(Episode 4) Echoes Of The Ugly Past


Jasmine locked her car, and walked into the lobby of the hotel, her heart was heavy, and her musings had led her back to Four Points where Bali was holed up. She toiled with the idea of cancelling the wedding, but a part of her was telling her to ignore Bali and go ahead with the wedding. So, she came to the conclusion that she would come see Bali, and make him an offer, she also refused receiving Haliru’s calls because, the story she would tell him would be dependent on Bali’s reply. She entered the elevator and proceeded to the third floor, and then went to room 1001, but when she knocked, the door opened, and a woman stood before Jasmine.

Jasmine: “Sorry, I thought this was Bali’s room”

Woman: “Who is Bali?”

Jasmine: “Never mind, sorry for disturbing you” she replied and hurried away. She called Bali on phone; she had refrained from calling him before because she didn’t want to give him room to reject her offer. But now, she had no choice.

Bali: “Jas, are you calling me to tell me you have cancelled the wedding? Don’t lie to me, because it is not on the news”

Jasmine: “I am in your hotel, but someone else is in your room”

Bali: “Oh yes, I changed room, I didn’t trust you not to try and send assassins”

Jasmine: “I would never do that, I loved you once. I need to see you, I miss you” she said

Bali: “Oh yes, come to the fourth floor, room 2003” he replied and hung up.

When Jasmine got to the door, she knocked lightly and the door opened, Bali was standing before her naked.

Jasmine: “What if it was someone else?” she asked

Bali: “I wasn’t expecting anyone but you” he said and pulled her into the room, and into his arms. He began to kiss her and fondle her breast. As much as Jasmine loved Haliru, or she thought she did, until Bali reappeared in her life, she still could not resist Bali. She kissed him back; she told herself she could as well get comfortable sleeping with Bali, as that was her offer to him, and the only way to keep her relationship with Haliru, till she sorted Bali out. While they kissed, she trailed her hand down his solid chest to the bulge that was pressing up on her. Bali was so big down there, and he was the only man she ever enjoyed sex with, Haliru didn’t even come close.

Bali: “You really miss me” he said as he pushed her to the bed, and began to undress her. His eyes widened with lust as she lay naked on the bed, her full breast perking up to the ceiling, and her creamy skin inviting his touch. Her mouth was shaped in an ‘O’ like she was moaning, he looked down and saw that her fingers were buried in her pleasure pot.

Jasmine: “What are you standing there looking at? Come and have me, isn’t it what you wanted?” she teased. Bali came to her and replaced her fingers with his, while his other hand tickled her hardened nipples.

Bali: “I want you today and forever, all of you, not just this” he said as he moved up and took her nipple in his mouth. Jasmine gasped and dug her fingers in his hair.

Jasmine: “Take me now” she said and Bali mounted her. She opened her legs invitingly, and he thrust into her with all the pent up desire in him.

After Bali pounded her for a while, he was tired and collapsed on her, but she was not done, she pushed him off and stood up.

Jasmine: “It is my turn now. Let me ride you” she said coming towards him

Bali: “Your turn, who taught you that nonsense? It must be that awusa guy, I am the man, I do the mounting, not you” he said and made to grab her, but Jasmine moved out of his reach, she grabbed the duvet to cover herself, her mood had gone sour.

Jasmine: “This is not the Jasmine you knew. I came to tell you that, I want to go ahead with the wedding, but then I will keep your bed warm. That is what you want right, keep having sex with me?”

Bali: “Are you insane, I am not going to be your bitch!”

Jasmine: “How can you be my bitch when you hold the controls? Hear me out, after a few months of marriage, I will set Haliru up with Nengi, I know Nengi has eyes for him, when he falls, I will ask for divorce and take half of his money”

Bali: “Oh that, you think I am stupid?” he grabbed her, and Jasmine flung her hands out with fear, but her hands shoved him, and he fell, hitting his head on the edge of the table as he went down. Jasmine went over to him to apologize but she saw a pool of blood gathering under his head.

