(Episode 12) Fifty-50 Marriage… A touching tale!

Femi drove out of the hospital to two way lounge in Maitama, it was his favourite hang out spot, where he had visited many times with his colleagues and their mistresses. It was still early evening when he got there but the place had people from all walks of life who had just like him come to drink away their sorrow. He walked over to the bar attendant who recognized him immediately and gave him a glass of vodka at his request. Femi poured the content of the glass in his throat at one gulp and handed the attendant the cup for another pour. Soon enough, he was pretty drunk and he knew that he couldn’t return home to his barren wife that night. He thought of Licia and all that had transpired between them at the mall and he knew he had to go back to her. She had a way of making him forget his sorrows and that was all he needed that night. After dropping some naira notes for the bar attendant, he attempted to get up but he felt his legs quivering, he was staggering and almost lost balance. “Gosh, I wish I had accepted the driver that the bank gave me. I hope I don’t go and kill myself on the road this night, he remarked”.

He got into his car and drove to Licia’s residence. When he got to the compound, his heart fell when there was no bulb reflecting from her bedroom window, he thought she was probably not at home.

Femi: “I hope Licia is around o, if not, I will just go to Sokale and carry prostitute this night, I can’t just go back to that my house tonight”.

He walked up the stairs and tapped gently on her door. There was no response and he began to tap harder.

Licia was having her bath when she heard the knock on her door, she knew that she wasn’t expecting anyone and so she ignored the knock. But when the knock persisted, she rushed through with the bath and came out.

Licia: “Yes, who is there?” she asked before opening the door.

Femi: “Open the fucking door, baby”.

Licia: “Who are you and why should I open the door? Do you pay my rent?”

Femi: “It’s me, Femi. Open it and I will pay the damn rent and buy the house for you”, he bragged in his drunken state.

Licia: “Femi?” she opened the door and barred the entrance with her arms akimbo.

“Yes, what are you looking for here? You ought to be out shopping with your wife and now”.

Femi pushed her into the room and came upon her. He was in the mood to devour her body, an animalistic desire triggered by the high volume of alcohol in his system.

Licia: “Get your filthy body off me”, she pushed him away and got up from the sofa.

Femi: “Why don’t you want me to touch you?”

Licia: “Femi, in fact, come and be going biko. I don’t know what you are doing here, the last time I checked, you were a married man who had resolved never to cheat on his wife anymore.

Femi: “I am sorry, I had to say that to douse tension but now I know better. I am willing to make amends, name your price”.

Licia: “I am not for sale, Femi. As you can see, I was busy with another man inside before you knocked. So, use the door”.

Femi: “You are lying and you know it. I am going nowhere until I satisfy my desires”.

Licia: “I need one million naira, my rent will soon expire and I don’t have enough money to pay”.

Femi: “Consider it done. I will give you a check of 1.5 million naira when I leave here. The extra N500, 000 is your shopping allowance”.

Licia: “Thank you so much, Femi. You are the best boyfriend in the world”, she hugged and kissed him. “Poor you”, she remarked. “You reel of alcohol, meaning that you have been drinking. Look what your wife has done to you”.

Femi: “Hey, hey. You refer to me as a boyfriend? I am a man and not a boy and now I am going to show you how much of a man I am”. He grabbed her and threw her on the bed and began to undress.


Shana was discharged from the hospital two days later, all through her stay in the hospital, Femi had not visited nor called and she knew that he had abandoned her for the other woman. She thought of calling her parents to inform them that she had lost the pregnancy but she thought against it, she didn’t want to scare them unnecessarily. She was still thinking of what to do when her doctor walked to her room.

Doctor: “How is my patient doing this morning?”

Shana: “Alive, doctor. That is all I can say”.

Doctor: “Well, you have been discharged and I advise that you take your medication as prescribed and come regularly for treatment”.

Shana: “Thank you, doctor. How much is my bill?”

Doctor: “But your husband is not here yet, how can you pay?”

Shana: “That won’t be a problem. I have my phone here, I will transfer via mobile app”.

Doctor: “If you insist, I will send the cashier to you with the bill on my way out”.

