(Episode 21) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Femi stood rooted to the spot, he couldn’t give his wife details of the deal that he was involved in at the bank. “It is nothing, it just an instruction for me to report very early tomorrow morning to the bank to clear up an issue”, he lied to her.

Shana: “What do you mean by that? Is that enough reason for you to scream the way you did?”

Femi: “Shana, please. I have been having hard days at work these days. Don’t add to it”.

Shana: “Okay, should I serve you your dinner now?”

Femi: “Which dinner again? Can’t you see that Licia has already dished the Afang soup and fufu she made for me?”

Shana: “And what in God’s name is that supposed to mean? Who is she to cook for my husband? Did I ever instruct her to do that?”

Femi: “I don’t care whether you instructed her or not, that is none of my business. All I know is that I like what I see on the table and I am going to eat it”.

Shana: “No way, Femi”, she banged her hand on the table causing him to startle. “There is absolutely no way I am going to sit back and watch you eat something prepared by another woman, who knows if there is a love portion in there?”

Femi: “Oh, so you are feeling insecure now? The almighty Shana is jealous of another woman snatching her husband”.

Shana: “Oh please stop being sarcastic. Anyway, I have been waiting for you to return so we can discuss this. I remember when you brought this maid, you told me I could send her away if I am not satisfied with her performance. Well, I am not satisfied, she should leave my house. A maid that will ignore her duties and start cooking for my husband, is that one a maid? Next thing you know she is warming her way into your bed”.

Femi ignored her and proceeded to washing his hands before he began to eat.

Shana: “I am talking to you, Femi!” she turned to Licia who was watching them. “And you, what are you still doing here? Get your bags and whatever it is you have in this house and leave me and my husband alone”.

Licia: “Hehehe, in your dream madam. It is only in your dreams that you can send me out of this house. I will leave when I want to leave and not when you want me to leave”.

Her words struck Shana like thunder bolt, it was like a dream to her. It took her some minutes before she could find her voice.

Shana: “What did you just say?”

Licia: “oh, have you suddenly gone deaf or you think I am afraid to talk? Well, I said you have no right to send me out of this house. You didn’t bring me here and so you can’t take me out”.

Shana walked up to her and in her rage gave her a resounding slap. “How dare you talk to me like that? I am the madam of the house and you as a maid do not even have any right to talk while I am talking talk more of talking back at me.

Licia who had never seen Shana violent before even when her husband was hitting her wasn’t prepared for the hard slap she received. She staggered to her feet and when she regained her composure, she charged at Shana but Femi stood up and stood in between them.

Femi: “Will you two women get hold of your emotions? What is wrong with you? Can’t a man come home and eat in peace again?”

Licia: “Leave me alone!” she was struggling to pull out of his hold. “Leave me alone let me teach her a lesson. Who does she think she is? Oh, so you are stupid enough to look at me and believe that I am a maid? Look me well, I be correct Akwa Ibom girl, nobody fit collect man for my hand except the man wey I no want again. So, you get the liver to slap me, fear no even catch you. Chai, Licia you don suffer. Femi leave me o, if I no beat your wife faint today, then change my name. She know the kind life wey I don live for Uyo before I come Abuja? I go pieces you, Shana. I go tear you, no try me o, you go wound”. She was ranting and kicking at Femi like a mad dog.

Shana was shocked, disbelief was written all over her face.

Shana: “Holy Mary mother of God, help get this animal out of my house. Femi, where on earth did you get this mad thing from? Is this the person you brought to the house as a maid? Do you want her to kill me?”

Licia: “Who be your maid? Hehehe…this Shana abi wetin Femi dey call you, you sha dull. No be only maid, na PA. Ode!”

Femi: “Licia!”

Licia: “No call my name, jor. I am not the kind of woman that a man will be seeing from the backyard. Madam Shana, I be your husband babe, I dey knack am well. In fact, since the time wey I meet am, I don fuck am pass all the fuck wey him don give you since wey una marry”.

Shana: “Oh my God, this is not happening to me. No, no!” she felt her head spinning and she leaned on the wall for support. Suddenly, she regained her strength and she knew that she had to take back her marriage from the clutches of this evil dog. Like one possessed, she ran to the guest room where Licia’s things were and began to bring them out. “I don’t care if you have been sleeping with my husband since his mother gave birth to him, all I know is that you are leaving my house today. It is only a shameless woman that will take pride in sleeping with another woman’s man. Anyway, I don’t blame you after all you can’t find a man for yourself so you have to snatch another person’s own”.

