Woman Caught Having S*x with Her Husband’s Best Friend (Photos)

Woman Caught Having S*x with Her Husband's Best Friend (Photos)

The screenshots of a Facebook video currently making rounds on social media, have emerged which shows the shocking moment a man was caught pants down with his best friend’s wife, and was given the beating of his life.

It was gathered that the man and another friend had walked in on the culprits having s*x on her matrimonial bed, probably following a tip-off.

The traitor of a boyfriend who was caught harvesting honey from his best friend’s bee hive, was seen and heard in the not too clear video calling the man’s name and pleading, “I can explain. Pls I can explain. You people will not allow me explain”, even as they kept hitting him on his clean-shaven head.

The identities of the couple or the man who was caught in the act, as well as the city where the incident occured were not ascertained as at the time of filing this report.



  1. Hmmmmm some women can so disgrace demselves. If U can’t control ur dewires for love or respect for ur spouse, y not for fear of God. Nawa o.

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