(Episode 21) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Jasmine: “Bali! You are alive. Oh my God!” she exclaimed, and walked up to him. She touched him, his skin, even his face.

Jasmine: “Bali, you are alive” she said and slowly sat down on the couch she had risen up from.

Ella: “But why wouldn’t he be alive?” she asked quizzically. A thought began to form in her head, could it be that Jasmine thought Bali was dead because, she tried to kill him.

Ugbonna: “Mister man, you have to leave now, how the hell did you get in here?” he asked. Two security men came in and began to drag Bali away.

Bali: “Jasmine, I want my child, that baby is mine, you can’t deny me my right”

Jasmine: “May devil punish you. Your child, go and look for your son that you denied many years ago, go and look for that one” she said and threw her shoe at him.

Bali: “You Nengi, you think you can outsmart me. You can’t, I want my child or else I will sing and the whole world will hear”

Nengi: “Have you gone mad, what are you talking about. Security, take him away from here” she shouted and began to push Bali away. The security dragged Bali away, screaming on top of his voice.

Ugbonna looked at Jasmine who was sitting with her head in her hand, and then at her friends, the situation was too complicated for him to handle.

Ugbonna: “Ladies you have to leave, now” he said.  Nengi was the first to pick her bag and leave, Ella followed suit after looking at Jasmine for a few seconds. That was when Jasmine broke down in tears;

Jasmine: “How did my life get so complicated? I was a happy girl before all this. I am so tired of the situation” she whispered in low tones, which were audible enough for Ugbonna to hear. He felt piteous towards. He wondered why the rich had such complicated life. Indeed, money didn’t buy happiness.

He had his own struggles but whenever he was with Jasmine, he felt like protecting her, she was just like his Deborah. Besides, didn’t his psychiatrist say he got better by helping other people? He decided he was going to help Jasmine.

Ugbonna: “Jasmine, let me take you out for lunch?”

Jasmine: “Really? Isn’t that against the ethics of your profession, doctor?”

Ugbonna: “Oh come on, I am not hitting on you, and you are a married woman. I just want you to leave this vicinity for a while” he said and pulled her up. They walked out to the parking lot, to Ugbonna’s car. But Bali flew in front of them and grabbed Jasmine by the hand, he shoved her on the car.

Bali: “I want my child” he said. He was so fixated on Jasmine, he didn’t see Ugbonna coming. He swung his hand and it connected with the back of Bali’s head. He fell down, and tried to get up, but Ugbonna followed up the punch with a kick. Bali fell down flat on his face.

Ugbonna: “Even if her husband will not protect her, I will.  If I ever see you close to her, I will dismember you with my bare hands” he said and opened the car door for Jasmine to go in. They went to a café not far from the hospital, where Ugbonna ordered coffee for the two of them, while they waited for their lunch.

Ugbonna: “I don’t know how people have something and they misuse it. I wish I have a wife that would cheat on me, it would be better than having a wife that is dead” he said

Jasmine: “You lost your wife?” she asked

Ugbonna: “Yes, it was my fault. I was driving, we were coming back from a church program, a truck lost control of its brake and swerved into our front, I was too slow, or too foolish. I swerved and the truck hit her side of the car. She died instantly, while I escaped with merely an injury. I went into depression, if not for the sake of my psychiatrist, I wouldn’t be here with you now. So when I see your husband behave the way he does, I am baffled”

Jasmine: “He was the best boyfriend, the best fiancé and the best husband.  Whatever he is doing is because of what I did” she said

Ugbonna: “You really cheated on him, did you?”

Jasmine: “I did, but not because I wanted to, I was blackmailed” she told him how it all started, from getting pregnant for Bali, to abandoning the child.

Ugbonna: “Have you tried reaching out to the child, looking for the child?”

Jasmine: “I have, but I went too late” she replied with finality, Ugbonna took the cue that she didn’t want to talk about it again.


Nengi had become a regular fixture at the Danlami oil group complex, Haliru hardly went for board meetings, because he was always in his office banging Nengi. The company lost a very important contract, because it was supposed to be handled by Haliru, but he didn’t go for the presentation because he was buried in between Nengi’s thighs.