Licia: “Hahaha, see who dey talk say me Licia no fit get my own man. Akwa Ibom girl like me, no man wey I want wey I no fit get so no just deceive yourself. I don’t even know why I like your husband, maybe na because him fine small”

Shana ran to her and held her by the hand to drag her out but Femi stopped her.

“She is not going anywhere”, he said.

Shana: “What!”

Femi: “Yes, you heard me well”.

Shana: “This is it, I can’t take thins anymore. This is the height of all the insults that my patience can take. You have broken the carmel’s back, Femi and our parents must hear this. I cannot continue to keep quiet any longer”.

Femi: “Go ahead and do your worst. You know what? I am tired of hearing those your empty threats of reporting me to our parents. What do you think they will do to me, beat me? You think I am a little child they can easily manipulate? Listen, I got enough money to live on without going to my parents for help so I don’t care what they think about me”.

Shana: “Femi! Don’t you have the fear of God in you? You are talking to your wife who is carrying your child like this because of this cheap slot?”

Femi: “Which child? Is this the first time you are carrying my child? Where is the first one you carried, could you keep it to the end?”

Shana: “I had a miscarriage, it was not my fault”.

Femi: “Of course it was your fault. Who knows if you will not miscarry this one as well? Please please, don’t even try to blackmail me with any pregnancy here”.

Shana: “This is unfair, I am tired of this marriage. I am walking away”.

Femi: “Please walk away and give me and Licia the perfect opportunity to express our love. What she does to me in bed is too good to be a hide and seek game”. He picked up his car keys from the dining table, held Licia by the hand and they walked out leaving Shana in tears.

Shana composed herself, picked her phone and dialed her mother’s number.

Shana: “Mum, I am done with this marriage”, she said and explained all that had been happening to her mother.

Mrs Banjo: “I am going to see Femi’s parents and explain everything to them. Your father and I will come there by the first flight tomorrow morning. Get your things ready, you are coming back with us. I cannot sit here and watch Femi kill you and my unborn grandchild” she instructed.

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Question: Did Shana do the right thing by speaking up? Should she file for divorce or should she forgive him when he comes pleading?

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  1. Shana is absolutely doing the right thing. she not file for divorce yet because Femi will come begging after he has been seriously dealt with by Licia and Nana

  2. Yes she did the right thing by speaking up, she should file for divorce, she shouldn’t accept that stupid man if he come pleading

  3. Shana is right with her decision, and I think she should stay away from femi until she gives birth ……, first or second to comment

  4. Shana did d right thing by opening up bt she should forgive him if he comes pleading not because of anything bt d unborn child.

    • before she even think of forgiving him.let him sweat for it.didnt he think about thr.unborn baby.and her high BP .are dere still men like dis.am shocked with femi true.and Shana try to bear dis long oh.wife battering is a punishable offence in.nigeria o

  5. Shana has done d right thing she shuld get hold of herself and after giving birth before she take any decisions

  6. hmmmmmmmm Femi sha got a lot of guts, menh, and Shana, this is what u should have done a long time ago, if I hear forgive eh, I feel for u sha just make sure u protect that baby.

  7. Now Shana brain is working……datz d best thing to do. divorce d idiot.tym 4 him to regret. Gud morning and happy 1st Sunday.

  8. Now you are talking Shana,how on earth can you keep quiet while you husband is molesting you as if you are a slave.You did the right thing by reporting to your parent abeg go your parents side and rest so you can deliver safely and move on with your life.As for femi he will regret all his action which has started already with his job.Great job Adelove crew.Next episode please.

  9. of course she did d right thing but I will even say it takes her too late to inform her parents… I just wish if she can file a divorce and never care about him anymore but it only pains he will come to plead later and she will forgive him due to the bond between them whc is d baby in her womb……

  10. Shana did the right thing and she shudnt wait nor acpt any plea. she shuld file for divorce as soon as possible. Let him go through much pain. As for licia she will dump femi like a peice of rag by the time he is found guity and lose all he has. Gudmorning Adelove and family wish u a lovely sunday.

