Bash Ali lied – Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung tells own story

Minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung, has denied claims by former World Cruiser-weight boxing champion, Bash Alli, that he was assaulted by security agents when he visited the minister’s office.

Special Assistant on Media to minister, Nneka Ikem Anibeze, described Bash Ali’s claim as ‘unsubstantiated and untrue’.

According to him, “Bash Ali barricaded the entrance to the office of the minister with the men who accompanied him as he questioned why the Hungarian Ambassador to Nigeria, Prof. Gabor Ternak, would be allowed to see the minister while he, who came earlier, was not given access.

“The uniformed security tried to persuade Alli and his men to leave the minister’s secretary’s office but to no avail. The boxer who was carrying a file and mobile phone carefully went to the secretary’s table to drop his valuables and then fell flat on his back across the doorway.

“Bash Ali was neither touched, shoved nor manhandled by security operatives of the minister. He feigned that he had been beaten up but we challenge him to produce physical evidence of assault, gun handle bumps, and bruises, swelling or otherwise as being presented to the public.

“He has a record of such antics following his despair to defend a world boxing title at over 60.

“In 2013, he alleged that he was beaten up by security operatives of the then Minister of Youth and Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi.

In 2015, the WBF cruiser weight boxing champion was detained in Kuje prison following an altercation with the MD of a bank over funds for his title fight.”

Bashi Alli, who holds cruiser-weight title of World Boxing Federation (WBF) will face Rick Camlin, the champion of International Boxing Union (IBU) at a yet-to-be-fixed date in Nigeria.

The Nigerian boxing legend had equally claimed to have been manhandled by policemen after attempting to see the former minister of Sports, Bolaji Abdullahi, in Abuja in 2013.



  1. Without such antics, you can’t get the attention of those zoo keepers. You’ll be waiting to see the zoo minister while an ordinary Indian would walk in to the minister’s office just because he’s not black. It’s annoying to those who don’t understand that they’re dealing with zoo keepers.
    For an average Biafran, we don’t belong to the zoo

  2. I said it, that going by his antecedents, Bash Ali was being economical with the truth. If it’s not a scam, does Bash Ali himself honestly believe that he can engage in competitive boxing at over 65yrs? If he’s seeking for rehab, it’s a different thing!

  3. What has age got to do with the humiliating experience? Why can’t we respect each other? Why do we try to justify a wrong action by citing events of the past? It is really a shame to know that people that represent the government treat the citizens with disdain.

  4. Iam disappointed in BASH ALLI, if an untrained, unfit , malnourished security agents that follow the minister could fell him flat just like that,that means he is going to be beaten pulp and blue by a real boxer except he want to fix the match

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