(Episode 23) Echoes Of The Ugly Past

Jasmine made to go after her but realized she was still on camera, so she pasted a fake smile on her face, till Ugbonna pulled away into the auditorium. She followed Mrs. Henshaw and watched her movement. She realized that she was walking to the podium. Jasmine saw that the age had told on her, she was not as tall as she used to be, her face had a few lines, which would have been worse if she wasn’t a woman of substance who could take care of her skin no matter the cost.

Jasmine: “Do you know that woman?” she asked Ugbonna

Ugbonna: “Yes she is the founder of Henshaw foundation, they deal with issues that affect women, overtake charitable courses, I am a member of the foundation, so afterwards I will take you to meet with her, you will like”

Jasmine: “Oh I will she has my son” she said within her.

Throughout the show, she didn’t hear one thing that was said, all she thought about, was that rainy day, years ago, when she had given up her child and this woman standing on the podium had taken her son in, and given him shelter. She was grateful to her, but she wanted her son back.

After the speech Mrs. Henshaw gave, people gave her a standing ovation but she didn’t hear them, she searched the faces of the people in the crowd like she was looking for someone. The truth is, she found out she has cancer, and it had progressed to the last stage, she had just a month to live.

Her foundation had saved many people but she could not even save herself. There was one mission she had to fulfill before she went over to the other side, and that was finding the real mother of her son, Sammie. Sammie was her life, her everything, he brought her joy in a world filled with so much pain and gloom. At the foundation, she saw a lot of pain, people who lost their loved ones to cancer, people who lost their breast to cancer and had to battle with self esteem problems, she saw pain in different kind of form. But her home was her sanctuary because Sammie was there waiting to bestow his love on her. She felt like keeping him to herself, that he would never know another mother, but she would not rest in peace if Sammie was left with strangers when he had a mother somewhere. But she wondered if the mother would want him, after all, she had abandoned him in front of her gate. But she could only try. She had also commissioned a private investigator, but there were so many dead ends, they didn’t know what the mother looked like, nor where she was from.

Ugbonna took Jasmine to meet with Mrs. Henshaw after the charity dinner;

Mrs. Henshaw: “Ugbonna, I am glad you came, you have been one of the pillars of this foundation, may God bless you for me” she said and embraced Ugbonna.

Ugbonna: “Thank you ma’am, this is my friend Jasmine”

Mrs. Henshaw: “You are that woman I saw on the news. Well, I admire your courage and you have a good heart. That must be why you are Ugbonna’s friend”

Jasmine turned on her charm and smiled sweetly to her;

Jasmine: “I am looking for a cause like this to invest in, I admire you, you are the kind of woman I aspire to” she said sweetly. Mrs. Henshaw was drawn in by her charm and charisma. She told herself that perhaps if she didn’t see her son’s mother, she would leave him in Jasmine’s care.

Mrs. Henshaw: “I will like us to meet, an informal business meeting, we can discuss the foundation and where you can fit in”

Jasmine: “Oh I would love that truly”

Mrs. Henshaw: “You just have to let me know when you are free”

Jasmine: “I am available this tomorrow during lunch hour, if you don’t mind” she tried to keep the excitement out of her voice. How is your son?” she risked asking.

Mrs. Henshaw: “You really checked up on me. Well he is fine, you will meet him when you come, he is a lovely boy” she replied. Ugbonna however was stunned, he was the one who introduced her to Mrs. Henshaw, how did she find out about her son.

Nengi had gone back to Patricia’s house to meet Bali, Patricia was not around.

Bali: “You have to help me get Jasmine and my child, after all you got what you wanted”

Nengi: “I got what I wanted? You spoilt everything you nincompoop” she replied. Bali burst into laughter, it was a mocking laughter.

