(Episode 19) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Shana: “Yes, I remember you, the lady at the mall right? This voice sounds like hers even though I couldn’t see your face properly that day”

Licia knew that she had to put up a lot of pretense if she must achieve her goals in the house. She didn’t know that Shana could still recognize her after the short encounter they had at the mall since she had on her head a fascinator that covered her face else she would have made conscious effort to hide her identity. She switched on her charm and changed her voice, she wasn’t afraid because the native doctor she visited for the concoction she needed had assured her that she will be allowed to stay in the house with little resistance, so she felt safe since she had a spiritual backing.

Licia: “Me? I have never met you in my life before”. She lied.

Femi walked up to Shana and wrapped his arms around her. “I know that you have been going through a lot recently, my dear. But you don’t have to get worked up. Which man will be stupid enough to bring his mistress home as a maid? You are just imagining things. This lady was recommended by my mother’s friend who runs a corporate maids organization so you have nothing to fear”.

Shana: “How can your mum recommend this kind of a woman? Why didn’t she consult me before taking the decision?

Femi: “Okay, so are you saying that I am lying? Like I am a liar now simply because I don’t want my wife to stress herself in doing all the house chores alone right?”

Shana: “I am not talking about what you did”.

Femi: “Then what are you saying? What can I ever do to please you?” he snapped at her.

Shana knew that her husband was beginning to get angry and she decided to bring down her voice.

“What I am saying is that this lady doesn’t look like a maid to me, she doesn’t look like what your mother recommended”.

Femi: “Fine, then pick up your phone and ask my mum yourself since you don’t believe me”.

Shana: “But Femi, I can remember the voice, I know I didn’t take my time to look at her well enough that day but…”

Femi: “Shhh…relax your brain. She is your personal maid. Put her on probation for few weeks and if she doesn’t impress you, send her away”.

Shana: “Are you sure about this?”

Femi: “Cross my heart, sweeri. Come to the bedroom, I have a gift for you”.

Shana: “What kind of a gift is that? After you gave me the beating of my life and left me for dead yesterday?”

Femi: “I don’t know what came over me, I was drunk, when the effect of the alcohol cleared and I got back my senses, I tried to call you but your number was switched off. I won’t happen again, I promise”.

Shana: “It had better not or else this time around I won’t hesitate to tell our parents everything”.

Femi: “Yes, ma’am”.

Somewhere from the corner she was standing, Licia was looking at the couple with Envy, she wanted Femi all to herself and that was why she had humbled herself to become a maid so that she can be close enough to get his wife out of the way and take over his heart and home.

That night, Femi and Shana made love while Licia was in her room fuming and dialing his number repeatedly.


Early the next morning, after he got dressed for work, Femi peered into his wife face and saw that she was sleeping soundly, then he tiptoed into the guest room and tapped gently on the door. Licia opened the door and allowed him in.

Licia: “What are you looking for here? Go back to your wife”.

Femi: “Hey, don’t tell me somebody is jealous already. I warned you about is but you insisted that you can cope”.

Licia: “Is that why you refused to pick my calls last night?”

Femi: “Oh Lord, you will never cease to amaze me, Licia. I thought the rationale between your moving in here was so we can always have face to face contact rather than talking over the phone”.

Licia: “You are just avoiding the topic. You were on top her, having sex with her and that was why you refused to pick my calls”.

Femi: “Oh yeah, and what is wrong with that? She is my wife so?”

Licia: “Well, what it means is that you have to give it to me this morning. I warned you that you must treat us equally if you want peace in this house. You gave it to her yesterday, you will give it to me this morning”. She came close to his and brought her lips over his.

Femi: “No, babe. I have to run to work, it’s a work day remember?”

Licia: “How many minutes does it take to have a quickie? Besides, this is just 6: 30pm, so you have no excuse”.

Few minutes later, Femi rushed out to his car after a sizzling hot doggie quickie session.


Shana woke and came into the sitting room and discovered that the place was yet to be cleaned. She walked over to the kitchen and there in the sink were the dishes of the previous night. “I thought I have a house help? It is almost 9pm and my house help is yet to wake up? What is she doing in my house then?” she walked over to the guest room and pounded on the door, Licia was soundly asleep, she had the habit of falling into a deep sleep immediately after sex. Another pound on the door and she jumped up, wrapped her body with a wrapper and opened the door. “This woman will force me to commit murder one of these days. Why on earth is she knocking on the door like that? Because she feels this is her house? Well, by the time I am through with her, she will pack her things and run away”, she caused under her breath.

Licia: “Good morning, ma”, she said as she opened the door.

Shana: “Morning. Are you just waking up?”

Licia: “Yes, erm…no”.

Shana: “Yes and no, what is that? Anyway, it is almost 9am and you are yet to begin your work for the day. Why is that?”

Licia: “Sorry ma, I have battling with this headache since yesterday and I didn’t sleep all night?”

Shana: “Why didn’t you sleep at night? Are you a witch?”

Licia: “No o. I have a very complex system, anytime I change environment I find it difficult to sleep at night”.

