(Episode 19) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Nengi was in a deep sleep, and she had a dream. In her dream, she was back at Aluu, and the baba was about penetrating her again. She was refusing, but he kept spreading her legs.

Baba: “You belong to me now, I live inside of you, and everytime he has sex with you, I prolong my life. You are carrying death around, daughter” he said as he thrust into her.

She woke up abruptly, and turned to look at Haliru, snoring quietly beside her.

Nengi: “I have you now to myself, and that is enough consolation for me” she said and kissed his fore- head. He roused out of sleep, and looked at her with surprise, just before his eyes glazed over.

Haliru: “You were wonderful last night. I have to go home, there is a lot that has to be done. But I want one for the road” he said and grabbed her, with the same zest as of last night. Nengi allowed him ravish her, even when all her honey pot ached, she knew the potency of what she did with the baba was stronger when they had sex. When the power held Haliru strongly, she wouldn’t need to continue laying on her back, so she thought.

Nengi: “What are you going to do now, will you drive her out?”

Haliru: “I cannot just do that, we had a civil marriage, if I have to divorce her, there has to be a proof of infidelity”

Nengi: “Isn’t the video proof enough?”

Haliru: “Any lawyer can dissect that video and say it was years ago. I have to do a DNA test on the unborn baby” he said as he dressed up.

Nengi: “That conniving bitch!” she thought within, and then said “When am I seeing you again?”

Haliru: “What do you mean; of course you are going to see me today. When I am in the office, I will call you to come over” he replied and left the house.

Just as Haliru left, her phone rang;

Nengi: “It is that stupid Bali, I am sure” she said and stretched her hand to get her phone. It was not Bali, it was Ella. She put it on loudspeaker.

Ella: “Nengi, where have you been hiding?”

Nengi: “I have been in and out of the city, what is up with you babe”

Ella: “Nothing much, I am just missing my friends. Jasmine doesn’t pick my calls anymore, you don’t call. I am thinking the both of us should get her favorite chocolate ice cream and take it to the house. Also, we have to plan her baby shower; it has got to be the best” she said.

Nengi: “You are right, it has been a while we hung out together. I am in. So I will come pick you up at noon” she said and hung up.

This was a perfect opportunity to check out if the charm was working, and if Jasmine was already on her way to destruction.

Haliru drove into his house and met his parents by the door; his father greeted him with a punch that landed on his jaw.

Haliru: “Father, what the hell?” he asked surprised

Haliru’s father: “Have you gone mad, what is wrong with you? When you were unmarried, you didn’t sleep outside. Why now that you have a pregnant wife. Have you gone mad, is this how I trained you? What happened to all the good Christian values that were instilled into you?”

Haliru: “Is that the reason you want to remove my teeth, I am not a kid, I am a man” he said angrily.

Haliru’s father:” I think the best thing is to remove you from all my companies. It seems that the wealth is getting into your head. I will disown you if I have to” he thundered.

Haliru: “And for what, for that slut of a wife?” he yelled, just as Jasmine was coming down the stairs. She heard him, and her heart skipped a beat. She fell and became to roll down the stairs. Haliru’s mother screamed in terror, while his father rushed to catch her before she hit the floor. But Haliru did not move, he just looked on detached, like what was happening was not his business.

Haliru’s father was too late; Jasmine landed on the floor with her protruded belly and went unconscious. Haliru’s mother screamed when she saw blood under her daughter-in-law.

Haliru’s mother: “Haliru! do something, your wife, and child” she cried.

Haliru: “That child is not mine!” he yelled and went upstairs, avoiding his wife who lay in the pool of her own blood, crumpled like a discarded doll.

Haliru’s father called emergency, but there was no reply, then he called his family hospital and asked for an ambulance. In five minutes they could hear the wail of the siren. Haliru’s mother cried all through as she prayed for her daughter-in-law to survive. They called their in-laws to intimate them about their daughter’s condition.

The paramedics rushed her on to a gurney and rolled her into the ambulance, while her husband’s parents rushed after them in a car.

At the hospital, the doctor asked them to sign a consent form because they needed to operate immediately, to save at least, the child’s life.

Doctor: “What is the priority here, do we save the child’s life, or the mother’s life” the doctor asked. Haliru’s parents looked at each other and they were lost for words.

Jasmine’s father: “Save my daughter’s life, she can have more babies, but I can’t have another Jasmine” he said. They turned and saw Jasmine’s parents.

Jasmine’s mother: “You heard him doctor, she is my only child, I cannot lose her” she said, and turned to look at her in-laws. They nodded their heads in agreement. The doctor rushed back into the theatre.

Jasmine’s mother: “Where is our son, why is he not here?”

