(Episode 1) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

Richard: “You are nothing but a good for nothing wife and mother, how could you just be coming back from Heaven knows where it is you are coming from? Your son has not eaten since morning, are you daft?”

Rebecca: “Let me hear you say it again moron” she said tilting her head to one side pretending to want to hear him better. “Who on earth said a man cannot enter inside the kitchen to prepare food for his starving son? I told you I was going for The Union of Chartered Accountants Meeting and as you well know, I am the Chairlady for the union; shouldn’t your brain have told you I might come back late to prepare lunch?”

Richard: “Chairlady who cannot even take care of her little son, how can you take care of the needs of all those grownup women in your so-called union? Women sure are daft, why elect a lazy thing like you as a chairlady?”

Rebecca: “Moron… What do you know? All you want is to have your stomach filled, since you cared that much about Sammy and you are the hardworking one here, I am asking again, why didn’t you enter the kitchen?”

Richard: “Don’t you dare call me a moron again…Do you understand?” he approached her menacingly.

He watched and listened as they raged on and on. His young mind could not comprehend how or why everything suddenly changed for his parents. He could remember the way they were before, amiable and full of love for each other that even he admired and envied them. They forgave each other easily and thought up excuses for the other’s misgivings. He thought it would last forever, he thought couples were meant to remain like that forever. But there they were, almost always on each other’s necks. Bickering over little things which were not worth bickering over. He bled emotionally for his parents’ fractured link. He just didn’t know how he could fill the void, or the gulf that laid majestically between them which threatened to swallow them all up.


Richard and his wife Rebecca were the envy of whoever came in contact with them as a couple. The love they shared was out of the ordinary, theirs was indeed a love marriage; the type Indians call Rabne bana di Jodi [God made couple]. Their first and only child Sammy was only six years old when things started falling apart for their marriage. Of course they were still successful as chartered accountants but along the way, they seemed to have lost what kept their marriage together. That Saturday evening, without minding that their son watched them from where he sat kept lashing at each other.

Rebecca: “Someone’s feathers are being ruffled at last. Dear man, come and demonstrate how powerful you are in the presence of your son on his mother. Let the tell-tale of your machoism decorate and adorn my beautiful neck and face. Your son will grow up remembering how beautiful they were on me” She wasn’t backing off, she was prepared for the worst. The elegant mound on her chest fell and rose intermittently.

Richard: “I can’t believe this. I just can’t imagine how much you’ve changed over the years, it is so surprising how you’ve decided to shirk your responsibilities as a wife and mother in the home” he said frustrated.

Rebecca: “Responsibility? Did you just say responsibility? Don’t I bear yours in this home? Or whose responsibility do you think it is to put food on the table for the family? Shall I quit my job and become a full house wife then? Or what exactly do you want from me? I really can’t do this anymore” she burst into tears and took some steps back throwing her arms in the air in resignation.

Sammy sat at a far corner of the sitting room, watching as they bartered each other with words, he had witnessed their fights get out of proportion several times and so that day, he prayed silently in his heart that his dad would not lose his cool. That he wouldn’t start throwing blows at his mum. He kept praying until his mum walked over to him with a forced smile.

Rebecca: “Baby…” she began, squatting down in front of him. “Were you very hungry today?” she asked fondly Smoothening his thick and dark eyebrows, then the tiny bits of curly hair that lined the sides of his handsome face.

Sammy: “No mummy! I am not hungry at all, please don’t fight daddy” he replied shaking his little head worriedly.

Rebecca: “Don’t you lie to me baby boy, I know you were very hungry and I am very very very sorry my dear, something came up at the meeting” she said apologetically.

Sammy: “it’s okay mum, what matters is you not fighting dad, I hate it when you two fight. Promise me you will not fight him again, forgive daddy please?”

Rebecca: “You are still too young to be talking about stuffs like this Sammy, I cannot promise you that because your daddy is headstrong, he keeps making us fight”

Sammy: “What is the meaning of headstrong mummy? Is his head strong? Don’t you like his head?” he asked gloomily.

Rebecca: “You are so innocent my boy and adorable but promise me something?”

Sammy: “I will promise you anything as long as you will no longer fight daddy. I will even be good, wake up on time to prepare for school, I will do my assignments early and brush my teeth before I sleep everyday” he said livening up.

