(Episode 20) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Jasmine’s spirit was about to float away when she heard what the doctor was saying, about her baby being barely alive.

Jasmine’s spirit: “I have a baby girl, she is going to live, she is strong. Just like her mother… or maybe stronger than her mother. But if I leave who is going to take care of her, certainly not Haliru, that weak hearted man” she began to feel hot, because of her anger towards Haliru.

Jasmine’s spirit: “I need to live” she said and floated away, back to the theatre, the nurses were about to cover her body, for transport to the mortuary.

Jasmine’s spirit: “Wait dammit!” she exclaimed, but no one heard her. Then she dived into her body, without thinking…

The nurses had covered Jasmine and carried her, to put her on the gurney for transport to the mortuary unit, when they felt her move. In fear, they flung her on the ground and absconded for fear of the unknown.

Jasmine: “Ouch is that how they dump people on the floor in this hospital?” she pulled off the white cloth and found that she was naked. She stood up and grabbed a hospital gown from the coat hanger and put it on. By this time, the whole theatre was empty, everyone had fled. The doctors included, they were taught to treat people, but nothing prepared them for a ghost as they thought Jasmine to be.

Jasmine went into the hallway and found no one, most people had fled, even an old, sick man that was being treated in the other ward had regained strength brought on by adrenalin, and fled, even faster than his relatives who were younger and of good health. Jasmine walked on to the lobby and saw that people were hiding in an office adjacent the nurses’ station, and peeping at her from the glass in the door.

Jasmine: “Why is everyone running, I am not a ghost. I am alive” she said and a pain shot through her. She bent and held her lower abdomen; she realized that where they had stitched her after the operation had loosened because of the way the nurses threw her on the floor because of fright.

Jasmine: “Somebody help me, I am bleeding” she cried and bent down. Her mother hearing her cry, pushed everyone aside and came out.

Jasmine’s mother: “My daughter, you are really alive” she held her an beckoned for the doctors to come out and help her daughter. The doctors rushed out when they saw she was bleeding, ghosts don’t bleed. They carried her back to the theatre, where they sedated her and began to stitch her again.

The whole hospital broke into a song, this was the first time they had seen someone who died, come back to life. Haliru’s parents were dumfounded, they have been thrown into despair over the news of her death, and pulled back out by her coming back to life. They embraced each other, especially as mother and child had been saved. They were now grandparents.

Jasmine stayed in the hospital for a week for her operation site to heal up, her daughter was to be kept in the incubator till she was 9 months. In this time, Haliru did not come to see them, he told everyone who asked that Jasmine was a cheap prostitute and the child was not his. Jeff came to see mother and child in the hospital, as Jasmine had refused to leave her daughter’s side. She watched her day and night, her maids brought her change of clothes every day, she loathed going back to the house.

Jeff: “I don’t understand what is going on. One day Haliru is talking about a vacation for you two, and now this?”

Jasmine: “Haliru has taken his decision and I respect it. I made a mistake, and everything I did was for that mistake not to destroy my family, I dried my account to keep that secret, but now the cat is out of the bag. Now all I live for is my daughter, I came back because of her, I would die if I abandoned another child again” she replied staring at her child who was fast asleep.

Jeff: “What do you mean by abandoning another child again?” he asked, but Jasmine kept mute, she was done talking to him.

Jeff: “So are you saying Haliru is not the father of this child?” he asked again, and also got no reply. He left after trying to make her talk, but fail. She tried all she could to block Haliru out of her consciousness, but failed.

Jasmine: “I thought you said you loved me, didn’t I deserve a fair hearing, how good is your love?” she thought and began to sob. That was when Doctor Ugbonna entered, he was in charge of the baby because his specialty was pediatrics.

Ugbonna: “Madam, are you alright?” he said, Jasmine turned and saw him. She quickly wiped her tears and plastered a feign  smile on her face.

Jasmine: “I am fine doctor” she said

Ugbonna: “You don’t have to force a smile for me, with me you don’t need to keep up appearances. I have seen you at your worst, and I know all is not well. But I know you are strong, you will make it. Hold on for a little while, things will be better” he said.

Jasmine: “Do you tell that to all your patients?” she asked with a real smile.

Ugbonna: “No, just the gorgeous ones” he replied and she burst into laughter, her first laughter since weeks ago. She laughed so hard that she began to hold where she was operated on.

Jasmine: “You made me laugh” she said trying to catch her breath.

