(Episode 18) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

As the plane began to descend, Jasmine could see the city of Lagos below. The hustle and bustle did not stop while she was away in Calabar, in truth, she felt like Calabar was a planet away. She had not called her husband to tell her of her arrival, she wanted to surprise him, and see how he spent his time when she was away. At the airport, she took an Uber ride to the house. Throughout the ride to her house, she kept thinking of how best to broach the matter with her husband. She wished that the cup would pass away from her. But she knew if she would be free from her blackmailer, she had to come out with all her secret. She told herself she would start with the son she would never see again.

When she got into the house, she met her mother-in-law in the garden; the latter looked at her quizzically.

Haliru’s mother: “That was a short trip” she said simply.

Jasmine: “Mother, how are you doing?”

Haliru’s mother: “I am doing well; did you inform your husband you were coming?”

Jasmine: “No ma, I wanted to give him a surprise” she replied and made to go upstairs.

Haliru’s mother: “Well, he just left now. He was in a hurry, he got a call. I hope all is well. I have a bad feeling about this” she said rubbing her arms.

Jasmine: “Ma, you worry too much, my husband is fine. Have you eaten?”

Haliru’s mother: “Your maids have been feeding me rubbish oyibo food, prepare that nice soup you made that day”

Jasmine: “Mother, you are funny. So you like afang, it means you were destined to have a daughter-in-law from Akwa Ibom . Let me freshen up, meal will be ready soon” she replied, laughing as she went up the stairs. She felt good being in the comfort of her home, and talking with Haliru’s mother.

Jasmine: “I have a family here, please God, do not allow it be taken from me” she prayed within.



However, the call that Haliru had gotten was from Nengi, she had told him, she had something very important to tell him, pertaining his wife.

Haliru: “I have nothing to say to you, my wife and I are good, we had a rough moment like any couple, and now we are good” he replied

Nengi: “You are just like the person that is inside water, and soap entered his eyes. Will you be spewing that nonsense if you knew that you are not the father of the child she is carrying?” she asked. There was silence on the other side of the phone for a little while. She could practically hear the sound of Haliru’s breathing.

Haliru: “Meet me in my office in twenty minutes, I will instruct the security men to let you in” he said and hung up.

Nengi dressed up in a sexy cut-out play suit that was barely covering her butt cheeks, and knocked on a clear heel pair of platforms.

As she strutted through the gates of Danlami Oil Group, she knew in her heart that today, she would get what she was looking for. She was led by a man in MOPOL uniform, to the lobby where another staff escorted her to the office of the CEO. When the door opened, she saw Haliru standing behind his desk, he looked so pensive.

Nengi: “Do you have cognac in here?” she asked.

Haliru: “No, this is not a social call, you made a serious allegation against my wife, and I need to see your proof”

Nengi: “Proof, why would I lie against Jasmine? I just see the way you love her, and it hurts me that someone who is so wicked could get such love. She is my friend, but I hate injustice, and what she is doing to you is an injustice” she replied, so earnestly that Haliru believed her.

Haliru: “I still want proof” he said and invited her to sit on the couch. He opened the mini refrigerator and brought out ice, and then he took out a bottle of cognac from the wine cabinet.

Nengi: “So there is cognac after all” she said, happy that Haliru had relaxed. She accepted the glass of chilled cognac from him, and began her tale.

Nengi: “The bitter truth is that Bali, your wife’s lover is the father of her unborn child. They have been lovers behind your back, even on the eve of your wedding, they met. They even recorded the act, here let me show you this” she took out her phone and played a video. Haliru heard Jasmine’s moaning before he saw her being banged by a man, the same one that had disrespected her right in front of him. He dropped the phone and walked to the window, and looked below. There were people hurrying to and fro, but he saw none of that, the scene at the lobby of the hotel kept playing in his head.

Haliru: “Oh God, he was laughing at me” he said holding his head like it was going to split. He folded his fist and punched the wall. Nengi ran to him and held him from behind.

Nengi: “Don’t hurt yourself, she has hurt you enough” she said and turned him to face her. She looked deep into his eyes and Haliru felt himself drawn into its dark depths. His head turned like he was going to have a headache and the deed was done. He saw Nengi in a whole new light, everything she did was in his favor, he told himself.

Haliru: “Why didn’t I see you all this while, you were right in front of me. I wasted my time loving a despicable woman” he said and hugged Nengi. She sniffed in his male scent and smiled to herself. She had him just where she wanted him.

Nengi: “I have to go now, my job is done” she said and extricated herself from him.

Haliru: “Please don’t go yet, stay with me. I feel so lost, please don’t leave me” he said, as tears gathered in his eyes. Nengi hugged him again, and then she raised her head and brought her lips to meet his. Haliru kissed her hungrily, and pushed her on the table. He tore the front of  her playsuit and shifted it downward.

