Soludo cannot deny Nigeria’s progress under Buhari, says Presidency

Soludo cannot deny Nigeria’s progress under Buhari, says Presidency

It was gathered that the Presidency has faulted a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, for saying that President Muhammadu Buhari worsened the “very bad” economic situation he inherited when he assumed power in 2015.

While reacting to Soludo’s assertions, the Senior Special Assistant to the Acting President on Media and Publicity, Mr. Laolu Akande, said Buhari was working diligently to fix the bad economy he inherited from the last administration with positive results now emerging.

Akande said while Soludo was entitled to his own opinion, Nigerians were entitled to the facts.

According to him, while the opinion expressed by Soludo is understandable in a democratic system, the facts are that the challenges of today are direct results of wrong decisions of the past and mind-boggling actions of those who were entrusted with leadership.

Akande stated, “Nigerians have demonstrated that they know that the Buhari administration inherited a sorry state of the economy but is working diligently to fix it with positive results now emerging.

“What even the former CBN Governor, Soludo, cannot deny is the fact that the Buhari administration has ended the bleeding of the nation and is implementing reforms.

“The Buhari administration is spending more on infrastructure at a time when resources are lean. When we had abundant revenues, what happened was profligate and plunder.

“What no one can deny is that the Buhari administration is now implementing on behalf of ordinary Nigerians a Social Investment Programme that is unprecedented in Nigeria’s history; paying poorest Nigerians N5,000 monthly; feeding school children and engaging hundreds of thousands of unemployed graduates. And there is more to come.

“The Buhari administration is plugging loopholes in several ways, including through the Treasury Single Account, raking in resources that otherwise were hidden and misappropriated, and the proper auditing of the federal payroll discovering about 30,000 ghost workers and saving billions per month.”

He added, “Another step in the right direction is the fact that Nigeria no longer has to shell out billions of dollars for the JVC cash call, bringing relief from a burden that has slowed down investment in the oil industry.

“It is certainly quite curious that very few among us will choose to ignore the new direction but make story of the burdens of the past without proper attributions. This appears to me to be selective amnesia to which they are certainly entitled.

“What would have been more patriotic is that people of goodwill will join several others working with us in this administration and offer progressive ideas and join hands with a government and administration that everyone knows is led by a President and Vice President who are trustworthy and are people of unabashed honesty and integrity.”



  1. Pls I beg u in Gods name stop saying that this country’s economy was destroyed by those who were trusted with leadership, pls no be the same people, the president once held a position in the past years, so also are other political leaders there, is there any new person there, each and every one of u contributed to all these we are suffering now, u all once held power, what did u do with it, Nigerians need answers and not assumptions or these media talks without implementation, whom did Buhari pay #5000. Dont allow me to say God punish u all

  2. Its a shame we are still taking arguing abt some things now while standing btw d “devil & d deep Blue sea”.E be like say we love our argument/debate inside bush wey we 4 loss, pass any attempt @ trying 2 chart a way out.We follow join argument abt who get ‘area’ btw 2 grps of agbero after then don burn our house down 4 inside dir quarrel.Just like Soludo himself & Sanusi take undermine our banking sector & economy frm 2 difft side so also Buhari[to quote soludo]- “worsened” d very bad economic situation he inherited’by needfully tackling d rot[started frm various past govts but dangerously matured under Jonathan] in an unprepared,ill-advised manner.D TSA & 1 or 2 other policies were most overdue but most other steps have either been wrong or wrongly executed.D VPs seem more clinical & calculated so far.I am just praying-actively dt dy generate enough momentum b4 d deadly “kitchen crew” frustrate/upset d moves[Prov 25:5].Its not abt Buhari or Jonathan its pry’ly abt what we can glean out of any season or regime- 4 d nations progress.D obvious lesson is that d nation is almost bereft of able leadership & hence d only alternative left for d citizenry is to “quit being spectators at their own funeral” begin to devise & support legitimate workable means of choking govt irresponsibility/recklessness & exerting real positve pressure on the govt.Check out systems like BUDGIT & other citizen action intiatives [even if not all have pure motives-just use them as much as is possible d common goal]. Remember when legitimate/rational positve change is not made illegitimate/irrational aimless change is the result.Every case of civil war or unrest-Liberia,Sierra Leone,Somalia are almost always a result of some reckless power-hungry warlord pretending to do by war what a docile unresponsive citizenry refused to do in peacetime.Save ur children frm becoming militia in a meaningless war without boundaries.

  3. What I know is that the problem of this country is not from Buhari things are not in order b4 he came on board. But let him fix it because things are not going when with nigerians

  4. Liars how many don received the #5000.00.what can give thousand do in your life and that of your children lies again what kind of meal does apc gives school children is it the kind or type the Pac Lee rd give their children?U guys have not done anything but to milk the nation dry.budget padding unprecedented in the history of nigeria,so also the grazing bill neva in the history of nigeria all positions go to the north and so on barbaric killing so just tell us what Bihar apc has done since in power.relief or succour now due to osibajo belief.

  5. Soludo’s points were all true but so unnecessary at this time, this outburst should have come earlier, right now things are getting better and I think he only needs to support the government to do more.

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