(Final Episode 24) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

(Final Episode 24) Love with Bitter Tears … Seeds of Abomination!

Sammy was discharged the following week after Annie’s visit. When they got home, he could not believe he was home at last. He went straight to where his mum’s picture was hung on the wall in his room and said “Mum I am back. Thanks for watching over me and you will not believe I saw a girl who looks just like you, she is so adorable, a real princess. She even saved me, I could have died. I wish you were alive mum, you would have loved her very much too. When I make enough money, I will marry her” he said giggling from ears to ears. His dad snuck into the room.

Richard: “Welcome back home son!  I feel like the whole world has been placed under my feet with you in this house again. I hope your mum forgives me too, I made you suffer so much and closed my eyes to what you were going through. I am not a good father at all and you were right, I was a coward and a weakling but that has changed now. I will be strong for you from now as long as I live. How I wish your sister is here too”

Sammy: “We will find her someday dad. It will happen like a miracle so don’t worry dad. Besides what of my step mum? I haven’t heard anything about her for a very long time now” she looked up at him.

Richard: “She is no longer your step mum. I don’t know where she is either and I don’t want to know. She should better remain hidden except she needs more drama in her pathetic life” he said bitterly.

Sammy: “So you don’t love her anymore?”

Richard: “How can I continue loving the person who ruined my family and almost ruined my only son’s life? I regret ever loving her to begin with. I did not look well before leaping and my children were made to carry the brunt of my carelessness. l can never be done with paying for my sins son” he placed his hand across his shoulder and he smiled.

Sammy: “It’s okay dad. I will make sure never to make the same mistakes you made. I will be very patient with my wife and not be quarrelsome for the sake of my children. I will pay more attention to my children too to know when they are going through hard times and then, I will never tell a single woman my marital challenges or listen to her advice especially when I know she will do no good for my marriage. I learnt a lot from you dad”

Richard: “Someone is back to his old self again. I missed you all the way my boy” he said and drew him to a close embrace.


Johnson got back home ahead of time that day but only to find his wife murdered with multiple stab wounds on her mid-section and chest.  He was taken aback at first when he saw her pleading eyes frozen by the icy hands of death.  He heard his children coming back happily and quickly went outside to meet them locking the door behind him. He took them to their grandma’s place without bothering to answer any of their questions. His mind was running wild, thinking of what to do and how to catch the murderer until he remembered he had installed a CCTV in his bedroom and in the living room since the first time he caught them kissing. He had not been satisfied with their flimsy excuses so he had the CCTV installed in a bid to catch them red-handed.

After dropping his two kids, he went back home, called the police and two officers were sent to him. Even they were surprised at how gruesome the murder was, it was something out of the movies.

1st Officer: “What Nigerian demon could have had the guts to do something like this?” he asked looking at the corpse with horror.

2nd Officer: “It’s truly terrible. And I have checked the whole perimeter, the doors and everything. There seems to be no indication of false entry or much struggle. It seems the victim knows the murderer and was even cordial with him or her. That is my observation though”

1st Officer: “I agree with you but let’s dig around even more maybe we can find more evidence to pin down the person who did this?”

2nd Officer: “Mr Johnson, do you probably have any idea on who could have done this? Maybe a jealous ex, colleague, a stalker e.t.c?” he said facing Johnson who was at one corner shivering like a lone man on a street of London during winter.

Johnson: “I have no idea officer but I do remember installing a CCTV somewhere over there” he said pointing at one said of the ceiling.

1st Officer: “Oh very good! Very very good!! That was very thoughtful of you sir, you just made our work easier” he said walking towards the Camera.

2nd Officer: “Call an ambulance now, so she can be taken to a morgue. She might start decomposing soon” he said as they walked towards the door.


