(Episode 23) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Licia ran up to Femi in the room and hugged him from behind, brushing his chest with her nipples, it was an act that softened him, no matter how angry he was. “I am sorry, love. I didn’t know that you didn’t want me to step out of the car, if you had told me, I would have remained seated in the car. I actually thought you wanted your wife out of your life for good”.

Femi: “I didn’t want her to leave like that with it looking very obvious that the fault was from me. I wanted her to do something that I can capitalize on to send her away”.

Licia: “Okay, I am sorry now”.

Femi: “Its okay. Prepare Afang soup with enough orishi-rishi for me, that’s what I feel like eating today”.

Licia: “Okay, your majesty”.


Three months later, Shana had finally relocated to her parents house where she and the pregnancy was being pampered by her parents. Femi’s family had called him to return home for a family meeting and possible reconciliation between him and his wife but he had refused and had ignored all the calls and messages they send to him. His parents decided to visit Shana and her family to apologize for all that their son had done to his wife. The maid led them into the room and gave them a seat. After some minutes, Mr Banjo and his daughter came downstairs.

Mr Banjo: “You are welcome to my home, my in law”.

Mr Johnson: “I am very sorry for all that my son did to your daughter. I was never aware of anything that was going on between them”.

Mr Banjo: “Of course I know that you were not aware and that is because my daughter never spoke to anyone about it, she kept quiet while Femi was bent on sending her to an early grave”.

Mr Johnson: “Children of nowadays. I don’t know what came over him, we never brought him up to be violent. I have never beaten my wife before, in fact, after his mother died, I refused to remarry because I loved and cherished her too much. It was pressure from my family, coupled with the fact that I needed a woman who will live with me to take care of him that made me marry his stepmother. And she has been like a mother to him. Why has Femi decided to make a caricature of my name like this? My own son a wife beater, hian”.

Mrs Banjo: “It is okay, my in law. Only God knows where children of these days get their characters from. To say that Femi shocked me is an understatement, he looked so innocent when he was dating my daughter that one would never have believed that he could hurt a fly”.

Mrs Johnson: “I am sorry, iya Shana. I am so ashamed I don’t even know what to say”. Femi’s step mother who was overcome to shame managed to say”.

Mrs Banjo: “It is well, my sister”.

Mr Johnson: “Let me call him one more time. Since incidence of his misbehavior broke out, I have been trying to call him all to no avail”.

Mr Johnson picked his phone and dialed Femi’s number. The phone rang for a long time without Femi picking up. When his father was about to hang up, he picked the call.

Femi: “Hi, dad”.

Mr Johnsn: “I am your father, Femi. You greet me with respect, that is how we brought you up. Anyway, I am calling concerning your wife. Your mother and I are in her house and…”

Femi: “Oh please, dad. Not again, don’t tell me you are calling me this afternoon because of Shana. Listen, I have moved on without her and I advise that she does so too”.

Mr Johnson: “Are you out of your mind or something? Since when did you become so irresponsible? Do you know that Shana is carrying your child?”

Femi: “I don’t give a damn, dad. She can go ahead and do whatever she wants with the child, that is if she doesn’t have a miscarriage before giving birth to the child”. He hung up the phone.

Mrs Banjo: “What further proof do we need? Femi has no respect for anyone, including you his father. I can never allow my daughter to go back and live with that monster even if he comes begging. Her lawyers will serve him the divorce papers”.

Mr Johnson: “I am sorry, I am terribly sorry. I thought the marriage between our children will cement our friendship, I didn’t know that it would turn out sour. I hope this doesn’t affect our friendship?”

Mr Banjo: “You can be sure that this will not in any way affect our friendship. I have seen your efforts towards ensuring that this marriage works, your son is at fault here and not you. Why should this even affect our friendship? We were friends before we had the children and we will continue to be friends”.

Mr Johnson: “I promise to take care of all her financial responsibilities including those of my grand child in her womb, Shana is like a daughter to me and I will do my duty as a father to her no matter what”.

Mr Johnson and his wife thanked them and left with their heads bowed low.

Shana got in touch with her family lawyer and divorce papers were sent to Femi who was reluctant to sign but after being brainwashed by Licia, he signed the papers, severing for ever his marriage to Shana. A month later, Shana gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl and her parents supported her with all that she and her babies needed. Her brothers too were very supportive and when the kids were one year old, they got visa for her and her children to relocate to London where her elder brother lives with his family.


Ten years on….

Ten years after Femi began to cohabit with Licia as husband and wife, she was yet to conceive and that was straining their relationship. Licia had often times accused him of being impotent and to stay away from her constant nagging, he was spending most of his nights after work with Nana who was the woman in control of his body. Most times, his heart went out to Shana but for fear of Licia, he stayed away from contacting her. he had also cut off all ties from his family and after Shana left, she blocked him on all her social media platforms, he had no irking about what was happening to her or what had happened to the pregnancy. That night, he went over to Nana’s house after office hours, he wanted to spend the night buried in her thighs doing what they know how to do best. Nana was in a see through chiffon lingerie when he knocked and entered her well furnished apartment.

