(Episode 15) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Femi quickly got up and grabbed Shana by the waist.

Shana: “What is it? You said I should leave you alone, I have. Why are you now holding me?”

Femi: “Where are you going?”

Shana: “I am going to sleep in the guest room with my mother”.

Femi: “Why would you do that? This is our bedroom”.

Shana: “The room is too toxic for me tonight. I need a change”.

Femi knew that she wasn’t telling him the truth about why she wanted to go to her mother’s place. He knew that her mother would convince her into telling her the issues they were having should he allow her step out of the bedroom with her eyes red and swollen from weeping. He had to switch on his charm if he must keep issues of his marriage away from their families.

Femi: “Baby, don’t tell you are angry over this little misunderstanding that we had”.

Shana: “You call your mocking my inability to get pregnant anytime we have sex a little misunderstanding? I mean, you call your saying you are wasting your semen on me misunderstanding? If this is a little misunderstanding, then I don’t know which one is big misunderstanding”.

Femi: “Common, now. Somebody cannot joke with you again? I was only kidding now”.

Shana: “No, you weren’t. I know the look on your eyes anytime you are joking, that look was not there today”.

Femi: “Okay, e ma binu, shogbo?”

Shana: “Femi the way you are treating me is not fair. I am your wife and I deserve some respect from you. I…”

“Shhh”, Femi said and hugged her.

Femi: “Okay, I won’t sleep on the floor again. Why should I sleep on the floor when our matrimonial bed is there?” he took her to bed and drew her close but Shana wanted more. She wanted intimacy with her husband. She was sex starved and she wanted to use the opportunity of her mother’s visit to get all the sex she could from her husband, who knows, luck may smile on her and she may end up pregnant again. She began to stroke him on his chest, which was his pleasure spot.

Femi was disgusted by her touch but he had to play along.

Femi: “Baby, can we just sleep tonight? I had a very hectic day at work and I need to wake up very early tomorrow morning”.

Shana: “Ife, I want you please”.

“God, I am doomed tonight”, he thought.

Femi: “I thought you would need some time off after the miscarriage”, he wanted to discourage her.

Shana: “Its my body, I know when I want something”.

Without any word or foreplay, Femi mounted his wife. Ever since he started sleeping with Licia, making love to his wife appeared like a monumental task to him, something he would rather not do but for the situation on ground. Licia was the perfect one for him, she knew how to touch the right places at the right time, she had the perfect control over his ‘mumu button’. When she touched him, he experienced pleasure in spots he never knew could give him so much pleasure. Shana was super good too, deep within his heart he knew that his wife could give him all the satisfaction that he was getting from Licia but the fact that she was finding it difficult to give him a child was a great turn off for him. This thought affected him anytime he wanted to get intimate with her, he would always find himself having weak erection around her and most times he couldn’t even last in her for five minutes, she never complained but he knew that he was failing in his duties to her but he didn’t mind so long as Licia was there to make up for what he was missing with his wife.

Shana wanted sex but she wanted it to be deep, she didn’t just want them to have sex, she wanted her husband to make love to her, love making with him was one of the best things that ever happened to her. It was an avenue for their souls to connect, which was exactly what she needed. She was beginning to detest Femi for all the pains he was putting her through but she knew that if their souls could connect as it did the first time they made love in his car in front of their father’s house, the fire that used to burn in her heart for him will be rekindled. In her deep thoughts, she didn’t even notice when Femi undressed her and parted her legs. She only felt him force his way in, it was painful because she was dry. He needed to have played with her to put her in the mood for the guest her vagina was about to receive.

Shana: “Take it easy, Femi. It hurts”, she screamed from under him.

Femi: “What hurts? Are you a virgin, why are you sounding like this is the first time you are being fucked?”

Shana: “Femi!”

Femi: “Okay, I am sorry! I will ride gently. I thought this is what you have always wanted”. He continued to bang her at the tempo he started. Shana was panting and struggling for breath under him, this wasn’t what she had expected and she could not hide her frustration.

Few minutes later, after ejaculating, Femi withdrew from her and ran to the restroom to clean up himself. He was disgusted with his wife and himself and he wondered how and when he had grown to hate her that much.

Shana curled up to her side of the bed, she had her blanket over head and she was weeping, more from psychological pain than from the pain she felt in between her legs.