On getting to her hotel, it was as if everybody was pointing accusing fingers at her. Every faces she saw was Gloria’s it was just like Judas Iscariot’s hallucination saga on his way to commit suicide in “The Passion of Christ” Movies. She staggered to her room, thinking it would be over but every objects in the room, even her bed had bloodstains on them. She saw Gloria’s dead face in the mirror instead of hers. She held her head with her two hands and began to scream. All of a sudden, everything became normal again, she fell on her bed and went into a nightmarish slumber.

Meanwhile, every stations on GOTV carried the news of the murder of a young woman at her home by her best friend whom she was allegedly having an immoral affair with before she got married. Her picture was all over the social media urging anyone who sights her to give the police a call. A bounty price of Ten million naira was placed on her head. Everyone who saw the news or read it online was on the lookout for her.

One of the cleaners who helped clean her room once at the Hilton hotel called the police and informed them that she was there, she also gave them her room number.

As she slept, she heard a bang on her door and opened her eyes like a possessed. The door handle turned and three police officers with their AK47 pointed in front of them aiming at her barged into the room. She made to run to the bathroom but they were swifter and double-crossed her.

Policeman: “You are under arrest for the murder of Mrs Gloria Arowolo. You are advised to keep quiet since anything you say now can be used against you in the law court” he said like a programmed robot.

Ophelia: “Who are you guys to arrest me like this? I refuse to go with you. I am innocent, I did not murder anyone…” she screamed and kicked as they handcuffed her hand behind her back and led her down the corridor leading to the exit door. “You guys are making a grave mistake, you are arresting the wrong person…I am innocent, I don’t know anything about it I swear” she kept ranting on and on until they got to the police station. She was locked in the interrogation room bound hand and legs to a wooden chair. Immediately she heard the door open, she started screaming and ranting on and on about being innocent again.

Officer: “Will you shut up now you heartless woman?” he said casting her a disdainful look.

Ophelia: “I want my lawyer. You guys are looking for whom to frame. I want my laaawyer!” she screamed and the officer gave her a resounding slap.

Officer: “Who is looking for whom to frame? Now did you kill Mrs Gloria Arowolo or not? I want a yes or no answer and nothing more”

Ophelia: “No!”

Officer: “Do you know why I am asking you even when I already know the answer? Because I want to torture you to my heart’s satisfaction. Look at that plugged iron over there, it is for your face, I will use it to iron out those two dimples on your cheeks” he threatened while Ophelia burst into tears.

Ophelia: “I did not do anything I swear. She was my friend so I wouldn’t do a thing like that to her” the tears flowing down her face would fill one washing basin. The officer went over and lifted the iron into his hands. Brought it close and placed it on her cheek letting it linger for some seconds. She screamed and screamed, her lungs almost tore out. The officer dropped the iron which had a fragment of her skin stuck to it.

Officer: “Now let’s go again. Did you murder Mrs Gloria Arowolo or not?”

Ophelia: “What evidence do you have for you to be doing this to me? I said I want evidence” she said weakly. The officer dipped his hand into his pocket and brought out his phone which had the video of her murdering Gloria. He showed it to her and she became silent immediately.

Officer: Now answer my question…”

Ophelia: “Yes I did!  She was trying to ditch me after all the good times we shared in the past. I needed her but she left me in the lurch?  She said defiantly.

Officer: “Tell that to the judge at the law court” he said and walked out.


When they got to Richard’s house from the hospital where they were told that Sammy had been discharged, they realised that no matter what happens, Annie was going to have a good life even with them. They had deliberated a lot on whether to let her go or not but a person’s parent will always remain so. They reached the conclusion that if at all it is true that she is their missing daughter, then they will have to let her stay with them.

Richard: “Welcome to our humble abode our princess charming. I am so glad to see you at last. Now I can see why my son is so in love with you. You look exactly like his mum” he said scooping the giggling girl into his arms.

Paul: “Thank you very much, we are very happy to have been invited into your home”

Richard: “No! Its I who is honoured to have you here. I want to say a big thank you for saving my son. You are very lucky to have such a popular girl as your daughter” he said looking from one to the other.