Jasmine: “Oh my God, oh my God” she panicked. She checked his pulse and could not feel any.

Jasmine: “He is dead” she said with her eyes bulging out of their sockets. She hurriedly wore her clothes, and without wearing her panty, she rushed out of the room locking it behind her. In her haste, she did not see the woman in the cleaning maid’s uniform, holding a dustpan in her hand.

She walked through the lobby as inconspicuously as she could, rushing into her car without looking back. She drove straight for home; she had to change into the champagne gold dinner gown she had kept for the wedding dinner. While she was driving, her phone rang, it was Haliru again. This time, she pressed the receive button.

Jasmine: “Hey baby, I am sorry, I was in a closed door meeting, be with you shortly” she said and hung up without giving Haliru a chance to speak. Her blood was still pumping with adrenaline and she needed it to continue, because other than that, she would crumple in a heap and cry her eyes out. She had loved Bali at some point; maybe there were still remnants of unresolved feelings. But now, it didn’t matter, he was dead, just gone. She stood under the shower and allowed the cold water flow down her body. It took her out of the adrenaline state, but she did not crumple in a heap and cry. Instead things became clearer; she was finally free and could marry Haliru with no barriers between them. She dressed up in the gown and drove to Eko Hotel, where the dinner was to be held.

Haliru: “Hey babe, what happened?” he asked with a worry frown, Jasmine looked beyond him and saw Ella standing behind, looking at her accusingly.

Jasmine: “I had a meeting with an important client”

Nengi: “More important than your wedding dinner?” her friend asked rhetorically.

Haliru: “It is alright, you are here now. Mother was so mad” he said as he led her by the hand to where the elders were seated. Jasmine knelt down in front of them, and explained the reason she was late, in a controlled voice. Haliru’s mother,  just looked at her passively; her face was devoid of any emotions. It was no secret that she did not want Jasmine as a daughter-in-law. Jasmine was from Akwa ibom, while they were Hausas; also, she had wanted the president’s daughter, Rufiya to marry her son because of the connections it would bring to the family business.

While the men were involved in all sorts of debauchery for the bachelor’s party, Haliru was thinking about his bride to be. He loved her, and she was very beautiful, with her own money, even though her family was not rich. But, he had doubts about her persona; he had heard tales that she was a runs girl before they met. Normally, he wouldn’t worry about her past, but he was worried now because of the recent events. What meeting would make her come late to her own wedding dinner?

Haliru: “What if she is cheating on me?” he asked himself. There was only one way to find out. He brought out his phone and called the private investigator he had employed to keep an eye on Jasmine for the sake of her protection. He didn’t tell her, but he knew he would only rest easy if he knew someone was watching and making sure she is safe, there had been threats to the family, from their business rivals.

Question: What will the private Investigator tell him, what will Haliru find out?

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  1. the private investigator will tell haliru that Jasmine is seeing someone. I guess that person will the cleaner at the hotel

  2. Wow Wow Wow….. This is getting serious….. Am sure Bali is not dead….. The private investigator will not tell him anything…..

  3. Of course the PI will tell Haliru where Jasmine had been before coming to the wedding dinner. If she had confided in Haliru, they would’ve tackle the problem together. Now that Bali is dead, there re fresh problems for her, hope she didn’t forget her panties back in the hotelroom? That’ll nail her straight away….

  4. Evening ALC&Fs,

    The private investigator must have close tabs on her recent movements and activities to accuse Jas of not having been straight with Haliru.
    Let’s see how it goes….


  5. The private investigator will tell Haliru that she is coming from that same hotel..He will be disappointed that his wife is lying to him..Haliru will find out that his wife is seeing a man through the investigator..