Shana: “Come and get some pain reliefs for your headache and I need the sitting room and kitchen tidied immediately. I will like to take fried plantain and fried eggs with custard this morning. I don’t take my breakfast later than 10am and I don’t eat in a dirty sitting room neither do I allow my food to be prepared in a dirty kitchen. It is already past 9, meaning you have less than one hour to go, I don’t know how you are going to achieve that”. She turned to leave the room.

Licia: “What!” she exclaimed with disbelief.

Shana turned around.

“Did you say anything to me?”

Licia: “No, ma. I was talking to myself”.

Shana: “Better!” she turned around, went into her room and collapsed in laughter. “By the time I am through with that thing that calls herself a maid, she will go back to wherever my mother in law picked her from. Wow, it feels so good to have somebody to order about. No wonder Femi enjoys lording it over me. Well.  Since I can’t stand up to Femi, this maid will bear the brunt of my transferred aggression”.

Licia walked over to the kitchen carrying a poisonous substance under her dress. “Let me see how you will drink this custard in peace today. You think you can just command me about and go free, you better say your last prayer in place of prayer before meal”.

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Question: Is this the end of the road for Shana? Was it wise of her to accept a maid she knows nothing about?

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    • Shana is making me angry?? is she the 1st lady to marry?? did they tie her legs in Dt marriage. well if she die it ll nt pain me Becos her Mumu don too much. I pray Lucia succeed self bcos dis mumu woman they mk my vex dey vex

  1. Shana…..be wise, I pray God save u from femi and his mistress sha….cos ayam not understanding all dese wahala now.

    • Shana is jst too stupid for my liking. Imagine a man beating her up like dat n she goes back to make love to him. Nonsense. Bt I guess its not d end of d road for her. Femi will surely reap all d fruits of his labours.

  2. It’s not the end for Shana. it’s not right for her to allow licia in as a maid but she has no choice if she doesn’t want to face Femi’s wrath

  3. Like every other things she does, as far as its Femi she’s always stupid. She better survive what she allowed in her house.

  4. Shana is just too stupid to have accepted a lady like Licia as a maid. She should’ve stood her ground and say NO to the maid now, she’ll be poisoned, let’s see how she gets out of this…

  5. Shana u cannot die,cos d Lord is us protector.Lucia n Femi ur middle name is “IYA”Suffering. Shana shld av investigate d “maid” of a tin

  6. Even if shana died, dat serves her right but I pray she wouldn’t die. Femi must regret his actions

  7. Oh my God… Shana, y dis dangerous mistake you just made… Lucia is a devil and has come to destroy Shana’s marriage. I just pray God should open Shana eyes.

  8. I have refused to comment but I have to, the bible says we should be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove, in shana case she is gentle and not wise.

  9. Kai..I pity this Shana girl, till we see to part no more.. This is the end for Shana but she’ll be resuscitated and this will lead to the end of their marriage..

  10. Adelove me no understand u again y this story too short is not good I don’t like it, if Shana like let her drink it and die it her business afterall she want to die nonsense

  11. This wont be the end of shana… she is too slow and cool.for my liking. Gosh ….. she needs a loud slap to get her to senses.

  12. There’s no way she wld hv stopped d maid, as she can’t face her domineering husband. I know it is not the end of the road for her yet.

  13. She shouldn’t have accepted the maid that she knows nothing about. No it’s not the end of the road for Shana

  14. Not an end road 4 shana and is not proper to accept a maid u v no clue of,not to say d 1 u v ur doubt on. U dense no be small shana.

  15. that’s not d end of Shana, she won’t eat d food I guess. BT she is too slow like a snail and its annoying. maybe wen she sees her husband on licia ,den she will wake up.

  16. This can’t b d end of road for Shana,God is not asleep…..she wouldn’t have accepted d unknown maid but d deed has already bin done

  17. shana wont die, she won’t eat the food, it wasn’t wise allowing the maid she knowing nothing about to stay despite she suspected her to be femi mistress dats stupidity.

  18. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Might not be the end but close – why are some so dumb! O God!!

    Why accept such a suspicious person for a maid?



  19. I pity shana,dat is nt d end of d road for her and if Lucia succeeded in killing her den dat serves her rite cos her level of stupidity is becoming unbearable,for crying out loud how wil she allow such lady to be a maid to her.Hhhhmmm

  20. Whether it’s her or not I don’t know. If she like herself she better starts praying fire down bcos her corpse is carried to her parents. Dat was a wrong decision on her part, when it comes to domestic help she should be d one to call d shuts not her hubby.

  21. This is the beginning of the end, she wld poison her custard, but even if shana takes it, she wont die, she might b rushed to the hospital where she wld b diagnosed for poisoning

  22. Is not the end of the for her, it wasn’t wise for her to accept a maid she doesn’t know but by God’s grace everything will revealed

  23. This can never be the end of road for Shana,because she will be revived miraclously..She accepted the maid just to please the husband..but she is playing with her life by bearing the whole problems alone without telling her parents..stupid love that might send her to an early grave..She might not be lucky next time..she better be wise..