Ralph: “The truth is we are very surprised the media is making a ruckus about such small act of bravery. I can’t count how many interviews we have had to reject. She is still young and we can’t let such things get the better of her”

Richard: “She deserves more awards than she has gotten so far. Even I have one for her” he said looking from one to the other. “I am going to sponsor her education to the highest level. She only has to mention where she wants to study at and she will be there”

Dickson: “Isn’t that too much sir?”

Richard: “It’s not even enough. She saved my only son for crying out loud. Oh! It’s even small” he said pulling her chubby cheek playfully. Just then Sammy showed up.

Annie: “Sammy…” she jumped down from Richard’s leg and ran to him, stopped for a while to take a look at him, satisfied with what she saw, she then hugged him. They both beamed with smiles.

Sammy: “Now follow me, I have plenty things to show you in my room” he said leading her by the hand.

Annie: “Wow! Your room his awesome!” she exclaimed when they entered inside. She ran to the little bed by the corner. ”whose bed is this?”

Sammy: “It’s for my sister”

Annie: “Oh I see!” she went over to where the picture of his mum hung. “Who is she?”

Sammy: “My mum!” he said sadly.

Annie: “Can you bring it down please?”

Sammy: “Sure” he said, brought down the frame and handed it over to her. She ran her fingers over Rebecca’s face…

Annie: “She is beautiful. Can I call her mummy too since I don’t even know mine?”

Sammy: “Awwww! Of course!” he was touched. He went over to his box and brought out a picture “And this is my sister” he handed it to her.

Annie: “Oh my God! Oh my God!! How did you get a picture of me? I am the one in the picture” she ran out excitedly to show her dads the picture leaving the dazed Sammy behind.

Sammy: “She is the one? Oh my God!”


Annie: “Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!” she ran into Ralphs arms excitedly. “See Sammy has my picture. This is me when I was small right?”

Ralph: “Yeah yeah! That’s you” he smiled at her weakly.

Richard: “Oh my God! Please didn’t any of you give birth to her?” he asked standing up.

Paul: “No! We found her, some men were trying to harm her so we rescued her from them”

Richard: “Wow! Annie!!” just then Sammy ran into the sitting room too.

Sammie: “Daddy she is our Annie. My sister is back” he walked slowly towards her and embraced the stunned girl.

Annie: “You are my brother?” she asked and started to weep profusely.

Sammy was on his tears too sobbing,

Sammy: “I swear I didn’t mean to be that careless loosing you to those ritualists. And to answer your question, “Yes! you are my sister. I am so sorry that I let you go like that? I should have held on to you very tight. I was not a good brother despite promising mum I’d take care of you. I am sorry baby sis” he said covering his face with his hands. Richard was short of words, he just didn’t know how to console the two of them.

Annie was sobbing too,

Annie: “So it’s my brother those people were beating up like that? They were even going to set you on fire. Oh my God! I should have beaten them back. My brother!  I am so sorry I did not beat them back” she said trying to remove his hands from his face, she succeeded at last and hugged him again. She cried profusely as her hands were shaking!

Sammy: “My sister saved my life dad. The sister we already gave up on, she saved my life” Sammy couldn’t hold it any longer as he shed tears uncontrollably.

Richard: “Everything was my fault children, don’t blame yourselves okay” he quickly dabbed away the tears on his face so they wouldn’t see it. He joined in their embrace and felt his daughter’s tiny arms trying to encircle him and he smiled. Richie broke down in tears

Annie: “I guess I have four dads now and still no mum…Wish I got to know her anyway”she said after they had disengaged from the embrace. Wow! 1st daddy, will you let Sammy go home with us?” she asked excitedly.

Ralph: “Yes he will of course. And you will also be staying here whenever you want.

