(Episode 18) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

(Episode 18) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

Paul: “Ralph, you should go with her. There is no time to waste” he nudged him forward and he followed the nurse.

On getting inside the doctor’s office, he saw Annie sleeping soundly on the only bed inside the office and heaved a sigh of relief.

Ralph: “Good afternoon doctor”

Doctor: “Good noon to you too, please have your seat” he said looking at him from the rim of his glasses.

Ralph: “So what did the test result indicate?”

Doctor: “Nothing serious. It’s just febrile convulsion which happened because of her high fever. Her temperature was 39°C. I will prescribe some drugs for you, make sure you administer them on her till she is stable again” he scribbled something in a jotter and passed it to him.

Ralph: “But hope it’s not epilepsy?”

Doctor: “Not at all. It is a different kind of convulsion and less harmful than epilepsy though it can still give rise to epilepsy if care is not taken. Among the drug I prescribed, there is anti-convulsant among them though it might not be necessary she takes it. Just make sure you get all the drugs and administer them on her like I instructed on the paper. Good luck and for the record, your daughter is a very strong and lovely girl”

Ralph: “Thank you doctor” he said, smiling. He stood up, took the doctor’s outstretched hand in a handshake, went over to Annie and scooped her up from the bed into his arms. Her temperature had gone considerably down but he noticed she was weaker than usual. “Sorry baby!” he whispered into her hears and walked out of the doctor’s office. As soon as his friends saw hi, they both surrounded him asking one question after the other. They touched Annie gently and were relieved to know she was no longer running temperature as much as she was earlier.


Soon enough, Sammy stopped going home from school because he knew she would be waiting for him. He dreaded that moment when she would climb him and do the stuffs she did or the moments she made him do those stuffs he did. He would linger around the school, cook up every possible excuse just to stay longer outside.

On that particular day when he got back from school at past 7pm. He might his dad in the sitting room, angry while his step mum was sitting with him. They were waiting for him.

Richard: “Where are you coming from Mr Man? He queried him as soon as she entered the sitting room.

Sammy: “I am coming from school” he said looking down.

Richard: “You are just coming back from school by this time Sammy? At this age? You are just twelve years for crying out loud and you are already keeping late nights?”

Sammy: “I had extra assignment so I decided to do it in school”

Richard: “So you are always having a surprise outing? I have been getting complaints about you since this started but I thought it will stop with time but you are getting worst by the day. Why are you doing this Sammy? Am I not a good father to you?”

Ophelia: “Honey take it easy with him please. He is still young, he is just showing signs of puberty; you know adolescence is setting in so this is just normal” She looked at Sam who gave her a look of disgust and she winked at him, sticking out her tongue seductively, he looked away as his dad’s gaze was riveted on him.

Richard: “What nonsense adolescence at the age of twelve? He is just being rebellious and nothing more. Why are you trying to kill me? Was I the one who killed your mum?” he regretted that statement as soon as they left his mouth.

Sammy: “Don’t ever talk about my mum again. What do you know? There is nothing you are good at? You are neither good at being a husband nor a father. If you were you wouldn’t have given up so easily on finding Annie. You are a coward da…” before he could finish saying dad, his dad stuck out his hand in a bidding flash of lightening and struck him in the cheek, blood few out from his mouth.

Ophelia: “Richaarrrd! Why did you do that? How could you strike him like that?” she flared up unexpectedly.

Sammy was dazed for a moment, even the tears refused to flow. That was the first time any of his parents will ever raise their hands at him. He looked at his dad who stood in front of him defiantly and just turned back and walked out on him.

Richard: “Come back here right away you insolent fool. You dare call me a coward? The next time you do that, its belt I’d use on you” he raved and slumped down heavily onto the settee behind him. “I can’t believe this is happening” he lamented sadly.

Ophelia: “You shouldn’t have done that honey, now you just made issues worst. How do we go about this now?”