Shana: “Please do, thank you. Kindly tell the security to arrange for a taxi that will take me home, I am trying to connect Uber but my network is fluctuating. I will pay for the taxi”.

Doctor: “You don’t have to worry about that. I will instruct one of hospital’s drivers to take you home in my car”.

Shana: “That is very thoughtful of you, thanks”.


When Shana got home, she felt lost. It was like she was in another planet all together. She had left the home with her baby kicking in her womb and now she had returned empty handed. She knew that things would never be the same for her again and she decided to get a job after her recuperation period. She had decided to get a job after their honeymoon but Femi had insisted that she stays at home as a full time house wife because he could afford to fend for her. “No, I have to get a job, whether Femi likes it or not. That is the only way that I can deal with this depression that is creeping in on me. If I don’t get something to do fast, I will just die in this house”, she soliloquized.

She rested a while and then when evening was approaching, she got up and went to make dinner for Femi who was yet to return from the office. She had a left over soap in the freezer and she quickly made semo for him and arranged the dinning area. She was angry with him for abandoning her in the hospital but she was determined to play her wifely roles even in the face of rejection and provocation. After cooking, she walked to the bathroom, freshened up and dabbed her face with mild powder, she was still feeling weak and so went back to bed.

Femi on the other hand made up his mind to come home for a change of clothes. Ever since he abandoned his wife in the hospital, he had been spending the nights at Licia’s house returning to his own house only to pick his clothes and other personal effects. He was therefore surprised and disappointed when he came and met Shana at home.  He had hoped that she will stay longer in the hospital so that he could have the time to enjoy his sexcapedes with his mistress. He opened the bedroom door, walked in and ignored his wife’s greetings.

Shana: “Ifemi, won’t you at least answer my greetings? Remember that you haven’t seen me for many days”.

Femi ignored and walked over to his wardrobe.

Shana walked to him and touched him on the back. “I am talking to you, Ifemi”.

Femi threw her hands off him. “What is it? Can’t you keep your body to yourself? I can see that you are in the mood for trouble this evening”.

Shana: “How can you even say a thing like that? I am the one who is supposed to be angry because you abandoned me in the hospital. Anyway, dinner is served. Come let’s go and eat”.

Femi: “You can go eat alone. I am not hungry”.

Shana: “Well, I have decided to go get a job. I am a qualified graduate and getting a job won’t be a problem with the kind of connection my parents have”.

Femi: “You will do no such thing. Your job is to remain in this house as a full time house wife and that is my final answer”.

Shana: “You must be kidding me, Femi. You want me to stay and die of boredom in the house when you are all over town having fun with your cheap husband snatcher of a mistress?”

Femi raised his hand and struck her hard on the face. Shana didn’t expect what Femi did next.She staggered and fell back. She got up and Femi struck her hard on the face again. She fell down and began to weep. “I regret marrying you”, Femi said and spat on her and walked out of the house.

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Question: Should Shana go ahead and get a job? Is it right for a woman to get a job against her husband’s wishes?

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  1. This is actually domestic violence.. I really pity Shana, it’s good if she gets a job in this case, I will go against his wishes. After all, he only regards his wife based on condition

    • Shaana you really made a mistake for marrying Femi,Ayomide could have been a better choice,femi you will regret it.shana gi and get a job

  2. Shana should go get a job since it will make her happy than dying of boredom ness.Although,it’s not good for a woman to go against her husband’s wish but Femi is not behaving like one

  3. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Groggy network.

    I would say she should go ahead even though ideally it’s improper to do so against husband’s wish but given the circumstances for me I approve – the husband has been a selfish silly ass.


  4. The best thing to do is let her get a job if he continues maltreating her then this is the time she needs to open up to her family or she will die of depression.

  5. Shana should go get a job since it will make her happy than dying of boredom ness.Although it’s not good for a woman to go against her husband’s wish but Femi is not behaving like one

  6. Shana should go get a job since it will make her happy than dying of boredom ness. Although it’s not good for a woman to go against her husband’s wish but Femi is not behaving like one

  7. hmmmm….. Men… He is hurting her emotionaly nd still hurting her physically. Its best fr her to find a job in oder to b away frm home fr sometym bt definitely not against her husband’s wish

  8. Hmmmm, this is getting interesting ooo. I’ll advise Shana to walk out of that relationship, because if care is not taking, she might end up dying in the marriage. A good Job will be starting line for her..