Richard called them aside…

Richard: “I owe you guys my life I swear. Thank you so much for saving my children. I know it will be difficult for you to let her go now. Infact I am not her dad but you guys so she should stay with you and come here whenever she feels like”

Paul: “No things are not done that way. She will be staying here and probably be coming to us for holidays. She should get to know her real family too. She might be sad if we tell her she wouldn’t be living with us anymore so all we have to tell her now Is that she will stay with Sammy until he has fully recovered, she will be elated. Letting her go is not easy but I guess it’s high time we got married too and had our own kids.

Richard: “Oh thank you so much. Thank you” he said shaking their hands one after the other. “Infact every disappointment is always a blessing. I think her getting kidnapped was for a good reason, had she been in this house, her step mother, Ophelia would have turned her into a lesbian. She is a paedophile you know. I really thank God my family is whole now, wish their mum was alive too” he finished sadly.

Dickson: “it’s okay sir. Everything is for a reason. Only God knows why she had to die. Let’s pray none of us should die untimely.


Ophelia was found guilty of murder, child abuse and lesbianism in the Law court. She was sentenced to death by hanging. Her dad suffered from stroke due to the news of his daughter circulating the internet and newspapers, he was rendered immobile for the rest of his life.

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  1. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Gripping revelations. Both parents Richie and Rebecca sre equally guilty…..impatience on either side.
    Another testimony that the woman either mars or makes the home….the opening mistakes of Rebecca almost took away this beautiful family.
    Unforgiveness on Richard’s part confirmed the damage.

    Ophelia’s has always been a victim of her beauty and that likely got her into picking up dirty habits that would lead to her early exit from life.

    Blood letting in parts of the world must be seriously discouraged because the item is life itself and sacred, no man must take another’s life.

    Many children, innocent at that are out there suffering from an unknown cause, lets not ignore them rather give them a better chance to achieving their destinies, a great destiny God the Almighty encoded there in.

    Thanks much AdeLove Crew and fans for yet another compelling story.

    See you again God willing, night all !

  2. Nice ending. Ophelia really deserve that judgment. my lessons are trust no one, don’t turn deaf ears to the truth and never allow a third party into your home

  3. wooow! this is wonderful… one slight mistake can become ones’s doom. amd to always be contented with what one has. thanks adelove for this again. God bless.

  4. never to tell any single man or woman about your marriage, try and look for a way to fit it and when ever husband and wife quarrels they should settle it immediately, NO THIRD PARTY……….. nice story adelove

  5. I learnt alot….
    1-Always be prayerful
    2-family first
    4-Always forgives your spouse.
    5- Show your kids the right way and have faith in them.
    Thanks ADELOVE/CREW God bless you all for the smiles you people normally put on our faces.

  6. A third party in Marriage shouldn’t be. …. Settle your differences between yourselves and don’t invite a third party especially single ones….. That was the root of their problem….
    Thanks adelove….. More grease to your elbow

  7. What ever problem one have in a marriage should not be shared outside the wall of the marriage, it is so dangerous.. Even in relationships too

  8. Wow! at last God is good. I learnt alot in this story…. If u hv a problem in ur matrimonial home settle it amicably without involving a third party cos it wud go viral. Adelove thank you the story so far, you are the best.

  9. wow! This is a silver lining. enjoyed every bit of it. I learnt dat we should forgive easily and pay rapt attention to our offsprings and trust our children no matter what. kudos Adelove

  10. So much lessons to be learnt from this story. We parents are to be very vigilant and know the friends and people in our lives and the life of our kids. Lesbianism is a sin. And has adverse effects on both parties.

  11. Forgiveness is key to living a better life.If Richard had forgiven his wife,none of these could have happened.Also we should learn to trust our children whenever they tell us what they are passing through.Adelove and crew,God will continue to inspire you to write more stories for us.Wow!so interesting a piece.