The news of Haliru being enthralled by a strange woman was all over the news. His father had to take a drastic decision, he got the board members and they stripped Haliru of his position as CEO and every benefit that came with it. The company’s security was told to escort him out of the building, when they barged into the office, Nengi was naked on top his desk and he was pounding into her. Unknown to them, reporters had followed the security men into the office on Haliru’s father orders. But they were prepared for what they saw.

Ella saw everything on television, she was with her new man when the breaking news came on air, and she was shocked beyond belief. She had always known Nengi had eyes for Haliru, but she didn’t think she would go that far. She needed to get to the bottom of this, so she took her bag and bid her boyfriend goodbye. She returned to the hospital where Jasmine was resident, to get answers.

Jasmine was tickling her daughter’s cheeks, when Ella came in.

Ella: “I want the whole truth”

Jasmine: “Yes you will hear the whole truth; I am ready to tell the world my side of the story”

Ella: “Really, why now, is it because of what Nengi did?”

Jasmine: “Nengi? What did Nengi do?”

Ella realized her error, Jasmine did not know about the breaking news, but it was too late.

Ella: “Nengi is sleeping with your husband, she and Haliru were on the news. Reports say he has been kicked out of the company because he only sleeps with Nengi in the office and neglects his duty as CEO”

Jasmine just looked on, she was dumbfounded, and then things began to fall into place. Nengi was the blackmailer. She was the one who also told Haliru about Bali. Then she remembered what Bali said at the hospital, she had been working with Bali. When she was going through these musings in her mind, two reporters from Adelove vox pop team came into the room.

Jasmine: “It is time for my truth” she said.

They set up their camera and it was being streamed live to all the major television channels in the country.

Jasmine: “I cheated on my husband, out of fear. Bali, my ex whom I had not seen in five years suddenly appeared and said he would destroy my nuptials, if I did not sleep with him. I did not want to lose my husband, so I slept with him. That is why I don’t blame my husband for what he is doing. Whatever I did was out of my love to him. It is this same love that has made me decide to grant the consent to a DNA testing for my daughter. I want her to be tested, to know her real father. Afterwards I shall commence my divorce proceedings” she said.

Patricia had seen everything that was happening on television, even Jasmine’s speech, she regretted telling Nengi, and she realized that Nengi had used her to fight her own friend.

Patricia: “Ha girls sha  wetin you gain from stealing your girlfriend husband.” She said aloud.

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Question: What will the DNA reveal, is it Bali’s child or Haliru’s child?

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  1. Its just so painful DAT Nengi will betray her friend by using the information she got to blackmail Jasmine , I luv u @ adelove .crew,more gearse to ur elbows.

  2. If this child belongs to haliru then their relationship will have to be rebuild but if it belongs to balli then they will break-up and I see her with DOCTOR-UGBONNA as husband and wife…… don’t really know which to choose but I think the child belongs to Balli.


  3. the baby is haliru’s child cos dey only av sex like 3days n eve of d wedding. so is not possible for d baby to be Bali’s own

  4. The DNA will show that its Haliru’s child, n for negi, she go soon see pepper……… Baba’s voodoo wld catch up with her

  5. The baby is haliru’s daughter, this is just the beginning of friendly enemies (Nnegi) shame she haven’t see anything yet.

  6. Jasmine took a bold step….. The baby is for Haliru and i doubt a reconciliation. As for Nnegi sorry for you and Bali, no peace for the wicked. …..

  7. Whatever the paternity of the child is, she will go ahead for a divorce, n Dr. Ogbonna might just propose afterwards………. Adelove dont twist it ooooooooiooio…. N who knws Negi can also b pregnant by now, after those sex romp with haliru, if that b d case it will further complicate issues that wld make jasmine divorce inevitable……

  8. Thought provoking story. From my analysis, the child will be Haliru’s. It can’t be Bali’s because she slept with him a night before her wedding and she swooned at her wedding which was the very next day. So all in all, the baby is Haliru’s.

