(Episode 18) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Ayomide drove to the bank and was told that Femi had stepped out for a meeting at the bank’s headquarters. He waited for him and when he didn’t return after one hour, he left for an eatery where he got fried rice with cole slow and chicken for Shana who was on bed rest in the hospital. At the hospital gate, he saw a fruit vendor and he bought enough for her. When he got to the female ward, Shana was already awake.

Shana: “Where have you been? I thought you have abandoned me too”, she tried to smile but gave up for she had blisters on her lips where Femi had punched her.

Ayomide: “I went to get you food, madam”.

Shana: “Really? Wow! That is nice, as if you know that I am famished”.

Ayomide: “Of course I know you are. Anybody who looks at you knows that you are famished”.

Shana: “You are not well o, Ayo. Da’aku bring out the food let me eat before hunger kills me here”.

Ayomide brought out the food and attempted to feed her but Shana declined.

Shana:”What do you mean by you want to feed me? Can’t I feed myself? What happened to my hand?”

Ayomide: “I am just trying to be nice to my younger sister”, he teased her.

Shana: “Get out, jor. Younger sister indeed! Weh don sah, in Falz’ voice”.

Ayomide laughed and moved to the visitor’s chair to allow her eat in peace. From the corner of his eyes, he was watching her and his heart went out to her. “If only she is not married to my brother”, he thought.

Shana stayed in the hospital all through that day and Femi didn’t even call to find out where she was or what was happening to her. After she was discharged the next day, Ayomide came to pay the bills and drive her home.

Ayomide: “Are you sure you still want to go back to that house?”

Shana: “Of course. Where do you want me to go if not my matrimonial home?”

Ayomide: “Oh please, cut the matrimonial bullshit. I have seen where people were killed in their matrimonial homes by their spouses”.

Shana: “I don’t understand you, Ayo. Ever since we came to the hospital, you have been speaking in parables. I told you what happened to me was a domestic accident, I don’t know why you don’t want to believe me”.

Ayomide: “I don’t believe you because deep within your heart you know that you are lying”.

Shana was surprised and took her eyes away from him.

Ayomide took her hands and raised her gaze to meet his.

Ayomide: “You don’t have to cover for him, Shana. It is obvious that this marriage is not working out between you two. Why don’t you speak up? What is it that binds you so much to him that you cannot let go? Yes, Femi is my brother and I love and wish him well from the depth of my heart but that guy has turned into a monster over the years. What he did to you few days back is an indication that he can kill you some day. You need to walk away before it becomes too late. Go back to your parents, nobody is saying you should divorce him if you don’t want to. You two could separate for a while and see if you can mend the bridges. Take a look at yourself, you look older than your age, you are suffering and don’t even think of pretending about this”.

Shana: “Hmmn, where do I begin from, Ayo? Femi is no longer the man I married years ago but I don’t blame him, he is angry that I haven’t been able to give him a child. If I can just get pregnant, I am sure that everything will be fine”.

Ayomide: “Nonsense, arrant nonsense. Are you God who gives children? Why should that be the condition for him to love you? Is it not what he puts into you that you would bring out? Does he expect you to go and get pregnant outside and bring for him? I mean how can a right thinking man expect his wife to get pregnant with the kind of psychological trauma that he is putting you through?”

Shana: “I don’t know. I just don’t want to walk out of this marriage. I intend to make it work no matter what happens. My parents have been married for more than thirty years now and my mother has never had any cause to report her husband to his family, neither has she ever contemplated walking away from the marriage. Why should my own case be different? I don’t want to bear a divorcee tag at this age”.

Ayomide: “I am sure your mother wouldn’t have hesitated to dump your father if he did half of what Femi is doing to you. How can you even compare your father with Femi? That monster?”

Shana: “I know you still love me, Ayo and you would rather see me leave your brother but…”

Ayomide: “You are wrong my dear. I used to love but I killed that love the moment you said ‘I do’ to my brother. I am getting married soon and I love my fiancé. What I feel for you is just sisterly love nothing more”.

Shana: “Then stay away from my marriage. Don’t try to make me abandon my husband, I beg”.

Ayomide: “It is only a mad man that would sit and fold his arms and watch his brother murder his wife. Since you cannot speak up yourself, I will speak for you. I am going to tell our parents everything that I know about your marriage”.

Shana: “You will no such thing, Ayo. I didn’t make you my advocate so stop drinking panadol for my headache. I forbid you from ever discussing my marriage with anyone, if you do, we cease to be friends forever”.

