ground with that of a man, he walked on wobbly feet to the bedroom and saw her on top of a white guy moaning and grinding away with her head thrown back.

Osaze: “Zainab…”he yelled. She looked back and climbed off the guy slowly.

Zainab: “Thanks Mike, you can go now I will give you a call later” she said winking at the obviously satisfied Mike who jeered at Osaze as he passed him by.

Osaze: “What are you doing? Are you cheating on me like that you bitch?”

Zainab: “You call me bitch?” she walked over to him and gave him a resounding slap on the left cheek.

Osaze held his cheek bemused, he could not believe what had just happened, a woman laid her hands on him? His mind went straight to his benign wife, Grace…

Question: “What can you say about this latest development? Will Osaze still stay with Zainab or this make him go back to Nigeria?

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  1. this is just the beginning of osaze’s suffering. I know zainab will monopolise him and if he tries anything funny,she may send him to jail.Osaze should better start looking for a way to come to his family

  2. Na now day break u,ehnn Osaze,don’t worry this is just the beginning,just wait by the time Zainab is through with u,u will understand the difference between I was there and I shall be there.Grace take the bull by the horns for the sake of your kids,you are stronger than you think.

  3. Osaze just started his share of suffering… He is so full of shit!!!! Zainab will never allow him come back to Nigeria till he had paid with his last drop of blood….

  4. this is just the beginning of osaze’s suffering. i know zainab will monopolise him and if he tries anything funny, she will send him to jail.he should better start looking for a way to come back to his family

  5. osaze Na big ode! Wateva rubbish he sees dere, dts his cross. Shebi it’s sex wt zainab Dts making him crazy, he hasn’t seen anything yet. wat his wife can’t do to him, anoda lady did to him. ds just d beginning, he won’t return to Nigeria.

  6. osaze has turn to another thing entirely Zainab has never done anything to him she will deal with him beyond his own expectation ,osaze will stay on hoping to get his studio and make some money before going back to in Nigeria because he can’t go back to nigeria empty handed but Zainab will disappoint him totally.

  7. Hmmm he better start getting use to the slap Cos zainab won’t just let him go back like that. He will return home Cos God will touch his heart through the children prayers.

  8. He will stay with her,its not yet time for him to go back to his family,he needs to suffer more before learning the lessons,good work adelove

  9. I really don’t care. I wish Zee send him to jail. He should suffer so that he’ll learn to appreciate what God has given him.

  10. Gud 4 osaze…….i luv dat, Zainab can even chop off his head 4 all i care. Grace..d lord is ur strength, be strong 4 ur children plz.

  11. I knew she was a bitch and shits like this will happen. Zainab will look for a way to convince him of her behavior and he will fall for the excuse and still stay with her. Then shits is gonna start getting real.

  12. Go back and do what now, he should stay o and suffer very well, he is now facing reality, he didn’t know he is Zainab sex toy, no more no less, that alex is a very good boy, he has become the man of the house, that is why parents should endeavour to raise their kids properly because nobody know when disaster like zainab will happen

  13. Osaze has seen nothing yet..He will later be turned to a maid,because Zainab is getting tired of him already..He will still wash her pants..Zainab is a call girl, sex machine and agent of destruction..Osaze will wish,try, pray to go back to her family but it will not be easy,because he has no means of travelling back..He will smell suffering..Frustration and shame will force him to run to God by force..

  14. Osaze is a very stupid guy serves him right he want to rip where he didn’t sow what he can’t accept from his wife is getting it from his girlfriend he will still stay thinking she will change but what he will get later will be worse than what he got now

  15. Osaze! sit and watch d film is just started just one slap u remember who Grace is. U av not start washing cloth, dish and faning Zainab doing it, dont just let me laugh now is still u dat is laughing when Grace do, u will no dat Grace life did not end with u. Zainab he still need gud beaten before he come to realise wat he loss stupid man.

  16. He has not seen anything yet. Dis is just a tip of d iceberg. I pray Zainab deals with him seriously. Weakling of a man. Also I don’t think he will go back just yet. Next pls.

