(Episode 17) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Licia walked across the table and slapped Femi hard on the face.

Licia: “You shameless man, after all that I do to satisfy you in bed, you still have the guts to abandon me for your colleague?”

Femi: “Bring your voice down, Licia. This is a corporate office”.

Licia: “I will not bring my voice down, Femi. Do you know that this is a corporate office? If you do, you will not have another woman blowing you in the office, shameless useless idiot”. Turning to Nana who was buttoning her shirt, she said. “And you, what are you doing here? Are you not the new staff I met at the customers service stand the other day? So, your job description also includes sleeping with your boss? You are not even ashamed of yourself, you are on your knees giving a married man a blow job in his office. Shame on you, even prostitutes that stand on the street have better dignity”.

Nana: “Eh-eh, just hold it there. See who is talking, what about you who are following him about everywhere? What dignity have you? Oh, it is in my case that you know he is married, don’t you know that he is married? So why won’t you also allow him be for his wife?”

Femi: “Will you ladies stop this rubbish? Nana, you may leave. I am sure you have customers waiting for you to attend to them”.

Nana: “Didn’t you know that I had customers waiting for me before you allowed me unzip your trousers?” she sized him up and down, walked over to where Licia was standing and hissed. “Good riddance to bad rubbish”, she hissed as she walked out.

Licia stretched out her hand to slap Nana’s retreating figure but Femi grabbed her arm.

Femi: “Stop this Licia, take a hold on yourself”.

Licia: “Leave me alone, that cheap slot thinks she can insult me and go scot free? Who does she think she is?”

Femi: “Allow her go for my sake. Do you want to put me in trouble here? Causing a scene here can cost me my job”.

Licia: “I don’t care what it costs you, what you did costs me my heart, that is more precious than your stupid bank job”.

Femi knew that he had to do something quick before Licia loses her temper and go on rampage. He held her close to his heart.

Licia: “Leave me alone, don’t even try to bribe me with any fake hug here. I am going to the banking hall to beat the hell out of that slot”.

Femi: “Shhh…calm down. I will make it up to you. Tell me what you want? A check of 1 million naira? Shopping treat? Make your choice”.

Licia: “I don’t want anything from you, just allow me deal with that stupid girl”.

Femi: “Are you sure that is what you want? There is recession in Nigeria o, do you know what a million naira can do to your business?”

Licia relaxed and thought for few minutes. “I want your heart, Femi. That is all I want”.

Femi: “I would have gladly given it to you but as you can see”, he showed her his ring. “I am happily married”.

Licia: “Oh cut the pretense, Femi. You know that I know you as well as the palm of my hands. Yes, you are married but happily married is a capital lie. You are happily married and yet you spend almost every night on my bed, you are happily married and yet someone is giving you a head in the office. Weh don sah”.

Femi walked over to his chair and sat down. “You see why I like you, you are very smart. You know how to put 2 and 2 together and arrive at a logical conclusion. But you see, whether happily married or not, the most important thing is that I am married and I cannot divorce my wife to be with you”.

Licia: “Then I am going inside the hall to embarrass your little mistress”.

Femi: “Common, babe. We can arrive at a compromise. Do you really want me to lose my job? How will that profit you? I can’t divorce my wife even though I am not happy in the marriage. The problem any news of divorce will cause our families is not something that I can endure”.

Licia: “Who is talking about you divorcing your wife? Like seriously you think I want to marry you? So that you will start subjecting me to the kind of psychological trauma that your wife goes through daily?”

Femi: “Really? I can never seem to understand you, Licia. One minute you want my heart, the next minute you don’t want to be with me. I am confused, what exactly is it that you want from me?”

Licia: “I want to move in and live with you, that way I can have access to your body anytime I want”.

Femi: “How can a grown up lady move in with a married man? What do I tell my wife?”

Licia: “Anything you can think of. You can tell her that I am a house help that you employed to help her out with house chores, I don’t mind, so long as I am under the same roof with you”.

