(Episode 11) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

(Episode 11) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

Richard: “What? For real? On what ground would they send their only child out of the house?” he said with his eyes popping out of their sockets.

Ophelia: “They watched the video of me proposing to you. The video seem to have gone viral…”

Richard: “Damnit! I told you…I told you this could happen. Do you see it now?”

Ophelia: “I don’t need you putting blames on me now. What I need from you now is your moral support and probably a place to crash at?”

Richard: “Let’s go back and plead with your parents, tell them you were only being childish and naïve. Tell them we planned the whole thing together so we could get popular?”

Ophelia: “No way! You don’t know my dad. He is a stubborn son of a difficult mother. You should have heard him raging even my mum could say nothing, she just cowered at a corner like a deaf and dumb who had no inkling about what was happening” she said sarcastically.

Richard: “Don’t talk about your parents with such disrespect ma’am. If you don’t respect your parents how will you be able to respect your husband later on?”

Ophelia: “I am just angry dear. I can’t believe they could throw me out by this time of the night. All my dad cares about is his reputation and honour. One will think he is the only Professor in the world. Please can we just get out of here? I am getting scared already”

Richard: ‘Where will you want to go to now? A hotel or my house?”

Ophelia: “Your house will not be bad” she replied strapping on her seat belt.


Night time was a nightmare to Gloria especially anytime her husband was not away on a business trip. She dreaded the time he’d have to pull her panties to thrust into her. It made her want to throw up in his face but she knew doing that would mean death to her marriage. She had to endure and keep enduring until when she is finally able to leave the marriage. She laid on the bed thinking of Ophelia, of everything they had shared, their love and friendship. Despite all of their escapades, they had never been suspected even once let alone caught. Whenever they spent those long hours in her room, her mum always thought they were having their girly talk so no one ever thought of intruding. The thought of those times made her horny involuntarily, she remembered her husband was in the shower and would soon pounce on her, she quickly got up and wiped herself clean with tissue and went back to bed. He head the door of the bathroom open and braced herself for what was to come next.

Johnson: “Remove your night gown” he grunted like a pig on heat. She obeyed and laid back. He took in her stance and smiled satisfactorily. He joined her on the bed and instead doing what she thought he will do, he turned her sideways to face him.

Johnson: “What is wrong dear? Is there something I am doing that you don’t like? Is there anyway you know that can make it better?”

Gloria: “You are doing just fine” all she wanted was to get the night over with.

Johnson: “But why are you always so unresponsive when we make love? You hardly even touch my bag except I beg you to. I feel like I am raping you and that is the worst feeling any married man can have in his marriage. Please tell me, you don’t like the way I do it?”

Gloria: “I said you are doing just fine. I am serious”

Johnson: “Okay can we try something different today? Instead of me doing the whole job, you will do it today. You will ride me, I want to feel your ass slapping against my shaft. I want to watch your boobs bounce carelessly up and down. Can we do that?” he gaze was lustrous and pleading at the same time.

Gloria: “No I don’t want to. If you really want to make love, I am here. Do it the usual way you used to or I will go to sleep now” she said and made to turn away from him but he held her down.

Johnson: “You are my wife for Christ sake woman and we are supposed to be trying new things on bed. Try pleasuring me once too so I’d know I married a living person and not some log of wood” his voice was calm as he said this. He knew what he wanted.

Gloria sensing that his patience could snap at any time decided to do as he requested. She closed her eyes and started kissing him while he kissed her back, groaning annoyingly. She felt herself becoming wet as he dipped his finger into her centre. She pretended it was Ophelia she was with and this made her enjoy the act for that moment until she climbed on top of him and slide him gently into her. All the sensations she had felt earlier vanished, she almost pulled away but he held her down tightly on her waist and started rocking her back and forth. She followed the rhythm and soon picked up the pace. Grinding against his shaft while he squeezed the boobs, the sensation came flooding her and she felt herself going faster and faster until she started contrasting around him. She could not believe she was cumming. Her eyes squeezed shut as her body finally relaxed, he noticed it and turned her over on all fours in the doggy style. He rammed against her as his hip bone slapped against her buttocks, the sound of that turned him on even the more as he also climaxed spilling his seed inside her. They both rolled back on the bed breathing heavily.

Johnson: “That was awesome honey. Did you like it?” he asked looking at her lovingly.

Gloria: “Yeah it was great, I enjoyed every bit of it” she replied smiling but she wasn’t going to admit to him it was the first time she ever reached orgasm with a man.


He sat opposite her in the sitting room eyeing her suspiciously. He wondered why she was at their house with her clothes and feeling so comfortable as if she was at her home. ”She even slept in the same room with my dad. I just dislike this lady with passion” he mused.