Bali: “Are you tired already? You wanted to get what your friend has, besides how did you even get him, you used juju abi, you this hustler”

Nengi: “Don’t talk to me in that way, I am warning you”

Bali: “And what will you do? Curse me to death? You are nothing but a conniving bitch, you think you are smart. I am going to tell the whole world that you have been blackmailing Jasmine, I will even lie that you kept me hostage, torturing me, the mark behind my head will be evidence. I will pay you back for using and dumping me. Do you know how much I have lost because of this nonsense, and now I have a child that I am not even prepared to have, yet people are trying to keep her away from me. I will..” he didn’t complete what he was saying, before… He was so carried away with mocking Nengi, that when she removed a gun, it was a swift movement, before he could defend himself, she shot him in the face. He fell down and she emptied the cartridge on him.

Nengi: “Good riddance to bad rubbish” she said, and turned to leave.

Patricia had gone to the market to buy food stuffs, she wanted to prepare efo riro for Bali, he had complained of hunger before now. She was close to the house when she heard him Bali shouting and laughing, she doubled up and was almost at the door when she heard the first gunshot, and successive gunshots.

Patricia: “Hay God, Patricia you haff buy wahala oh, man na go kill you oh. Na for Patricia house dem dey shooy gun. Jesu Oluwa oh” she lamented as she hid under an overgrown brush. She watched Nengi come out of the room, with a smoking gun, she cleaned it and tucked it back into the black, leather coat she had on.

Patricia: “Hay I think say na her friend oh, this wicked girl” she didn’t know she had said it aloud. She saw Nengi turn and their eyes met. Patricia took to her heels, and Nengi pursued after her.

Jasmine got back to the hospital and met an envelope addressed to her, Doctor Ugbonna saw the envelope and suspected it was the result of the DNA testing, he thought it was supposed to come out in two days. It came out early, he guessed.

Ugbonna: “Do you want me to stay?”

Jasmine: “No, I need to be alone with my daughter” she said. She turned the envelope in her hand, as Ugbonna left the room. She was scared to open it, she knew there would be no hope for her marriage if the child belonged to Bali, and she really wanted Haliru back. She dropped the envelope and began to ask God for help.

Jasmine: “Dear God, I know I haven’t knelt down to pray in a long while, I have been living my life without the consciousness of you, but now I am on this rough road, all I see ahead of me is despair, I need you Lord, please dear Jesus Take the wheel, take it from my hand, because I cannot do this on my own. I will let everything go, my sins, my inordinate desires, everything Lord, just give me one more chance, and save me from this road I am on. Please Jesus, take the wheel” she cried in prayer. Ugbonna was outside the door, he had heard all he said, his heart went out to her. He realized that he had met his soul mate, but she was in love with her husband. All he wanted was her happiness, if Haliru was her happiness, he was not going to make things difficult for her, he would remain her friend, because he always wanted to be in her life.

Ugbonna: “Dear God, hear the cry of a broken woman, lend her a hand and let every nhard situation in her life be made soft. Take control and put joy in her heart” he said a silent prayer on her behalf.

Haliru saw a white envelope sitting on the dinner table; it was a plain white envelope, unlike the envelope of the hospital which usually came with a logo.

Haliru: “It is probably my bank statement; I wonder what my father has done again. Is he going to strip me of all my birthright because of that Jasmine?” He picked up the envelope, and tore it open. It contained a white sheet of paper. He read what was on it, and slumped into a couch nearby. He was weak, he had hoped that the result would be different. He read it again, this time aloud, maybe it would sound different.

Haliru: “After the testing, it is found that the child’s DNA do not match that of Mr Haliru Danlami, but matches that of Mrs. Jasmine Danlami. In conclusion, the child is not of Mr Danlami” he read it out.

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Question: Do you suspect foulplay, or is the child truly Bali’s child. Also will Patricia be able to escape from Nengi, or will she die like Bali”

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  1. I suspected foul play that child is nott Bali’s own then patricia might not escape from Nengi, that nengi of a girl Is deadly

  2. Evening ALC&Fs,

    I suspect a foul play with the results – the child’s Haliru’s. Patricia should be very careful with Nengi, may God be gracious to her.