Femi: “But Licia…”

Licia: “No buts, Femi. That is my final answer. Think about it and get back to me with a positive answer else, I will expose your adulterous deeds to the world and I will expose what you do in your office with your female bankers to everyone, I will ruin your reputation and I will go to any length to make sure you lose your job. I have proofs of most of the dirty things that we did in bed, don’t dare me”.


Ayomide was shocked to see Shana in the battered state that he found her. He ran up to where she was lying on the ground and picked her up.

Ayomide: “Look at your face? He did this to you right?”

Shana: “No, Ayomide. He didn’t. It was a domestic accident. I fell down”.

Ayomide: “Don’t lie to me, I know domestic accident when I see one, I am not a child. Why are you covering up for that animal in human skin? Is it when he kills you that your corpse will speak up? You need to speak up and walk from this abusive relationship, Shana”.

Shana: “I don’t know what you are talking about, just take me to the hospital. Whatever happens between my husband and I is none of your business”.

Ayomide was hurt by her harsh words but he didn’t take it to heart. He knew that she was talking out of frustration and he understood her perfectly.

He drove her in his car to the hospital and paid the bills. The doctor called him into his office.

Doctor: “What exactly did you say happen to your wife?”

Ayomide: “Oh, she is my brother’s wife and not mine. Anyway, she said she was involved in a domestic accident”.

Doctor: “What sort of domestic accident if I may ask?”

Ayomide: “I don’t know, doctor. I wasn’t there, she only called me to drive her to the hospital because her husband was not at home when it happened”.

Doctor: “What I see in her is not in any way related to domestic accident. I see a woman whose body and spirit is crushed by domestic violence. What is the relationship like between her and her husband?”

Ayomide: “I really don’t know. I have not been in the country for the past five years”.

Doctor: “We have had cases where women refuse to speak up in the face of serious battering by their husbands, such women end up dying and leaving their children at the mercy of their husband’s mistresses. I will advise that you sit your brother down and caution him, if the marriage wouldn’t work, they should all find their way. She was lucky this time around, if the punches had continued, she would have broken a rib in her left side cartridge. She may not be this lucky the next time”.

Ayomide left the doctor’s office flagger basted. He had sensed it during his first visit that all was not well with his brother and his wife but he never imagined that things had gone that bad. He felt bad that another man was treating a woman he had loved this bad, even more painful was the fact that this other man was his half brother. If it had been any other person, he would have personally instigated a law suit against him. He was mad at Shana for lying and shielding her husband even in the face of serious health damages. “The love she has for Femi must be dangerous. I will confront Femi and if he doesn’t change, I have no option than to report him to our parents. I will not sit by and watch him kill somebody’s daughter”, with his mind made up, he got into his car and drove to Femi’s office.


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Question: Will Femi agree to Licia’s condition? How will he keep the two women under the same roof?

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  1. He will agree and as Shana she is begining to irritate me with her stupidity. Wait well it will be ur corpse that will be taking to ur family. Nonsense, you are trying to prevent the bond btw families dats why u are silent.

  2. lucia has plan.for.them.shana shuld talk na.wat sort.of.mumu.is.dis?i.cant bear dis oh.femi is.a capital he goat

  3. Sincerely I love that Ayomide guy, he should beat up his brother if he dare raises his hand against him..
    Femi will agree to Licia proposal..

  4. Morning ALC&Fs,

    Touching note ALC, may God favour your mgt.

    Honestly Femi’s a sucker and can agree to anything to save his face. It’s Shana I really worry for – why are some women such suckers for love they ignore the real stuff and settle for less just by viewing only the surface value. Sad.

    Wow us on ALC, pls don’t relent!


  5. I don’t usually comment.. I only read and bless adelove in my heart for a wonderful work they’re doing. But this time, I refuse to keep quite. Femi…Femi… Satan and all the demons will punish for eternity.
    Adelove,pls let this one not be like other ones where stupid husbands come to their senses and their wives forgive them. Let femi gnash his teeth for the rest of his miserable life.
    Thank you.

