(Episode 4) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

She went closer to her and as soon as their lips touched they both moaned in unison. Their kiss deepened as Ophelia unbuttoned her shirt to caress one of her boobs.

An hour later after they had made love, Gloria was still eager to know what the gist she wanted to tell her was.

Gloria: “Babe so what were you talking about earlier? You said there was something you wanted to tell me?” she said trying to recompose herself after the heated lovemaking.

Ophelia: “Guess?”

Gloria: “I cannot guess, its either you tell me now or I carry my bag and go home. I have a husband to attend to remember?”

Ophelia: “You just keep reminding me of how married you are. Can your husband make you feel the way I do? Can he suck you in places I do?” she asked jealously.

Gloria: “He is trying. Okay I am sorry, you know getting married was not something I wanted to do, I was pushed into it by my family”

Ophelia: “Well it’s okay, as long as we can continue doing this then I am okay by it. No one can break our ten years relationship in just a day”

Gloria: “Yeah sure. Now that is what I am talking about. So tell me what you wanna, I am dying of curiosity here”

Ophelia: “I met one of my pupil’s dad today and you won’t imagine how handsome and manly he looked in that suit of his” she said smiling mischievously

Gloria: “Hmmmmmmm…”

Ophelia: “Why are you sighing? Don’t tell me you are getting jealous?”

Gloria: “I am sighing because he is married. You are not heading in the right direction my dear”

Ophelia: “Now she is about to counsel me on what and what nots. Besides I did not say I am in love with him, you know how I feel about love right?”

Gloria: “Just be careful so you don’t end up breaking a home and besides this is the first time you will ever notice a man in this life. What made him so special?

Ophelia: “The way his lips curved seductively when he spoke to me. His composure and most especially the sadness in his eyes made me want to put his head in my bosom and tell him it’s alright. His marriage is crumbling too. I feel sorry for him” she finished sadly.

Gloria: “He must really be going through one hell of an ish. It’s okay then, as long as he will not come in between us, our love just like my husband did not, then I am cool”

Ophelia: “I haven’t said I consider him a potential anything. This one you are sounding like someone is sweeping me off my feet” she eyed her friend, went closer to her and bit her lips mildly. “I love you babez, only you” she said with a voice husky with renewed desire.

Gloria: “Okay I have to go now! My husband must be on his way home” she said springing up to her feet like a person dipped boiling ring in her anus all of a sudden.

Ophelia: “Easy Glo, I understand you don’t want to go another round, I will see you off”


In his office, he kept thinking and fantasizing about his son’s teacher. The way she pouted her lips when she was trying to make him open up to her. The way her skirt skidded to her laps when she crossed her legs, the way she welcomed him and made him feel like he was something special, he just felt like opening his soul to her. He did not know when the door to his office opened and his wife stepped in.

Rebecca: “Richard…Richard” she repeated loudly, thinking he was asleep.

Richard jerked out of his reverie.

Richard: “Yes? Don’t you know how to knock before entering a person’s office?”

Rebecca: “I am sorry but I actually did knock, you did not answer me”

Richard: “What do you want by the way?”

Rebecca: “I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow morning and he has asked that I come along with you”

Richard: “I have work to do so you can go on your own” he looked down on a pile of paperwork on his desk and pretended to be reading them.

Rebecca: “But this has to do with the baby” she started sulking.

Richard: “I told you I have work to do, what part of that do you not understand?” he snapped.

Rebecca: “I already took permission from the M.D on behalf of the two of us and he understands. But if you don’t want to, who am I to force you? Just know it’s not for me but for the baby” she said holding her midsection with both of her hands. “If not for my sake but for the sake of our children, can you forgive me please? Is there anything you want me to do? Say it and it will be done but please I really can’t do this on my own anymore. I need you” she said as tears filled her eyes

Richard: “I cannot go with you, I don’t even recognize that thing as my baby, so whatever has to do with it, do it on your own and don’t involve me. Do you get it?”

Rebecca: “I really feel sorry for you Richie, you will live to regret this utterance you just made” she cursed under her breath and stormed out of his office. He lifted his head slowly from his paperwork, looked at her retreating figure and shook his head.

Richard: “It’s you who has just started regretting for being so bitchy all these while. We are just starting, in fact I am yet to start” he thought and his mind drifted to Ophelia’s almost perfect body. He remembered how delicate her features were: silky smooth skin that was inviting him for a gentle caress. She had almond shaped eyes with a deep dimple adorning each of her cheeks when she smiled. Thinking of her made him happy and at ease with himself. He knew he wanted to have another chat with her so he brought out the card she had given him the previous day and admired its contents. He saved the number on the card as Miss Supple and smiled at his creativity.


With a heavy heart, she went straight to the doctor’s office on confirming her appointment with the receptionist the next day. Dr. Wilson was in his office waiting since he had a class that noon, he was a resident doctor in his early thirties.

Rebecca: “Good afternoon doctor” she greeted as she took her seat opposite the doctor on the book-filled table.