Two months later, Femi was getting close, pretty close for comforts with Nana the new banker that was employed in their branch some months back. He had never been intimate with her but he knew that it won’t take too long for him to have his way with her. The girl was damn hot and he knew that she wanted him as much as much he wanted her. He was being careful because he didn’t want to risk tarnishing his image in the bank.

“Hello, Mr manager”, he looked up from his computer screen, it was Nana, the very person that was causing him to be restless.

Femi: “Hi, Nana. It is not yet time for lunch break yet”.

Nana: “Of course I know that it is just past twelve, I was missing your face so I came to see you”.

Femi: “That is serious o, the thing you are looking for, you will see it one day o. You look stunning, I must confess”.

Nana: “I am inviting you to my house for dinner after work tonight. You don’t wanna miss what’s on the menu for you”. She winked at him and left the office.


After her mother left, Shana and Femi went back to the normal status quo of strangers in their homes. Femi was hardly at home during weekdays and weekends and whenever he came home, he would change into a casual wear and leave home. He was frequently spending the nights out and each time she tried to complain, he would get violent and hit her. Her body bore marks of Femi’s punches and she was a shadow of herself. A knock on her door brought her out of her reverie. She checked the time, it was some minutes past 6, she wondered if Femi had decided to come home early  for dinner  that day but she knew that would not be possible. She went to the door and her heart skipped a beat when she saw Ayomide standing at the door, dressed in a while shirt, and looking so innocent. She didn’t know when she ran into his arms and began to weep. Ayomide was taken aback, he wasn’t expecting such reactions. Shana recollected herself and led him into the sitting room wiping her tears.

Ayomide was surprised to see Shana looking tattered with bruises all over her face. She was a shadow of herself and his heart went out to her.

Ayomide: “Shana, what is wrong with you? I must confess that you don’t look good”.

Shana: “I am fine”, she replied turning away and wiping the tears that was forming in her eyes.

Ayomide: “You are crying. Oh my God, this is serious”, he walked up to her. “I am sorry I have not been around for you the way a way a friend ought to. I am sure Femi would have told you that I have not been to Nigeria for the past five years now. I actually came home yesterday to start my marriage process. My fiance’s family are based here and that’s why we want to have a Nigerian wedding”. He observed that she was not listening to him and so he took her hand in his.

Shana lost control of herself and began to cry. Ayomide took her in her hands and began to console her, he was stroking her hair and encouraging her to confide in him. He raised up her face to give her a reassuring peck on the cheek when the door opened and Femi when Femi walked in.

Femi: “What! My brother and my wife doing it behind my back in my house? Oh my God. Shana, you didn’t see anybody to give your cheap body except my brother? And you Ayo, what are doing kissing my wife in my house? So, you can’t even wait for me to die before you inherit my prostitute of a wife?”

Shana quickly ran out of Ayomide’s embrace and they both stood rooted on the ground.

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Question: How will Shana explain to Femi that she didn’t do anything with his brother? Do you think she should use this opportunity to walk out of the abusive marriage?

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    • Oooh my God what is she going to say,shana open up to your patent and get out of this marriage but what i kniw is that Femi will regret his actions in the end.

  1. Even if Shana explain, Femi won’t listen because she disgust him.Their best thing to open up to her parents the challenges she’s facing in her marriage

  2. Shana shouldn’t have accepted a peck from Ayomide because we are not whites, such things are normal with the western culture

  3. Shaman should not waste her saliva explaining to Femi because he won’t listen she should let her parents know what is going on

  4. She shuld explain to him dat dere was nothing btwn dem and if e didn’t believe her she shuld use d opportunity to walk out of d marriage b4 she wil die an untimely death all in d name of wanting to remain a married woman to d man dat so much care less abt her

  5. She should try and explain, but if he insists she should go back to her parents house….. Femi will come begging on his knees

  6. it gonna be hard for her to convince him.
    he is already looking for opportunity to hurt her the more

  7. This story is beginning to annoy me…I don’t knw why she can’t just walk out of the marriage instead of managing it….maybe until she dies before she knw watsup

  8. What’s the point of her explaining he wouldnt believe her..femi should think and conclude on what ever he chooses .Shana is just doing herself,4rm slaps she has graduated to punches

    • …these concerns are thought provoking so going over them again and again carefully for me is worth it…..

      Shana has done nothing wrong she needn’t explain. The circumstance is not concrete enough for her to take a walk out of her marriage….it’s a marriage we are talking about here,solemn vows are at stake here..

  9. Even if Shana explains,femi would not believe. she should just explain everything to Ayo and work away from the marriage.