Haliru’s mother: “He is on his way, he was already at the office when this happened” she lied.

They waited hours, but there was no news, the nurses kept running up and down in haste.

Haliru’s mother: “We need to pray, there is a devil fighting hard against the children, we have to join our faith together and pray. Hold hands” she said and they formed a circle. She led the prayer, binding and casting, any force fighting against the children. She also prayed that God will take control and bring Jasmine back to them.

While they were praying, the doctors cut Jasmine open and brought out her child, who was premature, just 6 months old. It was a baby girl, she was put in an incubator, she was fighting to live, and her lungs were not fully formed. Her mother however, was letting go, she was tired of living, and living had suddenly become too hard.  She saw her body been worked on and she stood aside and watched.

She told herself she had to leave this painful world, and she slowly drifted away from the theatre, into the hall way. She walked through the hall to the lobby where she saw her parents and inlaws.

Jasmine’s spirit: “I am so sorry, I failed you all. I cannot fight anymore, I must give up now. Life is too painful” she thought. She went close to her mother and touched her cheek.

Jasmine’s spirit: “Don’t cry for me mother, I will be happier where I am going” she said, but her mother didn’t hear her.

Jasmine’s spirit: “Father, I gave you all you wanted, I became successful, I paid you back for all you did for me, you are my next of kin, and all the material things I have is yours now, but I cannot stay any longer” she said. Then the memory of Haliru’s words floated in the air to her. Slut! Slut! Slut!. Her heart broke all over again.

Jasmine’s spirit: “How can I still feel pain, I am no longer in that body. Yes, it is because I am still here, it is time to leave. Bye my loved ones, may God have mercy on my soul” she said and began to leave.

Back in the theatre, the machine had a flat line, the doctors tried to resuscitate her, but all their efforts were in vain. It was too late. The doctor came out to the family waiting for news. His face was grim.

Jasmine’s mother: “Doctor, please tell me my daughter is going to be fine”

Doctor: “The child is alive, barely. She has been put in an incubator and we are going to do everything to save her. But I am sorry, we lost the mother. Accept my sympathies”

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Question: What is the way forward; will the death of Jasmine set Haliru free from the evil bondage? What is going to happen from here onward, can you tell?

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  1. I don’t think Jasmine is dead.I’m quite sure haliru will be free from bandage and nengi”s evil deeds will also expose

  2. Jas will cum back to life,she can’t just die luk dt. God pls save Jas. d parents prayers will set Haliru free from nengi evil spell. dt child is for Haliru. Bali will expose Nengi.

  3. I still believe that Jasmine is not dead, she will be sent back to complete her unfinished business, Haliru will still be under the influence of Nengi and Bali will show her what he is made off.

  4. Now it’s a spiritual battle.. Nengi wud want to fill in the space n haliru’s mum will be against it.. Now bali wud want to drag the paternity of the child at the same time expose nengi.. But y did Jasmine av to die

  5. Hmmmm,let me guess. I think jas spirit is going to set haliru’s free from d evil bondage. Firstly wen he is called she is dead. Also jas spirit is going to see nengi as the wicked friend,blackmailer n d one plotting evil against her. As a spirit nw,jas will get all d info she needs but I bliv she will live again.

  6. Jasmine’s spirit will come back into her. Nengi will be destroyed, already she’s death carrier. She can be conquered by serious prayer nd Haliru could be saved nd his home saved. The only way foward is serious prayer.

  7. I don’t think Jasmine will die lyk dt even though it happens it can’t help Haliru its only prayer dt will help him 2 overcome it

  8. Of course Jasmine won’t die,she is the main protagonist in this story,Nengi will reap what she sowed,even if she likes,let her take powers from the devil himself.Next episode.

  9. So sad, jasmine dead? Am sure haliru will want DNA done on the baby, am sure he will regret the whole thing, an not sure Jasmine is dead, because so many things still need to unfold,the son and evil nengi must be exposed then Bali…

  10. I don’t think that Jasmine can die like that, she have unfinished job. She can’t die like that, because she have to tell her husband her own story and Haliru will be free from the evil bandage.

  11. Jasmine can still jerk back to life, for haliru to b free, i think he needs God intervention, however if jasmine death is true, Negi wont see more of Haliru, the spirit of baba wld start tormenting her. Bcos she is carrying death in her, she need Haliru to always make love to her to keep it Alive……….

  12. Jasmine death won’t set hailiru free, the DNA on the child who show that it belongs to hailiru, bali will open up the whole secret he will be so devastated when he hear that jasmine is dead. He will take revenge on nengi knowing his part of the deal has been broken.

  13. Hmmm. If truly jas died then there will be trouble for nengi. She will be troubled by the spirit of Jas and in the physical Bali will deal with her for he still has feelings for jas. Interesting so far.