  24. Is not the end for shena and accepting that maid is not in her power because her opinion don’t really count as long as femi has made-up his mind to bring her in. But for her to entrust what she is eating to a total stranger even when she suspect her to be the woman from the mail is very bad of her. She should have known her or run deep into her before giving her the right to her meals…. but Shana is just acting like a lady that never saw the four walls of Higher institution.

  25. That s not going to be end of d road for her . its not good for to accept d person she know nothing about as a maid

  26. Is not the end for shena and accepting that maid is not in her power because her opinion don’t really count as long as femi has made-up his mind to bring her in. But for her to entrust what she is eating to a total stranger even when she suspect her to be the woman from the mail is very bad of her. She should have known her or run deep into her before giving her the right to her meals…. but Shana is just acting like a lady that never saw the four walls of Higher institution.


  27. She will not die but Lucia will not succeed because she is the guilty one here asking for what is not hers.Femi has bitten more than he can chew.

  28. I Pray that Ayodeji should enough to spit out what he observe between Femi and Shanna, Otherwise Shanna will just die like a chicken, too soft and too gullible for my liking. How can u fear and u called it love to the detriment of ur Life, even if u dont want ur parents to know one of ur friend should be aware of ur predicament.

  29. I believe its not the end of road for shana, she will catch her. But i think its stupid of her to leave all her duties and preparation of her personal meal in the hands of a stranger. Shd went wrong over there, she needs someone to get her back to her senses cos its dangerous.

  30. that’s not d end of Shana but she made a mistake believing so easily to see Licia as a maid, y can’t she call her mother in-law to confirm? well, accepting a maid u ar curious about and enduring d punishment u ar receiving from femi and yet u can’t find ur way out I will just say u ar digging it grave by ur self

  31. Dis is definitely not d end of d road for Shana. And she is very wronv to accept a maid she knows nothing about.

  32. she won’t die,cos she is the main character,Femi is really stupid in bringing his mistress into his matrimonial home,if only Shana can turn to God for help,maybe she will call he MIL to accuse her of bringing a big girl as maid,anyways let’s keep our fingers crossed

  33. Well I don’t really blame Shana..she doesn’t have a say in the house ..and considering the fact that she doesn’t want to involve their parents that was why she didn’t call femi’s mum and licia should better think twice before she goes on with her threat

  34. She is very wrong to accept a maid she know nothing about. I just wish it wont be too late. When she will decide to save herself

  35. Though Shana made d mistake of accepting Licia as a maid bt shana will surely survive dis,she have survive more 4rm her husband…yes she will definately survive this

  36. women can go any length to get wat dey want. Shana ,its only God dat will save u but u have to stretch forth ur hand so he can do dat.

  37. Oh my God!!!.
    Please do we still have people like Shana in this twenty four century?people who will just accept anything I mean anything without questioning?
    Anyway, I don’t know if it will be her end,I only pray it not to be so.
    Femi,iñfact your punishment is great,I don’t think you will be able to bear it alone so you need the likes of Nana&Lucia to join you good raddiance to bad rubbish.
    How old is Shana self?.
    She doesn’t have any say in her home,this is not marriage but a game of 50-50 no winner no looser.
    Ha,see life,no waste time,kill her sharp,sharp.Lucia,I pity you,animal in human skin.

  38. For where! that can’t be the end of Shina. And it’s not even wise at first place for Shina to accept someone like Licia she knows nothing about, especially that she was having doubt of.

  39. Shana will eat non of it. The meal might pour on the floor. Shana is so foolish without an apology to her, why didn’t she call her mother in law to find out? She have tire me sef (in Fals voice) lol!

  40. It is not the end of the road for Shana; I guess she accepted the maid just to please her hubby to avoid problem

  41. Possibly not the end of road for Shana. But like i said earlier she had no choice but to accept her in the first place.

  42. she will b much more disappointed in her husband….. I tink she should take d matter to her pastor or priest dat joind dem togeda on d altar

  43. Yes it will be the end of road for Shana because she is foolish. The husband she is protecting Will bury her.

  44. its not d end of shana…… It wasnt wise for ha to accept licia in bt she accepted just to pleas her husband

  45. She will survive dis arrow coming to her…nd she does nt av a choice dan to accept her @ d initial stage cos her husband will false her to even if she Wntd to refuse

  46. I said it femi has brought death to meet her wife in the house,how on earth!i pray that licias secret of poisoning shana should be foil o.

  47. No,its nt d end of d road for Shana,Shana shld ave accepted luica more so she didn’t sve any information abt her

  48. by special grace of God she will survived dis , she accepted de maid just becoz of de sweet talk of her husband she is trying to play a gud wife rule but dats stupid since she can’t decide on her own in so called her husband’s house wat is de extend of being a wife. Shanna I no u are a gud wife nd u love ur useless husband so much but u are endangering ur life. u are too quiet is time for u to wake up frm ur nonsense dream. may God save from Lucia. coz dis battle is not goin to be easy between u nd Lucia . Shanna u hv to be ready oooo coz u can’t strike de iron wen it’s hurt. it’s all ur dam fort

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