Ophelia: “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

Sammy: “Why did you come to our house?”

Ophelia: “I am in your house because I am going to be your new mum from now onwards”

Sammy: “You are never going to be my mum because my mum will be back soon. So you should better go back home aunty”

Ophelia: “How did your mother even bring this boy up sef? How can you be so rude to someone who used to be your teacher?”

Sammy: “Well I guess it’s not my mum who failed in teaching me well, it’s you!” he blurted out rudely.


Hell was let loose in the home of the Harrisons when in the morning, Ophelia was nowhere to be found. Obiageli called Gloria to ask if she was there but she replied in the negative and even went further to say she hadn’t heard from her for three days. Prof. Harry kept barking orders in the sitting room, heaping accusations and threats on his wife.

Prof. Harry: “Shameless mother and daughter. How can she leave home without telling anyone in the middle of the night? I know you both planned it together, to spoil my good name in this neighbourhood” he kept fuming.

Obiageli: “Nna anyi take it easy. She could have gone out briefly this morning, besides we all ate dinner together last night and there was no ill-feeling whatsoever between us last night. Maybe she went on her morning workout?”

Prof. Harry: “Why are you acting so dumb? Weren’t you the person who reported to me that some of her clothes were missing too? Do you exercise with a traveling bag on your head? This is the price I have to pay for marrying an illiterate” he said, giving her a look that could send a soldier into hiding.

Obiageli: “What are we g…Premier Naija Inspirational Blog!oing to do now? Heei this girl is trying to send me out of my husband’s house” she started crying.

One of the servants in the house ran into the sitting room with his phone, watching something. He handed it over to the professor who became dumbfounded and speechless.

Obiageli: “What is happening?” she went closer to peep into the phone and what she saw also weakened her legs. She took some steps back and slumped on the floor, crying.

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Question: Could it be that her secret as a lesbian has been revealed? And was it okay for Richard to have agreed to take her to his home?

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  1. I think her secret as a lesbian has been revealed. Richard allowing Ophelia in to is home is not the right thing. THERE’S FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN

  2. d secret of d lesbian have been revealed due to d video they have watch… is OK for Richard to accept her in since both of them are dating each other

  3. I don’t think her secret has been revealed yet..is probably d proposal video. And Richard was wrong in taking her home. It was all just a plot to get into his home,since it is evident now dt her parents are even luking for her.

  4. He should have sent her out early the next day. What they saw on the phone of the servant is the proposal of Ophelia to Richard

  5. I know her dad did not send her out, it was all a plan to sleep with Richard..maybe what they saw on the phone was the proposing she proposed to richard

  6. Am sure its the proposing pics n video that is trending and not her lesbo video. Sammy is really going to hv tough time in the house now. For Rebecca i bliv she wld step up with the husband soon

  7. I don’t think her secret as a lesbians has been released, I think her parent saw her proposing to Richard, taking her home is not the bone of contention but letting her stay permanently in his house will be the problem

  8. Her secret as a lesbian has been revealed and Richard is not suppose to take her home at all with out knowing her to well and without bring it to knowledge of Sammy in a away he will understand.

  9. Richard shouldn’t have agreed wit her putting up wit him………sammy and Anita oo….maybe her secret as a lesbian has been revealed.

  10. it hasnt bin revealed. its d video wia she proposed to a man, dat was licked.. taking her in is d biggest mistake richie made.

  11. Her secret is still safe. Dey jst stumbled on d video of her proposing to Richard. As for Richard, he made a grt mistake taking her home. Nxt pls

  12. Maybe they saw Ophelia proposing to a man, Richard made a very big mistake in bringing her to his house bcos she’s not sincere.

  13. they r watching d video of there daughter proposing to a man all by herself… n I think it bad for Richard to take her home instead he should av take her to a hotel, then the next day take her home to her parent to plead on her behalf.but by d way they r going to disown her for wat they saw now. but I pity sammy for she is going to make him her enemy in DAT house.Richard just make d biggest mistake of his life!!

  14. this is really getting tough here
    I guess it’s the video of her daughter proposing to Richard
    Hell will break loose for Sammy and Anita

  15. Ophelia, the desperado. She even lied to Richard that her parents sent her out of the house. Richard did wrong for taking her in. She has not even become a wife, she has started tormenting Sammie. Her wickedness will find her out, if it hasn’t already in the phone.