    As for Nengi, she is a terrible person even her name befits her person.

    Adelove crew, you are awesome. Thank you

  9. Any of my friends like nengi, may God single them out n punish them, they will never be a thorn to my fresh or my family’s….. May our path never cross. That nengi gal is horrible, Devil’s incarnate. She is not meant to live among humans

  10. Thank God, Jasmine is free from her past…. D baby has to belong to Haliru nd d only way he can get his post nd wealth back his by apologizing to Jasmine for his misdeed nd marry her back….Dat Nengi(death carrier) will soon leave Haliru cos d money is gone….Kudos to u Adelove u are mounted

  11. Hmmmn Adelove! I really don’t know what to say. Let the story continue. I’m so speechless. Haliru is the father of the girl.

  12. I tink the child is for Haliru. As for the divorce I don’t tink she should go thru wit it.they should just settle issue. its really not haliru fault for doing all of that u knw,he loves her too much that was why he was really heartbroken wen he saw the video which every man will react same.And don’t also 4get that his not sleeping wit Nengi wit his clear eyes.

  13. The baby is Haliru’s blood.Nneji,i said that u will soon meet ur Waterloo.Jasmine the Lord has vindicated u.

  14. This is getting more interesting, Haliru is the father of her child, Bali will not forget NengI, and the woman that had his son will surface.

  15. Adelove, una too much. Definitely d child is Haliru’s. N dat baby will bring dem back together. Shame on Nengi…. Evil friend. Her end is here now. Next pleeeeeaaase.

  16. What a story,bali u get mind oooo, to come and claim baby wey u no take responsibility on.Please next episode

  17. The Child is Haliru’s coz Jasmine had sex once and also on the eve of her wedding(Which means twice that same week ) also she got to know she’s pregnant on her wedding day so Bali can’t be responsible for the pregnancy.

  18. If this child belongs to haliru then their relationship will have to be rebuild but if it belongs to balli then they will break-up and I see her with DOCTOR-UGBONNA as husband and wife…..I think the child belongs to halirus

  19. If this child belongs to haliru then their relationship will have to be rebuild but if it belongs to balli then they will break-up and I see her with DOCTOR-UGBONNA as husband and wife…… I think the child belongs to halirus

  20. The child will be haliru’s child. nengi has lost.jas welldone for coming clean with everybody.its not the end.of life

  21. If this child belongs to haliru then their relationship will have to be rebuild but if it belongs to balli then they will break-up and I see her with DOCTOR-UGBONNA as husband and wife…… I think the child belongs to halirus

  22. Haliru may be the father of the child coz he has been fucking Jasmine even before their union and reappearance of Bali.

  23. Each episode gets more enriched. Adelove is gifted indeed. May this gift be used to bring glory to the Almighty as it enriches the lives of many

  24. haliru is the child’s father but what i do not agree with jasmine is she saying that when the results come out she is going to file for a divorce.she should just work things out with her husband because he loves her so much if not for the charm he wouldn’t have fallen for nengi

  25. I believe the baby is for haliru, that is why it is good for ladies to be careful of what they do when they are young so that it wont hunt them in future, the anguish that jasmine has suffer now is much more than the enjoyment she had in the past.

  26. Instead of commenting, people will be disturbing us with stuff like” am first to comment” and so on, what’s the meaning of all that. ADF should please advice readers to stop it

  27. Since doctor ogbonna is already in the picture…i think the baby belongs to Bali dat way she can begin a relationship with d doctor

  28. interesting…. pls I humbly suggest that I adelove crew can put all their beautiful stories in form of novels..I believe it win gain them lots of recognition, award both international and local…kudos

  29. That child is Haliru’s, remember the child was born in 6months, and the marriage is not upto six months, Jas slept with Bali some weeks and the day before her narraige. Which will make the child not to be up to 6months.
    Its Haliru’s baby…

  30. I have said it in episode 20 that after DNA test d baby is for Haliru….my msg came late due to insufficient data I have this morning

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