(Episode 16) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

(Episode 16) Fifty-50 Marriage ... A touching tale!

Ayomide was too shock for words. It took him some minutes before he regained his voice.

Ayomide: “Are you okay, Femi? What do you mean by what you just said?”

Femi: “Oh, you have the mouth to talk after I caught you with my wife?”

Ayomide: “Why won’t I talk? What did you find me doing with your wife? Oh, so because she is your wife somebody cannot talk to her again? Have you forgotten that she was my friend even before you married her?”

Femi: “That is it, I know that you have always wanted her, I know that you are jealous that I married her. You are so stupid that you won’t even let go even for the fact that she is married to your elder brother”.

Ayomide: “Look, I don’t know what you are talking about okay? There is no way that I could have thought of coveting your wife. For your information, I came home to take a wife. I just thought of coming here to check on you since you wouldn’t pick my calls or reply your Skype messages”.

Femi: “I see that you are not even sorry for what you have done”.

Ayomide: “And what have I done, Mr Femi?” he was getting irritated by his brother’s irritating attitude.

Femi: “Are you asking me?” he charged at his brother and slapped him hard across the face.

Ayomide was shocked, he didn’t know that his half brother could ever raise his hand against him. Their parents had raised them in love and they had been warned never to fight no matter how provoked they felt.

Shana’s heart skipped a beat, she was afraid that the two brothers will start fighting and over her for that matter. She didn’t want that kind of a scandal and she was determined to do anything to prevent it.

Ayomide felt blood rush into his veins, his fists clenched and he felt like punching his brother on the jaw but he thought against it.

Ayomide: “Thank you so much for the slap. This is what I can get for coming to check on my brother and his wife. No wonder Shana looks pale and ruined, take a second look at your wife, is this the woman you married years ago? Was she this tattered? Posterity will judge you for all that you are doing”, he made to leave and stopped shortly before he got to the door.

“And the bruises on her face, I don’t need to ask where they came from. You have obviously turned her into your punching bag. And you Shana, you better run for your life before it before he kills you”. He turned to leave but Femi charged at him but Shana ran up and stood in between them and Ayomide shook his head and walked out banging the door behind him.

Shana: “What is wrong with you? Leave your brother alone, he has done nothing wrong”.

Femi: “Oh really, he has done nothing wrong by touching you? He was about kissing you before I came in, who knows how far he would have gone if I hadn’t returned as at the time I did? I guess you would not mind having him on our matrimonial bed. Ayomide, your eternal crush who knows how many times he had visited behind my back to service you?”

Shana: “Femi, you may call me whatever you wish but never you in your pathetic life insinuate that I am cheating on you. See who is talking about our matrimonial bed, do you know the sanctity of the matrimonial bed? If you do, would you abandon your matrimonial bed for the bed of your mistresses? What moral justification have you to query me even if I am cheating on you? When was the last time you touched me and made me feel like a woman?”

Femi: “You now talk back at me? Is that how much you now disrespect me? I will show you that I am the man of the house and you have to respect me”. He gave her a hard slap that sent her crashing on the sofa behind her. Before she could comprehend what was happening, another slap had landed on her left eye, hot tears began to stream down her face. Femi was on top her in no time hitting and punching her, she tried to escape from his clutch but he pinned her down and was raining blows on her. She tried to push him off but his weight was too much for her. With all the strength she had left in her, she raised her hand and struck him hard on the face. Femi was shocked and momentarily taken aback, she seized the opportunity and ran away, she ran to the bedroom but he ran after her and caught up with her. He yanked her head against the wall and she felt like she would pass out. She knew that she had to run away before Femi kills her, he grabbed her head and was to repeat what he did but she outsmarted him and raised her knee, in his rage, he didn’t see her raise her knee and it connected with his balls sending him reeling with pain on his knees. She bolted out and made for the sitting room. She wanted to run out for her life. She got to the door but she found out that it was locked. She tried to turn the key but the fright in her heart caused her hands to tremble and she was fumbling with the keys, suddenly she turned around and Femi grab her on the waist and throw her on the floor.

Femi: “You think you can run away? Where do you think you are running to, Ayomide’s place? I see that what you have in between your legs is scratching you for some action, I am going to give you so much that you would never dream of cheating on me again”, he removed his belt and parted her legs.

Shana: “Don’t do this Femi, I am your wife you can’t rape me”.

