Help Me! I Love S*x But This Unusual Thing Keeps Happening – Man Cries Out

A well-endowed man is in dire need of help as his s*x life is about to suffer as a result of this unusual thing he noticed.


According to report, a man has shared his frustration and disappointment he is recently experiencing when it comes to s*x.

Hear him:

“I’m a big guy, I’m big down below and a number of girls have told me that I take a long time having sex. Have I got a problem?

I watch porn a lot and have sex with my partner three times a week, though sometimes it can be three times in one day. Each time it goes on for about 45 minutes.

I’m told this is longer than normal. I’m 35, my girlfriend is 30 and she says she gets sore. I love sex but I struggle to finish. Sometimes I’m not fully erect. One ex told me foreplay would help but I’m not a huge fan of foreplay.”

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  1. some women wants it to last in that minutes but d minutes I know whc is best for the two parties is 5-10min…. so bro I guess u should consult ur doctor

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