  10. Shana shuld jus let it all out in d presence of ayo,ow femi treat him. I bet femi won’t v upperhand against them. Yes,she shuld jus walk out 4rm him to get herself.

  11. Shana should leave this marriage for her own good if not she will die trying to please Femi who doesn’t worth it. Infesting her with deadly disease is another issue.
    Ayomide should please stand by her.

  12. Shana cannot explain to Femi cause he was looking forward to seeing when such will happen. If it’s Shana she won’t want to work out of the marriage.

  13. Why would femi not think like that because that is what he is doing with strange woman.Shana wise up and dont let him frustrate you.

  14. Femi is determined to give dog a bad name in order to hang it. He has gotten a perfect excuse for divorce. Shana should accept whatever comes out of the situation

  15. She nd Ayo shld explain there self’s to femi nd if femi finds it hard to bliv Dem, Shana cn use dat opportunity to walk away 4 a, beta future

  16. She should not explain anything jor, what is there to explain if i may ask. femi is looking for a way to rubbish his wife before his parents now he has it, let him go ahead n do his worst. as for shana am sick n tired of her childishness, she wants to die in that man’s hand before she will run for her life. Ayo should know that something is not right n help her to get back on her feet.

  17. An opportunity for Femi to play d victim. He can’t get far with this. She’s one step away from getting out of this abusive marriage if only she doesn’t decide to continue in this charade of a marriage

  18. Its better for her to open up to her family before she dies in silence. Femi does not need her tears so its better she moves on with her life beforeshe dies in this violent and abused marriage.

  19. Shana should try and explain to femi for the sake of Ayomide,if he doesn’t accept it, she should leave the marriage and go to her parents house before she dies.

  20. That’s why it’s good to always have that one person u can share ur burden with,now femi will use this opportunity and lie against her to their parents,had it been d she’s reported him before now it could have been better, she missed the opportunity when her mother came around,now who will believe her?
    She shouldn’t walk out of d marriage,she should be prayerful,shes lacking in that area.

  21. This Femi wahala is too much. She should walk away before she dies all in the name of marriage. Femi will never ever believe her, he has already labelled her prostitute.

  22. Femi will use that to tarnish her image and send her packing. he knew she didn’t so anything wrong BT he wants her out. I pity femi the next woman that will walk into his house as wife will finish him.

  23. Hmmm, truly this is an abusive marriage with no passion for the lady, I seriously pity the young lady…
    I’ll advise Shana to leave femi, if he try beating her again. I believe Femi won’t want to hit Ayo, cos Ayo will surely retaliate back.

  24. Is better for her, cos am not seeing any happiness in that marriage and he is still going far self.let her walk out before he will start to blackmail her join with atomise self. Adelove abeg this suspense is killing me. Complete the story naa

  25. i kinda like d turn out of events but just that Femi will label her an infidel. At least she will leave the house for him before she gets killed

  26. No matter wat she said cos Femi will never believe her,dis is d opportunity for her to run for her dear life.

  27. This is the time femi will use to label her as infidel to their parent and Shana will walk out of her marriage to rebuild her life back.

  28. she should walk out before Femi kills her. Femi has no conscience, at list d bruises on Shana’s body is enuf evidence dt Femi is an animal.

  29. This is a good opportunity to explains everything happening in home,So Femi can be jealous.with his own kind of life & maltreatment.
    Iñfact,speechless.God will help you Shana
    If you like talk if you like don’t talk
    Don’t leave your home but open your mouth &talk.since Ayomide is there,he will not be able to lay his hand on you.
    And he will be in best position to tell their parent what is happening in your family

  30. Femi wld want to blow this to a higher proportion to look clean, but he wld only succeed in pushing Shana to the wall n make her voice out. Cant wait to start seeing femi fall n regret

  31. pls Shana just walk away from him and let him regret what he has been putting u through since all this while….stupid husband

  32. Femi Femo I don’t u eva heard of d word Karma if u had guess u don’t knw wat it means! Shana poor Shana if u die in silence ur momma wud neva 4giv u. There’s no point explaining a dog dat want to get lost wud nt listen to his master’s call Femi is out of ur reach now. But u can jst to prove a point and my dear Shana ur too weak. Stand up, wipe ur tears, and start acting as if Femi doesn’t exist. Wear gud clothes, go out,get a job and fight for wat’s urs. Licia and Nana ae nt up to ur standard. But u hv to confide in ur momma. Or u file for a divorce but I don’t quite agree wit dat but since d battery is getting to much my dear walk out of d marriage nor else ur family will cum and carry ur dead body away while Femi continue wit his life and he wud even mount up lies against u and den u won’t b alive to defend urself or speak for urself. Tink twice dear and stop acting lyk a kid.