Richard: “Weren’t you there when he was heaping abusive words at me? So you expect me to just keep mum?”

Ophelia: “I am not justifying his actions but you as an adult should know better than hitting a child like that. Please go and talk to him” she said pleadingly.

Richard: “No way! Just stay out of this okay?” he warned and walked out on her. She couldn’t think of what to do. “Now i know where Sammy got his stubbornness from. they are both the same”she said to herself.


He walked inside his room grief stricken and emotionally bruised. He sat on the bed and looked around, saw the picture of Annie hung on the wall and walked over to it.

Sammy:” “Baby sister, hope you are living a good life? Where are you now? I know you must b looking quite beautiful now. Your birthday is tomorrow and also the day mum died. I feel so alone, my life is ruined. I don’t know what to do anymore” the tears flowed freely now. “I am not even really sure if you are alive and it’s all my fault. I was not a good brother, I did not protect you enough. I should have ran after those men faster than I did. Mum must really be mad at me now, I am a useless son. Annie and mum, I miss you two so much” he started looking frantically around. “I don’t think it’s okay for me to keep living right? All I have to do is push something sharp inside my stomach and I will be able to see you two again right? What use is living this kind of life? See what that woman has turned me to?” just then he remembered the compass in his bag and went for it. He brought it out, held it tightly in his hands and closed his eyes…

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Question: Was it okay for Richard to have struck him like he did? Will Sammy carry out what he is about doing?

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  1. Is not proper for Richard to do so he wuld have created time for his son alone so he wuld know what’s going on.and Sammy wuld not carried out hi plan

  2. Well even though Ssmmie was stating the hard fact, I wouldn’t blame the dad for reminding him , he was still the dad.
    I always feel reason would normally have the upper hand during such contemplation and so Sammie would finally become reasonable.

  3. Oh my God.i can believe all this is happening.i pray richie catches dem.if he was more loving and attentive,den jst maybe Sammy.would.ave confided in him n not be afraid to be threatened by dat witch dat he.will.lose his dad’s love.parent make ur kids ur best friend so dey can tell.u anything

  4. it not OK to hit him, he should av let him go inside,calm down n take him out for some fresh air den talk to him manly..am sure like DAT he will open up to him..ofcus he will carry out his plan,n am sire from there he will b able to tell d doctor DAT is treating him wat he is going through n DAT how DAT lesbian secret will b expose!

  5. So sorry for you Sammie,your dad doesn’t know you are passing through psychological and emotional trauma.l pray you won’t hurt yourself cos Annie is still alive.

  6. Hmmm this is really touching. Richard shuldnt hv reacted that way to his only surviving son he sees. By now he shud ask himself questions, what has gone wrong and find out abt it. Sammy might carry out his thought cos thats the only thing a depressed child can do at the moment.

  7. Richard shouldn’t have hit Sammy,hitting him will make him more scared of him and scared of telling him what he’s going through in that house. Sammy will carry out his plan but he will survive if

  8. He should have spoken with him rather than hit him violence has never been known to solve anything… Ophelia will be the one to prevent Sammy from killing himself

  9. OH NOO!!! Samie pls don’t do that, that’s not the solution. Richard is very wrong to have hit the poor boy, he should know that Samie wasn’t like this b4 now, what he should’ve done is to get to know what transformed him into what he is now, he’s so blinded by his so called love nd trust for Ophelia. He’s not even looking for Anie anymore. I pray Rebecca’s spirit will rise to aid her children. Samie may stab himself but he’ll not die, infact the act may be what’ll open up all hidden secrets of Ophelia because Samie’ll open up to either the doctor that’ll treat him in the hospital where he’ll be rushed to or anyother person outside his home who cares enough to get to the root of his problems. Kudos Adelovelies, i must confess that this story touched me to my very soul.