  9. hmmmm….. Men… He is hurting her emotionaly nd still hurting her physically. Its best fr her to find a job in oder to b away frm home fr sometym bt definitely not against her husband’s wish

  10. She beta get a job & forget her hubby.. So all wat he wanted was a child nt her
    Men!!! Femi is so heartless abandon your wife for days in the hospital only to see her after that & start beating her

  11. it won’t better for husband wish…if she didn’t get herself a job..I will get her one my self..who dose DAT??get a job av a male college who will b nice enough to pick n drop u at anytime n let DAT mother fucker know wat it is to b cheated on..even if u r not doing anything in his present let it b like u av now arrived..

  12. am a man but to hell with d saying is it right for a woman to get a job against her husband’s wishes in such condition Shana is……Shana if u didn’t get a job for ur self as soon as possible my dear u ar dead already

  13. She should go ahead and get the job, so that she can feel alive because her husband is not giving her happiness for now and again she should report him to his parents because she can’t handle this situation by her self any more

  14. its better she leaves the house before that man kills her. He has turned into a wife beater for goodness sake and here we are talking about whether she should get a job not

  15. So long as Femi isn’t honouring the marriage vows, then she’s not under any moral obligation to obey him in not getting a job.
    Tomorrow he may send her out of the house frustrated.
    Let her stand up for her right and get a job

  16. She shd get a job so she won’t die of depression,she shd also inform their parents abt d situation of tns cz once domestic violence starts, it takes d grace of God n prayers 2 stop

  17. Any man that lay his hand on a woman is nothing bt a coward, Shana should go ahead & secure herself a better job & she should stop hiding her husband infidelity frm his parents.myopinion

  18. She should temporarily move out of the house , this is a case of domestic violence, she should also try and get a job while praying to God for her husband to change.if she fails to do this she might end up dying due to depression and life ‘ll go on for the heartless husband.

  19. Yes oooo she should go get a job before she dies in that house at least it will ease her depressions.

  20. she should go get a job cos it will be the best thing for her to do at this juncture…and she should tell her parent what’s going on before
    Femi kills her

  21. Hmmm Adelove una try oh.. after all my dedication, following posts and reading your website like a crazy person, still no reward. No wahala… I admit your stories are captivating but I quit, you guys break my heart with ur story lines and I don’t even get a reward.. no p

  22. Shana should go and get a job. Because the way Femi is treating her is not a thing to write home about, with time now femi will stop giving her things and she will have to beg to get whatever. It is not right for one to work against her husband wish if they are in good teams and agrees together but in this case of Shana it will do her good and I will say it is right when it comes to matters like this.



  23. she should go ahead and get a job jor……what husband wish? d husband DAT can’t stay wit her in her trouble tym,and gradually turning her to dustbin.

  24. Yes ooo, is better she get a job in order not to die of depression. Femi is a selfish man he only care about himself.

  25. Shana shld go n get herself a better job to ease d boredom. she shld also let d parents knw wat she’s passing thru for she cant handle this all by herself cos it has gotten out of hand o, my candid opinion

  26. Shana should go a head and get a job, pack out of that useless man house called Femi or else she will die. The husband does not love her any more because of childlessness. The man is ready to frustrate her until she die of depression.

  27. Why should he keep her in the house while he run after other women? Shana should tell both sides of the family nd go back to stay with her parent. She should go ahead nd get a job to keep her sanity, otherwise Femi’ll strike fer to death one day.

  28. Shana has to get a job at this point at least it will be a sort of encouragement for her than staying at home and let boredom finish her.

  29. She shld not just get a job, she shld tell her parent the situation on ground. Hw wld femi say he regretted marrying her. Thats an insult.

  30. Shana needs to get a job at this point, coz its gonna help her heal rather than stay home and let boredom finish her.