Femi: “Wow, you look hot, I can’t wait to mount you. I am going to teach you the lesson of your life in bed today”.

Nana: “See who is talking? Na only mouth wey you get, if the real action start now, five minutes too much, you don release”.

Femi: “Oh really? Let me show you how bad I can get then”, he drew her near and began to kiss her succulent lips, in no time, his hands found his way under her nightie and he brought out her nipples and began to suck vigoriously. She was portable, which was one of the features that endeared him to her, he carried her straight into the bedroom and layed her on the bed, removed her lingerie and parted her legs. He liked the view he saw and that urged him on. He got low and buried his head in her honey pot, licking and eating. He inserted his tongue inside her and that send sensational feelings all over her. She pushed his head in and he continued to roll his tongue inside her, devouring her womanhood. “Stop!” she suddenly shouted. Femi ignored her and continued, this time around, he parted her honey pot with two of his fingers so that his tongue could have unlimited access. “I said stop!” she pushed his head away and closed her legs.

Femi: “What is it? Why did you interrupt me? I am already in the mood you know”.

Nana: “Before you can have me, I want you to sign a check of 20 milion naira for me”.

Femi: “What! That is ridiculous. 20 million naira is a lot of money you know, in fact that is all I have in my account”.

Nana: “Of course I know that is all you have and I know all the shady deals I brought that made you acquire that much. That is why you opened accounts in other banks so as to avoid any suspicion. I want 20million naira or I will blow off your secrets and the EFCC will hang your neck for all the corrupt deals you have been using your position as a bank manager to do”.

Femi: “Nana!”

Nana: “Don’t Nana me. So, I am the one who is good to be fucked in her house right? You kept your mistress in your home after sending your wife away and you left me here and you think you have the right to walk in and out of me anything you have the urge? No way!”

Femi: “But this can also put you in trouble”.

Nana: “I don’t care, I am a woman. I will sleep my way out of Police net. I will count till ten, if you don’t make the transfer to my account, consider yourself EFCC’s guest. 1,2,3,4,5…”

Femi was confused, 20 million was all he had saved all these years, this was because he was spending extravagantly even beyond his income to maintain Licia and her high taste for expensive shopping and vacation. Nana was counting and he knew that he had to do something fast.

Back home, Licia knew that Femi was with his mistress and she was waiting for him to return, she was tired of the union and she had a shocker waiting for him.

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Question: “Will Femi agree to Nana’s demands? What shocker does Licia have in store for him?

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  1. Licia will bring down Femi… Femi should do everything possible not to involve in dat shady deal wit Nana

  2. Femi will agree to Nana’s demand.Licia’s shocker for Femi is also to demand for his money. that serves him right

  3. Femi sorry is your name. He has no option than yo agree on Nana’s condition. The shock Licia has for Femi might be to ruin his reputation or kill him.

  4. hmmmm. He would sign o becos he is afraid of Efcc and for Lucia,maybe she is planning to attack Femi. Femi needs beating

  5. Hehehe. Femi is doomed. He will lose at all ends. He will sign the cheque, Licia will leave him high n dry. Then he will never be able to reach his children nor Shana. He is a goner

  6. Femi doesn’t have a choice than to dance to Nana’s tune or be a guest @ EFCC. I am soooo happy for Shana. God has done her well. Licia wants to end her relationship with Femi but she’s going to ask for settlement….. Femi don die……

  7. Hello ALC&Fs,

    Very hectic weekend…..thanks ALC for the escape!

    At a first glance it would appear Femi would.

    I Suspect Licia has a child on the way for Femi



  8. Femi will get the shock of his life when he finds out Licia knows about his shady deals.. He’ll give Nana the money tooo

  9. Femi ur life don scatter. See what u get urslf into. I laff at u o. Shana curse is nw cuming past in ur life,that’s woman curse 4 u since all she render u is her love n truthful in d marriage. I think licia will also cut tide wit him n he will do as nana says.

  10. That’s good for him,,,, now he will know d value of his wife …this is d beginning of the almighty femi down fall.

  11. Licia doesn’t love Femi in d first place, she’s only interested in what she got out of him. Femi is an adult with a chicken brain so let him deal with it.

  12. Femi the player. You cannot eat your cake and have it. You abused Shan who sacrificed her crush, Ayomide for your sake. May you be wise after Licia and Nana are through with you. AGBAYA

  13. Femi will accept nana’s demand, Licia may also want money too or know abt d shaddy deal at d bank.Femi ur time start now u re doom

  14. Femi ain’t seen notin yet. he will do anytin to kip his name safe but his cup is almost full. Femi ur cursed.I can’t wait for d final episode.