Femi: “Who said it is rape? Thank God you know you are my wife and only I am taking what is mine”, there was fire in his eyes and Shana knew that this animal before her was not the man she married.

She attempted to plead but Femi struck her hard across the face and forced his way into her. The pain of his painful penetration coupled with the pain from the physical injuries he had inflicted on her was too much for her to bear and she began to scream attracting the attention of their neighbours. The more she screamed, the more Femi increased the tempo of his pounding, he was glad that he was causing her pain and her screams urged him on. A heavy knock on the door forced him to pause, Shana began to scream harder when she heard the knock, she knew that she needed help and there was no way she could keep quiet and allow Femi pound her to her death.

Neighbour: “Open the door now”.

Femi: “Who are you and why should I open the door?”

Neighbour: “I heard your wife screaming, what is going on there?”

Femi: “She is screaming out of pleasure, haven’t you and your wide had noisy sex before?”

The neighbour obviously not convinced with the story kept on knocking but Femi ignored him and when Shana tried to scream for help, he brought his hand over her lips. The neighbour got tired and left them.

Satisfied with his urge and anger, Femi withdrew from her and kicked her leaving her rolling on the ground in pain. He went into the bathroom, had a quick bath and rushed out of the house. He was going to have a pleasurable rest at Nana’s place, his new found mistress.

Shana layed in the spot for more than one hour weeping and regretting ever getting married to Femi. She knew that it was time to talk to her parents about Femi’s attitude but she didn’t want to be the cause of trouble between the two families. She was still wallowing in her physical and psychological pain when her phone began to ring. It was Ayomide calling.

Ayomide: “How are you, Shana? I just called to check on you and to ask if you need my help in anyway, I don’t like the way you were looking when I saw you this earlier this evening”.

Shana: “I…Ayomide, I…” her voice went off and she began to cry.

Ayomide: “Shana talk to me, why are you crying?”

Shana: “I am in pain”, she managed to say.

Ayomide: “Just stay put, I am coming right away. You don’t sound good”.

Shana: “No, don’t. I will be fine”, Ayomide had already dropped the call.


Femi was in the office when Nana came knocking.

Nana: “Hello, Mr handsome manager”, she drew and kissed him”.

Femi: “Hello pretty, this is an office. No kisses and touching”.

Nana: “Don’t tell me you don’t want a piece of the action, a quickie in the office won’t do us any harm you know”.

She unbuttoned her shirt revealing her medium size but fresh boobs. Femi felt the rod in between his legs harden and he knew that he had to give it to her there and then. He drew near and began to fondle her breast. Nana who was used to the business of satisfying men in bed got on her knees, unzipped his trousers and gave him a head, that was her area of specialization. Femi was in cloud nine and he wished that the moment would never pass away. In his quest for pleasure, he had forgotten that he didn’t lock the door to the office. The door opened and Licia walked in, she had been trying to call him and when he refused to pick her call, she had decided to visit him under the guise of a customer who wanted to see the branch manager.

Licia: “What! Femi!”


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Question: Should Shana open up to Ayomide? Would he be able to help her? How will Licia react?

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  1. I like this.. Trouble is looming around femi.. She will be free from d so called marriage.. I don’t support domestic violence

  2. Shana should open up joor.Ayomide might be of help to her.Licia can GI ahead and hug the transformer,after all she’s sleeping with another woman’s husband

  3. Adelove your work is fully appreciated. I won with you since on the 1st of March and I’m yet to receive the winning.

  4. If Shana doesn’t allow any1 in soonest she will end up a dead corpse..AY would be able to help her if she allows him ..why is licia screaming so she doesn’t know the feelings right ..what goes around surely comes back around

  5. If Shana doesn’t allow any1 in soonest she will end up a dead corpse..AY would be able to help her if she allows him ..why is licia screaming so she doesn’t know the feelings right ..what goes around surely comes back around

  6. Evening ALC&Fs,


    What can one say….wishing us all the best.

    A problem shared is halved even better halved when it is shared with a good friend – I Ayomide fitting into the role of her good friend.

    He would be of help to Shana.

    Licia or whatever her name is dumb.

    Night …. TGIF!


  7. Shana has to open up or else she will die. Ayomide wud take her out of the house and save her of her mess. She caused it to hersef. when she had the opportunity of tellin someone, she kept mute. Waiting to read an improvement on tomorrows episodes. Gudnyt Adelove and family. I hope we cud still get more stories despite the threat frm Facebook owner.