  16. Ophelia secret is still intact.. The maid showed the video of Ophelia proposing 2 a man”Richie”..since Richie has made the mistake of allowing Ophelia spend the night in his home.. He should have ask her 2 go back home this morning or book an hotel room for her until she sort things out wit her folks(her make blive story though )

  17. Ophelia secret is still intact.. The maid showed the video of Ophelia proposing 2 a man”Richie”..since Richie has made the mistake of allowing Ophelia spend the night in his home.. He should have ask her 2 go back home this morning or book an hotel room for her until she sort things out wit her folks(her make blive story though )

  18. Adelove i think its the proposal thats is flooding the internet that made her shock. Richie shudnt hv brought her into his house, let alone mkin her sleep in his bedroom. She cooked up the story just to mk things faster for her. Desperation.

  19. Yes, i think her secret as a lesbian has bn leaked or Ophelia’s proposal to Richard. I knew it was all a scheme to install herself in Richard’s home, her parent never sent her packing. Richard is such a weakling to have taken her to his house nd even sleep in the same room when Samie is observing all the happenings. Richard’s house’ll be turned upsidedown wth the way Samie is feeling towards Ophelia.

  20. Somethinh is amiss, its not right for Richard to believe her cock & bull story and act according to Ophelia’s script. I cant wait to see the end, God, please save Rebecca’s children.

  21. Have said it before that she is just trying her way to his home. I think it is proposer video they watch and is not good as Richard accept her just like that because is too early and you can now see how she is talking to Sammy, with her in that home Sammy and Anita are not safe

  22. Her secret is not revealed yet.only that video of her proposer to Richard.And Richard has not accepted to take her to his house fully.

  23. I think Richard would have lodge her in the hotel not minding what she told him then go and see her parents the next day.. for clarity sake!

  24. admi i think bringing in another character in the form of a lady to battle it out for the heart of richard will be a very good idea because for me ophelia can never be a good mother to the children unless she changes her behavior

  25. I think is the proposal video they see and not her lesbians video but Richard didn’t the wrong thing by taking her to his house

  26. What he saw was just d pix of d proposal.Richard is very wrong to hv taken her home cos it will be difficult to uproot d seed of bitterness in Sammie.How I wish Rebecca is still alive

  27. O God pls make Sammy nd Anita strong to withstand d coming storm nd don’t let Ophelia love get into Richards heart….. Dat must be d video of Ophelia proposing to Richard

  28. her parents just saw d video of Ophelia proposing to Richard. dt girl has some annoying guts. She hasn’t become Richards wife yet she is harsh to Sammy, I can imagine wat will happen wen dey r married.

  29. It’s not her secret as lesbian that is revealed. But I think is that proposal she made to Richard. May-be the proposal she made to Richard is finally on net. It’s not OK for Richard to take her home, but Richard saw her as a friend and believe she is harmless without even knowing her very well. If only Richard knew she has a hidden agenda…. if only Richard knew she is a green snake under a green grass.


  30. I believe it’s the proposal tape.
    Gloria might start loosing interest in Ophelia now she’s beginning to have an orgasm with the husband

  31. I think is d proposal video d parents jus saw and ophelia act fast as v said earlier is pretence b4 they found it out. Richie didn’t do well o,he shuld tell her to find a place to rent 4 d main time cus of sammie n anita.

  32. The arrogance & lust has drag our friend into this mess, his first encounter with her suppose to with company of his late wife but pride, getting there he was cauth up in the webs of lust. This is the result…rivalry which will rock his life down has started. There is limit to everything, Rebecca over reacted & she paid with her life, it’s Richard turn to pay his price now I pray their children will not go for their foolishness.

  33. Its the video of the proposal……..Ophelia shuldnt have lied on her parents,Richard shudnt have allowed Ophelia in.

  34. The marriage proposal of course is what was shown to her parents. Richard had made a big mistake of his life. Her parents might even send the police to him for luring their daughter.

  35. I don’t blame Richard cause there was nothing he could do to someone he love so much, than bringing her home. I think her parents just saw that video that she proposed.

  36. Evening ALC&Fs,
    It would be a surprise if it turns out the video of Ophelia’s secret lesbian activities.
    At his home or outside a desperate woman is ready to attack and Richie did the natural thing.


  37. Richard cannot be without a woman for ever,but been with orphelia is the wrong choice except she has a good intention towards the kids.it s the proposal video the parents saw .Richard should have taken her tova nearby hotel

  38. Hmmm. I pray her parents pay her a visit so that Richard we hear the truth. Sammy should try to be a little respectful for his and his sister’s sake

  39. I think the video of her proposing to Richard has been view by her parent

    and Richard is wrong for taking her to his room. it might lead to problem for him. or she might turn out to be dangerous.

  40. No, is not that her secret is reveal but that she has pack in to a Mans house wwithout marriage.
    And is not a good idea for Richard to bring the Lady into his home

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