Not all judges are corrupt -Justice Abdullahi

Not all judges are corrupt -Justice Abdullahi

Justice Umaru Abdullahi, the former President, Court of Appeal, on Saturday said that not all Nigerian Judges were corrupt.

Abdullahi made the remark during a public presentation of the journal on Private and Comparative Law, organised in his honour by the Faculty of Law, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

According to him, the Nigerian judiciary has come of age as a very solid institution.

He said that in any human society, there must be good, bad and worst elements.

“So, the judiciary is a human and Nigerian institution.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that some few judicial officers are been picked up for going out of their parameters of judicial function.’’

He said the judiciary had been delivering services to the continuity of the country and was in the forefront in providing solutions to some of the problems facing the country.

“We are not disputing the fact that there is no bad element in the judiciary, but not all in the system are bad.

“If you compare the number of the bad ones, the good ones out-number the bad ones.’’

Abdullahi, therefore, said it was unfair to condemn the judiciary because of the few bad ones, as there is no sector in Nigeria that was insulated from corruption.

He however said, “There is the machinery the government can use effectively to flush out bad elements in the judiciary.”

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  1. But the NJC has not been doing its job in flushing out the corrupt judges!!! After all their total remuneration is known so any acquisition of assets well above their pay grade should have to be accounted for!!! In the Netherlands any assets/ material/cash well above your official earnings for all is forfeited to the government if you cannot explain it and similarly in USA if you cannot show source and pay tax on such , the tax authorities will be after you!!! But not in NIGERIA!!!! So who is fooling who? Their had to be political will to check people in office to ensure that they do not use their positions to amass wealth at the expense of the citizens.

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