(Episode 22) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Femi drove to Soul Lounge with Licia, he was confused and he needed to drink alcohol to clear his head. It was not just about his issues with his wife, he was also worried about Nana and the shady deals she was dragging him into. She called earlier to inform him of a deal worth millions of naira involving the son of a former governor in one of the oil producing states. It was a high profile risk case but Nana was leaving him with no option than to comply.

After several bottles of alcohol, he drove to a nearby hotel with Licia, the last place he wanted to go was home and the last person he needed to see was his wife. Immediately his head hit the hotel pillow, he fell asleep leaving Licia irritated and hanging with his loud snoring triggered by the excessive alcohol in his system.


Shana was still resting in bed that morning when a knock on the door woke her up. She walked sluggishly to the door and opened it, her parents were standing at the door.

Shana: “Mum! She shouted and hugged her mother tight”.

Mrs Banjo: “My baby! Look at what that man has done to you”.

They began to cry, Shana letting out loud sobs of all the pain she had bottled up in her over the years for the sake of protecting her marriage.

Mr Banjo: “Let us go inside, women. We didn’t come here to weep”.

He led the way into the sitting room and his wife and daughter followed him still holding on to themselves. When they were seated, Mr Banjo cleared his throat and began to speak.

Mr banjo: “How and when exactly did this thing start? I want every detail, do not hide anything away from your parents”.

Shana: “It started about two years ago when…”

Shana took her time amidst tears to explain everything to her parents. It was a painful narration that saw her father’s brow creasing and her mother shedding tears. Shana did not keep anything away from her parents, she narrated at all to them including the part where Femi forced her to have sex with him against her wish. At this, her mother flared up.

Mrs Banjo: “What are you telling me? That it got to the extent that your own husband rapes you? Femi has the guts to turn my only daughter into a punching bag? What wrong did we do by accepting him as a son in law?”

Mrs Banjo: “So, Femi did all these to you and you never bothered to talk to us your parents about it?  What were you waiting for? The day he would bring your corpse to us?”

Shana: “I thought things would improve, I thought of all the advise you and mum gave me when I was getting married and I decided not to allow third party into our marriage like you advised”.

Mrs Banjo: “That is a very cheap excuse. There is no civil or religious law that admonishes women not to speak up in the face of domestic violence, many women have lost their lives as a result of that leaving their children at the mercy of their wicked husbands. I have been married to your father for more than 30 years and he has never raised a finger on me no matter the provocation. Now, that is what we call marriage”.

Shana: “I felt for Femi, I thought that if I give him a child, he would change for good. I thought he changed because of my inability to get pregnant years after marriage”.

Mr Banjo: “Nonsense, arrant nonsense! Is he the only man whose wife is finding it difficult to have a child? My elder brother celebrated 25 years of marital bliss last week and yet his wife have never conceived not even once. The children they have were adopted and they are grateful to God to even be among the living though barren. Are you saying that Femi has not seen situations where some children send their parents to early grave? In that case, is it not better you remain childless?”

Mrs Shana: “That Femi is just a deceptive wicked soul. If pregnancy is the issue, why is he still maltreating you now that you are pregnant?”

Shana: “I don’t know again. I am tired of everything”.

Mr Banjo: “And where is the Femi, is he not supposed to be at home by this time? Today is Saturday, work free day”.

Shana: “He went out with the maid who turned out to be his mistress since yesterday and they have not returned yet”.

Mrs Banjo: “Can you imagine the insult? Which man leaves his wife alone all night? Anyway, go in there and pack your things, you are leaving”.

Shana: “But…”’

Mr Banjo: “No buts, we are leaving. I already told his parents everything and they are in support of you leaving his house before he kills you so that the maid can take over your position”.

Her mother helped her back her essential wears and body effects into two boxes and Shana moved over to the kitchen to prepare breakfast since the they had about two hours before the next flight.


Femi woke up late that morning with a start, he remembered the events of the previous night and his heart fell when he realized that Shana may have reported him to her parents. He got up and was hurriedly putting on his shirt when Licia turned.

Licia: “Why are you up this early? Today is Saturday now”.

Femi: “Early? You call this time of the morning early? You must still be having hangover. It’s almost 10am, madam”.

Licia: “And so? Is 10am not early, after all you are not going to work today. Yesterday night, you left me in the mood and slept off, I was hoping we could make love all day today. You know how we do it, now”, she rolled her tongue over her upper lip and winked at him.

Femi: “Oh please just stop. You never get tired of sex, do you? Anyway, I am going home, you can remain here if you wish”.

She got up, wore her dress and they drove home in silence with Femi’s heart beating furiously.