  14. jasmine can not just died like that she will still come back to life and take his rightful place and haliru will be set free from nengi boundage thought the power of most high God

  15. Hello ALC&Fs,

    Nope, I have a strong feeling Jasmine is not dead – she is the haunted. Incidentally Haliru is the verge of new hope and a great life. Nengi is doomed but God is merciful.
    We’ll be watching.


  16. Hmmm let’s cross our hands and see if the dead bone shall rise again…..very soon d Evil deed of nengi will catch up with her

  17. I jez wish dt bitch die instantly (Nnegi) or what’s her name
    She’s a devil and must pay wt her life
    She’s selling dt her contaminated thing around
    I hope and pray jas didn’t die

  18. What a pity, Jas is not dead she will fall into coma and may take month before she wake up, she is strong and a fighter u must clear ur name from dis. haliru will be set free from Nengi with prayer and as for Nengi she will regret so much dat she will want to kill herself b’coz dat spiritual man need sex to keep him young and Bali will confess everytin. Haliru will regret wat he av done, when DNA conferm and when he know a souce of her money. Adelove thank u so much for evertin so far, u keep us going.

  19. haliru will b hit will d news but will feel a lil remorse n get stubborn back d moment he saw Nengi..but Bali will b d one to set d record straight.

  20. Nooo Jasmine is not dead. She can’t die just like that. It is only prayers will set Haliru free. As for Nengi, nemesis will soon catch up with her.

  21. Jasmine is not dead oooo. Their parents prayer and God will set Haliru free. Bali will start the battle with Nengi by destroying her

  22. Jasmine’s spirit will be called back to her body. She can’t die just like that. Nengi,Bali & Haliru,i can’t predict what will happen to them.

  23. The death of Jasmine will set Haliru free from the evil bondage,he will try to do DNA test on d baby and d results will show him that he’s d real biological father of it that’s whre he will regret his actions against jasmine by pushing her to death…. nengi evil deeds will reveal to everybody by Bali if he heard that jasmine was dead……but I just pray jasmine shld not die so that she can find a solution on how to get back her abandon son

  24. Pls don’t die on dem Jas. U nid to finish ds battle. Ur one hell of a strong woman n I know u will come back to life n be reunited wt ur children n hubby.

  25. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiooooio A D E L O V E you can’t let the heroine of this story die like that now. Please bring her back to life or I won’t read again Lol! Not now, I pray Jasmine is not dead. She’ll come back to life to live for her son and daughter. Who is she leaving her children for? Haliru can go with Nengi I don’t care please let her live for her kids.

  26. Jas can’t be dead, OMG…… This is not so happening, Jasmine wake up, please don’t die now, Haliru needs you to overcome Nengi……

    Jasmine will come back to life, only the truth and God’s intervention will set Haliru free……..

    Nengi is in for doom, i love these story.

  27. Jasmine will be alive again, she’s not yet dead. And for Haliru, he’s not free for the bondage is too grieve for him to be free just like that. Fasting and prayers from his loved ones is what will save him.

  28. Jas cant die oh.chai nengi must not win dis battle.evil has no place where God is.jas fight for ur man joor.dont give up

  29. There is nothing prayers cannot do ..jasmine will not die ..haliru will b set freed..this is just the beginning of testimonies

  30. Jasmine is not dead I believe she will live. Haliru will not change from the bondage that nengi has put him. But I believe there will be end of the road for nengi. And I some-how she jasmine and doctor ogbonna starting something….


  31. An Actor doesn’t die! She won’t die like that oo. Nengi will be exposed by Mali. This is just the beginning of the End. It’s getting hotter!

  32. I don’t think Jasmine will just die like that. Haliru hmmmm. How are the mighty fallen! Only God can save him. May God keep the premature baby girl and prove the enemy wrong.

  33. How can jasmine die, story don end be that ooooo.Common her spirit will still come back to the body.Haliru i pity you ooooo cos nengi is no longer alone but the spirit of baba alu is also in her for as long as you are having sex with her you life is shorten while the baba’s own life is prolong.Next episode please

  34. Jasmine will b given another chance to live again… And her coming bck to life might set her hubby free and bring bck peace to d family

  35. Jasmine is not dead, she will come back to life. It”s only prayer that can set haliru free from evil bondage. As for nengi,she will regret her actions bcos the spiritual man will continue having sex with her which might provoke her and wouldn’t want the spiritual man to continue having sex with her and the spiritual man can invoke her with madness.

  36. Hmmmm is jasmie really dead? I believe she will return back to her body because nengi cannot just win over her like that, its only prayer that can set haliru free at this point in time

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