  6. The private investigator will tell Haliru exactly whr Jaz was coming from and this might spoil things for Jaz kz she didn’t know she was been followed…
    I suspect the maid that saw Jaz leaving the hotel might be the investigator

  7. Hmmmmm we have a lot of desperate girls over marriage she would have put down the problems and not even going to meet Bali because going there and having sex again with him and latter killed him mistakenly she has filled. And even forget her pant there in fact if I am Haliru I will not go on with the marriage again

  8. d private investigator will tell Haliru that jasmine is meeting Bali but if Haliru ask her she will come up with tangible reason of excuse whc Haliru will fall for it…..Jasmine b careful ooo day think Bali is dead o

  9. The private investigator ll do his job nd tell haliru wotever he finds out bout jasmine. Haliru on d other ll be dissapointed with the reports the private investigator ll give him buh bcos of the luv he have for jasmine, he ll go ahead nd marry her.

  10. adelove u guys are too much,suspense makes ur lines very very interesting and creative,Haliru will take decision based on investigators report,which implies he may call off the wedding,hence Jasmine have a murder case to answer.

  11. Jas this problem is now bigger than d one u av before PI will tell Haliru wat happen and wer his wife goes and Bali is not dead, Jas i dont no why u go there in d first place and now see wat ur stupidity av cause u. I tink dat her friend no sometin and she want Haliru to her self. Jas hope u will not do ur wedding in jail.

  12. The suspense is killing. The private investigator may not have have a tangible evidence against now but will have later. It’s well ooo

  13. She was not cheating on halibut until bali resurface.It will annoy halibut but she already told him Bali was her ex.she will say he threatened her.Not sure Bali died.

  14. Hmmm, I so much Pity this Jasmine of a girl.. her life will soon turn sour… I think the private investigator has some information for Haliru.

  15. I think d investigator’s will tell haliru he saw her entering the same hotel lyk d last tym n even d room she went in. D news of bali may b on d news and wit that info,haliru n her friends most ella will knw jas as a hand in it. But are we sure bali is dead jus lyk dat? Hmm mm

  16. Mmmm mmmm…….. Jasmine: “This is not the Jasmine you knew. I came to tell you
    that, I want to go ahead with the wedding, but then I will keep
    your bed warm. That is what you want right, keep having sex
    with me?”

  17. I suspect the woman in that cleaners garment to be the investigator. Haliru will find out what she did from the investigator and he will know jasmine have been cheating on him.


  18. I suspect the woman in that cleaners garment to be the investigator. Haliru will find out what she did from the investigator and he will know jasmine have been cheating on him…


  19. Jas is in a serious trouble with PI tracking on her every move unknown to her and she keeps on telling lies to the employer of the PI. Hmmmmm…….Fire on the mountain……..

  20. Hmmmm, the private investigator is surely the cleaner at the hotel, and she has found a lot about her. Hmmmm, Jas’s life is indeed complicated……

  21. Hmmm,jasmine took a very wrong step from the very beginning since it is bali that fucked up from the on set she should’nt have gone to see him in the hotel when she jammed haliru and she should have open up her past to him.From the way things are now i dont think she even really love haliru as haliru does for her to be comparing bali’s and haliru’s sex life,she is after haliru’s prominence in the society.

  22. The private investigator will tell Haliru all he knows & has seen. But i know Bali isn’t dead. He will be saved somehow & expose Jasmine. Things are getting really complicated.

  23. He will tell haliru about Bali and jasmine. Perhaps Bali’s death will be tressed to Janine. The cleaner with parker too is an agent watching her.

  24. Hmmmmm… I don’t think Haliru will find out anything just yet. D PI might not be so sure or have d accurate details yet. But I sure know dt with d maid dt saw Jasmine she is in for a serious trouble.

  25. Jasmine! Jasmine!! Jasmine!!! Bet why? Now she messed up finally.. What if Bali had a camera that was recording her? Oh my! Some girls don’t have sense ..

  26. Hmmmmmm….. The PI will definitely give his or her run report. Jas has been sleeping with someone else from room 1001 to ze orza room. Issokay!!

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