(Episode 17) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Jasmine took the afternoon flight to Calabar, to look for her child. She hoped that she could meet her son, and then settle things with Haliru. She could almost feel happiness, she would have her two kids and her husband, what a happy family they would be. As she walked through the lobby of the Margaret Ekpo International Airport, one thing was on her mind, would she know her son again, would the people who had taken care of her son this past five years release him to her, or would he even want to go with her, after abandoning him. She prayed in her heart that all would go well.

From the airport, she took a taxi straight to Ekorinim. She saw that in five years, Calabar had become more beautiful, where there had been bush lands, there were skyscrapers in place.

Jasmine: “My Calabar, My Calabar” she said with excitement, seeing this place where she had run away from, with shame, brought back good memories as well as bad memories. She remembered all the carnival bands she had danced in, during her university days. Even when she was pregnant, when it was not noticeable, she had worn a girdle to dance in Passion 4, a carnival band where she was a Queen for three consecutive years. The driver watched her from the rear view mirror, and saw the excitement on her face.

Driver: “Emedi oh (Welcome). I can see that you have been away for long, Cross-river is beautiful”

Jasmine: “I can see that” she replied with a small smile.

Driver: “Where in Ekorinim are you going to?”

Jasmine: “Just drive, the house is not far from the entrance of the street” she said, looking out both sides of the window.

Jasmine: “Stop stop stop” she said hurriedly, as the driver braked suddenly in front of a white stucco building.

Driver: “Ha, this is Madam Henshaw’s former house, she sold it when her husband died” the driver said.

Jasmine: “What are you saying, who sold what house?” she asked, as her heart began to beat faster.

Driver: “I said the person you are going to see probably brought the house from Madam Henshaw, she relocated to the United States after her husband died. People say the child she has is not hers, or hers but not the husband’s. So, she left” he said, joyful to have details on one of the elite members of the society.

Jasmine: “Wait here” she barely managed to say, and jumped out of the car, she raced to the gate of the house and banged on it. She banged so hard, with the desperation she was feeling inside. Then the gate opened, to reveal a tall built, fair lady. Jasmine heaved a sigh of relief because the woman was identical to the woman who carried her child from the gate, years ago. But her hope was shattered when she looked again.

Jasmine: “Good evening, sorry to bother you, I am looking for the owner of this house”

Woman: “I am the owner of this house, how can I help you?”

Jasmine: “No, you are not the one I saw that day, I mean the other woman, she is big and fair, she has a pockmark beside her mouth” she remembered that little detail, while the woman looked at her like she had lost her mind.

Woman: “Oh, that is madam Henshaw, she sold the house to me and my husband. Besides she is no longer in the country”

Jasmine staggered back, and supported herself by the wall. Her heart was breaking as she realized she had come too late.

Woman: “Will you be alright, lady?” she asked, wondering if she should call an ambulance, as she could see that Jasmine was pregnant. Jasmine pulled herself together and walked to the taxi she had come with, with the driver gazing at her curiously.

Jasmine: “Take me to the airport” she said softly.

Driver: “Are you not going to see our beautiful sights, Tinapa is now better than it was, the marina resort is also a relaxation spot, oh and our beautiful night clubs. We even had the media crew from Adelove here last week. Don’t you want to enjoy the goodness of Calabar?”

Jasmine: “Take me the hell, to the airport!” she yelled in a loud voice, and broke down in tears. She cried so hard, with guttural sounds emanating from her,  as she realized that she had lost her child forever. She was oblivious to the presence of the driver as she became consumed with pain.

Jasmine: “Oh baby, my beautiful baby boy. I am so sorry; your beautiful, dark eyes torment me every day for that great mistake. I am sorry, I didn’t know better, please forgive me, I didn’t know” she cried, her mascara ran down her face in black pudgy lines, while phlegm rushed from her nose. The driver was discomfited, he could feel her pain in the air, it was the cry of a broken woman. He didn’t know how to console her, because he knew that the pain she carried; only God could heal. So he gave the message that he felt could show her the way.

