(Episode 10) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Haliru was heading to the house, but he was afraid of confronting his wife, he turned around at Lekki round about, and drove to Victoria Island to hook up with his friends at Davinci Lounge.

Jeff: “Husband man, what are you doing here with the bachelors?” Haliru’s best friend said playfully, but stopped when he saw the face his friend was wearing.

Haliru: “Mehn I am confused”

Jeff: “Let’s get you liquor before we talk” he said and beckoned to the waiter who came with a drink menu.

Haliru: “I don’t need the menu, just get me vodka mixed with lemonade, and a lemon wedge to garnish” he said, as he roamed his hand over his close shaved head.

When the waiter brought the drink, Haliru took a long gulp.

Jeff: “Wow man, slow down”

Haliru could not hold himself; he told Jeff everything that transpired at the shopping mall, he was obviously distraught.

Jeff: “From where I am standing, it is clear to me that this babe is jealous of your wife, I don’t know why you can’t see that”

Haliru: “She is, but that does not subtract from the fact that there is truth to what she is saying”

Jeff: “So what do you want to do?”

Haliru: “I am even beginning to doubt the paternity of that baby, I am so confused”

Jeff: “Talk to your wife, don’t sit here pondering the issue, so you don’t make hasty assumptions” he patted his friend on the back, and they joined the rest of their friends. However, Haliru did not communicate much, his mind were miles away, thinking of the man Bali, and his wife’s past. He gulped glass after glass of vodka, nodding his head to the music flowing out of the PA system.

When the night was far spent, and he could not bear the incessant calls from his wife, he bade his friends goodbye, and made to leave.

Jeff: “You have been drinking a lot, let me drive you home” his friend offered

Haliru: “No, thanks. I am fine” he argued and left.

He was driving so fast like he used to do in his car racing days, before he met Jasmine. She was the reason he quit car racing, because he wanted to live for her, and she was always complaining. He loved her more than any man loved a woman, and she had no reason to cheat. He pondered on these, as he stepped on the throttle, he had already come to the conclusion that Jasmine had things to hide. He was going so fast, that he did not see an incoming Hiace Van; he swerved at the last minute and rammed his car into the railings on the third mainland bridge, as his head collided with the steering wheel. Blood oozed out of his forehead.

His eyes closed to the darkness that engulfed him, and the last thought on his mind was of Jasmine, and their unborn child.

Jasmine was at home pacing up and down, the maids tried to calm her, with her favorite chocolate drink, but she yelled at them in return.

Jasmine: “Just leave me the fuck alone” she said, more hysterical now than Haliru’s number was no longer connecting. She went up the stairs and came back down, unsure of what to do, she was still looking at her phone, as if willing it with her mind to ring. Then it rang.

Jasmine: “Hello?” she said anxiously, in her mind, she thought that perhaps Haliru’s phone had a problem and he was calling with another number.

Caller: “I will like to speak with Mrs. Danlami”

Jasmine: “I am Mrs. Danlami” she said softly, a cold feeling had settled over her. She knew with a certainty that something had happened to her husband.

Caller: “You are needed at Reddington hospital, immediately” the caller said and hung up.

Jasmine: “Yaay God, my enemies have succeeded. Ha Haliru, who did you leave this unborn baby for, how are we going to cope without you. Haliru why” she cried, rolling on the floor. One of the maid came, and tried to pacify her, but she would not allow herself be pacified. The maid decided to call their boss’ best friend Jeff.

Maid: “Oga Jeff, abeg come house, madam dey cry dey roll for ground, and doctor say e no good. Oga Haliru never come back” she said and listened to Jeff on the other side before hanging up. Jeff had told her not to leave Jasmine’s side till he got to the house. After thirty minutes, Jeff burst into the house, he saw Jasmine lying on the floor, she had cried till she was weak.

Jeff: “Jas, do you want to harm your baby, what is going on?” he asked kneeling beside her, she raised herself to a sitting position, and he was appalled by what he saw. Her eyes were swollen and red rimmed, her whole face had turned red, from all the crying.

Jasmine: “I got a call from Reddington hospital, they asked for me, not my husband. Jeff, something has happened to my husband” Jeff‘s face turned cloudy, he did not tell Jasmine that her husband was supposed to be back home, hours ago because it would make matters worse. He was sure that something bad had happened to Haliru.

Jeff: “Then let us go to the hospital, it may not be what you think. Come on, I will drive you” he pulled her up, and instructed the maid to take her upstairs, and assist her in dressing up.

After a while, Jasmine came downstairs, she had switched the night robe she had on, for a pair of palazzo pants and a black polo tee. Her face was no longer red, she had probably applied makeup. Jeff approved of her, it was the reason he always encouraged his friend to pay deaf ears to whatever he heard about her. She was a strong woman, and she was good for his friend. She might not be a saint, but she wouldn’t hurt his friend, that he was sure of.

Jeff: “Let’s go” he said and led her out of the house to his car.

Jasmine was at the hospital lobby pacing up and down, when she saw Ella burst through the door.

