Nigerian lecturer praises his ex-student who now became a cake hawker

A Nigerian lecturer, Eno Inyangetuk, took to his Facebook page, to praise his former student, Samuel Okon, who now hawks cake for a living.


According to the UNIUYO lecturer, Samuel was his student at Heritage polytechnic, where he was studying accounting. Mr. Eno said he was proud of him as he’s doing the exact opposite of what his mates are doing.



  1. Am graduate hawking cake and you are celebrating him…oga imagine an accountant, why can’t you assist him in getting job as a non academic staff or better still use your influence to get him a job, please this is not encouraging to our students what is the essence of schooling when one cabinet a job

  2. Wats d essence of being a graduate,had it been he has his own shop baking it would av been better dn hawking, its not encouraging at all

  3. What’s is now the essence of him going to school??, There is nothing to be proud about there,,,,he’s studied accounting not cake hawking biko the lecturer should help him out

  4. Kai…. Can you imagine this nothing man? Let us ask him this simple question, if that young man is one of his children, will he be happy for him/her selling akara? ?

  5. I guess most of the people who comment above are graduates looking for a job. I support the lecturer in congratulating this young entrepreneur who knows his problem and faced it squarely. He will rather hawk cakes than rely on an uncle to get him a job. Our youths have become lazy believing that the world owes them a living. If you cannot get a job after being a “graduate” create job for yourself. That is the spirit that will make Nigeria great. Not everyone waiting years to get none existing jobs. Kudos to the young man and I hope more people will copy him!

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