    Long Live Adelove and Crew. Long life Adelove Fans.

  6. Femi doesn’t have a choice,he must accept Licia’s proposal…..Shana dear just try and confide in someone,speak up girl!!!

  7. Femi wil want to agree to Licia’s condition cos of d evidence she has abt their sexcapades.Bt it wnt b easy to keep d 2 women unda d same roof.

  8. Shana is so getting me angry now, I know she is trying to protect her marriage and all that, but what is there to protect? the marriage is shattered already. Shana if u die in Femi’s hand, I will not forgive you.

  9. Femi will accept licia into his house…. that’s when d high pressure of Innocent Shana will start to rise up bcoz I don’t think she can endure d trouble licia will b giving her

  10. She’s too secretive anyway that’s the problem with women.. I don’t understand what’s hard to talk about.. Femi shouldnt go free on this

  11. Femi should never agree to her condition, because that will be the end for him. Ayomide thank you for your move and pls save Shana from this trouble.

  12. Femi will bring licia home cos Shana won’t recognise her.Shana z a typical African woman and it drives me crazy.

  13. Shana u are part u d woman who are too weak to no wat is right or wat is wrong, wat are u preventing a broken marriage, broken home or family relationship. is who dat is alive can fight for all dis, u are talking of family dey can be friends later bt if u are dead no way. licia will get wat she want at all cost and without dat, dat will be Femi end of carria. This real many thing happen in marriage life but the part we call abuse pls woman try to stop it by speaking up, DONT DIE IN SILENT. THANKS ADELOVE

  14. Well, if femi brings Licia home, shana becomes the housemaid, shana is on her own oooooo, femi will continue to batter her untill it will almost cost her, her life. both families wld get to know what is happening. Femi and Ayomide clash

  15. Shana you are stupid, how can you conceal the brutality by your so called husband? I think Femi will agree to Licia’s proposal. He also knows how to keep them under one roof. Thumbs up Adelove and crew.

  16. Yes, FEMI will agree to Licia condition bcos he wouldn’t want his family reputation to be destroy,it won’t be to keep two woman under the same roof bcos Licia wants to destroy their family completely, Shana should just open up before she die of domestic violence.

  17. Femi will agree because of his job. There is going to be a serious trouble, but I know Shana will win at the end of the day.

  18. Femi will accept Licia’s condition to save his face, and Shana’s faith is in her hands, either she wakes up from the obsession she gat for femi..bcos I know all that she’s been taken from femi can’t be just cos of love and speak up, or lose her young life.

  19. This story is not being realistic, no woman will tolerate such rubbish to that extent. Abeg Adelove, give us something more real abeg. Enough of the painting of d story.

  20. Femi ‘ll agree to bring in Licia, he knows how to lie his way around any situation. I pity Shana who has resolved to die under Femi’s roof in d name of marriage.

  21. This Shana girl na big ‘ode’ big fool….imagine d rubbish…all in the name of love and bond btw families..she want to use herself as scape goat..as for Femi he will agree and bring Licia home…I want her to teach Shana a lesson of her life maybe then she will speak up

  22. Mr cheater,na femi sabi o,he should suit himseif.sebi e get mind ni make him carry go.shana i beg comot for house o

  23. I believe licia has cast a spell on femi and ayomide should tell his parents instead of going to confront him

  24. he will agree to licia’s condition, Shana will not recognised her because she did not see her face when they met at the supermarket and femi will continue to beat her. a beg help me tell to speak up before she die.

  25. He will do as she says cos he’s a coward! Shana won’t speak up at all cos she’s afraid of loosing her husband!!

  26. This Shana is making me go crazy for her oh! What rubbish is this na that she wants to die in the hand of a beast.mtchew! As for licia and femi to hell with then. He should finish the race he started.