Ella: “Jasmine, I am so sorry” she said and hugged her friend, who didn’t hug back, she just stood stiff in her arms, and then she pushed her away roughly.


When Nengi asked her the question, Patricia didn’t know what to say, she just starred at Nengi.

Nengi: “Please you must have seen something, tell me do you have any idea about the person I am talking about?”

Patricia: “Dem see am for him room, dem carry am go hospital” she said uncertainly. She was battling within herself, whether to trust this oyibo looking lady, with her six inches heeled shoes, and her bum length Indian hair. Her skin was like she slept in buttermilk, but her eyes looked out of an old soul.

Patricia: “This one na ogbologbo wey tush up oh” she thought within herself.

Nengi: “Hospital, what happened to him?” she asked, fear had crept into her eyes. Patricia just gazed at her, and then she pulled her away, out of the lobby, into the parking lot which was a bit deserted.

Patricia: “Make I tell you this story, but you must not tell anybody, I no want ijogbon, is help I help” she said, and began to whisper into Nengi’s ears. Nengi was hit by the fishy smell oozing from this cleaning maid, she tried to shift away, but the woman held her in place. But when Patricia began to talk, all thoughts of the body odor that emanated from her fled Nengi’s mind. Her ears were hearing things it had not expected to hear. Her eyes widened with shock.

Then her phone rang, it was Ella calling, she hurriedly picked and made to spill the things she had heard, but something stopped her. More so, Ella began to talk hysterically.

Nengi: “You are not making any sense Ella” she said impatiently.

Ella: “It is Haliru, he was in an accident” she was sobbing. Nengi’s heart skipped a bit, she hung up guiltily. She had just seen Haliru earlier in the day; her conscience told her she was responsible.

Nengi: “But I had to warn him, that Jasmine is a she-devil” she said with anger and hatred in her voice as she thought of Bali.

Patricia: “Madam, any matter?” she asked, seeing the distraught mood Nengi was in.

Nengi: “Here is my number, call me later” she said and hurried towards her car.

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Question: What information did Patricia give Nengi. Is Haliru dead?

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  1. Haliru is not dead but nengi keeps building problems for Jasmine.. Friendly enemies. The maid has told her everything that happened, n the fact that bali is presently in her house.

  2. She told her how she saw Balli at room 2002 with the head injury or something like that and also how she saw a lady(jasmine) walk out of his room. But I don’t think that she told her that she is the one that’s taking care of balli. Haliru is not dead at all.

  3. Haliru is not dead. Maybe Patricia told Nenji how she saw Bali in the room with a pool of blood and how she has been taking care of him

  4. She told her how she saw Balli at room 2002 with the head injury or something like that and also how she saw a lady(jasmine) walk out of his room. But I don’t think that she told her that she is the one that’s taking care of balli. Because if she told her that she is the one that’s talking care of balli she would have want to see bally. In my mind she told her that balli was found dead in room 2002. And about that lady she saw that day, which is Jasmine. Haliru is not Dead I strongly Believe so.


  5. The cleaner told Nengi about how she saw a woman leave Bali’s hotel room and she suspected that something bad had happened in that room. And she the cleaner entered the room and saw a man Lying lifeless on the ground and decided to rescue him. Haliru is unconscious not dead.

  6. Patricia told Nengi everything that she saw on that faithful day that Bali fell and broke his head and that Bali is in her care.
    No. i dont think Haliru is dead

  7. Pat told nengi DT Bali is under her care. Haliru isn’t dead,he is unconscious ,I pray he isn’t in a coma. Nengi is truly d she devil and so jealous of Jas. ghud one Adelove.

  8. Haliru cant die like that. And what i would have advised jasmine to do is to explain everything to his husband.so that they can fight the enemies together. Haliru truly love jas, i believe he will surely forgive her

  9. Haliru is only hurt not dead,he can’t die,All these is because of the evil Nengi.Also because of Jasmine because she didn’t make the right choice of friends,one by day Bali and two having Nengi as a friend.

  10. Pat told her were Bali is, the condition he is and how a woman ran out of d room. Haliru is not dead and Nengi has d upper hand to distroy her best friend now with Bali alive just pity Jas dat she d not av any friend but enemy.

  11. Na wa o the cleaner has revealed what happened to bali to nnegi and why did nnegi hate jasmine so much?Haliru is not man enough,for you to have heard alot about jasmine past should have given you the edge to confront her instead of drinking himself to stuppour and had an accident.

  12. I dont think Haliru is dead, Patricia told Nengi about Jasmine’s visit to the hotel and how Bali narrowly escaped death which makes Nengi hates Jasmine the more.

  13. Haliru is not dead….Patricia gave out the details of what she assumed happened to Bali and Nengi will probably use that to torment and try make Jas leave Haliru for her

  14. Haliru is not dead he will survive the accident and partricial told nengi how baderu was found in the hospital and she was able to keep him in her house for proper treatment

  15. Haliru is not dead…probably in a critical condition. And yes,Patricia told her everything she need to know abt what happened to Bali.

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