  33. Shana will tell him the truth but it will be very hard for him to believe her because of the hatred he already have for her

  34. Hmmmm, Femi have now see avenue to get his wife, because there is nothing Shana will tell him that will accept it and if that they are in good condition and thing like this happen he will never think about it he will just over look it. Shana am very sorry for u, but please don’t walk away just tell the both families what you have been passing through and pray very well to God

  35. Shana dont need to explain anything to femi.
    walking out is not the solution but she should open up to her parent on what she is going through; am sure they would the good for nothing under control.

  36. That’s why they say delay is dangerous. If she had opened up to her mother, they would have understood her. But now no body will believe her easily. Anyways, I pray she speaks up this time.

  37. Shana is too soft for my liking sef
    Adelove pls manipulate this story let them break up… aff said my own

  38. This is the best and perfect opportunity for her to walk away from this abuse under the disguise of marriage.

  39. Shana will tell femi DAT there is nothing BTW dem but he will not believe her. No ,I don’t tinx shana will use this opportunity to walk out. She will stay bCOs she love femi

  40. Shana is very stupid, y I my disturbing my self,she is enjoying the marriage that is y she doesn’t want to open up to her mum nonsense

  41. Femi is heartless.Shana should walk out of the marriage…. I think she should open up nd tell ayomide wat Femi did to her…

  42. Femi femi..what a world a wickedness…guys Una sha de try de fall Una henz ….a friend will say guys don’t cheat but polygamous in nature…i hear…nd its not heard of that a married woman should tow the step of her spouse….i hear o…shana you c ur mother you. Nor c her shoulder cry….i piri you

  43. Shana should stay.Because if she leaves now femi will use it against her that she left because she was cheating on him wit his brother. Its all her fault if she hard told her mum abt wat femi has been doing to her,it would have been better for her.Now I wonder if any1 will believe them that they weren’t doing anything wrong.

  44. femi will use this opportunity to drive her away, femi is wicked, she should go before it will b too late.

  45. The thunder that will fire femi eh will come from Zambia! My dear its time for u to leave but first clear ur name!

  46. she cant even talk ryt nw nt to talk of explain, She should just let Ayomide do d explanation of wich I knw Femi wont bliv nd after dat she should ignore his words nd tink of her own safety. She shouldnt leav d marriage cux dey both took an oath of ”for better for worse”. All she needs to do ryt now is to seek God’s help via prayer

  47. femi won’t believe because that is the kind of lifestyle he is also living. Shana should just leave the marriage, she s still young and can remarry anytym.

  48. Hmm he’s just looking for a way out so he can leave her for Licia is better she tell her parents if not she will soon be mad

  49. Shana quickly ran out of Ayomide’s embrace
    and they both stood rooted on the ground………..What nonsense?….Shana is too quiet for my liking, is it wen she is dead n Femi will den frame her wit wat she is nt, dats wen she will talk? she beta use dis opportunity to her advantage.

  50. If I was Shana I won’t even answer Femi, I’ll just open up to Ayomide and tell him all his evil in front of him. Let me see what he will do, highest I’ll pack my things and leave his house and go to my parents telling them everything. I’m not his punching bag.

  51. The abuse is getting too much, is better for her to walk out of d marriage before she will turn to disable person.

  52. Femi is indeed a devilish man I hate him so much and I just hope things can work between ayo and Shana so that femi will live in REGREAT all his life


  53. She should leave Femi alone, he never loved her from the beginning cuz a home base on true love do not forsake each other even when there is no child.

    • She better run for her life now that she saw help. I pray that his real deal gives him a real disgrace that will make him loose his reputation and job.

  54. D one that pains me most is that a little word from femi makes shan melt. That is her weakness and the stupid man is using it against her

  55. Shanna should try nd explain to him even do he doesn’t listen but walking away like dis is not right coz dat will make Femi to believe dat she is hvin an affair with his brother nd if de both parents find out about it ,dey will be angry with Shanna nd Ayomide, even do it is true or lie de both families won’t believe dem. Shana should just try to convince him no matter how difficult it is, God can still help her out of dis mess.

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