  10. Those words were too harsh on his father he isn’t aware of wat is going on…..Sammy should summon courage nd tell his father everything dat is happening, dat evil Ophelia was born to destroy there home

  11. Richard was wrong …he should have used other methods to know what is wrong wit his son that always a good boy.. Sammy would probably stab himself but I dun think he’ll die

  12. Both Sammy and his dad ain’t right.Sammy is not supposed to call his dad a coward even though his emotionally down and his dad on the other side should have controlled his anger. Sammy will carry out his plan but he won’t die

  13. Both Sammy and his dad ain’t right.Sammy is not supposed to call his dad a coward even though his emotionally down and he’s dad on the other side should have controlled his anger. Sammy will carry out his plan but he won’t die

  14. I can’t blame him for reacting that way.. Every parent wud. He’s not aware of the bois suffering… I don’t think Sammy would do it.

  15. poor Sammy
    I pray he doesn’t carry out his threat
    Richard needs to create time for the both of them to talk
    they will find Annie it’s just a matter of time

  16. Both Sammy and his dad ain’t right. Sammy is not supposed to call his dad a coward even though he’s emotionally down and his dad should have controlled his anger. Sammy will carry out his plan but he won’t die

  17. Hes right to hit him but not too hard, he needs to make out time and ask Sammy what transpired to his sudden change.He will not stab himself something must prevent him from doing that.

  18. Sammy won’t die even if he attempts suicide by sticking the compass into his stomach.
    I pray Richie makes more attempt to find Annie.

  19. it wasn’t good for Richard to behave with that act on Sammy… sometimes when ur child says something that shocked u and get u angry just try to calm ur self and finds out what’s going on for d child to have such guts to say it out….i don’t think Sammy will proceed by hurting his self with d compass or even if he did it, is just going to b minor or Ophelia may come in by that time to stop him

  20. Poor boy.It’ll take alot to get this boy to live a normal life.the saddest part of it all is,after all said and done,all mr Richard will say is I Am Sorry.I doubt if this story will have a happy ending.Too pathetic

  21. Richard was indeed not good enough, he gave up easily on his daughter and also know something is wrong with Sammy but didn’t go extra miles to know exactly wat it is.

  22. Richard went too far striking his son like that and Sammy shouldn’t have talked to his father in that manner.
    Hope he will not harm himself.

  23. Oh my God, Adelove this story is too emotional o. My heart is bleeding for Sammy. Isn’t it time someone caught that witch Ophelia and deliver Sammy and Richard from her?

  24. Richard is not even performing his duty as a good dad if he is,he should have noticed the recent behaviour of Sam and try to find out the cause. I pray Sammy should not kill himself

  25. Richard won’t have struck him like that, he have no idea wat his been going through. Sammy wants to harm himself but his dad will enter the room and stop him. I really do pity sammy

  26. I just remembered that this whole thing started with Rebecca’s rash actions. She created room for the devil into her home,now even her children are being consumed.

  27. Hmmm.. Someone will intervene before Sammie carry out his plan..
    Richard is right to punch Sammie cos no matter how bad one father might be, he still deserve some honour

  28. Ohh my God…… Sammy must not carry out his threat oo….Richard is not been vigilant enough to know d cause of his son unhappiness and change in attitude.

  29. Well Richard is at fault why did he have to utter that statement in the first place, his the one that cause Sammy to talk to him in that way, although his not good for a child to talk to there parents like that. Sammy is not going to kill his self, Sammy you must live for Annie

  30. Oh no Sammy rather than kill yourself go and tell you dad what Ophelia has been using you to do. Richard has not gotten close to his son to find out his problems. He is not doing the right thing as a father. Get to know your son better

  31. Richard is more than a coward. sammie would harm himself, he will be taken to the same hospital where is sister is. I pray they meet themselves

  32. He’s right to hit him, after all he’s his son, that boy should say something to his dad so he can be free. And for Sammy he will carry out wat he intend to do but his dad will stop him. God have mercy!!! Life!