  17. Now, this is the reality of what he has gotten himself into. He would want to return to his wife but he can’t because she has his passport, she feeds him, cloth him, house him, she is Infact in control of his life at the moment being a total stranger in London is in no way an advantage to him. She’s in fact holding him by his balls and she won’t let go until he plays to her tune for he who pays the piper dictates the tune. This is the beginning of his misery and he won’t get out of it until he has had enough. Prayers! His wife and children’s prayers will bring him back. Meanwhile Osaze enjoy your misery!

  18. Did he keep any family that he wants to return to,Osaze lost his family the day he left them for Zainab.This is just the beginning of his woes,Zainab needs a man she will control,she got him in Osaze.I pray by the time he will come to his senses,Grace must have moved on.She needs a man who deserves her and someone who will love her children as if they are his.

  19. He will stay,and he will suffer so much,because he is at the mercy of zainab now. He has tasted life and glamour going back will be difficult. Zainab may be a prostitute or a drug pusher. What a shadow chaser we men can be!

  20. This is exactly what I have been waiting for, I know this will definitely happen. This will bring osaze back to reality. He will suddenly remember that he has a faithful wife and adorable children. I don’t think he can endure this in the hands of zainab. He will soon reunite with his family once again.

  21. That is his business God saved him that I wasn’t there to give him my own resounding slaps.Folish man and a prostitute.Grace the lord is your strenghth take care of your sweet kids.

  22. I hope grace moves on and get her strength from her kids and God almighty…I hope she forgives him but never take him back so he would live the rest of his life in abjact regrets. ..next time he would value the true love of a woman that gave it all. ..

  23. I really don’t care what he does again oh.he is very heartless.stupid guy.grace hold urself tight joor cos he he no worth am.

  24. I think this latest development is a very good one, he never appreciate what he has until he lose it . Osaze will still stay with zainab bcos he hasn’t learn his lesson, he should stay with her and see the different of a good woman and a slut he fell in love with.

  25. she will use her persuasive to confuse him and he will forgive her. remember he is a pencil in his hand. am loving this turn of event.

  26. I think this latest development is very good, u never appreciate what u have until u lose it dats d case of osaze and grace . Osaze will still stay with zainab bcos he hasn’t learn his lesson, he should stay with her all because of wealth and sex and see the different of a good woman and a slut he fell in love with.

  27. That useless and stupid Godforsaken man, hmmmm….. He will continue being stupid until his life is close to danger……

    If not for Grace, the kids and just for God who forgives our sins I would v wished that he dies

  28. This is just the starting point, Osaze has not seen anything, Zainab will throw him out, she’ll do things to him that he can never imagine, he should thank his stars if Zainab didn’t lead him to prison. I just hope he’ll not come back to Grace with AIDS infection becos of the way she’s going on. I pray Grace snap out of these soon so she can take care of her children. Prayers can move mountain, it’ll also help her.

  29. That foolish and Godforsaken man, hmmmm, he will continue being stupid until his life is close to danger….. If not for Grace, the kids and just for God who forgives our sins I would v wished that he dies….. Nonsense

  30. I knew he would still go with her despite wat d doctor told him.
    Zanaib never start to dey slap am. This is just d beginning.
    He would not be able to go home cos Zanaib owns everything n am sure he is penny less
    Grace better move on oh cos Osaze is useless

  31. ohhh…I just keep on living dis story,Zainab beat d hell out of him n make him a shadow of himself…but sure DAT won’t make him go back home cus she will surly find an excuse for her action n curse d devil for it at d same time saying DAT d last time it gonna happen.

  32. z now osaz will kno d real zab, true identity hs a prostitute. z now he will kno dat d devil u kno z far better dan d angel u di not kno. wat goes around much surely comes around. let him enjoy z new wife n his new studio. have he not c d hand writting on d world a woman hu z 2 b ur wife ask u 2 hv sex wit her on the road. i tink dis z wat mak him left his family for abi, d lost of d flesh, so enjoy pls

  33. This is just “a tip of an iceberg ” to what Osaze will see & suffer. She may even seize his papers so he couldn’t go back. Osaze ! Ntöö ,mméé.

  34. who cares wat happen to him,He has just started,more beating n suffering is on d way for him,n Dre is no way he wil rise his hand against her since Dre in a white man’s land.
    I kw his wife n kids wil smile again w God on Dre side

  35. Good for you osaza,this is just the begining, you will see hell and before you realise it,it will be too late for you. just imagine the way you left your lovely family bcos of a so-called bitch zainab

  36. This is just the beginning…. he will stay because there is still a lot of punishment from Zainab to him. This one is just the starting point. Osaze is so foolish and I know he won’t come to his senses if he does not see the BAD-SIDE OF ZIANAB. Thumbs-up ADELOVE AND CREW JUST CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE.

