Lady Got Serious Beating Instead of Gifts on Valentine’s Day

While lovers showed each other affection and love all through yesterday, this pretty Nigeria lady, Sabina, was being bullied by one of her male neighbours.

Sabina has narrated the violent physical abuse she was subjected to on Valentine’s Day by a young man alleged to be taking substances (Igbo). Read what happened between them:

“For those of you guys saying rubbish on my social media, this happened to me unexpectedly on 14 February, Valentine’s Day.

“I was washing my clothes outside my house, one stupid Guy that always shout like a fool bcuz he do smoke weed, shouted & said his water was missing & I told him I don’t know about d missing water he looked at me & said to me re u mad…

“I asked him wot have I done wrong and he said wen he’s talking I shouldn’t talk, I told him why not and he started beating me up.”

– Even in pains, Sabina is still being insulting? My dear sorry, take care of your face and character.



  1. Its ridiculous, u she should have it up with firstly report to the nearest police and asked MD case to be charged to Court. Put the stories Mon social media in order to draw public attention to your plight. This is rubbish.

  2. Its painful though but she should have avoid this beating if she had shut up or walk away from the her face is full of bruises… I hope the case was reported to the police nd legal actions have been taken

  3. Just wondering why she kept on replying d dude knowing fully well that he does drugs(Igbo) she should have just walk away nd avoid all stories that touches the hrt

  4. People should learn to use the law as guide and safety for them. You are suppose to have reported the issue to law enforcement agent for assault, period and let them deal with him.

  5. She should just have ignored him since he did not ask her directly but having assaulted her, she should have gone with the physical evidence to the police station!!!’He would have been arrested and charged to court . Next time he won’t beat her. Now that she did not do that, he will do it again!’n

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