  11. yep she did the right thing by speaking up,what sort of man will prefer his mistress to his wife,surely the one with no brain at all,abeg Shana pack your bag and baggage and leave,it is better to be alive and well than to be dead and be alone in that six feet,Femi GATS no chill,I still insist he never loved Shana in the first place

  12. Thank God she was able to talk at last, Ayomide will be very happy for her. She did the right thing by telling her parent, femi is not man enough

  13. Shana should go with her parents. She did the right thing and she have to Sue him for divorce. Good morning Adelove craw and Fans, enjoy your Sunday. (I need you guys prayers am seriously sick)

  14. Shana took d ryt step telling her mum,i tink shana should file up a divorce cos Femi is unrepentant……..gudmrnin

  15. Shana did the right thing, she should divorce femi. If Shana forgive femi when he realizes his wrong doing i will be disappointed to the writer which means women are to used, dumped and later picked up, that is not fair.

  16. This Femi will soon come begging.
    Shana should just leave that house for nowso as to be able to carry that pregnancy to term.
    She has endured a lot

  17. Yea she did d right tin,she shld not even wait for r parents to cm she shld jst pack n leave,femi is MEAN doznt deserve a 2nd chance e neva loved shana

  18. For the first time dis shana reason well….For who????if I hear am.Femi should just go and rot in hell and he shouldn’t forget to go along with his lovely Licia

  19. Shana did the right thing by informing her parents wt all happening to her in femi’s house. Even ayo can testify to her claim. She shouldn’t file a divorce yet 4 d sake of her unborn child. For now,till she will give birth. She should ignore his side and not accept him. I think also he is more under influence of licia charm bt I don’t pity cus he is d 1 dat go 4 her wen he is n his right sense jus bcus his wife yet to conceive. Serves him right,now u waking up shana.

  20. Finally………………..Mrs Shana Femi decides to speak up …wow!!! dat is d best news ever…….Well since she is d virtues wife, she shouldn’t file for a divorce but hv to leave d house for d sake of her life n her baby’s.

  21. Shena did d ryt tin by reporting to her patients, let her nt file 4 divorce she should jst get separated frm him,Femi will definitely come bck to his senses someday

  22. I hope she doesn’t get hypertensive again, an abusive marriage is dangerous. Femi will still come pleading, he is a good fool, he never loved Shana.

  23. See Adelove talking about Shana 4giving Femi. Shana did the right thing for the first time. She has learnt her lesson the bitter way.she shld wait n given birth b4 filing a divorce. Soon the law wld b coming after Femi, he wld rott in jail.

  24. Parking out may not be d Solution but she need little break but is just unfortunate that Femi is been stupid

  25. What she supposed to have done since, anyway that was the best thing she will ever done in her life. Femi should go to hell with her stupid Licia…

  26. She did the right thing and filing for a divorce isn’t bad, forgiveness when he comes to beg, hmmm, can’t even think of that.

  27. She did the right thing and filing for a divorce isn’t bad, forgiveness when he comes to beg, hmmm, can’t even think of that.

  28. Femi nawao,your end has com, Nana will implicate femi to loosing his Bank job and licia will leave him for another rich dude, cos all she’s after is his money….oh ohsorry for you femi

  29. She did the right thing by involving their parents but as for divorce no let she wait till she give birth and help Femi with prayers because he is not with himself

  30. Shana did more right thing by speaking up, even she have keep it to much. She did not need to file divorce I know with the involvement of there parents and when she give birth everything will be settle and she should forgive her husband when he comes plead.

  31. By opening up is the best thing that Shana have ever done. she should just move on with her life and take care of her unborn baby. Femi should go to blazes

  32. Divorce him sharp sharp he is mad! very very mad. Shana if you go back to Femi your a fool, a very big fool.

  33. She has reached her limit of it all. Everyone has a limit, now Shana has reached hers and what she just did is the best. Femi will run begging her.

  34. Shana did d right thing by sharing her problem to her mum. May be if she had reported him earlier it might not v gotten to this stage. A very big lesson for All. Thanks to Adelove.

  35. She has done well by telling her mum,she shuld file for divorce bt if e comes back to his senses she shuld forgive him and if e doesn’t she shuld move on wit her life witout him

  36. This is the best thing Shana has ever done since the commencement of this story. She should even file for divorce bcos according to the scriptures, adultry is the only ground for divorce. Femi’s own is more than adultry.