Ugbonna: “Yes, I am an angel like that. As much as I love to do banter, I really need to check on our little princess here” he said and oved closer to the baby. He checked her vital signs and nodded his head in approval.

Ugbonna: “You will go home soon, your daughter is getting stronger every day” he said

Jasmine: “Thank you doctor, for taking care of me, and my daughter” she said and embraced him. Unfortunately, that was when Haliru came in, with his mother on his heels.

Haliru: “Look what we have here. If it is not the infamous Jasmine, are you already sleeping with the doctor?”

Jasmine: “What are you doing here, haven’t you caused enough damage?” he asked through clenched teeth.

Haliru: “I have caused damage? Oh I am the wrong one, not you who slept with someone on our wedding eve? I have come to tell you, that I want the DNA of the child to be tested”

Jasmine: “Good, pray that she is not yours, because if she is, I swear on my life, you will never see her again” she said angrily.

Ugbonna: “You are upsetting the environment of the baby, so please get out” he said

Haliru: “I am already on my way” he said and left. His mother looked at Jasmine sadly; there was disappointment in her eyes. She turned to leave but Jasmine stopped her.

Jasmine: “Mother, I am so sorry”

Haliru’s mother: “Both you and my son have brought so much disgrace to the Danlami name; we are trending on the news, not for good, but bad. I thought you were better, I am so disappointed”

Jasmine: “There is nothing I can do about the situation, I am so sorry” she said. Haliru’s mother nodded and walked away, praying in her heart that the child will turn out to be theirs. If Haliru was the father of the child, perhaps they could mend the marriage. She had come to love Jasmine, like the daughter she never had. No matter her mistakes, she had a good heart, and loved her son really. It was ironic that this was the same girl she had fought against; she smiled sadly as she walked out of the hospital.

Not long afterwards, Ella and Nengi came in, and the doctor excused himself.

Nengi: “Sweety, I am so sorry about what you are going through. I have been out of the country on Vacation, at the Bahamas” she said and blew a kiss at Jasmine. Jasmine raised her head and looked at her; she remembered she was preparing for a vacation trip before everything went to hell.

Ella: “Jas, it is going to be alright. I know I haven’t been the best of friends, I met a man and he has everything I have been looking fo in a man, am sorry I neglected you my friend for a man” she said sincerely and hugged her friend. She felt emotional, she would have lost her friend and she wouldn’t have known.

Ella: “We should all keep in touch” she said and kissed her hair. She brought out her make up bag and began to apply makeup on her friend’s face. Nengi felt irritated by all the love Ella was showing Nengi.

Nengi: “So she got a man and became most loving friend?” she pondered within, and said “Jas, what of Haliru, has he been to see you?” she asked and looked intently at Jasmine. Jasmine was about to reply when they heard a commotion outside.  Soon, the commotion got nearer, and then the door open, they turned to see Bali.

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Question: How did Bali find the hospital where Jasmine is, and what is his mission here?

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  1. Bali might get to know her whereabout through an informant and he is on a mission for the young baby girl…but I pray that the baby won’t be his

  2. GOOD-NIGHT ADELOVE AND CREW AND ADELOVE FANS…..Balli mission is to destroy nengi….. ADELOVE I like the way you always put us on suspense but please don’t let me develop HBP where am thinking what is to happen next….. I love you ADELOVE AND CROW AND THIS BLOG MEANS SO MUCH TO ME……


  3. All is Nengi hand work, she is the one that told Bali the hospital where Jasmine is and Bali came to come and claim that the baby is his own, but his going to be disappointed because the baby is for Haliru. Good night adelove

  4. Bali found out the hospital through Nengi, he came to the hospital to claim what he thought was his nd to put Nengi to shame, you can’t tell what Bali could to Nengi but i’m sure he’ll protect Jasmine from shame.

  5. Bali that baby is not your go and find your son in calabar…useless man…jasmine don’t worry too much have faith in your strength you would come out fine …as for haliru ignore that weakling it’s man for you the only man you need now is Christ..good luck

  6. Bali alone can tell how he manage to know the hopital. But his mission is to destroy Nengi and also to claim the child.