Driver: “I don’t know what your situation is, but God knows, and if you take your burden to him, he will relieve your load” he said and started the ignition. While he drove to the airport, Jasmine had wiped her face clean of all make up, with a wipe sheet. She looked innocent and lost.

At the airport, the driver watched her as she paid him, and walked towards the boarding area, like a robot. He shook his head in pity, no one, especially a young lady such as this, deserved to carry so much pain. He prayed in his heart, that God will meet her at the point of her need.

While the plane rose into the clouds, Jasmine thought of her situation, she remembered the words of the taxi driver, and smiled a bitter smile. It was a smile that looked like a frown.

“You are wrong; God cannot help me relieve my burden. He left me many years ago, I am too filthy for his attention, I abandoned my own child, and I killed the father of that child. I even cheated on my husband the eve of our wedding. No, God doesn’t have mercy for people like me, he punishes them. I will never see my child again, that is my punishment” she muttered in low tones.  She thought back to the vacation she had promised her husband, she had also promised to discuss issues with him. What was she going to tell him?

Jasmine: “The truth, if my marriage falls apart, so be it” she said, as anger filled her, she was angry, but she didn’t know why she was angry. But she was determined to come clean, even though she knew that her husband could possibly report her to the authorities.

Jasmine: “Punish me all you want God, I accept” she said looking up to the ceiling of the plane’s cabin.


Nengi was unconscious for a long time, when she woke up, the whole place was dark, and the baba was nowhere to be found. She stood up and hurried wore her clothes and ran out of the bush. When she got to the road, there were no cars around, the road was deserted, and she didn’t know her way around Aluu. She had only followed one of her friends in the runs business, to the baba for potions. She remembered the baba thrusting into her and her skin crawled with revulsion.

Nengi: “Why is my case different, when he did potion for Ice Queen, she paid him money. That disgusting old man just wanted to use my body to satisfy his horniness. Rubbish!” she vented to herself.

Then she saw headlights coming from afar, she began to wave her hands in the air to signal the oncoming car to stop. It was a pickup truck that was loaded with farm produce, it stopped in front of her.

Driver: “How much?” he said. She looked at him, confused. The driver switched on the light in the truck, and she saw his face, he was obviously a ruffian.

Nengi: “How much for what? I just need a ride into town”

Driver: “Na so? So you think say ride is free, even for free town, nothing dey free” he said and gave a long sigh. He shifted his brake and made to drive away. Nengi was not sure she would see another car, and Aluu was notorious for cultist activities, she would have to bear having this idiotic ruffian inside her, after all he was no different from the truck driver that deflowered her back then in the restaurant.

Nengi: “Wait!” she said desperately. The truck door opened and she went inside.

Driver: “First and foremost, loose my trouser zip, make you blow me. Sharp sharp” he said.

Nengi felt like killing him, she actually thought about jumping him and strangling his neck. But she knew it was impossible, he would kill her with one blow from his muscled hands. So, she zipped down his trousers and bent down to work on him.

Driver: “Stop, make I park” he said and packed by the side of the road. He opened the door and got out; Nengi took her cue and got out too.

The driver took her a little into the bush and had sex with her right there in the bush, with dried, brown leaves for bed. Nengi found herself crying, she had never felt so humiliated and worthless. The experience took her right back to the dirt, where she had struggled to leave.

Nengi: “I hate you Jasmine, it is your entire fault. Why do you have to be so lucky!” she cried, but the driver did not hear anything that she said, he was in cloud 9, banging the hell out of her. Nengi turned her head and saw a big stick lying around, she picked it up. Till she picked it and hit the driver hard on his skull, he was not aware, he fell off her with a thud. Nengi got up and cleaned herself with the scarf she tied her head with, and spat on the dead body of the truck driver.

She entered the truck, and drove it into town, she parked the truck a few distance away from a motel, where she planned to sleep till the morning, where she will catch her flight to Lagos.

Nengi: “Wait for me Jasmine; I am coming for your husband. Now I have supernatural powers, and no scheming of yours will save him from me” she said as she alighted from the truck and made her way to the motel.

