Shocking!! Reverend Father Dances With A Masquerade In Anambra (Photos)

We all know masquerades are not associated with Christianity, because they are of two diverse source.

Neglecting the odds, they sometimes meet, as it happened in St Paul’s Catholic Seminary, Ukpo, Anambra State sometimes ago, causing uproar among viewers.

A Facebook user was perplexed about this phenomenon, and he reacted angrily. He writes,

“This is happening now at ukpor Nnewi they call it St Paul feast….. A Rev father following masquerade choooooiiiii aru emmeee. Please Guys is this right or wrong I know that some blind folks here will start defending them.”

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  1. There’s nothing wrong with a Priest dancing with a masquerade.We are in modern times, things are moving fast and things changing. The Myth associated with these things are not as strong as they use to be mainly due to the availability of more information which now made people wiser concerning these things.

  2. There is nothing wrong as it is just another person dressed up in raffia skirt with paint etc and performing dances and acrobatic displays!!!

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