  8. mistress that caught a fellow mistress should not vex. Secondly Shana should leave that house. I have said it before,that woman does not listen.

  9. yes o she should open up. As for femi,this is the beginning of his problem. he would lose his job when Nana and Lucia start fighting over him

  10. I felt for Shana pls open up to ayomide may be he can help u out…..for u FEMI I think ur time is up God bless u adelove.

  11. i av a feeling shana will later marry ayo
    shana shud pls pls tell ay evrithin
    note:those fb are doing anyhow
    but God pass dem


  13. Licia been d devilish woman she is, wld deal with Femi, this is the begining if his downfall. She might even video them. Its serves femi right…….

  14. Hmm… Shana really needs help and Ayo will have to help her.. As for Lucia she’ll deal with Nana.. Good evening Adelove crew keep up d good work

  15. yes…..Shana should open up to Ayomide and I know he’s gonna help her…as 4 Lucia and femi d play boy…who cares wat happen BTW dem?.

  16. Lycia will deal with from seriously,before he knows it it he might loose his job due to this carelessness. I pray Shana didn’t get pregnant due to this rape

  17. I hate this femi..shana should tell Ayomide,I think he will be able to help her.Licia the devil’s incarnate is at it again.

  18. Shana should open up to Ayo cos that’s where her help will come from. As for Femi I pity him.
    Adelove.com there’s this saying HAKUNA MATATA. Don’t worry cos we will ALWAYS SHARE YOUR POST AND WILL CONTINUE READING IT ONLINE. After all,must at times if I tries reading it on Facebook…it will automatically log out. So don’t worry we got your back Adelove.com.

  19. Shana should open up to Ayomide who happens to be her best friend before marrying Femi. Femi is a coward dt has turned his wife to a punching bag. I dnt care abt licia reaction,Femi is now for d general public. let Nana and licia fight demselves. gud one Adelove.

  20. Femi is a son of a bi**h.wat a mess.na dog d man be.haba shana run for ur life.no keep.quiet.to hell with family relationship.femi need to be.taught a lesson.i.pray he.doesnt give her any sexual.transmitted diseases oh.licia u deserve wat u saw.

  21. She must open up to him so that she can be free from Femi, because the pain is too much for her to bear and Ayomide can help her out. Licia can react even it can cause him his job.

  22. let her open up to Ayomide may b he can b of help to her…. licia will make sure femi regret what he is doing

  23. hummm, Adelove well done for the good work,facebook is causing Us much problem,but God pass them. shana hummmm, I understand your plight,what a good woman,but you need to say no to all this femi animalistic attitude. and the time is now.

  24. This femi is really a beast,thank God his blood brother has advice Shana to run for her dear life.About reporting to their parent is the best so that if anything happens in the end she will not be blamed

  25. All hell is going to break looooose. I like what is going to happen to Femi. As for Shana she should open up to Ayomide. He is going to be her saving grace.

  26. she better open up if she doesn’t want them to come and carry her corpse. some ladies sha. I can’t wait for d end of this story.

  27. Pls she should open up to Ayomode. And yes he will find a way to assist her. As for Lucia I don’t care what she does,by d way she snatched him from another woman( his wife for dt matter), So is only right for another to snatch him from her too.

  28. She should open up to Ayomide if not she’ll just die! As for Licia she doesn’t have shame before she might react wrongly not minding the environment she’s in!

  29. Let love not blind shana to death o. U better open up for a living dog is better dan a dead lion. For Licia God will surely pay her in her own coin. Femi ur end is near.

  30. Sure,she better open up now to ayomi. He will surely finds a way to solve her out of dis unnecessary puzzle. Licia will be very shocked and 4 her lousy mouth. She will shout on top of her voice to create drama.

  31. Yes she should open up. As for femi this is just the beginning of his downfall because I sure know that Licia will bring him down.

  32. shana shud open up to femi. who knows he might be of help. licia will be really be disappointed in femi, cause he had used & dumped her 4 another side chick. not with any other lady as dat but office romance.

  33. Shanas attitude is beginning to bore. Keep claiming good wife and end up digging ur grave. Next time he kill you. Better share ur plight with someone.

  34. Shana will open up to Ayo. And he will help her out of the situation. As for Femi and his numerous mistresses, that will be the beginning of his downfall. Kudos Adelove and crew.

  35. Shana should open up to Ayomide if she can’t open up to her parents.
    Licia will so frustrate Femi that he’ll regret all his actions and become humble and sober.