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Question: Will Haliru be able to overcome the evil power that Nengi now possesses? Also, will Jasmine tell her husband, or will she chicken out?

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  1. nengi has no power. it’s obvious that the baba just took advantage of her so there’s no way she can use it on haliru for Jasmine, with the determination in her voice,I think she’ll open up to haliru

  2. nengi has no power. it’s obvious that the baba just took advantage of her so there’s no way she can use it on haliru and as for Jasmine, with the determination in her voice, i think she’ll open up to haliru

  3. Nnegi scheme will succeed on him (haliru) but at last she will be put to shame. Jasmine will not get the courage to speak us to her husband.

  4. GdAM ALC&Fs,

    Hahaha….waking from the dead! ALC, your team of creative thinkers are just another world super power…..you just continue to give US, us in prints…so exhilarating – I’d love on and on.

    Enter Nengi! Unfortunately Haliru and Jasmine have not beem pictured as prayerful people which is one sure way to overcome evil manipulation but yes, God has been gracious to either of the couple in the past. Whatever happens, it is only going to be a fleeting test for Haliru and Nengi will be finally defeated.
    Jasmine is beginning to regain some confidence in her relationship which is good – I think it’ll be a little time before she opens up on her past to her husband.

    Emedi o ALC&Fs to a new blest week.


  5. If trully the medicine man gave Nengi power then it’s going to be difficult for Haliru not to do her wishes. Jasmine is determine to come clean, i believe she’ll tell her husband all her dark secrets. Good morning Adelovelies nd everyone on board.

  6. Haliru will not be able to overcome the power which nengi now purses and for jasmine she will still make another procrastination towards telling haliru the truth.

  7. Nnegi might overcome haliru but it wont last long enough before her deeds will come in d open. Jasmine might not jave d guts to speak when she gets home but will later overcome d troubles.

  8. Haliru will not be able to overcome the power which nengi now purses and for jasmine she will still make another procrastination towards telling haliru the truth.


  9. Hmmmmm. Is becoming more hot. Nengi might not over power Haliru. Jasmine will not tell her husband the truth. Because there’s no sign of the boy.

  10. Nengi will succeed at getting Haliru, ’cause they’re not strong in their faith. Jasmine will chicken out the moment she face her husband.

  11. Haliru can not overcome her evil powers because he is not yet grounded in God…Jasmine will tell her husband..She will not chicken out.She will become born again and her prayers will save her husband and restore back her family..

  12. Jasmine shld open up to Haliru, for Negi, if at all she has got the supernatural powers, she wld stop at nothing to snatch haliru, especially if she remembers the disgusting experience. But jasmine can overcome if she turns to God.

  13. Haliru will overcome her evil power.. .nd jasmine should plz confess to her husband and ask 4 his 4giveness as well as seek God’s face.

  14. If Jasmine really want to make things right again she should start by telling her husband d truth. As for Nengi, she should not forget dat there’s power above powers from above.

  15. Haliru will overcome it if Jasmine tell him the truth bt if she still keep it to herself, I doubt if Haliru can Overcome d power Nnegi possesses

  16. Um, Nengi, biiiiig friendly enemy. Of the three friends, Jasmine is the only who didn’t use her body to get money from men. With faith in God, she and Haliru will come out victorious

  17. Haliru can only overcome with the help of prayers coz from the onset, him and his wife are not prayerful at all.As for Jasmine,she better open up to her husband.

  18. I am not even sure wether that Baba gave any spiritual power to Nengi. JAS should open up and let her husband knew everything.

  19. Haliru will overcome it,hence the power she thought she possess may fail since another person have enter her bedore her supposed victim,Jasmine will confess to her husband,then rhey fight their common enemy.

  20. Nengi will get Haliru to fall for her.Its only God that can broke every evil yoke so I advice Jas should go to him in prayers. As for telling her husband abt her past,she will tell him.

  21. by d grace of God,Haliru will overcome Nengi powers ,Jas pls start praying for mercy and u will b victorious. Jas tell ur hubby d truth.