Shana and her parents were about stepping into the car that will take them to the airport when Femi and Licia drove in. Femi was shocked to see his in laws dragging his wife’ box, he got out of the car and ran out to greet them by prostrating flat on the floor.

Daddy and mummy, eka’abo ma”, he fumbled.

Mrs Banjo: “Gbe enu we son jor! Eka’abo oshi wo ni ye?” (Shup up your mouth, jare. What kind of stupid welcome is that?)

Mr Banjo: “Femi, I took you as my own son and gave you all the support you needed when you married my daughter. I used my connection to give you customers that invested billions of naira into your bank, that helped your rapid rise to the post of a bank manager. The best way to repay me was to subject my daughter to untold pain and psychological trauma, thank you”.

Femi: “Daddy!”

Mrs Banjo: “Ehn-eh, just hold it there. Femi, you have the heart to beat a girl that me who carried in the womb for nine months and went through hard labour to bring her to world have never raised a finger against. Iwo, Femi!”

“Baby, what is going on here?” Licia came out of the car asking. Femi felt like the ground would open and swallow him, that moment he cursed the day he met Shana”.

Shana: “Mum, dad, that is his mistress that he brought into our home under the guise of a maid. Femi, I am leaving your house and your life for good. And I promise you that as I am leaving, every good thing in your life will leave as well. For making a mockery of my love with Licia, I curse you. Women will be the cause of your downfall. I will send a truck over to pack the rest of my things in the house, while my lawyer will get in touch with you. As for the child in my womb, I promise that you will never come close to it in your entire life”.

Mr Banjo: “That is it, we have seen enough. Femi, you shall hear from our family lawyer”, he led his wife and daughter into the car and the driver drove away.

Licia came close to him to comfort him. “Finally, she has gone by herself. We now have all the space in the house to make love, no more hide and seek quickie session. Come lets go and shower together”

Femi: “Get your hands off me! Why didn’t you just remain in the car? Why did you have to come out and complicate things for me? Do you know what this is going to cause my family”.

Licia: “Femi leave my hand, you are hurting me”.

Femi: “I will not leave your hand and there is nothing you can do about me. In fact, you are leaving my house, I have had enough of you and your stupid obsession with sex. Come and pack your things and get out”, he held her by the room and dragged her to the guestroom  where her things were.

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Question: “Has Femi finally changed for good? Should Shana forgive him now that he is sending Licia way? Will the curse she placed on him be nullified if she forgives him?

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  1. She shuldnt forgive him nw until he is fully aware of all his deed and repentance is rilly shown on his face after much sufferimg without her just for him to learn in a hard way…the pamperimg was way too much ejo edakun

  2. He haven’t changed a bit. Shana should not forgive him right now until he is completely a changed man. As for the curse….I don’t know but only Shana and God can lift it.
    Good one Adelove.

  3. he hasn’t changed yet. the curse Shana placed on him will go a long way to affect him before he will get his senses back
    I know Shana will forgive him one day

  4. All the curses from Shana will come to reality IJN. No man treats a woman like that nd go scot free…. If Shana ever forgive him, i’ll curse her as a woman.

  5. This guy be correct actor, one moment he enjoys torturing Shana, the next he is regretting his actions. This is the beginning of your woes Femi. Shana remain strong

  6. Femi has nt change 4 gud.The curse wil reali manifest in his lyf and by then he’ll nw seek 4 Shana’s 4givenex.Bt 4 Shana to accept him back wil b difficult cos of her parents involved.

  7. Curse or no curse once u let a gud person go u will hardly hv peace. Except shana forgives femi for all the pain he gv to her that curse she placed on him will manifest. Never forget God listens to the cry of a broken woman and a child faster.

  8. I think he Will change d this time, Shana should forgive him and ones he his forgiven d curses will nullify by d grace of God

  9. Never Femi is a pretender,Nana is still online, if he actually want to claim that he has change he has to put an end to all the nonsense he is doing.

  10. Femi has not change for good even if he sends licia away he is still femi and if he pleads for forgiveness shana should forgive him but she shouldn’t go back to his house,and I know if she forgives him the curse she placed on him will be nullify

  11. Femi has not seen anything yet, this is just the beginning of pay back period. He bargains for it and he has started getting the returns. As for Shana it shall be well with her.

  12. Femi never change,he only regret asking his wife to tell her parent,,n as for Lucia am sure she will find a way to craw back to his heart..even if Shana forgives him it will take God intervention to stop d course. but for now shana should just live her life alone n forget DAT boy called Femi n his mistress!!

  13. He hasn’t changed ooo,shana don’t even think of forgiving him nw,he needs to suffer it….d curse must follow him.NONSENSE!!!

