Checkout Mind-blowing photos of this US-based Nigerian Booty Queen

Checkout Mind-blowing photos of this US-based Nigerian Booty Queen

This Nigerian lady based in the United States of America is simply recognized as Ms Damn. She is very influential on Instagram where she boasts of over a million followers, even bigger than some celebrities down here.

She specializes in twerking and known for doing the ‘#walktwerkclapaway’ as seen on her Instagram bio. She is very proud of her Nigeria heritage and she refers to herself as the ‘Naija Princess’ which she includes on over 70% of the contents on her page.

She is also known to be very friendly with Nigerian guys on social media. She has a page on Connect Pal where each member pays about $12 dollars per month just to watch her dance seductively and display her boobs and bum.

According to reports, her page has thousands of subscribers making her a very rich young girl who merely sits back at home to smile to the bank without a regular job.

The curvy young lady who has a passion for stripping is also into event promotions as she is invited to nightclubs and other social gatherings to serve as a centre of attraction with handsome rewards.

Much personal details about her real names, education and family background remain fuzzy.



  1. Well great booty for now but ask some questions. Can she hold on to this in another 20years? That would be great if she could cos the eye popping flab you notice could be mere fatty deposits that require urgent health management.

    Again the twerking and stuff, are those really godly values and perhaps Christian dispositions. Lets celebrate the right things. The broad way to hell is an Express Lane!

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