  22. I pray Haliru overcomes Nengi’s demonic power. Witch! Jasmine should open up her past to her husband and free herself of the stress.

  23. Haliru will overcome it bcoz d evil power nengi thought she possesses was fake d baba only trick her to get way he wants from her…. I don’t think jasmine will tell haliru what is going on with her

  24. Haliru will overcome the evil power nengi posses cos he was brought up in a Christan way and the baba didn’t even give any powder to nengi he just slept with her for his own pleasure the baba has already told her haliru is meant for Jasmine’ jasmine mind is made up she will tell Herr husband cos she’s ready for any consequence that is coming out of it

  25. Nengi is going to fail and Jasmine should tell her husband everything about her past, so that Nengi will not use that one against her and am very sure that Haliru will stand by her because he love her so much. Good morning Adelove

  26. This is a serious one o, Adelove una weldone. The baba did not tell nengi the does and donts of what ever he did for her, so its possible that her killing the driver has destroyed it and if it did not then haliru is in for it because i have not heard him talking of prayer before or even God, that he is born in a christian home is not a garantee except he has had a personal experience with God can he overcome and as for jasmin she will open up to her husband because she has made up her mind

  27. Haliru will be able to overcum nengi mysterious power and jas will summon d courage to tell her husband if ahe meets him in a good mood.

  28. Hilaru will overcome Nengi with her evil power by the powers of our Lord Jesus Christ whom he served.
    Jasmine should muster courage and tell the husband her past deed that is hunting her right now. I doubt if she will do it.

  29. Jasmine should better open up 2 her husband ..until nengi gets 2 lag nd haliru falls 4 her that’s when we can say what took her 2 pH was successful

  30. Just wondering why Nengi is just so envious of Jas.. What will b her profit if she ruin jas’s home” haliru I guess as the trophy”well until she gets to lag nd the charms works then I can say she will succeed but eventually the couple will overcome …as for jas she should better open up to her husband

  31. Adelove I’ve missed out a lot, I’ve been battling how to get through to ur site for three days now, is it only stories we’ll be receiving from this new site? Wat about the news, jokes and sport?

  32. The baba did not tell nengi the does and donts of what ever he did for her, its possible that her killing the driver has spoiled it and if it has not then haliru is in for it because i have never read that he prays or has given his life to christ, that he is born in a christian home is not a garantee, he needs a personal encounter with the Lord to overcome and as for jasmin she will open up to her husband because she has made up her mind. Ha Adelove una too much

  33. Na wa o……Adelove you are so powerful….. see the way you make the story so sweeter and more interesting to your teaming followers. BIG THUMB and continue the good work.

  34. haliru will Nt be able to over come the evil power. has will want to tell him the truth BT haliru action will stop her

  35. Nengi does not have any power, d man just slept with her for nothing. N jasmine will not chicken out,she ll come out clean

  36. if only she can tell d true,he will surly forgive her n am sure Bali will b d one to ruin her plan. for she will nearly get haliru but Bali will spoil her plan…

  37. Dat Nengi no get any power d baba just use her to satisfy his own lust nd she can’t get to d city just like dat she has a murder case on her…. Jasmine should just open up jare

  38. Jasmine will probably chicken out from telling her husband d truth now….as for Nengi, she might be able to overpower Haliru for d time being except Haliru,his mum or jasmine gets down on dia kneels to pray. Next.

  39. Haa, I have mixed more than 9 episode, but all I know where there is love there is forgiveness God’s hand of protections will definitely deliver that house and all the enemies will be put to shame

  40. With prayer all things are possible, Haliru may survive Nengis evil power as for Jasmine its better she comes out clean this time around.

  41. Yes he will cover come her power because she never posses any power. The native doctor just used her that is all. Jasmine will not chicken out on telling her husband the truth. ,

  42. Which yeye power be that? She no get anything. The baba use am dump am. She can’t do anything to Haliru. Jasmine should tell her hubby everything.

  43. Is only God that will fight this battle,jasmine will surely get haliru back,and she will not chicken cos her mind is already made up.

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