  15. Shana last words to Femi b4 she leave his house hv started affecting him,women wil b d one to ruin his life and that is exactly what he deserve,the Fool hv no options than to accept Nana demand.

  16. Femi has always been a fool,a scary fellow, he will agree to Nana’s demand ..licia should do what ever she pleases.she is reaping every treatment she melted on shana

  17. Femi have finally enter one chance see how you end your life. Femi can try and kill Nana I think so and Licia can leave him because she have already tired of him

  18. For fear of EFCC Femi will succumb to Nana’s demand. Licia on her own part wants to ruin Femi’s life. Shana’s swear is coming to reality

  19. Femi is already doomed, he wil sign it to protect his miserable life. But there is no escape for him, he must reap what he sow. Licia will demand a settlement, a goodbye pay or she will threaten to expose him.

  20. double wahala for deadi body… I don’t tink he will sign it and as for Lucia, she might be planning to either kill or destroy his reputation.

  21. He wil sure transfer d money to nana and Lucia is waiting to tell him dat she’s not interested in deir relationship again.Femi has bitten more dan e can chew,hin own don finish and dat is so gud for him

  22. He that puts his hand in a hot water must not fail to feel the heat. He saked for it. So, he will get enough.

  23. Shana’s curse on him is working. Femi is going to transfer the money to Nana, and Licia is waiting for her own share of the national cake. hahahahaha… Femi Femo! your own have finished, prepare to go back to your parents, idiot.

  24. Femi never see anything sef. These two women will so deal with him that he will wish he was never born.

  25. he will not sign the paper and attack nana he may even kill her just short her mouth for life and licia want to divorce him

  26. End time has finally come to him. he will loose all he has ever saved to both Lycia and Nana.but to think that 10years have past…uhm what happened to the kids,shana

  27. Femi will agree and transfer 20million to Nana, no option, thank God they are all departing and taking their share of the cake, interesting, Femi, hmmmmmmmm.

  28. Femi will agree to Nana’s demands. This is just the beginning of his down fall as for licia she wants to leave femi

  29. Femi will kill Nana,cos he can’t part with that amount,and Licia’s shocker will be to ask for that same amount too,that is what you get for not being satisfy with your wife, let him dance to the music abeg

  30. he will agree immediately bc he cant resist her and he is already in the mood for sex…licia will dump him soon.

  31. Shana curse is definitely fighting Femi, he’ll transfer the cash to Nana and Licia will end the marriage with him, he’ll be left with nothing than to go apologise but will be disappointed.

  32. I’m sure he will accept Nana’s demand. I don’t have a clue of what that witch intends to do this time, but I know Femi is finished. To hell with him. Useless man!

  33. To hell with Femi, the curse was not over now, Shana should have placed a curse on Lucia that wicked fool. Even if you forgive him, please don’t go back to that beast of a man, he is only going to love you because you have a child. If you should ever have another miscarriage, he’ll surely leave you. Useless Femi!

  34. whatever happens to femi I don’t care, if Nana like let her collect all his investment that’s on his own…if licia like,she can stab him with knife if he returns I don’t care bcoz he’s reaping what he sow….. I don’t just want Shana to accept him back bcoz I know that’s whre d story will end

  35. Femi is in for d worst……he will give Nana 20million naira n Lucia on d oda hand will also demand money frm Femi…….now Femi will knw d worth of Shana his wife

  36. Fem hasn’t seen anything yet. …d two ladies will so deal with him. He is already cursed by his innocent wife he maltreated. He deserves whatever comes upon him now.

  37. OK now, release d money,go bankrupt, and den d bank will sack u, dat is if ur crimes are not exposed u won’t go to jail but if it is exposed ur jail term go long well….

  38. Hmmmmn.,…. What a 50-50 marriage! Femi’s predicament is worst than what Shana went through. He will surely agree to Nana’s demand, coz I believe he doesn’t want to be EFCC’s guest. Licia will definitely deal with him. Na him sabi, no be him buyam for hin hands?

  39. Now his life will be an absolute mess.I dn’t feel sorry for him at all.His life is really sloping.He will still end up all alone.No wife,No child,No family.

  40. Dat serves him right next time when God gives him a good thing he will cherish it n not look out. He will comply to her demand while licia has parked everything that Femi has worked for in life. Good for him, EFCC will still catch up with him whether nana reports him or not.

  41. He will surly sign de cheque for Nana coz he is scared of goin to jail. Lucia will sure brings him down. de course Shanna lied on him is coming to past. I wish he goes to jail coz de type of men lyk him deserve to be riot in jail everlasting. Femi I wish u a suffering ending.

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