  27. Femi will Av no other option than to accept licia offer cus she’s is determine to ruin his life.
    And he willnot be able to keep d two ladies under d same room and as for Shana,her problem is wat I don’t knw maybe until Femi break all her ribs and she died before her spirit will talk…stupid blind log..

  28. Femi will agree to Licia proposal because he is a moron, stupid and senseless humane. The only thing that made him to resemble human being is his manhood which is going to destroy him.
    As for Shana, i don’t know what to make of her. May be she is hypnotized, i pray that her eyes will open to see the danger she is subjecting herself to. Dammed stupid love.

  29. Femi will agree to Lucia threat and so as to save his face from scandal. But I don’t think that Shana can take it when Femi brings Lucia home, Shana might decide to go back to his parents and narrate her ordeals to them.


  30. Am sure the way femi is behaving he wil accpt to allow lucia to come and completely distroy his marriage.i wonder what some men are like sef

  31. as much as am concerned, Femi isn’t a human talkless of him having any consideration for his wife. He could easily give in to Lucia’s request regardless of d effects on Shana. But Shana on her part is determined to die in d hands of her fake husband, rather than open up so she could be saved.

  32. Shana is really suffering in silence and that can’t do her any good.I pray with the intervention of ayo things doesn’t go worst o, cos FEMI has turn to a monster but if ayo threaten to report to their parents I know he’ll calm down

  33. Fami, is in hot soup,i advice him to go back to his wife and open up to her, before it became too late

  34. Adelove I don’t know again this story is very annoying. How will a woman still keep silent in the face of death? What kind of stupid love is this? Mtcheeeeeeeeew, Shana if you don’t open up to your parents your on your own. If you die, Femi will marry another woman o

  35. Femi will agree to lucia cause he will wants to protect his reputation…. As 4 keeping 2women under same roof,hmmm only God knws how…

  36. even if femi agree, Nana would cause trouble. Shana would know that she is not an house help but his girlfriend

  37. Well femi will agree to Lucia terms because he love his job. As for Shana I pity her life so she’s still covering up for that useless femi well if she like let her speak up,if she like let her not its her choice

  38. Femi will agree to licia’s condition,he doesn’t care about Shana..him alone will carry his cross when it comes to keeping both women

  39. Femi is such an idiot but definitely not one who will have licia living together with Shana in his house. Poor Shana, I wish she will harden up and resist some of femi’s abuse or better still stay apart

  40. So far a woman is concerned, anything is possible for femi to do. He can still find a way to bring in her mistress and beat his wife if she complain. I pity Shana n i hate her attitude bcos she gave d husband dat opportunity to turn her to a punching bag.

  41. I know Femi will agree and thank God Shana did not see her face when they met at d supermarket so she won’t be able to know her

  42. Dis is serious And I must say Lucia is really crazy to av said she wants to live wit femi in his matrimonial home,and I knw dat wife beater wil agree to her condition Cos he wuld nt want her to expose him,Ayomide did nt need to talk to femi abt d way he’s treating his wife cos e wil never listen to him ,d best tin to do is to report him to deir parents immediately

  43. Trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am,wetrin you dey find palava you dey find and palava you go get thats the case of this femi guy.you are doomed if you bring licia home.As for Shana you better speak out before this beast you call husband snuff life out of you.Ayomide should just forget talking to his brother because he will not burge instead he should inform their parent about what is going on before Femi kill Shana.Welldone Adelove crew.Next episode please.

  44. Femi will agree to Licia’s condition, Shana shld leave while still alive even if d matter will be resolved later at least she will still be alive then as for listening to Ayo I dont see it happening

  45. Shana should pls speak up before she dies from a biolence abused marriage. Am sure Femi will agree to such condition and frustrate shana. I hope this wont kill shana this time.