Nengi: “Come on, stop, I don’t want this” she protested weakly.

Haliru: “I can smell sex all over you, you want this as much as I do” he said and tore the playsuit into two. It was like he was possessed with an evil, too great to explain. He spread her legs and began to pound into her, his eyes glazed over, like he was under the influence of a hard drug. But Nengi did not feel any sexual satisfaction. She had fantasized about having Haliru, she had wondered how it would feel to have those muscular arms hold her the way it was holding her now. But all she felt now was emptiness, all she could feel was the way she felt when the truck driver pounded into her.

Jasmine had prepared the soup, and served her mother-in-law, she waited for Haliru to return, but he didn’t. She ate so she could take her drugs and waited for her husband to return. Daylight turned to twilight, and soon the darkness set in, all the lights in the mansion were turned on, and yet Haliru didn’t return.  She had called him severally, but he was not receiving his calls, neither was he returning them. She went up to her mother-in-law’s room and banged on the door.

Haliru’s mother: “What is it again; somebody cannot sleep in this house. I think it is high time for me to go back to my husband’s house” she said as she tied her night robe tightly around her.

Jasmine: “Mother, something is wrong, Haliru is not back and he is not picking my call” she said, going out of her mind.

Haliru’s mother: “Calm down, your husband is safe. You have to think of your baby, this kind of hysterics is not healthy. So go sit on your favorite chaise, while I contact his personal assistant” she replied and went into her room to get her phone. Then she followed her daughter-in-law, downstairs to the living room. Before she called the personal assistant, she called her son, it rang and then he picked, to Jasmine’s surprise.

Haliru’s mother: “Haliru, where are you?” she listened for a while, and then the call cut. She looked at the phone astonished.

Jasmine: “Mother, was that my husband?”

Haliru’s mother: “Yes, and I don’t know what is going on anymore. He says he is not coming home. Did you guys have a fight?” she asked, but Jasmine was no longer listening.

Jasmine: “Oh my God, he found out. No wonder the blackmailer did not call me; she has decided to expose my secret. But why tell Haliru, to punish me no doubt, for trying to kill her. Oh God, what am I going to do now” she thought within.

Haliru’s mother: “Are you even listening to me?” she didn’t answer, she just walked away, up to her bedroom, muttering to herself.

Haliru’s mother: “What the hell is going on in this house” she said aloud and began to dial her husband’s number.

Bali waited for Nengi to come as she usually did, but she didn’t, even when he called her, she didn’t pick. He tried looking for his phone, but couldn’t find it.

Bali: “Damn you Nengi, you think you are smart, I will surprise you” he said angrily.

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Question: What is Bali going to do, will he destroy Nengi’s plan?” What will Haliru do now that he has found out about Bali?

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  1. AM ALC&Fs,

    Bali is going to attempt to scatter Nengi’s plans – hoping he succeeds.
    Haliru needs to take matters one step at a time and more so cooperate with his wife in trust.


  2. Bali will destroy Nnegi’s plan and deal with her. Haliru needs to trust his wife by asking her side of d story for him to fight his wife’s blackmailer. Nnegi will loose after.

  3. Bali will go after Nengi and his going to destroy her plan. Haliru have already disappointed in his wife, but his going to forgive her because his wife pregnancy is for him not Bali. And Nengi will going to regret everything she did.

  4. Bali is going to destroy nengi’s plan they will fight never it the real truth will come out haliru will want to leave jasmine but for Bali to come out with the truth haliru will stood by his wife

  5. Hmmm just like friendly enemies,beware of friends my people,bali will expose nengi,and nengi won’t be happy with haliru,cos they are not meant to be

  6. Haliru can’t do anything ryt now cus he is not in his right frame of mind…to think of it..if Bali scatter nengi’s plan it might affect him also cus he wants jasmine for himself nd Nengi wants haliru 4 herself

  7. Haliru can’t do anything ryt now cus he is not in his right frame of mind…to think of it..if Bali scatter nengi’s plan it might affect him also cus he wants jasmine for himself nd Nengi wants haliru 4 herself

  8. Bali will clash with Nengi,it’s only prayers that will save Jasmine.Haliru has been cast under a spell.This is getting serious.

  9. friendly enemies! Bali will destroy nengi plans and Haliru won’t take it likely with Jas. mehnnnmm Haliru don chop kop no Mi but it won’t last at all. Nengi, wats coming for u will hit so bad dt u wish u were dead. gud one Adelove

  10. Bali will surely distroy Nengi plan and Haliru will be mad at her wife and send her packing but he will take his wife back when their third friend and bali explain wat happen and d pregnancy will brought them close he love his wife but he is human and Jas need lot of prayer.