  14. FEMI hasn’t change for good. No, Shana should not forgive him even if he send Licia away but forgives him when he changed completely. The curse she placed on him will not be nullify even if she forgives him wholeheartedly but it’s only God that can nullify all the curses she placed on him.

  15. Mtcheeeew….femi can never change…. forgive who? Shana needs some tym 4 herself and her unborn baby.watever happens between femi and his mistresses is none of my business.

  16. No….she shouldn’t forgive him just yet. Let him suffer for d way he treated her. D curse will remain active until she forgives him.

  17. is it that easy to 4give, this is d beginning of femi’s down fall, Nana n licia’s forces wld bring him down crashing…… Jail his knocking on his door…..

  18. Am happy for Shana that she has a caring family. Let her forget about Femi for now and concentrate on the unborn baby. The curse will surely have effect on him.

  19. Forgive fire,Shana should not forgive him,she should allow him go through the pains of pleading even though he has changed. Licia is is not going anywhere because Femi can’t chase her out

  20. Femi never change oh.. His just doing all that because his angry at her for coming out of the car. And his also scared of wat will befall him soon from the bank, Shana’s family and his family as for the curse, it will take God’s grace for him to be free from it

  21. The foolish Femi has not changed for good..Shana will not come back because his sending Licia away has not made him a born again..The curse will be nullified if Shana forgives him..

  22. Femi will nt change, Shana may forgive n for d curse only if Shana lift it n Femi also av a change of heart den d curse will nt come to pass

  23. First time to comment. Shana has been a good wife to Femi all through!She should just leave him for good, let him enjoy his life with licia and Nana!they will lead him to his downfall!But I’m sure at the end they will make up!Good job just started reading your stories! And I’m really enjoying it!Kudos

  24. she should drill him first before forgiving him and for Licia, Shana is no longer around you are now the punching bag.

  25. Like I’m so happy for the way things are turning out…who’s talking of forgive here…forgive kor

    Femi is just starting
    The curse ehn,it shall come to pass ni sure thing..that his deal with Nana.hmm hmm

  26. Femi change ko ,change ni!to come out that mess he python self into is not here! Shana’s curse must effect him and that starts his downfall. Even if she forgives,the parent can’t take it.

  27. Femi change ko,change ni!to come out of that mess he put himself into is not here oh! And Shana’s curse must effect him and that starts his downfall. Even if she forgives,the parent can’t take it

  28. Femi hasn’t change for good.this is just the beginning of his troubles. if Shana forgives him,the curse will be averted

  29. Femi can never change ..he is just caught up at d moment,Shana should not go back 2 that house even if she has forgiven him and licia still had a hold on him,he can’t chase her away ..this is the beginning of femi downfall

  30. Hmmmmmm, in fact, this is really touching, now, femi should enjoy very good sex with all his mistress. Finally Shana she gone to rest from their troubles, as for all the Courses they must surely follow him to the end.

  31. Femi can never change ..he is just caught up at d moment,Shana should not go back 2 that house even if she has forgiven him and licia still had a hold on him,he can’t chase her away ..this is the beginning of femi downfall

  32. Shana should never go back to that house…..she can forgive him if she wants but she shouldn’t go back to him….. I just pray that shaman should get married to Ayomide…. .kudos to adelove….love yr stories plenty

  33. All na wash, Licia is not going anywhere. By the time she gives him one doggy crazy style, he will forget everything. Femi can not just push her out so easily like that.

  34. I wish nothing more than femi’s ruin in this story. Shana has a solid background and can rise to any level with that and without femi.

  35. Change kwa????? He has not change at all, all the cause go just start to happen, chai!!!! Femi see Big gobe for your head!

  36. Adelove! I dey vex for those questions at the end of episode 22, what else did we expect than shana hardening up and leaving for her peace? Pls, na beg I dey beg, don’t you try making this story end in femi’s favour, otherwise, I’ll hate you people much more than I hate the character femi in this story

  37. na now she wise ni. She should forgive him but not return back just yet. Adelove pls I don’t want d usual end of ur stories. Put ur self in her shoe and let this story end naturally. This torture is something else. Thumbs up guys. Still waiting for d end though

  38. Femi’s down fall has already started before d curse but nne don’t forgive him yet till he is fully repented cos I don’t trust him rara

  39. For where? Femi hsnt changed yet o, give him more time n he’ll go back to his old self. So they shud let him be for the time being…….

  40. It is really touching
    Shana should forgv bt be very careful
    D curse will be nullified wen she forgives hm n reverse all she said

  41. Shana bye don’t come back again, Femi should go to hell, Shane I love what you did women shall be his downfall

  42. She should not forgive him because femi has not changed. That cause she placed on him will surely come to pass before he realises himself.