Ayomide: “Fine! Lips sealed. Just make sure that your ghost doesn’t come to disturb me to expose me when he finally kills you”, he started the car and drove off.


Femi had no option but to accept Licia’s conditions because he knew that she would make good her threat of tarnishing his image should he do the contrary. He was however worried about his wife and how she would receive the news. Licia was on his neck and had no option than to take her home with him. His driving into the compound coincided with Ayomide driving in to drop his wife at home.

Femi: “So, you are still following my wife about? What sort of a brother are you?”

Ayomide ignored his rantings, helped Shana to carry her bags to the room and drove away without saying a word to his brother.

Shana was sitting on the sofa in the sitting room when she saw Licia drag in a travelling bag.

Shana: “Excuse me, where do you think you are going with that bag?” she was too weak to stand up and confront her.

Licia: “Madam, please. If you have any questions, ask your husband. I am here to do my job”.

Shana: “Your job? What on earth could that be if I may ask?”

Femi walked in and hugged Shana to her surprise.

Femi: “I brought in a house help for you, sweetheart. I don’t want you to be stressing yourself doing all the job in the house”.

Shana: “I don’t need a house help, Femi. We never discussed this. What do I need a help for? Besides, this lady is too big serve as a maid”.

Femi: “You worry too much, love. I know I have not been the best husband in recent times and I am willing to make amends that’s why I got you a maid”.

Shana: “No, this is not right. There is no way this old cargo is going to stay in my house as a maid. No way! Hey you”, he turned to Licia, “Leave my house, there is no space for you here”.

Licia: “I will serve you well, madam. I promise”.

Shana’s brain struck when she heard Licia speak. “I have heard that voice before o, where o, where did I hear her talk? She was trying to remember where she had met Licia in the past.


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Question: How will Shana react when she remembers that Licia was her husbnad’s mistress that they had met at the shopping mall? How do you think is the best way for Shana to approach this situation?

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  1. AM ALC&Fs,

    Shana would be double disappointed but I’m sure has long suspected though. Now she must be discreet, calm, prayerful and patient. Really feel sorry for her -must a man oppress a good girl and must it happen the other way around, damn!!


  2. Femi is not been responsible here, i think he’s not matured enough to handle his home affairs. Its better for shana to walk away now and let d both families know what has been going on. She will rememember who lucia is very soon and i think this will make her hasten her decision soonest.

  3. Shana will react negatively and best way for her to approach this situation is for her to reject licia as house maid.

  4. She will feel bad when she remembers that Licia is her husband’s mistress she met at the shopping mall and I think the best way to approach this issue is for her to open up to her mother

  5. She will be devastated,cause her husband disregarded her and bring in his mistress, he should follow Ayomide advice and leave the marriage for her own foolish sake.

  6. OK Shana am giving up on you now, but before femi kill you, do well to invite me for your burial, as for femi, with that licia girl in the house, you are doomed and that will gladdened my heart

  7. Dis Shana is stupid jooo, Femi abeg continue beating her since she’s blinded by love and doesnot wanna speak up……shioooooo

  8. She would tried all her possible best to send Licia out of her house. She should take the next step by involving her family and her husband’s family.

  9. really its not easy to speak up.most women probably including me would rather die in silence than bare d shame of divorce.i pray God heals her home.that will be d last straw she needs to walk away

    • Iz,don’t ever die in silent. There is nothing bad is speaking up you summon courage to do it.speak to people that help only,not people that will add petrol to it.
      And with prayer,everything will yield positive result.

    • I can accept anything in marriage but domestic violence is a serious no-no for me. Dear Shana i love ur decision to stay in ur matrimonial home and die. Please do fast cus we want to come and eat burial rice

  10. Shana wil feel disappointed if she remembered dat Licia was her husband’s mistress.Shana shld approach it by voicing out abt wat was happening in her home b4 it becomes too late to mend.

  11. She should just leave the marriage for good, at least let there be a space between them. If she can’t go back to her parent house, she should look for else where to go without informing anyone. How will she react, Femi brought his mistress to serve as a made in their matrimonial home, he has done enough harm to her.

  12. Femi is really mad nd Shana is crazy to think she can make the marriage work. What can she do if/when she remembers that Licia is her husband’s g/friend? She doesn’t have a say @all in that house. Her best bet is to go back to her parent’s place, bring open the true situation of her slavery called marriage otherwise, her death is very near.

  13. I tink she shld report d issue to both families n giv d both of dem space…peradventure Femi might come back to his senses.