    • Sophia, Richard was wrong.
      Sammy is emotionally battered. And whether we like it or not Richard is the cause of all the problem in his house. Through Ophelia, his wife died and yet he went on to marry the woman who led to his wife’s death.
      Sammy is aware of all these and in addition to this he’s being abused sexually and emotionally on daily basis.
      How else would you expect him to react to the father’s statement.
      Come to think of it, why isn’t Richard putting in effort to look for Annie ?
      Richard needs deliverance

  33. No he supposed not slapped him, he won’t in order to gain his freedom from his wicked step mom, and God should please help him.

  34. Richard was not suppose to hit the child cos his son had never spoken like dat to him
    He was supposed to sit him bck n wats going on he would have encouraged the boy jx lik those days he do tel him to be a man
    I’m sure he will survive it

  35. He should not have struck him like that,he should call him privately and talk to him may be he would reveal to him he was passing through ,Sammy will injure him self with the compass but he will be rescue and it will be the beginning of how the whole truth will be reveal

  36. Sammie shouldn’t have called his father a coward..being rebellious won’t help him get closer to his father… Richie they are better ways to handle a child …he has ryt to struck his son but not to the extent of blood oozing out from his son’s mouth …

  37. Sammie shouldn’t have called his father a coward..being rebellious won’t help him get closer to his father… Richie they are better ways to handle a child …he has ryt to struck his son but not to the extent of blood oozing out from his son’s mouth

  38. Richard is wrong to have strike him. Sammy will carry out his threat. Sammy reporting to his father will only make matters worst because he love Ophelia and Ophelia will deny the accusation.

  39. Is not ok for Richard to slapped Sammy, what he did was a crude method of correcting a child that erred. I hope the poor Sammy will not commit suicide, because his feeling right now that the whole World hates him, couple with what that witch of his step mother is doing to him. Poor boy.

  40. Richard was very wrong to ve slapped him instead of paying more attention to find out what’s wrong with his son. I hope Sammy wouldn’t succeed in harming himself.

  41. Its nt gud 4 Richard to hv hit him like that,atleast he would hv tried to make sometin out of wat that little boy ia saying…. Sammy will nt hurt himself,Someone will walk in on him b4 he does anytin stupid to him self…

  42. Richard had to remind him that he was his father and not the other way round, but he should have gone to apologise to him and try to know the cause of his problem. He will try to commit suicide but be saved latter on.

  43. Richard made a mistake,he shud knw dt Sammy actions isn’t Intentional dt dere is a reason behind Sammy attitude. Sammy won’t commit suicide as he will remember Annie. Richard shud read in BTW d lines before its too late.

  44. D dad was too harsh,knowing dt his son has never talked to him like dt before, should have made him know dt he is emotionally unstable. Sammy is trying to commit suicide,but I know he will not succeed. He will be saved.

  45. I really feel for Sammy. Richard hadn’t been a good dad n hitting Sammy will only scare him d more. He’s gonna carry out his threat but I bet Ophelia will be right on time to him. She’s not ready yet to loose another sex toy.

  46. Richard didn’t do well by hitting him like that. He knows his son & should have noticed that something was bothering him. I just hope that sammy doesn’t do what he intends doing if not for anything,for his sister that is still alive

  47. If sammy’s father was close enough with him he would have known long ago that things are going wronge with his son and it is wronge of him to have beaten the boy that hard, the son have never spoken to him that way before, he should have find out why the boy reacted that way. Am happy for Annie

  48. Hmmmmmm yes he supposed but he should have created time for the boy. Sammie can do it becos he’s traumatized except someone comes in.

  49. How Richard treated Sammy is wrong, he’s just dumb & blind to happening in hos home, something will hinder Sammy from killing himself.

  50. Richard was not suppose to hit d boy like dat, he should av asked him wat is going on wiv him in a ccol way. I blv God wll intervene nd Sammy will not kill himself, Maybe his Dad or Ophelia will enter

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