  3. I suspect foul play.someone has manipulated the result.it’s also surprising for Doctor ugbomma to say the result is out so soon.Patricia will escape from nengi as she’ll be the one to expose her

  4. I suspect things are not the way it seems. I suspect a foul play. God bless Adelove for always making my day interesting

  5. It a foul play the result was surprised to be out in two days time why earlier than that’ that child is not Bali’s is Haliru’s child Patricia is going to escape nengi she will be shot but won’t die someone will rescue her cos she must testify against nengi

  6. i suspect foul play. nengi must be behind this. patricia will be nengi’s undoing. she will escape and then expose that wicked nengi.

  7. Dere is a foul play in d DNA result,nengi is behind it cos I guess d result is nt frm d hospital since d logo of d hospital is nt on d envelop.patricia wil escape to expose nengi as d killer of bali

  8. The result has been falsified, i know this will happen, that is Nengi’s doing. Nengi is a beast in human form, she’ll stop @ nothing to destroy Jasmine. I pray Patricia escapes from Nengi, patricia should run to a police station to make reports.

  9. Cant stop cryin bcoz i suspect a foul-play. D result is frm Bali or that stupid frnd of her. Up and Forward Adelove. Jas all d way to glory.

  10. Their is foulplay in it, d result is not yet out, this is one of another sting dat omo esu (Nengi) has poll. pat will escape even if she shot her she will be Nengi’s end. Haliru be wise now av accept ur daughter and d joy God av given u before (a son). Nengi am waiting for ur distruction.

  11. I suspect foulplay jooor, maybe Nengi have influence the result. And if she did everything will come out soon. And Patricia is going to escape from Nengi and if she did not escape people will see her.

  12. Patricia will definately escape from Nengi cause she will get help on the way. I don’t think there’s foulplay with the test result.

  13. DNA Results are not presented that way. Someone is trying to play smart or foul here. Jasmine will definitely win in the end..

  14. Certainly,there is foul play in the DNA result.Someone tampered with it.Patricia will surely escape and reveal the truth to the World.Karma will surely visit Nengi,her time is up

  15. ds real foul play.dt child is for Haliru and not Bali. Pat will escape because she has to testify to d murder of Bali. nengi ur game is up.

  16. there’s foul play in it… and I guess d letter was faked by Nengi just for Haliru to forget about jasmine and focus on her only…..Patricia will escape bcoz she’s d one to testify against nengi for murdering Bali.. on last episode Haliru will apologize to Jasmine and take her back with his daughter I accept Bali son as his son bcoz Bali is dead after nengi evil deeds has been revealed .Congratulation jasmine bcoz Mrs Henshaw will handover ur son to u…can’t wait for d last episode by 7pm Adelove

  17. there’s foul play in it… and I guess d letter was faked by Nengi just for Haliru to forget about jasmine and focus on her only…..Patricia will escape bcoz she’s d one to testify against nengi for murdering Bali.. on last episode Haliru will apologize to Jasmine and take her back with his daughter I accept Bali son as his son bcoz Bali is dead after nengi evil deeds has been revealed .Congratulation jasmine bcoz Mrs Henshaw will handover ur son to u…can’t wait for d last episode by 7pm Adelove

  18. I don’t want to believe the child belongs to Bali. If eventually it does, still good because Haliru is not man enough for Jasmine. Patricia will surely escape.

  19. I suspected foulplay since d envelope is plain white n no hospital logo. That means nengi is d 1 at work. Pat won’t end up dead like bali.

  20. Nengi at work. DNA result can’t be distributed in two places. It is either sent to the addy given or announced to the entire family. That result is fake

  21. I suspected mrs henshaw was sick,but,i also believe the child is for haliru and jasmine.nengi would be caught hands down thank u adelove.

  22. That result is fake and am sure its Nengi hand work. As for Nengi killing Patricia she won’t be able Patricia will escape

  23. I smell foul play oooo….. God pls help Jasmine. As for Patricia,she will probably escape,so dt she can tell d truth since Bali could is dead.