  43. Kudos to the crew of Adelove Stories, can u guys turn this.particular story to home video or soap opera on network television, the last 4 stories so far talk about Family/spouse affair, and exactly what is happening in our society, kindly respond as soon as possible, Love you all

  44. Femi change? leopard can not change it colour. Thank God that shana has finally grew up, she should not forgive him because femi can’t change. He is just pretending.

  45. dt curse will surely av effect on Femi, even if he succeeds in sending licia away,Nana is still dere. Femi is doomed. Shana can forgive him but not to go back to him again. kudos Adelove.

  46. He is not changed yet he is talking to her with the anger in him and Shana should not forgive him so easily for the course if she forgives him it will not have affect in him anymore

  47. Femi has not changed, licia’s charm is stil takin hold of him and his problem is just compounding. Wether Shana forgives him or not, he must suffer the consequences of his dirty acts.

  48. Femi hasnt changed, he is just starting. shana shouldnt 4give him yet. he must suffer d consequences of his actions to d fullest. d curse will be averted wen she 4give him.

  49. Shana should please and never think of forgiving him coz he can’t change at all. I hope the curse follow him to anywhere he goes.

  50. Don’t forgive him let him suffer well….Crazy man….. woman will definitely bring his fall since Nana dey there….Licia don’t leave oooo milk him dry

  51. Hmmmmmm.Femi just turned his own life upside down with his own hands.Shana’s curse will follow him oo.What does men even want?They’ve a good wife,a good job yet unsatisfied.Hmmmmm

  52. He deserve every curse she layer on him and he don’t deserve any kind of forgiveness. God will punish him so much that he will be crowling on floor asking for forgiveness from Shana but he won’t find it easily

  53. Femi claimed to have now changed, bt it is left to be seen whether or not he has really turned a new leaf. Shana has every right to divorce him, bt if she still choose to 4give him, she can. it should be noted that she would still suffer again, cos she would still share from d aftermath of d shady deal that Femi engaged with Nana.

  54. Even without shana curse,women will b his downfall in d case of licia and nana. Well.if sh,a forgives him wholeheartedly and he repent,he will overcum his problem. I hope he changed now dis minute cus God dnt want dead of a sinner than to repent.

  55. To hell with Femi, the curse was not over now, Shana should have placed a curse on Lucia that wicked fool. Even if you forgive him, please don’t go back to that beast of a man, he is only going to love you because you have a child. If you should ever have another miscarriage, he’ll surely leave you. Useless Femi!

  56. femi hasn’t change oo, Shana should not forgive him pls just imagine d pains he got her through all the time, surely d curse will bring downfall to living and nonliving things in femi……but am sure Shana will still forgives him later on

  57. She shouldnt forgive him yet until he gets the full brunt of his actions and stupidity and come to realise himself and genuinely ask for forgiveness. Cus he hasnt yet changed buh is only angry cus he kns his family is aware of his stupid deeds.

  58. So Femi you are just know the implication of what you are doing to your wife, when I think he have change. Shana should forgive him for the sake of the unborn baby. And the curse should be nullified after the Shana forgive him.

  59. Forgive wetin? Shana shud neva forgive him. She has played fool enof. As for d curse, he shall have double of it. D law of Karma will surely befall him even wtout d curse. As for Licia… she’s jst a nobody n wudn’t be blamed.

  60. Evening ALC&Fs,

    I do not believe Femi has changed for good and strongly feel Shana must allow for more time to confirm her reservations about Femi. If she truly forgives Femi the curse can be averted.


  61. Femi has not changed!in fact he had soared his hand in too much dirty deals.Shana should continue praying for him because his doom is awaiting him…

  62. He’s not changed at all,he’s only after families issues and name
    The curse will have double effect on Femi
    Shanna should forgive him anytime he changed for the sake of her unborn child

  63. Change for where. Femi didn’t marry Shana on the basis of true love that’s why he’s behaving that way. Ayomide is the one that truly loves Shana

  64. I dont thinm that femi is ready to change. Forgive him for what? The curses will follow him ten times over. Mumu femi

  65. She can forgive him but shouldn’t think of going back to him, Femi has always been a schemer but Shana never knew. whether she curses him or not Femi will surely fall.

  66. I love this episode,most men that habve fallen today is as a result of how they treat their wives and the curses their wives place on them…Thanks a lot adelove.The curse will definitely work.

  67. she shouldn’t forgive him now let him pay for is horrible deeds he has done to Shanna. I want him to feel de pains dat Shanna felt how hurt it is to break someone hrt. but if Shanna forgives him de course will be nullified. Femi I wish u will suffer for a while. nonsense man lyk u who don’t no gud nd bad.

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