  36. Shana should open up to her parents and quit that marriage asap. As for the community penis femi he will reap what he sows. licia and nama can kill themselves I don’t care.

  37. Open up before you kill yourself.
    I pity you Femi.you are a monster.
    Lucia&Nana,their problem.
    Branch manager,you life is crashing right in eyes but alas you couldn’t do anything.
    Shana,leave the house,find somewhere to go&rest for now.
    You don’t deserve to die.
    Femi,ha,o ma Se o,you don’t value what you have until you loose it.Shame on you.

  38. shana will open up to Ayomide and licia will react and leave butt will start to plan revenge on Femi and the girl.

  39. She shud open up to him, dey were friends before she got marry, he can at least give a headway advice or solution….As for licia make she break bottle now, it go beta if she break Femi head,he-goat

  40. Shana will open up to Ayomide, and he is going to help her out. Hmmmm, as for that idiot of a man called Femi, his Cup is over full. Lucia will use what she saw to blackmail him. Lucia will deal with him seriously as he (Femi) saved her name “Real Deal ” hahahahaha…. Shana Biko back off from that nonsense marriage.

  41. Shana should open up to Ayomide,he will surely help her out…for Licia I think she will call D attention of other workers….for femi posterity will judge him.

  42. she should open up, for femi that is good real good couth him ,still that is very good for femi to do that to u

  43. Shana should open up for Ayomide that is the best thing….. I don’t care about Lucia…. Thanks Adelove for using your initiative to hell with Facebook team…. Who dey EPP….

  44. she has to open up to Ayomide, he might b of help,Licia will cause a fight in femi’s office, good for her

  45. No…..Shana should nt leave d house, she should stay dere n die……Rubbish ….As for Lucia, she is Femi’s KARMA….watch out!!!

  46. Shana will open up to Ayo and as for Lucia she will be shocked and that’s another opportunity to blackmail Femi

  47. This is too much,, shana should open up to ayomide before this so called husband of hers will ruin her,, its too much already, she need to open up.. As for licia to hell with her.

  48. Shana should open up to him than allowing that basterd Femi kills her.As of Licia is better she disgrace Femi to the bank

  49. Adelove n crew thumb up,u have touched many lives with all this inspirational stories,God bless you the more.
    Shanna should share all her problems with Ayomide,he will help her

  50. Shana needs to talk to someone, since her keeping quiet hasn’t changed anything. Licia can go to hell, she did same to someone else. Its karma at work for her.

  51. Shana should better open up…..for crying out loud! how would someone in her real sense think about family relationship in this situation?
    Shana u better b wise else u will jus die for nothing.

  52. Shana should open up to Ayomide. He would be able to help her. Licia will reacts badly and she can cause a scene which might cause femi to lose his job.

  53. He has advised her to leave his brother alone, I think it is time she is gone forever. The way she marry the guy has really shown that Femi was not after her body

  54. Shana should open up to Ayomide and forget about useless family relationship. Thank God, Lucia met Femi with Nana, am sure those two will really deal with him by teaching him some lesson

  55. She shld talk to Ayomide cos I believe he is goin 2 help her,Lucia do anytin u want wit DAT asshole Femi.

  56. Adelove, so I had been wasting my time commenting on your website while you were busy picking comments on Facebook page? Anyway, now that you have gotten back to what u should have done, I hope I’ll get my own tips too. That was by the way, to answer the question at the end of the episode, I think Shana should confide in ayomide, as much as femi will pounce her for it, she will be hopeful ayo will save ha, and about licia reaction, she will be so offended that she might crest a scene and cause demi great trouble, but that will be to my appreciation because I want femi to learn the hard way.

  57. I feel like crying… some men r very heartless.After all d maltreatment, Shana still remain a good wife to d extend of lying to her mother n keeping it to herself.
    Femi is a beast.
    Lucia is Jezebel.
    while d Nana is Delilah.

    I wish Ayomide will take ova

  58. hmmmm shana u better open up if not one day u will just find urself in grave. as for licia i wonder what u are going to do next

  59. She shld open up to Ayo,n as for femi e hiz in a bigga shit,licia wil snap dem n blackmail him milk d hell out of him dt serves him right

  60. Our guy is under spiritual influence, or a spell remember his mother died @ his birth. The monster in him is beginning to expose him now, first to his half brother, his neighbours now in his office @ work. His mother is not good mother, she sleeps with vital foam, against the saying that oku olomo kii sun.