  11. Hmm.. This is getting interesting, I think Bali will approaches Jasmine and let her know all the evils Nengi has been perpetrating. Haliru will be furious with Jasmine and will want to end the marriage but they will still end up being together.

  12. Haliru is now possessed by the evil spirit in Nengi. It will be difficult for him to listened to anyone now. Bali will come out clean with Jasmine and explain how he got to know about her marriage and everything.

  13. Bali will try to destroy Nengi plan bcoz she’s trying to kept him out of the game, Haliru will b mad at jasmine for keeping all this from him but with d help of Bali, jasmine will overcome Nengifor trying to destroy her home

  14. Bali will destroy Nengi plans. Haliru has already started doing what he will do sleeping with Nengi and refused to go home

  15. There is nw fire on d mountain o. I guess bali will destroy nengi plan by going to haliru’s man to man to sort out tinz. Haliru will nw detest jas n she will irritate her more all bcus of d baby he thinks is a bastard n keeping such deep past frm her but I think Haliru has d baby in jas tummy.

  16. Haliru from all indications is under a love spell, jasmine’s secret has been revealed. Bali would want to challenge negi, which will further Complicate issues for jasmine. Double tragedy

  17. time and tide they say wait for no body had being Jasmine told her husband her secret, the story could have being different.

  18. Bali will destroy nengi’s plan. Haliru will be hurt and might hate jasmine for sometime but he will still forgive her. Jasmine needs God intervention to destroy nengi’s plan and reveal the truth to her husband

  19. Nengi will end up in shame she brought Bali to destroy Jasmine,Bali will not allowe her destroye Jasmine,just a matter of time Haliru will forgive Jas after she confess he also meet Bali to hear from him.

  20. You girls make costly decision, the child is the stem of her problem, and the root of it was her hiding her affairs with Bali from Haliru. Innocent as she was, she made ha self subject to blackmail. Nengi, how bad will your end be!Bali will want to spill the plan in order to ruin nengi and Haliru will avoid Jasmine and might want a divorce

  21. Balli will destroy nengi’s plan for sure….. and haliru will want to dig into the matter to clear of his own head.


  22. Bali will scatter Nengi’s plan if at all he will succeed then Haliru will take things gradually to get what he want since he now know that Bali is still alive…

  23. Bali will deal with Nengi bcos he does not trust her ,and Haliru will be very angry with his wife but with the help of his
    Mom ,he will forgive his wife as soon as she confess all her dark secret.

  24. The best thing for Jasmine to do is to be prayerful. And Nengi will be the looser at the long run. Adelove. Com there has never been a dull moments.kudus to u guys.

  25. Bali will definitely try to destroy Nengi’s plan. As for Haliru…as long as he is still under d spiritual influence, I doubt he will forgive his wife. Although I hope he takes thinks one step at a time.

  26. OMG!! Jas is in real trouble. Wicked friends. She’s meant to be with Haliru n hence, deir marriage will surely be saved. Jas has been a strong girl n God will see her through dis.

  27. Bali will destroy her(Nnegi) plan, since he is under the influence of charm( juju) he will do according to what Nnegi command him to do.

  28. Nengi you are nothing but a ‘dog’. U don get what you want. Jasmine I know you will scale though. Bali abeg come out Big for that nonsense!

  29. Bali will find nengi to destroy her selfish plans…..hilaru will definitely be mad@ jasmine bt i tink he will 4gave later in da run

  30. OMG!! This is serious, Bali will destroy Nengi’s scheme. Haliru’s mind has been poisoned already nd couple with the fact that Nengi is now using supernatural power on him, he might send Jasmine packing.

  31. Bali will try to destroy Nengi and Haliru won’t go home for sometime now because of the effect of the juju used on him by Nengi

  32. Bali will destroy nengi.. He’s a smart person.. As for haliru, he’s not himself. So i expect him to act rough n bitter towards her.

  33. Haliru is possess by d charm baba did on Nengi and all Jasmine need now is prayers to get her husband back. I think Bali will succeed in destroying Nengi plan.

  34. Hmmmmmm……. what a wicked friend …….. Nengi is a very wicked creature…. She shall live to reap what she sowed against her friend Jasmine. Her nemeses will surely catch up with her….. Adelove next pls…..

  35. Too bad for jasmin she would have told her husband everything herself before now and avoid this damage but God will see her through, for nengi she should enjoy now while it last because she will soon meet her water loo, bali will go all out for her

  36. Men are cheap oooo just like dat…Bali should spoil show for Nengi jare… Dis babe can’t just be having her way every time….Mtcheeew

  37. haliru won’t do anything but ask Bali to take his girl away from his house n Bali will b d one to destroys haliru’s plan.

  38. I wish Jasmine had revealed her past to Haliru. Bali will contact Haliru and his confessions will foil Nengi”s evil agenda.
    Kudos to Adelove and crew for this lovely and educative story.

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