  46. Is shana rily that stupid?…so daznt she knw that stayin in that house with her heartless hubby is lyk commitin a suicide? And 4 dat selfish femi,i knw he will definitely accept the proposal of his mistress to protect his image

  47. hmmm don’t even no what to say.but this things happens to in real life to I no someone this happens to and she would always be covering up for d idiot husband .so annoying

  48. Shana is the cause of her problem, she is too weak, she knows the weak point of her husband yet she can’t do anything, goshhhh!!! Wat kind of love is that? Wat family relationships? Receive sence Shana n say no to violent marriage.

  49. What a player Femi is. He never really loved Shan. Poor woman, I wish Ayomide was bold to speak of his love for her when he should have

  50. Femi is a fool….he will surely accept….I pity Shana anyways…. she’s just playing wit her life.. y can’t she open up 4 once.

  51. Femi is bot man enough he will surly agree to licia’s terms because he wouldn’t want to loose her. He will frustrate shana

  52. Adelove this story is so annoying wit Shana stupidity,she is irritating me wit her blind love,but I bliv when she finally in de hand of that monster called Femi her spirit wil realise her mistake in heaven Mcheeeew.

  53. Dis Shana self…she doesnt behave like som1 who graduated frm a Nigerian university….she is too dull for my liking…does she tink she is in d stone age where u hv to endure evrytin for d sake of dignity….plsss Femi, help me bring lucia make she teach am small sense.

  54. Femi has no option than to agree with Licia’s threat, coz he knows she can go any length to expose his excesses to the world which would destroy his reputation. Keeping the two women in the same roof is what I guess will not bother him since he disregards his legal wife.

  55. Femi will accept licia’s request,that is when Shana should behave like NSE ikpe etim in Mr n Mrs,put on that glow,find a job,and go out of the anytime and come back whenever you like,chat with friends on Facebook and laugh out loud,he will have a rethink,I swear

  56. He’ll Definitly Accept Cus His Downfall Is Iminent & Dat’s One Way 2 Hasten It However, I Have A Strong Dislike 4 Women Who’re 2 Weak 2 Speak Up Or Leave Abusive Relationships. Kudos Adelove

  57. He’ll Definitly Accept Cus His Downfall Is Iminent & Dat’s One Way 2 Hasten It However, I Have A Strong Dislike 4 Women Who’re 2 Weak 2 Speak Up Or Leave Abusive Relationships. Kudos Adelove. am a fervent fan of u guys bt my comments are always stucked y?

  58. Adelove crew, you guys made a huge sacrifice, I pray God bless you guys and resolve your issues with Facebook.
    Back to the story, to say this is irritating is to say the least, after all these, Adelove we na come and write forgiveness for Femi,, I just tire

  59. Funny enough this kind of women still exist,anyway she was brought up with a silver spoon and as such wasn’t spanked,so she’s enjoying it

  60. There is no different BTW lici and Nana dey both wanted him, if he give in to her demand she will not stop until he send his wife packing out of his life, he is not even a man enough, how can a man be dis low.as for Shana love,sh is killing herself oh, am sure sh still love d womanizer but d truth is he is irresponsible

  61. Femi is getting wat he asked for…..he has bitten more Dan he can chew…serves him right!… weldone adelove thumbs up for u guys

  62. Yes Femi will accept and as for how he will keep the two women under the same roof,hmmmmmm it’s left for him

  63. he will allow her move in with him..n as for DAT Shana she won’t av anything to say as long as she keep seeing her husband everyday..I think DAT is d kind of foolish love she said she have.

  64. Femi is getting Wht he bargained for. Shane should leave Co’s Lucia might poison her and she wil deal with femi dat he wil not be able to sleep wit any woman

  65. Shana is becoming to irritate me with her stupid attitude in dis 21st century which woman still shield a man that is abusive. Whatever Femi wants let him cos Shana is a fool.

  66. dat ungrateful Femi will surely agree since is reputation is so important to him dan is wife. nd he can as well pretend as if Lucia is an housemaid coz he can see his wife is a weaker vessel she don’t hv a say, so he can do anytin just to intimidate is wife. so dat he can be on a self said. Femi u are so heartless dats bad of u.

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