  61. Shana should open up to Ayomide, he will be willing to help.
    For sure Locia is going to creat a commotion in his office.

  62. What is she waiting for? Shana this is the time to open up and tell the world your a human being and not a beast of burden. Deal with Femi and his madness, I’m glad Lucia has caught him still cheating on her. Lucia should equally deal mercilessly with him. He is a bitch

  63. Yes she should open up to ayo. for licia wati no be ur own wey u collect another person go still collect am. do me i do u.

  64. She should better open up to Ayo if she doesn’t want her family to come n collect her dead body from Femi’s house. This is her chance to safe herself. As for licia I don’t have anything to say to her cos she doesn’t have any right to scream abi na she be d wife. I said it that karma is at d corner waiting for her. Surely Femi will loose his job. Good nite Adelove crew n fans. Facebook take ur time ooo na only una dey fund money.

  65. Poor Shana u don’t pity urself @all well talk to Ayomide guess he’ll help u out of d country. Mayb u guess should strike a deal jst to get Femi back to his senses. And as for Lucia I don’t giv a damn on how u feel cos u’ve deprived smone joy and happiness so don’t expect to get any in return. I don’t pity u I jst want to c d law of Karma tak it’s cause in ur life. Femi I jst wished u were sacked.

  66. Femi is animal in human skin, Shana better think of her life and get help from Ayomide, very soon Femi’s sin will caught up with him.

  67. OMG!why should Shana be tolerating such rubbish frm Femi? she should hv told her mom. she should better confide in Ayomide before its too late. and as for that Femi, I hope Licia gives him the treatment of his life and pay him back in his own coins. mtchew…. yeye dey smell.

  68. this is an avenue for her to save her life by open up to Ayomide, cos he could help her relates d xter of d animal she so called husband to their parents. Licia on her part has now see d biggest opportunity to expose d most infidel animal (Femi) to d world. I think he’s at his doom of life now..

  69. this is an avenue for her to save her life by open up to Ayomide, cos he could help her relates d xter of d animal she so called husband to their parents. Licia on her part has now see d biggest opportunity to expose d most infidel animal (Femi) to d world. I think he’s at his doom of life now..

  70. Shana should please cry out for help. I care less about how Licia reacts after all, they’re both husband snatchers.

  71. Ah she should open up to Ayomide o, which I believe for sure he will help her out. Lucia will not spare him and that is my wish o.

  72. Why not naa,she shud open up biko.. plz adelove,whats d new address? Tnx for ur kind gesture, Via freebies. More grace ….

  73. Shana better open up to Ayo. besides Ayo is not blind. he knows whatz going on.Licia will so much deal with Nana and Femi. I don’t understand what women gain by been in a abusive marriage and still protecting it with their lives as Shana is doing now. an abusive husband will never change expect he becomes a born again.

  74. So sorry for Shana…. Hopes she opens up to ayomide. As for femi and his concubines I pray they turn a new leaf.

  75. Shana doesn’t have a choice now, she’s going to report Femi because Ayomide is going to convince her to report & i think Femi is going to loose his job with all the sex escapades with Nana in the office, Licia is going to create a scene

  76. This is disheartening and inhumane….shebi is very good for a man to cheat…no some men said is being polygamous in nature….i c u guys wehdonsah….shana you better find succor elsewhere n take your pathetic life outta are before you never live to to tell the story…I see your effort adelove crew …its well

  77. she should open up to ayomide,cos Femi will kill her one day,seriously this is what is happening in most homes in Nigeria,someone you claim to love just because she can’t concieve,you treat her anyhow,Femi will pay dearly for it

  78. Yes,Shana shld open up to ayomide,and am sure he will help,Luici will create a scene and Nana will shamefully life leave d office ,femi act will lead to his blackmail which will later affect his job.

  79. she should open up to Ayo but make sure she didn’t open her close up desire for him cos DAT could really ruin d family relationship at it worst.. n am sure family will help for he is a man of wisdom!!

  80. Na u go cause ur misfortune ursrelf….Licia cause a very big scene ni ooo dis man needs to be thought a lesson

  81. Shanna should open up to Ayomide so dat he can help her out of dis terrible tinz at least Ayomide is her best friend he can look for way out of dis miserable life she is facing. and Lucia will so angry with him to de extend of fighting with Nana or embarrass him dare in is office, I pray Femi should face more problems so dat he can cum back to is senses. nd cum to his wife as before.

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