  31. This man Femi,na wa for you.ha,you are heartless.so,you left her for days in the hospital & you still had gut to lay your hand on her.oh!you are a monster.
    Shana, should open up to her parents,this is getting too much or else they will blame her later.
    He only marry her for child bearing not for companion, he finds companion outsides his home too bad.
    He gave his mistress 1.5m.&maltreat his wife.
    I still suggests she speak out because she killing herself silently.

  32. wtf is wrong with FEMI.Shana pls get ur self a job so u can be free from boredom and make sure u inform his parent. thanks adelove

  33. Yes she should get a job. In her case where the husband careless about her she need it with or without his concern or conclusion.

  34. She shuld jere. He won’t stay home wit d wife,won’t cum home or associate wit his wife and he want a obedient wife wen he is no loyal of use. I advise her to go get a work maybe that will make her lively back n make femi b in his right sense not to loose her to any colleague or another man.

  35. rshe better gets a job before she dies of boredom, her husband isn’t God fearing at all, is it her fault that she didn’t give birth

  36. Shana should go ahead and get a job before she die of boredom oh.And she should start praying I know God will see her through soon and she should try to talk to her present abt femi’s behavior because his really going too far. As for femi he better stop what his doing now so he does not regret it latter

  37. Shana get a job.femi is a very bad man
    beating his wife?like.seriously.u dont know wat u have until.u ave lost.it.women beware of sweet mouth guys.dey are cheaters. come to.think of it.na femi find shana oh.not vice versal at all

  38. Please she should go get a job for herself. If anything happens to her today, Femi will gladly marry Licia or any other mistress. Love is wicked!

  39. Shana should go ahead and get a job. it’s not right for woman to get a job against her husband’s wishes but in this kind of situation, Shana needs to get something doing before she die of high blood pressure, femi is an animal and will regret all his actions.

  40. It is not right for a wife to work without her husband permission but case is different because the love and care from the husband is no longer there.

  41. She should go ahead and get a job, if not she would die of depression,as 4 femi he is selfish and wicked how could he hit a woman dats jex recuperating. Shana should inform her parent b4 he kills her

  42. Yes….she should go against his will and get a job or even start up something….den she should leave d marriage, once domestic abuse starts it never ends. It ranges from physical,psychological and emotional abuse. Please she should take a walk.

  43. marriage is not by force. she should leave the marriage because he will continue to beat her. as he has started he will not stop. Getting a job without her husband’s consent is okay since he is maltreating her, she might die of boredom or depression.

  44. She should go and get a job so DAT she will see something to kip her busy nd not staying at home thinking of negative things..femi don’t have d right to lay his hand on his wife..he is a coward

  45. Femi is an ANIMAL with no feelings at all. Shana should go ahead and get a job and take care of her self. She should also intimate her parents on her situation. She Should sare with them all that is going on in her marriage.

  46. Shannan should go ahead and get a job for herself ojare
    It’s not good for a Lady to get a job against her husband’s wish,but in dis case she needs this job anything, so as to keep herself busy, what is she doing at home,food he doesn’t eat again, so what else.
    She should share with her parents so they will Knw what she’s passing through and also be prayerful

  47. She shld get a job so she could be reliev of sm tinking…@ dis kinda of situation getting a job against her husband will is welcomed

  48. She should go ahead and get a job,den ignore him to enjoy himself with his mistress he will definitely cum back begging…..Wot nonsense…atleast she is Nt barren she conceived and lost d baby….

  49. Leave the house n separate from him n get a job too. It’s time to tell her parents, also start taking good care of herself, make new n connect with old friends. Get someone dat will act as her new boyfriend bt no intimacy except dey wan to act in front of Femi. Totally ignore d weakling for good…! D day Shana changes n stop loving Femi,he will look for tears n nt find them…!

  50. Hmmmmmm, wonders shall never need, she go ahead and get a job and even let’s her parents know what is happening to her before she will die, she is alive and his husband is enjoying himself with other women, if she dies her family and her will be the one to lose

  51. Femi is an animal, he doesn’t know what he has until he losses it. Shane Pls get a job bcos it will save u Femi will get tired of giving u money n now is d best tym to tell both families what has happening so someone can touch some sense into him. If he doesn’t want her he shd let her go n stop maltreating her.