Dr. Wilson: “Good afternoon to you too, how are you feeling today?” he replied with a broad smile on his handsome chiseled face.

Rebecca: “I am fine thank you”

Dr. Wilson: “But where is your husband? I specifically told you to come along with him, he needs to be here too” he was displeased.

Rebeca: “He got too engaged in his work so was not able to make it down here. But hope there is no problem doctor?”

Dr. Wilson: “Well there is one whinny tinny bit of problem and that is why I need to talk to your husband and not you”

Rebecca: “What is the problem doctor? “She asked sitting up nervously.

Dr. Wilson: “Well it’s your husband I need to talk to, maybe we will have to reschedule this appointment till he is less engaged in his work?”

Rebecca: “No! Tell me whatever it is, I can bear it. Does it have anything to do with my baby?”

Dr. Wilson: “I already told you, except your husband is here I won’t divulge any information to you madam” he said impatiently checking his time over and over again.

Rebecca: “Okay how about this? My husband refused to come not that he is busy”

Dr. Wilson: “But why if I may ask?”

Rebecca: “We are not in good terms. We haven’t been a couple for some time now”

Dr. Wilson: “Oh! I am sorry about that ma’am, I had no idea” he said apologetically.

Rebecca: “It’s okay. So can you tell me now please?”

He thought for some seconds.

Dr. Wilson: “Okay then. How was your last pregnancy? Did you develop any complications like heart disorders?”

Rebecca: “Yes, I was diagnosed with Peripartum Cardiomyopathy but it was neutralized after I gave birth to my son. That is why I stayed off getting pregnant for so many years”

Dr. Wilson: “Yeah! And now, I just found out that the condition has returned only that it’s now worse than before”

Rebecca: “What do you mean by that?”

Dr. Wilson: “You might lose your life in this pregnancy. From now on you have to thread carefully, avoid anything that will give you emotional pain so your heart don’t get weakened more. If you lose your life before you are due for delivery, then it will be difficult to save your baby too”

Rebecca: “Are you insinuating that I’d lose my life?”

Dr. Wilson: “I haven’t said that yet but it’s likely. Just make sure you do as I said and make sure you tell your husband about this. Your survival might be dependent on him. I am already late for my class, come for regular checkup. At least twice a week will do. Book an appointment with the receptionist” He said rose from his seat and fetched his lab coat from where it hung on the wall.

Rebecca: “Okay doctor. I will do as you said. Thank you very much” she replied weakly as she stood up, shook the doctor’s outstretched hands and headed for the door.

Dr. Wilson: “Make sure you tell your husband, this might help restore your marriage” he called after her but she was long gone and out of earshot.

As she drove home that day, she kept debating within her whether to tell him or not. “I don’t want his sympathy, I don’t want him to start loving me again out of sympathy. But what do I do? Should I tell him this or keep it to myself so no one gets bothered unnecessarily? I am really at a loss here…”

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QUESTION: What do you advise her to do? Tell her husband about her condition or not? Do you really think that will make him forgive her?

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  1. Kai… she brought this division upon herself and now that it has gotten worst the husband wud feel she is fakin or tellin lies just to get his attention. The best thing to ensure she is save.

  2. She should tell her husband but I don’t think that will change his mind because he’s no more in love with his wife, he doesn’t have any feelings towards his wife anymore and he’s already falling another for lady.

  3. @ a point in time, there was love between these two pple, i believe love is still lurking somewhere between them. She should tell her husband nd the man should try to forgive her.

  4. Telling her husband will be the right thing to do. But there is already this voice in her head telling her never to tell her husband. And even if she tells her husband I don’t think it will make him to forgive her. Richard might think that she just cook-up the stin the other hand I see Richard is already falling for ophalia which is another 80percent reason why he won’t forgive her. Rebecca is in a very Big danger cause I don’t think Richard will forgive her. That’s the reward for doing something without thinking twice….


  5. She should tell her husband b’coz he has d right to know and if he did not forgive he will be d one to regret but d thing is he have sometin for his sons teacher so this will really be difficult to go back as they use to be. thanks adelove.

  6. well… telling him is better, he may consider that to forgive her but d problem she may start having is when Richard and d teacher start dating each other

  7. she should tell her husband although am not expecting him to forgive her through this cus DAT won’t stop him from loving his new found lesbian girlfriend but maybe it will stop him from torturing her emotionally.

  8. Telling her husband will worsen her condition because Richard made it clear that he is not interested on the pregnancy. Kudos Adelove and crew

  9. She should tell him, but i doubt if it will change Richard feelings cause he’s already falling in love with his son teacher.

  10. she shud swallow her pride and tell him since he is d father and her husband.its for her safety. weda pity or not. obey d doctors instruction

  11. She should tell her husband at least for her life & d baby’s. Richard should forgive her already, he has tortured her enough & try to remove his mind from Ophelia she’s a filthy business.