  14. I don dey para sef…Which kind mumu love be this…Haba! Abeg e remain make Femi strangle her to death jhawe… By then let’s see if her corpse will still be in love with him…Arrant nonsense..*I stand against domestic violence any day! anytime!*

  15. Hmmmmm…..she will be more devastated dan she already is. Best option is to leave d house for dem! Before dey both join hands to kill her.

  16. Now shana is in deep trouble even if she remember licia, Femi will not allow her to expose him and through dat he may be locking her in a room or increase d beating. Just a pity shana cos only God can save u from Femi and Licia with d type of job she want to do.

  17. ……infact Shana should strongly oppose Licia’s admittance or quietly draw the attention of her inlaws and parents…..stupid is when you are unnecessarily quiet over disastrous situations.

  18. Adelove crew kilode,why nah,dis is the shortest episode so far,as for Shana,she should go n buy the casket of her choice and choose a perfect place of her burial becos na death dey wait for her.all in all adelove crew u guys are the bomb.I hail una.

    • In fact, Shana should buy good castket for herself becos both Lucia & Femi are ready to kill her. The best way to react & handle the situation is to move out of the house for a while & seek for God. Love is nothing when the other is no more alive. She claimed to love him & forgot that if she dies, the man will marry another who he will have assurance that will give him baby.

  19. She will feel bad. She should report what is happening to their families because things has gotten out of hand already.

  20. is as if femi used voodoo on Shana if not because of that she way out for good both Licia and Femi are on is neck now.

  21. She will really bad at Femi that he have the got to bring his mistress come and her and home. And the best way to approach the case is to carry there parents along as Ayomide have advice her before, because this one have getting out of her hand she need there parents intervention before she get her self kill, because Licia can kill her if she allow her to leave together.

  22. Shana will react like a fool she has always been and end up in the hospital again. I pray she remember the voice that Licia is the real deal. Then I will see if she will still want to stay with femi She’s really getting me angry wit this good wife thing

  23. This man is mad.
    Shana,I don’t know what to say to you,when thing are not going well in marriage especially this type of yours speaking out to someone that can help you is not a problem, it won’t destroy your home but it will save you a lot from all these violence,but when you keep quiet you die in silience.
    A pastor,your mother or an understanding sister,is in the best position to talk to too.
    Divorce is not an option,but with confidant & God’s help,you will get your husband back.
    You are too childish, for my liking,at least take a step either to speak out or pray.
    Since,I have being reading this post,I have not seen anywhere that you go on your kneel& pray,many comment says God will help you.
    Shana,help yourself first,call on him,since you don’t want to speak up,then talk to God, He will surely help you.

  24. What amends could Femi makes? Shana should better stop agreeing with these sweets words of his which are not promising with hopes things may go back the way they were before. She should by now to think that she has tolerated and traumatized enough in this so call marriage in bondage. She should either speak up or die in silence. Coz this is just the beginning of the domestic violence she was going through that she guised it as domestic accident. Licia will never allow Shana to have a breathing air even if Shane realized that Licia was the Femi’s mistress they met at shopping mall.

  25. Shan will feels so bad and dissapointed wen she really finds out licia identity. I bet she shuld jus leave d house 4 d two. Even thou she doesn’t wanna discuss her marital issues wit her parents,she shuld jus rent a house 4 her health to b restored. Femi will cum back crawling to her.

  26. One,dis story is too short.2 why is Shana like dis,is wen she die she will knw he does not love her,If she die even God will blame her

  27. I wonder wat Shana is thinking by not speaking up. I pray she remembers d voice and wake up dt her hubby brought his mistress to leave under d same roof with her. Femi will deny it and put up a pretence as he alwaz do. Shana don’t b a fool, speak up before he kills u. Shana try to c a marriage counselor and a pastor for advise. God help u.

  28. I want to believe our ladies are learning from this story,you dont keep quiet concerning domestic violence.Femi you are doomed for bringing your mistress home as househelp.Shana i pray God should see you through this turbulence your husband brought home to you.

  29. As kept mute over all issues, there’s nothing more she can do apart from being devastated and more depressed. Unless if she will open up and free her self from that abusive thing called marriage.

  30. Shana will feel bad but at d same time what can she do Dan to accept after all she is a weakling,, best thing is to move out,am not asking her to devoice her husband but one step at a time,,move back to ur parent place n if he didn’t change leave him for good.no cause for alarm!!