  52. Abeg she should go and get a job so she does’nt go mad sitting at home doing nothing, its high time she tell her inlaws what is happening before the stupid husband kills her

  53. She shuld get a job weda femi likes it or nt,what is d need to stay at home wit nobody to show her luv and care she deserved as a wife.

  54. Femi started with slap..with tym he will start beating her ,if getting a job will get her mind of certain things ..I would advice she get one even without femi’s consent.. She should also talk 2 her mum b4 things get out of hand

  55. Shana hasn’t married yet, this guy called femi is not your husband atal, he doesn’t disave your love at all. If he your husband came rain come sunshine he should be able to stand by you. He behaving like Moro bad guy.

  56. Femi started with slap..with tym he will start beating her ,if getting a job will get her mind of certain things ..I would advice she get one even without femi’s consent.. She should also talk 2 her mum b4 things get out of hand

  57. Shana should just go & get a job. Am just so annoyed now dat I don’t even know which word to use on Femi guy now.

  58. we are all here talking about getting a job when her life is at stark here she should plss go back to her parents and let them know what has been going on in her marriage.femi has shown us that he only like his reputation to his wife

  59. She should get a job as quickly as possible.
    Meanwhile she should open up to at least her mother to tell her the situation of things

  60. she should go get a job,it is necessary for a woman to find something doing,and I think she should inform her parents about femi’s extra marital affair,but they won’t believe her,anyways I pray she finds a way out of this mess

  61. Femi has turned to a woman beater.its obvious dt he changed a new leaf just because of the unborn baby and not for his wife. Shana shud get a job and prays for her hubby before its gets so late. Femi will later regret his actions

  62. Y are men so stupid when it comes to hw the women feels Shana should quitely leave dat house if she wants peace of mind

  63. Ei!!! so do we have a selfish,wicked and heartless husband lyk femi on this earth?…gosh!!! it’s about tym shana separated frm such thing she calls a husband b4 she meets her untimely death…she shld jxt find a job and leave her hopeless husband wid his aimless mistress in the hands of the Lord..he will surely come back begging when he comes to his senses

  64. Its better for shana to get a job to get herself busy, its wrong to do things without husband’s permission but in this case she has to go against his decision. And she also has to report the matter to her mother at least if not her in laws.

  65. Heeeeeeeee! wicked man. This domestic violence is so glaring. The only option for Shana is to get the job even without his so call approval. I hope Femi will not regret this in future.

  66. This man is a beast. I would have just left that house for you, ingrate! good for nothing man. Shana better look for a good job and flex your life to the fullest, don’t mind that wife beater and useless man

  67. A job would make her keep her cool, since He wants to kill her before her time. Getting a job against her husbands will aint good. But wat else can she do? Thinking go kill her faster dn d hbp.

  68. YES shana should go ahead and get a job cos Femi is not responsible.the job will help her to stop thinking and careless about Femi attitude.

  69. The kind of marriage Femi had with Shana is clearly defined… He simply wants a baby making machine and believes children make marriage to be perfect without knowing that with or without children a marriage is based on d foundation of love. Shana should get a job Jor so as not to die of boredom

  70. Shana shld get a job ,with or without his approval NCOs days d only way she can get out of her depression.

  71. This is what happens when you marry for the wrong reasons…. It’s clear, God isn’t the center of their marriage. Femi is a fair-weather husband…. Shana darling, make God the center of your life and find peace, getting a job isn’t the solution because you might feel taunted when others speak of their children, even though getting a job will help keep your mind busy(it isn’t the solution)…. FIND GOD

  72. Why do dis stupid husband have to beat his wife cos of a mistress and inability to have kids….Like say d woman fit manufacture baby on her own

  73. So femi is ever including a woman beater after all d pleading. Plz Shane leave dat marriage. Yes she should get a job Co’s dat is d only means of survival left for her

  74. hmmmm is not rite for a wife should go against her husband wish but in dis kind of situation Shanna is now, I tink Shanna should get a job so dat she will ride of a boredom at home

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