  12. Eeyah,I feel 4 u rebecca. Tell your husband ok,all will be well bt as 4 richie I dnt tink he will forgive her despite dat information on her health bcus he alrdy got lustful eyes 4 ophellia

  13. she should tell him everything,she rubbished her husband,it takes divine interventation,but she should have asked Dr Wilson to call her husband.the chance of Richard forgiving his wife is well small since he is having a feelings for another woman,before he will recognise himself it will be too late.

  14. she should ask God for forgiveness, forgive herself, then ask for God’s direction. but she should tell her husband wat d doctor said, haba I feel for her, but she took d wrong step by disgracing husband in public and in front of there child

  15. Rebecca sorry, you acted harshly against your hubby, if I may ask, what made you to behave that way, if I were in his shoes I would have gotten married already

  16. She should tell him, knowing how harded Richard heart is towards her he might not forgive her still, he might even see it as an opportunity to punish her more and get rid of her.

  17. She should go ahead and tell her husband but am afraid it really wouldn’t make any difference to him.He may even feel she is lying just to get his attention. I really feel for her.The more reason we all should know that we ought to build our homes so our children don’t bear the sad brunt.

  18. Let her tell him.he might forgive her n restore.dere marriage.chai miss supple is a lesbain.not surprised.Ten years kwa

  19. Telling the husband will not change anything rather it will make him frustrate her the more. She should keep it to herself and ensure she is always happy no matter what

  20. She should tell him for formalities sake though its not going to change anything because the man is already falling for another woman.

    Next episode plzzzzzzzzz

  21. I am very upset about what she did to her husband. She has a lot of pride in her. Her husband should teach her a big lesson, never to disrespect him again. In the same vein, she should humble herself and kneel before him to beg for forgiveness, leave pride and tell him what the doctor said.

  22. Is better she tell her husband weather he forgives her or not but tell him everything after all he still her husband no matter what

  23. It’s adviciable she tells her husband who knws he might forgive her.but we shouldn’t forget d fact dat dere are still outless men out dere who dnt care a bit no mata d situation. May God help help.

  24. It’s adviciable she tells her husband who knws he might forgive her.but we shouldn’t forget d fact dat dere are still outless men out dere who dnt care a bit no mata d situation. May God help her.

  25. I think she should tell her husband abt her condition… It will den be his choice to do whatever he wants,instead of her dying in silence without d husband knowing wht happened. She is d one to loose either way….so she better tell him.

  26. Rebecca should tell her husband abt it oh that’s too big for her to carry alone. As for him he should forgive her already nah, we all knw wat she did was wrong

  27. The man’s heart is harden already. But there is no harm in trial, may be telling him will make things work a bite or even worst, but is good she led him know about it.

  28. She went too far with the husband. She even pushed the husband to meet with their son’s teacher and now they have feelings for each other

  29. Rebecca’s thinking is already filled with pride. So she might not tell her husband. We know that Richard was stripped of his pride when Rebecca called the soldiers on him, but without the love of God, their relationship is doomed.

  30. Telling her husband will b the right step cus it will help rekindle their broken relationship..Richie shud stop lusting after SAm’s teacher o

  31. She should open up and tell her husband, but I doubt if he is ready to forgive blc his eyes is somewhere else. I think Rebecca should go to God in prayers.

  32. I can recognise pride in her thoughts…she is too proud n that’s what makes her do silly things thinking it’s d right thing. She has to tell her husband n sincerely apologise to him instead of saying one thing n thinking another in her mind. The marriage won’t work in this way
    Two captains can’t control d same boat!

  33. She should tell her husband, but i dont think she will, husband is already fantasising about lesbian Ophelia, hmmmmmmm. Interesting

  34. I wonder why people will be advising someone in this kind of situation to tell her husband?
    A husband who wishes nothing but death now. if he gets to hear about her condition not wanting emotional pain,I swear he would make sure she drop dead with the kind of emotional pain he give to her

  35. She should tell her husband about it, this is not what she can keep to her self. And with that her husband can rethink and make things work out between them and with the rest of mind she may not die.

  36. This is pathetic,had it been she had not maltreated her husband the situation would not have been this difficult,all the same she should let her husband be aware of her health complications.

  37. It is better she divulges this information to her husband,they both own the baby.If he likes let him continue behaving the way he is doing.I hope she takes care of herself before it is too late.As for Richard,he doesn’t know the one he is fantasizing about is a lesbian.The devil one knows is better than the Angel you do not know.

  38. I don’t think the man is ready to forgive and with him already fatanzasing about his son’s class teacher. it will be difficult.

  39. She should tell him but not sure it will make him forgive her now dat he has started fantasizing about another woman who happens to be her wife’s bed mate. But he might change when he hears directly from d doctor.

  40. Ophelia is just out to punish Rebecca the more,but Richard has punished her enough,I pray it does not get late before he realize his mistakes

  41. She needs to tell her husband,if after then he still refuse to forgive her and she eventually die.He will regret his actions.She needs to pray on her family n health

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