  37. I have been waiting patiently 4 this Shana 4 a long time, glad she has spoken up ,Shana did the right thing and I will advice she file for a divorce and if femi comes begging later she shouldn’t 4give him cus he will never change

  38. she did d ryt tin but she shouldnt file a divorce. Femi isnt in his ryt senses now, he neeeds deliverance nd after dat dey will resolve deir issues.

  39. She did the right thing by reporting and she shouldn’t file a divorce file cos is against God’s will.
    Good morning all.

  40. Adelove pis no dey ask me those kind of question… d time she suppose speak out don pass self,,n right now am not sure she can even get her marriage right back even if Femi come begging her back..it beyond repairs,even if they get back to each other d trust can never b there again..but I don’t advice divorce she should stay

  41. so Shana finally got mouth to speak thank God is not her ghost speaking for her, she should file a divorce thou he will beg her, with that they can re-start their union based on some conditions

  42. Shana don dey wise poop thank God na correct rite thing she do, Femi go come beg use him eye see pepper before you gree

  43. am now liking shana, I will stop liking her anytime fool in her encourage her to accept femi apology anytime he came pleading

  44. Good! Infact, this is the best thing shana has done in a long time. She should allow femi meet his doom(licia) so he can learn his lessons once for all!

  45. Yes of course she did d right thing but I’m sure femi is already in big trouble for d deal he made with his colleague at d office but my fear is that Shana might pity him because of his job and stay back. Shana should just go ahead and leave femi must regret his actions

  46. She did the right thing by telling her mother. For divorce, if she wants she can, or she can forgive him when he comes begging him.

  47. Shana did the right thing and this is the time I have waiting for Shana to speak up. Filing a devoice is not an issue now, let her wait for the final resolution of their parents since they are now in the full picture of her marital problem so that she make her final decision. But forgiveness is the best option if Femi seeks for it thereafter.

  48. Shana did the right thing and this is the time I have been waiting for Shana to speak up. Filing a devoice is not an issue now, let her wait for the final resolution of their parents since they are now in the full picture of her marital problem so that she make her final decision. But forgiveness is the best option if Femi seeks for it thereafter.

  49. She did d right thing by telling her parent, she should not file 4 divorce and she should accept him back if comes begging it’s d devil at work,may God see them through.

  50. She finally did the right thing. She should just leave femi for now until she put to birth and not to divorce him just yet.I know that everything will be fine again wen licia is gone

  51. My God……does Femi have conscience at all…..if i were Shana I would have left the house long ago…anyway this is just a story…I don’t think a responsible woman like Shana who went to sch and came from a responsible home will take such nonsense

  52. Yes she did the right thing cuz if care is not taken that bitch will kill her. This is just the beginning of Femi down fall.

  53. Yes oooo she’s doing the right thing, she shouldn’t fuke for divorce Femi will come back to his sences one day

  54. GdPM ALC&Fs,

    In my opinion Shana finally did the right thing and to the right persons too.

    As for that, I do not see the point pardoning an unrepentant batterer and incorrigible cheat who does not know the first thing about vows.

    Thanks ALC


  55. Dat goat called femi will come back pleading but b4 dat he must have satisfied his lust….. Shana go and rest a little although it not easy but dat is d only way u can help ur marriage

  56. It’s now your day break Shanna, something u could have done long time ago,she did the right thing
    She should file a divorce
    Anytime Femi comes back to his senses she should forgive him.
    I pray nothing happens to the baby this time around o

  57. Shana did the right thing that she suppose to have done since, when Femi comes begging, its left for Shana to decide.

  58. Yes she is doing d right think let her get a divorce if she wants bcos Femi will be disgraced n she cannot be roped in his mess after everything she has put him tru.

  59. Shana did d right tin, she shouldn’t file for divorce, wen he comes begging she should make him fell d pains she felt by depriving him of his child.

  60. wow dats perfect she is now doing de rite tin. I thought she don’t hv sense of human, tank God she came back to her senses. but Shanna shouldn’t devoice him yet coz wat is happening to her husband is not an ordinary tin, nd m sure he will cum back to is sense of mind. Shanna if he comes to beg u nd u see a changes in him don’t hesitate to accept him. but u hv to give him a tough time to pay for is useless attitude towards u.

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