  12. lot of lessons. 1) don’t discuss ur marriage problem with someone 2)Always draw ur children close to you. 3) when ur children tells you something, think over it. 4) Always watch your children. Etc. Adelove,thanks a lot

  13. lot of lessons. 1) don’t discuss ur marriage problem with someone 2)Always draw ur children close to you. 3) when ur children tells you something, think over it. 4) Always watch your children. Etc. Adelove,thanks a lot

  14. wow…Adelove i know u will never disappoint me, I so much love this story..to me,,never disclose ur marital affair to a single person eg male to female,vice versa or in public cos u don’t know who is jealous of whom!!even to a friend self it dangerous.

  15. Happy ending that why I love adelove stories, every disappointment is indeed a blessing if she had stayed with her father she would have turned her into a lesbian also. Lesson learnt,.. you must always give your kids listening ears and have take to ask them questions, and also forgiveness, if Richie had forgiven Rebecca she might not die, and even when she died she would have died a happy woman.

  16. forgiveness and tolerance is a virtue we must all imbibe and the kind of decision we make have a way of affecting our lives positively or negatively. Thanks adelove for touching lives through inspired stories.

  17. Chai this one almost left me with tears, Love your family with everything you’ve got, always give ears to your children’s words especially when they are still small. learn to forgive quick. abolish every feelings for another woman when you are married. thanks to Adelove

  18. Wow! I learnt that, forgiveness is very important in relationship, without it is difficult to succeed. Second, we should be good to everyone around us whether big or small. Third, we should be careful of some certain things we are doing in life , they may come back to hurt us.

  19. Wonderful ending. Lots of lessons re learnt. Make God the foundation of ur home as a couple. Make ur children ur best friend nd never look down on them. Always give room for communication btween urselves as couples. Remember that the best thing to hold on to is eachother. Never allow a third party into ur affairs, no side advice frm anyone. Pray together as a family nd always lookout for eachother. A woderful story by Adelovelies…..Love u guys. Kisses******

  20. Rebecca paid a high price for her rash and hasty decision. Couples shd learn to settle dispute promptly. Say before going to bed and avoid inviting a third party. Parents shd make their kids their friends as this will make it easy for the kids to confide in them. Above all couples shd be willing to forgive each other.

  21. I learnt alot: patient with one another as husbands & wives, tolerant, faithful, not taking vital decisions in haste…. not engaging in immoral acts.. Weldon Adelove & family, tnx for d gift d other time… God bless you.

  22. wat a happy reunion 4 Richard and his kids……forgiveness is very important in a relationship,and I think it isn’t a good idea discussing d challenges in ur marriage wit a single lady/guy. ..some people are desperate and d advises u’ll get 4rm dem will surely destroy ur home.

  23. Hmmmmm, what a happy and nice ending. this story taught us to always to patient no matter what happen one should try and control his temper, also learn how to forgive easily so that u can leave a good life.
    another lesson, no matter d changes in ur kids, try all means to get what d matter is. Family first

  24. Wonderful story..All that gritters are not gold..Fake are everywhere but original is rare to come by…Thanks to adelove..Shame to ophelia and her likes..Thanks to God for uniting Richard with his children..

  25. In our marital life, we shldnt allow 3rd party to come in between us and again we shld knw d type of person will confide in. Am so sorry for Rebecca bt I knw dat Richard has learnt his lesson. And pls parent, always trust ur children in front of 3rd party wheda true or false. Tanx xo much Adelove, God bless.