Rebecca: “My baby is growing so fast” she said raking her fingers through his afro styled hair. “Promise me that no matter what a woman does to you, you will never lay a finger on her?”

Sammy: “That is simple mum, I remember everything you do tell me: any man who lays a hand on his woman is not a real man, women are like eggs and so should be pampered, if not, they might break and get wasted. Life is not a bed of roses and so things might go wrong at some point, despite that I cannot give up, I must keep surviving” he finished happily.

Rebecca: “I said it! How can you be so intelligent? You even remember them exactly the way I said them? Give me five” she said lifting her right palm up for a high five while he reciprocated the gesture.

Sammy: “It’s very simple mum” he said proudly, apparently proud of his achievement forgetting all about the fight.

Rebecca: “Now let’s go and prepare something for our little genius, toast bread will do right? Your favorite?”

She said leading him by the hand to their well-equipped, neat and spacious kitchen which had white floral tiles decorating it from walls to walls.

Richard entered into the kitchen furiously and snatched his sons hand away from her grip.

Rebecca: “What do you think you are doing?” she asked taken-aback by this sudden outburst.

Richard: “Making sure you aren’t poisoning my son’s mind against me” he snapped and dragged Sammy out of the kitchen to the amazement of his mother.

Sammy: “Dad where are we going to? I was just going to help mum make toast bread” he was apparently displeased with his dad’s action.

Richard: “Don’t mind her my son, we are going to get a bite at Mr. Biggs. You love fried rice right? I will get plenty fried rice for you” he said as he stooped down so he could be at eye level with him,

Sammy: “But mum is…”

Richard: “Hey boy! Stop whining and just do whatever I ask you to do. Stop acting like a sissy and be a man, in this life you have to be strong and cunny otherwise you will suffer in the hands of a woman the way I am suffering now” he said cutting him short sharply. Sammy did not respond so he continued “my dear son, there is no place for soft men in this world, you will get cheated and trampled upon while you keep wallowing in the mud. No matter what you have to take the bulls by the horns and push it back. No one born of a woman should cheat you and get away with it, do you understand?”

Sammy: “Yes dad, but mum said I should never hit anyone weaker than I am especially women” he said looking up defiantly at his dad.

Richard: “Forget what your mum said, she is giving you the advice she should be giving a girl. She wants you to be getting disrespected the way she is disrespecting me now. Do you really want that? Will you listen to a man or a woman?” he asked holding his two shoulders

Sammy: “Uhn! No dad” he felt his dad’s gaze tearing his soul violently apart and unraveling all the feelings he had stacked away somewhere he thought was safe from the world’s scrutiny. His dad stood up at last and he felt a wave of relief sweep over him in soothing currents.

His dad drove slowly to the Mr. Biggs down Ibadan Street in Lagos Mainland where they resided at. He was quite relieved to find that the eatery was not as crowded as it used to be. He ordered for a plate of fried rice, chicken and moin moin for each of them. As they devoured their meal silently, the door of the eatery swung violently open, two soldiers led the way while a woman whose face Richard could not see properly trailed behind them, pointing towards where he and Sammy sat at a booth at the far corner of the eatery.

Rebecca: “There is the bastard…” she said appearing fully at the forefront of the whole scenario pointing at her mystified husband.

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  3. waw wen.two couples fight its usuallt d chiddren dat re affected.d most
    richard will definately get d beating of his life.
    what a pity

  4. Good morning Adelove.com and thanks for the money , I really appreciate… this episode is Confusing where d little boy is…

  5. This is a wonderful and amazing story..Thanks @ Adelove..I don’t really like how Rebecca and husband are helping satan to destroy their marriage..How can Rebecca pay soldiers to beat up her husband?This is wickedness and inhuman attitude..What of if he is killed in the process? She will regret this part she has taken..

  6. Another interesting one from Adelovelies. A working class woman who does not have time for her family or respect her husband all because she’s earning salary is a USELESS woman. A woman must be submissive to her husband to make her home happy. A real man on the otherside should mind his manner of approach to his wife @ all time. Respect is reciprocal. Children learns fast from imitation and so should not be made to witness fights between parents.