  24. I suspect a foul play, dis is the handwork of the she devil call nengi, the baby is Mr haliru child. Has for Patricia she will escape she will not die she will be the one to tell the world who nengi is.

  25. Wow! this story is one of the most interesting story I ever read, kudos to you Adelove and God increase your knowledge. Back to the story, there must be foul play because the time Bali met her was too short to conceive because it was few weeks to her wedding, so the child must be Haliru’s own. something is fishing. can’t wait for the next episode.

  26. That surely is foul play orchestrated by Bali who didn’t who erroneously believe the child is his.
    Nengi emptied the bullets on Bali so Patricia will escape, no doubt. She will be a key witness against Nengi.

  27. And I forgot to add that that is not how a DNA result is presented. This makes Nengi also a suspect in the manipulation in addition to Bali that believing the child is his will not take chances.

    Baba is coming for Nengi in a very short while.

  28. Na real foulplay kus the DNA suppose to come out in d next two(2) days nt immediately or rather let me say nt after some hours. Nnegi, ur end has come.

  29. I suspect a foulplay here, this is nengi’s doing to destroy jasmine’s marriage but she will go down instead. Patricia will escape death she will live to tell the story

  30. I suspect foul play, because the envelope with Jasmine was brown and the one with Haliru was fake and also, the result was supposed to be announced to the family members not to individual..
    Patricia will definitely escape Nengi

  31. a foul play in place,d envelope should bear d logo of d hospital,Patricia,hmmm,she will get away from nengi,desperate old witch

  32. There is foul play o…d child is Haliru, I don’t agree with d result
    As for Patricia, she would go into hiding n testify against Nengi

  33. A glaring foulplay, the baby belongs to haliru no doubt about that, Patricia will be saved, and Nnegi will be put to shame.

  34. I will first thanked adelovd crew for sellectig my name as of the luckiest winner thanks a lot,patricial will escape nengi death and she will later testify against her as murderer of Bali ,there is fore play in that result because it was not original it might come from nengi and haliru is the writhfull owner of that daughter .

  35. Dat is not possible. Nengi is behind it all. Dat child can’t be Bali’s. Patricia might not escape Nengi or rather she might cos Nengi emptied d bullets on Bali. If she does, den, she’s gonna be her waterloo. Can’t wait for d final episode.

  36. Nengi must have e tampered with the DNA results. Patricia will escape. Jasmin must have made mistakes, but I hope all ends well for her.

  37. Dis is serious how can d child belong to Bali eeehh Nengi is dis u again anyways ur end is near kill Patricia nd regret d day u were born

  38. After everything I still blame Jasmine for all dats been going on, if she had open up to haliru dis won’t be happening

  39. Low battery caused me to b this late… I suspect foul-play and that is only the hand work of nengi. Patricia will escape from Nengi she won’t die like balli bacause I remembered nengi emptied every content of the bullet on balli.


  40. D baby belong to Haliru, Nengi has tampered with d result dat bitch she is ready to do anything just kill Patricia nd meet ur end.. Bali is a total waste

  41. Fake results masterminded by Nengi, Patricia will escape. Nengi will be caught pursuing her and she’ll be arrested as her doom is near.

  42. All is well that ends well. Jasmine there is a bright lightvat the end of the tunnel for you….. Nnegi will be exposed and the child is for Haliru. Jasmine will be reconciled with her son and make peace with all.. nice one adelove

  43. All is well that ends well. Jasmine there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel for you….. Nnegi will be exposed and the child is for Haliru. Jasmine will be reconciled with her son and make peace with all.. nice one adelove

  44. I suspect foul play because the letter is supposed to come with the hospital’s letter head. Patricia will escape from Nengi & she is the one to reveal who killed Bali & every other thing that transpired between her,Nengi & Bali.

  45. If the result is surpose to come out in two days and it is coming out now without the hospital logo then there is a foul play, patricia will suvive to tell the stories of what happened to the world

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