  26. gud evening ALC&F, am always inspired anytime I read ur stories, more grease to ur elbow , I learnt a lot frm dis story…..we should be patient n b ready to persevere, we should alwaiz listen to our children as parents, neva discuss wif a third party abt ur marital issues, we should also be prayerful…d sky is just d starting point ALC&F…gud night

  27. I have learnt a lot..it pays 2 listen and think b4 taking decisions,communication is another vital key in a home…folks should always pay attention to their kids cus children tends 2 grow with what they see or hear ..#SAYNOTOLESBIANISM# thank you ALC

  28. All that glitter is not gold. Ophelia was beautiful outwardly, but full of evil within. Listen to your children parents. Couples should learn to forgive easily and be mindful of bringing in 3rd party into their home. Kudos to Adelove and crew

  29. I have learnt a lot..it pays 2 listen and think b4 taking decisions,communication is another vital key in a home…folks should always pay attention to their kids cus children tends 2 grow with what they see or hear ..#SAYNOTOLESBIANISM# thank you ALC

  30. Someone should be prayerful,someone need to have act of forgiveness because if Richie has forgive Rebecca on time all this calamity will not have befall on his family .

  31. As I read, it was so real and I couldn’t control d tears from my eyes.cos I see some of my personal experience in this story. More so, Iv learnt alot. Tanks adelove.but u guys awakened seamed to be lost memories.

  32. Every disappointment is a blessing in human life…. lesson learned in this story was, being a married man u need to learn how to forgive and forget whatever may happen in ur home, when ever ur kids said something strange to u try to listen attentively think and digest the word and finds out what’s going on, if by mistake u loose ur wife through death give it a rethink bfor marrying another woman into ur home don’t rush it self bcoz u want her to take care of ur kids… May God have mercy on us, TO GOD BE THE GLORY

  33. Forgiveness is very important it is very good to forgive our offender, give ur children a listen ears and relate all ur problems to God not man,thanx u

  34. 1)No sins goes unpunished .
    2)It is not good having unforgiving heart let Richard did.
    Is good to show kindness,love, caring to people.
    3)Is not good to share your marital issues with a stranger like Richard did that leads to so many damage in his family.
    Adelove thanks for bringing this story that touches. Bravo!

  35. No matter what happened never keep malice with your wife for too long,you should not be quick in judging people,Never tell outsiders your family problems.learn to solve your problem with your wife.

  36. learnt dat God shld always be d one directing us. Not to go else where to seek advice and comfort. one mistake can cause alots of problems and forgiveness shld be d key to our everyday life

  37. I learnt as couples never quarrel in front of ur kids,don’t seek for advice from single persons wen married. Always pay attention to ur kids.always forgive so dat it won’t cos damages.

  38. you attitude towards your spouse can either Mar or make you family
    unforgiving is a deadly disease and kill faster
    when having Problem in a home don’t confide a single person either male or female because they don’t have experience about the issue they want to handle
    we should always put God first
    as a parent ought to listen to your children’s problem and investigate before jumping in to conclusion
    never support people for jungle justice the person might be ur family or an innocent soul
    never fails to help in problem it might also be solution to ur problem etc adelove and crew God will continue to shower with his wisdom am learning a lot especially moving closer to God
    good night ALF see tomorrow

  39. Well just as Sammy hard said earlier, that he wont discourse his family problems wit an outsider let alone a single lady. We should always learn to forgive one an other before it will be too late

  40. Whatever that happened to human being in life, their is a reasons to it. We should be more prayerful in any circumstance we found ourselves. Thanks. I’m always fascinating to your stories. Thumb up Adelove

  41. yeah..never let a third party into ur marital affair,it is deadly…
    dem no torture DAT bitch wella…lol
    I love ur story adelove thanks!!!

  42. Chai!!!! Adelove you really made my day!
    Opheila deserve to die by hanging as I predicted it.
    Thank you Lord for the re-union.
    Sammy and Annie. The two ought to do bride and groom Men for the 3 Daddies.
    Abeg who con marry Annie nanny?
    Beautiful story indeed.

  43. Anger should not take a great part of our reasoning. Forgive one another, love n respect each other no matter what. Learn to communicate with your spouse n children positively. All that glitters is not gold in d case of Ophelia. Wonderful ending I enjoyed every bit. Annie was indeed a gift to all.