  7. what on earth could Rebbecca bring soldiers to beat or arrest her husband? honestly d day a woman who happens to b my wife try it with me she will b divorced… d family just want to destroy Sammy way of living

  8. Yah true that woman no try if na me be the husband and I happened to Cole back I no go even talk to u, but u go hear am, I go the feed u o but I will never make u happy

  9. Dis one is war against war…no respect from both parties, dey want to do things DAT will please dem, no remorse, no feelings nor God fearing in dem….2captains DAT wants to sail d ship together… I think is not gonna work out DAT way..one must be a fool dere,,,becx since both of dem are wise and wild nothing gud can come out of d marriage

  10. Wow! This is anoda fantastic story … Thanks @ Adelove. Rebecca and her husband should try and work on the marriage, two wrongs can never make a right. Rebecca should be submissive to her husband.

  11. Chaii, The woman have destroy her home by calling soldiers to arrest her husband, no matter what, she did the right thing at the wrong time.

  12. goodmawnin adelove fans nd crew
    this anoder bomb wao
    my oh my
    d wife wants to harass d hubby with soldiers
    i think pride nd feminism is d cause

  13. The way tinz are going wit d family ehn,I jushope dey didn’t get to harm sammie with their misconduct. There is a secret behind their action mostly on d woman side or d devil is playing wit dem since dey lack praying as a family.

  14. Morning adelove.com for dis early Morning steaming coffee.All dis deir wahala will surely affect deir poor little king at d long run (Sammy)I pity d boi for having dis kind of parent

  15. All I can say is that the family lacks God’s love and protection. Family should always pray..always. Family that prays together stays together.
    Nice one Adelove…good morning all.

  16. Hmmmmm when two Elephant fights it’s the grass that suffers. Rebecca and Richard are just trying to plant something in this boy heart…. the mother tells the boy that any man that lay hand on a woman is a real man… and the father is telling him never to allow a woman to disrespect him. I wonder the voice that Sammy will follow because the voice of his father and mother will be fighting in his heart telling him which to follow and which to abandon.


  17. did story is going to be a bomb…. I pray little sammy don’t suffer becos of his parent quarreling….. well done adelove

  18. First I say welcome back once again Adelove. I guess dis story portrays once a happy family dat failed to handle a little misunderstanding until it went out of hand. Gudmorning to u guys.

  19. All I can say about this episode is that I can sense some traces of war, teaching a 6 years old boy how to be violent and respectful..

  20. Where two elephant fight, its sure that the grass will suffer, just pity little Sammie coz I don’t know what will later happen to him.

  21. Early morning hot coffe…….real trouble in d family nd little sammy will be d one to suffer wat his parent are doing.Gud morning Adelove.

  22. Very interesting story, Richard and Rebecca are seriously corrupting the mind of their little son, may help God help sammy.

  23. Gudmorning Adelove crew and fans …..dis is going to be another intriguing story. D couple probably have piled up grudge against each oda or it also could be spiritual. Next pls.

  24. They don’t pray together,they are only making things worse for their son,I hope they realize their mistake on time,but its going to be for a while

  25. Rebecca have break her own house. That is why is not good for a woman to be bread winner. Because I guess Richard have a problem with his work.

  26. Rebbeca didn’t do well by bringing soldiers to her husband. and am sure she will tell them to beat him up in her Son’s presence.

  27. Hmmmn Adelove you’ve come again with another heartbreaking story. I’m beginning to see marriage in a different light oo. May God help us all

  28. The child will always be at the receiving end, the husband is making matters worst.the wife shouldn’t have gone that far by arresting her husband.

  29. Hmmmm, sammy wld b the one to suffer it all, i wonder how some women cld be so disrespectful to their husband. A man is a man no matter. Even if the woman is d one shuddering d whole responsibilities in d house. A man is d head of d house no matter what. Calling a soldier for ur husband is bad.

  30. This is going to be another interesting and educative story, with the look of things i guess its a ones happy couple that is battling with issues that if they dont take time might distroy their home

  31. Lack of understanding and pride wants to tear the marriage apart. Based on story so far, Rebecca is arrogant and she needs to be submissive. Adelove, I can’t wait to see how the whole scenes will unfold oh

  32. This is a serious matter o, husband and wife acting like immature adult in present of a toddler.
    This story will be a bomb.

  33. dis episode is too tough, I don’t no y de lovely couples are falling apart. Rebecca is acting so tough to her husband, I don’t no who Sammy is going to believe among de two of dem. I pity Sammy oo

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