  31. As she kept mute over all the issues, there’s nothing more she can do apart from being devastated and more depressed. Unless if she will open up and free her self from that abusive thing called marriage.

  32. Diz shana of a woman is very stubborn, how can she keep quiet over domestic violence. Hmmm I hail u o shana u try well well

  33. She will be very angry with her and will be disappointed with her husband for bringing his mistress in their matrimonial home

  34. Shana will be dissapointed when she remember that Licia is her husband mistress…..Shana should open up before she will die of depression

  35. I love this Ayomide guy, what he did showed that he is matured more than his brother. Shana should walk away for sometime to clear her head and probably see the reaction of her husband, because like Ayomide has said, he’ll end up killing herself

  36. Shana is so soft,she won’t b able to recognize the voice nor the face now until when femi starts sleeping with licia in his own matrimonial home *in Shana’s voice*

  37. wonders dey say will never seize. house maid….gosh….femi is such a fool and unrepentant player….Pele…Shana…ull open up wen he almost kill u wit his trick and violence.

  38. she has been reacting ever since, so for the fact that she didnt want any intervention in their marriage she should better accept it with faith.

  39. I am really pissed off. what is wrong with Shana? she should report the beast she called husband to their parents. intact let Licia’s coming be the avenue for her to bare the whole thing happening in her marriage to the open. haba, abi na swear they swear for her.

  40. Shana please even if u remember d voice, dnt say or do anytin….just stay dere n die bcos u dnt want to leave ur matrimonial home

  41. What will she do,than to keep quiet as usual and accept her fate,since she don’t want any one to know about it,shanna even if you don’t want to tell anyone why not talk to God about it in prayer,so you can get ur husband back.

  42. she will remember but she can’t do anything, no need to speak up cos they won’t believe,she should jst put on a show that will crush Femi,even Licia will be wondering what kind of demon entered her,most importantly she should go to God to fight this battle

  43. She should go to God abi, after all these Then God will na forgive him and Shana too abi? Una de try o. and Bia, Adelove, you guys can not just write a sensible story abi. How can your characters always be gullible women waiting for their husbands to come back from frolicking about, then finally prayer will cure them? Too local and irritating now for me, All the stories are now becoming too predictable, like Nigerian film. CHAI

  44. Esther thanks for your comment. As for me, Shana should separate from Femi. With this she can heal and he might even realise himself.
    As for going to God, I believe she has always been a God person, but the Bible advises that wisdom is the principal thing. So if Shana wants to save her marriage, she should do it while still living and in sound health and not the other way round with an abusive husband and a ruthless mistress.
    Shana…. borrow wisdom and go ur papa house before you die for dia.

  45. she will b much more disappointed in her husband….. I tink she should take d matter to her pastor or priest dat joind dem togeda on d altar

  46. Shana will not be happy with femi ones she remember the shopping mall experience, I suggest that Shana shld inform their parents abt all this recent development in their house that she does not want an advanced maid.

  47. Shana dis one ll be baddest gan for u wit ur condition…….high Bp,Thy Lord is ur strength.Femi go suffer

  48. Shana Shana wen u go get sense? Well i wonder wat u’ll do wen u realize that ur husband brought in his mistress to finalize wat he has started!

  49. Shana will feel so disappointed if she recalls Lucia voice. The best thing to do is just go back to her parents and tell them what femi is doing. She is a fool not to realize that femi never loved her. She has seen many bad sides of femi but instead of taking actions she just keep believing. I don’t call this courage be a coward. THIS STORY IS INDEED A LESSON FOR THE MEN. AM SURE FEMI WONT HAVE A GOOD ENDING.


  50. If she knows what’s go for her she should better reject that home breaker now or bear the consequences of accepting her will bring.

  51. The best tin for Shana is to speak up base on Ayomide’s advice but soon she will know where she is going

  52. Shana will only complain thats all.
    When however she did it good for, it seems like she is enjoying her marriage and she need no help.

  53. she will nt be happy abt it but I think things will work out well for her at d end ‘ cos am feeling for Shana.

  54. Abi dis guy dey craze ni…..In fact it is shana who want to kill herself does she intend to bottle it in forever

  55. Shanna will so disappointed nd also terrified, she should just gently pack her belongings nd live coz even do she shout frm nw till tomorrow Femi will never listen to her rather Shanna will receive a bite frm him. living him will make him to realize its self coz wen he will see de bad character of Lucia he won’t tink twice dan to make up with is wife. Shanna stop been so dump dis is ur opportunity to walk out. enough is enough for de wise.

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