  44. If I begin to write about what was learnt in this Story, I won’t finish it but let me just write some:
    1) Life is full of ups and down, whenever Man seems to be lost, GOD will show himself as the mighty man.
    2) We are just like pencil in the hand of the creator, he know our thought and feeling.
    3) Que cera cera, what will be will be.
    4) When man loses hope, God’ll step him and show his mercy.
    5) Don’t trust human being, they might only be looking for your downfall and so on

  45. Actually you are the real son of your father no missing; before I share my thought I want you to know that you guys took tears from my eyes, I meant U caused me to shield tears like a baby..dia ris Goduoooo. To be sincere, cudos to Adelove crew. As for my thought, it’s true women are weaker vessels I know they may cruxify me for this o but the truth is they does things without considering the outcomes God knows this n that’s why He says we should treat them like weaker vessels, if we play the ball back the same way they play it to us the consequence will be great & men will receive the blame even from God, the story actually helps me to bear it with my wife no matter her attitude & use love to conquer her folly. Rebecca never thought of what would happen after her actions,Mr Richard should have remembered that he was the owner & the head of that home as good man of the house he should have gave anything ( pride inclusive ) it take to uphold his family. Glory be to God for His mercy though Rebecca sacrificed her life for it. Men, play it easy with your wives let tolerate them so that our prayer may not be hindered.

  46. I learnt that we should be forgiven, we should also be patience with our children and try to always give them attention, we should settle our greviaves amicably and not discuss our marital problems with a third party, we should respect our spouse and above all we should be prayerful

  47. I really enjoy d story,it teach we woman alot of things,we should always respect our hubby no matter how small they maybe,nd u men should also be patience with ur wife if u say that ur wife is not good nd u marry another one did u knw what her own behaviours wil be ,so this life is all about patience,kudos to u adelove crew

  48. Tell you AdeLove and team. Each received due reward. Though Gloria’s murder was painful as she has become a better person. The wicked Ophelia thankfully did not escape justice. I am very happy for Richard and his family. Annie’s 3daddie also did good job.

    In no order, here are 10 things I learnt from the story:

    1. Forgiveness

    2. Work on your shortcomings (bad temper, unlawful lust, etc)

    3. Know who to receive advice from and sift every advice for merit before accepting.

    4. Do not procastinate (especially forgiveness).

    5. Have faith and pray always

    6. Flee sin. Sin breeds sin

    7. Be close to your children/younger ones and evaluate whatever they tell you before discarding or accepting

    8. Help someone where/when you can

    9. Be cautious of your environment

    10. Family first, family always no matter the condition

  49. I learnt to forgive and forget the our mistake if only Richard have forgiven his wife she might still be alive and Ophela will not have chance in their home I truly learn how to forgive easily and. put the. past behind us and also we should learn how to listen to our children and consider there words before coming to a conclusion thanks guys

  50. Is always good to be good to everyone you may come across in life. As they say; one good turn deserves another, so also one bad turn deserves another. That is what I have learnt in this exiting story. Thank you so much Adelove and crew. Looking forward to seeing another exiting story.

  51. Wooow! Thanks Adelove and crew God bless you all. I learnt that we should always forgive and forget the wrongs of our spouse and try to move ahead so that the devil will not creep into the marriage, destroy it and leave us empty. We should not share or discuss your family issues with jealous singles that are looking for the slightest opportunity to get into it our homes and take over our spouse. The best place or person to go to in time of troubles is to go on our knees and pray to God. I pray God helps us in Jesus’ name Amen!

  52. I learnt that we should be careful to knw who we discuss our family problems with and also be wise enough to knw when someone is giving us bad advice. Thanks Adelove.

  53. In as much as we are offended, we should have the spirit of forgiveness. Not having the spirit to forgive causes damage in our lives, families and homes. Thanks

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    The evil that men do,live with them.

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    There are many stories to be learnt but let me stop here.

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