Lady Breaks Internet with Mind-boggling Bikini Photos

Lady Breaks Internet with Mind-boggling Bikini Photos

A Tanzanian lady identified as Sanchi has ‘threatened’ her male fans with images of her gargantuan bum on display as she undertook a photo shoot.

Janeikunda Evarist Rimoy, known as Sanchi is one of the social media influencers with above 191,000 followers on Instagram.

Her hot hips and gargantuan bum have carved a niche for her in the entertainment circle across Africa. The young lady is popularly known to be a lingerie model taking daring poses in natural environment as done on this particular photo-shoot.

She released arousing images from the behind-the-scene affairs of her recent job in an undisclosed location.

She is fondly called Sanchoka, a nickname which is the long form of the name Sanchi. According to her, she got the name when she was a little girl.

It simply means a “a sweet girl you cannot get tired of”. She is an actress, entrepreneur, CEO, Brand Ambassador, Host, Social & Media Personality, Designer, and a socialite. She was born in Kilimanjaro and is a graduate of Banking and Finance making it big without her certificates.



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