  7. Bali came to cover-up for all what jasmine is going through and also to see if d baby girl belongs to him but am very sure after DNA test d baby is for Haliru

    some people here won’t stop irritating by saying first to comment or second to comment… is that what you’re here to share? mtcheeeeew… God bless u @ Lewis Egim I thought am d only one who hates pple like that

  8. I’m so glad Jasmine didn’t die!, all will end for Nengi soon, DNA will be conducted and the child will be Haliru’s, Bali will lose out and Nengi’s plan will foil.

  9. Bali must have trailed nengi to the hospital. He is there to clear his concience.

    Adelove crew why do you people make us wait in suspense. Now I will be refreshing this page from 6am.

  10. Bali has come to ask for his baby and also ask for the former one too.He knows the hospital through Nengi because she wants to take Haliru finally

  11. I think Bali finds out the hospital by trailing Nengi. He is there to put more light in d whole matter by exposing Nengi and also finding out d paternity of the baby.

  12. Nengi told Bali of the hospial or he found out him self and he has come to claim the child. Am sure everything will soon come out in the open

  13. Hahahahaaa the devils will be exposed, I love this. This is going to be great in the hospital. When everyone have finished having their hearts brokened they will get treated there. Looool!!!

  14. Hmmmmm!! Ds is becoming more interesting. N of course Bali is dere for d baby n for Jas also bt unfortunately, he will be disappointed. D baby is Haliru’s. As for Nengi, her game is up. Can’t wait for episode 21 pls.

  15. Nengi was the one that told Bali about the child. I think Bali came to claim paternity of the child but he will feel disappointed when the DNA will prove otherwise

  16. Bali came to win back Jasmine as part of the deal with nengi. Jasmine will collapse at the site of Bali, because she thought he died in their last meeting/incident, and their ll be commotion there,Doctors ll come to revive her. This ll then postpone nengi’ blushes/doomsday,in line with ALF’ suspense.

  17. What if the baby is Haliru’s,i dont blame him because at the moment he is under the influence jass.Bali you want to reap where you did not sow,where are you when jasmine is taking care of the first pregnancy you told her to get rid of.Better be careful.Next episode please.

  18. Am sure bali has trailed her to the hospital, he wld expose negi, jasmine wld come to knw that she is the blackmailer. Hmmmmmmmmm, gen-gen…..

  19. Bali came to win back Jasmine as part of the deal with nengi, but Jasmine will collapse at the sight of Bali, because she thought he died in their last meeting/incident, and their ll be commotion there,Doctors ll come to revive her. This ll then postpone nengi’ blushes/doomsday,in line with ALF’ suspense.

  20. Bali might have been tailing every nengi movement and he now traced her to the hospital ,Bali came to the hospital for two purpose (1)to ask jasmine the were about of his son (2)to also claim the paternity of the daughter he will be disappointed the daughter will belong to haliru ,he will expose every nengi secret that is with him and disgrace her

  21. Adelove thank you so much, you are great. Bali will be very happy to see that the mother of his son is alive to show him where about the child. And for this new born baby is not for bali

  22. The child belongs to Haliru not Bali because she was already pregnant before she slept with Bali. The mistake Bali is making is that he thinks this child belong to him whereas it is the first child that he rejected and Jasmine abandoned that Nengi who is a friendly enemy was referring to.

  23. Bali could be dia for so many reasons. Either to expose Nengi’s true colour,or claim d child since Nengi tld him it was his. Interesting. Next.

  24. Wat nonsense wat more trouble does Bali think he can cause d secret is out already so no more panicking, Jasmine should just face dat fool of a guy nd sort all once nd forever.
    Why is Haliru nd Nengi relationship isn’t obvious…..Mtcheeew rubbish of d highest order….I hope Nengi will not kidnap jas daughter na den she go no say mothers are crazier dan mad woman

  25. He’s here to claim his child but would be surprise after the DNA. Nengi enjoy your time while last but be sure, it will come to end soon

  26. Bali must have heard Jasmine has given birth.. He wants to claim paternity of the child…his coming around will just cause more headache

  27. Even if the child is haliru’s, then i dont see how they can leave to trust each other again. But i pray that no matter the outcome, jas should divorce haliru and marry doctor ogbonna.

  28. Nengi must have told bali the hospital that jasmie is in and he has come to claim the baby and as for the baby only DNA will determine the real father. Kudos Adelove you guys are realy making my day

  29. Good work Adelove crew, you’re really doing a great job! Bali has come for three purposes, that is, one he has come to demand for his son, secondly, he has come to ask for Jasmine forgiveness and lastly, he has come to disgrace Nengi!!!

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