  37. Zainab is a prostitude there is nothing Osaze can do about it. This is the beginning of his long pains, he can’t even leave her now

  38. Osaze is very crazy leaving your family in Nigeria chasing shadows in Uk,what do you expect if you dare touch you are a goner,As for Grace you better brace up and face the reality of been there for Sandra and Alex coz they are now your happiness.Thumbup for Adelove.

  39. More ill treatment is still cumin to him,weldone zee. U r d man,teach him a great lesson he won’t forget in his other life to cum. I despise him*mtchew* well,that will make him tink of home and wanna cum back to nigeria bt it won’t b easy 4 him as zee won’t make him wanna go jus like that.

  40. Return ke,to where?He will suffered because his passport must be with Zainab .she will not release it until she is satisfied after using him….

  41. This is just the beginning of his misery like i said earlier in one of the episodes he will come back to his senses but it will be late by then;
    He will definitely come back but not now

  42. He won’t go back just yet.. Zainab knows just how to play with his head… Osaze has not seen anything. He’s just starting…

  43. Every that is sweet is always bitter, and what have a beginning also have an end. It is now he will know the differences between wife material and prostitutes but I pray that before he will think of coming back to his family, God should made him to receive enough torturers from zainab so that when he come back to his wife he will show her respect and love

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  45. That is just the beginning for him. He will surely stay because Zainab have her ways of making his heart melt like ice. He won’t go back to his family in Nigeria yet until he becomes miserly

  46. Sebi he left his family for a total stranger, no problem naa he should stay with zainab and enjoy the stupid sex his wife was not given him enough, what a man sow he reap, he cheated on his wife and his also recieving same

  47. Osaze wld see hell now, he doesn’t hv money with him there, he wld now b answerable to whatever zainab wants like a boy -boy……
    ………… Its just the begining for him, sebi he is not contented.

  48. Osaze gud 4 u, u had a loving wife u threw her away.i guess u knw ow it feels to b cheated on… wicked man… he will surely reap wat he sow…

  49. osaze is just a sex freak like Zainab it’s obvious dats d reason he likes her he is so heartless even after d doctor told him his wife almost died he can go to he’ll in fact Zainab should teach him d lesson of his life

  50. Osaze can go back to Nigeria or to hell. I said it, that he was playing with fire and that he’s going to get burnt. Zainab is just starting with him. She is not Grace.

  51. This is just the beginning of his suffering, but that won’t make him go back to his wife, in will stay cause zainab will maneuver her way in his heart again.

  52. Osaze is just going through normal things that happens to people who are insincere, Osaze will realise that he has left gold for dust.
    He’ll want to get back to grace

  53. that is just d beginning, even if that there is no way for him to go to Nigeria coz am sure Zainab would have take care of everything.

  54. Hehehehehehehe………Zainab: “You call me bitch?” she walked over to him and gave him a resounding slap on the left cheek…… This is wat ve been waiting for. Your hell is just begining to burn.

  55. Osaze will want to go back to Nigeria but it wont be easy for him, he cant eat his cake and have it, hope Grace will wake up from dreaming.

  56. That is what really deserves for a betrayer…. He didn’t see anything yet…. And going back to Nigeria will be difficult for him now for am perfectly sure his traveling docs are with her. Also where would he even gets the money for flight? Hmmmmm….

  57. Osaze you haven’t seen anything yet.He should better go back home now that its not too late that his family can freely accept him.I said it before that Zainab will soon get tired of him

  58. Evening ALC&Fs.

    I’d missed this space … no network in the loction I went…

    Well like I reacted earlier, Osaze will need some more pain to finally wake up and long for the pearls he has tossed aside – his family.
    He will still hang in there ……
    Lets go see the next episode.


  59. What do I have to say about this latest development? Hmmn…e ti ri nkan kan! Mtcheew, this is just a tip of d iceberg…don’t worry

  60. Wow, that is serve you right when you left your peaceful family and run after shadow that is what you will face. God is at work now.

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