(Final Episode 24) Fifty-50 Marriage … A touching tale!

Nana: “9, 10!”

Femi: “Wait! Wait”

Nana: “Are you ready to make the transfer now?”

Femi: “Can we modify the condition?”

Nana: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Femi: “I will give you ten million today and then pay you the remaining ten million in 3 months time”.

Nana: “No, way. I don’t trust you at all. You can’t keep promises, if you do, you will not abandon your wife whom you promised on the altar to take care of”.

Femi: “But…”

Nana: “You are getting me angry, Femi. Make that transfer now!” her eyes were fiery red and Femi knew that he had to do what he want or risk getting consumed by the fire in her eyes. He also wanted a taste of her body that night, she had seduced him and he was willing to do anything to mount and pound the hell out of her.

Femi: “Fine!” he brought out his cell phone and made the transfer into her account. She received the alert and smiled.

Nana: “You are such a sweet man, Femi” she hugged him. He held close to her but she drew away.

Femi: “You know I will do anything for you. Now, can we get down to business?”

Nana: “Which business?”

Femi: “Our bed business of course”.

Nana: “Oh please, are you too stupid to see that this whole thing between us is over?”

Femi: “What! I mean what are you saying?”

Nana: “I am saying that we can’t tango anymore. You are a pathetic cheat, because God has placed you in an exalted position in life, you think people’s hearts are toys you can play with. You deceive people into thinking you love them and then you end up dumping them. You can’t go far in life with that kind of attitude, you may progress but trust me your crash is not far away”.

Femi: “But..”

Nana: “But what? The little position God has placed you, you are misusing it, you think God is stupid to entrust you with something bigger? Ask great men who made marks in the world, they stayed away from women,  that is called discipline. Ask those men who ended up failures after tasting success, they underestimated the powers of young ladies who took them by surprise, surprise can beat even the bravest. You think you can go far in life by using peoples head and heart? Whatever you are banking on will fail you, mark my words. And for your information, I have resigned from the bank, I intend to walk far away to a place where you can’t find me. Thank God for the money you gave me, I will use that to establish myself”.

Femi: “You are kidding right?”

Nana: “Get out of my house, money miss road like you.If you don’t leave now, I will frame you for rape and drag you to Women Center, they are more than interested in addressing cases that involve men taking advantage of young girls, that will ruin the little reputation you have left. And watch it, your doom is close at hand, cheap dog!”

Femi: “But you lured me into this? I never wanted you in the first place”.

Nana: “Shut up! You womanizer!”

Femi: “You gave me the green light Nana. You are a complete Deceit. You are the complete player here I must say. I would have used same money I’ve spent on you on other ladies looking for mere relationship by the way. You are a COMPLETE DECEIT AND CHEAT Nana. You must pay dearly for this. Trust me!”

Nana: “Bye Femi. It’s over between us!”


Femi was tensed when he got home, it was all together a new experience for him because he always thought that he was ahead of his game. Being played by Nana was terrible because he had underestimated her abilities because of her small frame and innocent looks. Immediately he got to the sitting room, Licia was waiting for him with her hands akimbo.

Licia: “And where are you coming from by this time of the day?”

Femi: “Please, I don’t have strength for any argument today, I had a long day. Just allow me go in and sleep”.

Licia: “You are not going in anywhere and don’t give me that silly and outdated busy at work excuse. I called someone at the bank and they told me you left hours ago”. She barricaded the door to the bedroom and wouldn’t allow him in.

Femi: “Oh, so you now have snitches in the bank that you use to monitor my movements? Then why don’t you call them to tell you where I went?”

Licia: “Self defense, that is all you are good at. Can’t you come up with something better? Mr Randy bank manager”.

Femi: “What do you want? I want to go in and sleep”.

Licia: “Five million naira and a shopping trip to Paris”.

Femi: “What? You must be out of your mind. I know how many millions of naira I have given you this year. You have travelled to more than 12 different countries of Europe and America this year alone. For the past ten years that we have been living together, you have milked me dry. In fact, I had to practically steal peoples’ money from their accounts just to satisfy you. I didn’t spend one tenth of that money on my wife who got pregnant for me twice, how much more a barren witch like you!”

Licia: “Ewo o! you call me witch? You this impotent half man that can’t even get a woman pregnant? Do you know how many times I got pregnant and terminated before I met you? Oh, you think I am happy living with you? When all we know how to do is fight and break things in this house? You are a shameless good for nothing man!” she spat out.

Femi grew angry, flung his briefcase on the floor and slapped her hard. “I curse the day I met you, I regret ever sending my wife away just to be with you”.

Licia: “You slapped me, Femi? Do you think I am Shana that you used to beat anyhow? I will show you how strong an Akwa Ibom girl is today”, she slapped him hard across his face too and a fight ensued between them. Soon Licia had shattered the plasma television, dining table and glass center table in the living room. Femi was going mad, the animal in him unleashed by sight of his properties that were being destroyed coupled with the fact that he had been rendered bankrupt by Nana.

Femi: “You are destroying my properties after all I did for you, I will kill you today”. He grabbed her hair and dragged her into the kitchen and began to jam her head against the wall. Licia felt life slipping out of her and in one swift move, she reached for the kitchen knife on the shell and waved it at him. “Leave me alone or I swear I will stab you”, Femi was afraid and drew back. “I am done with you, Femi. I got enough money and possession from you to last me a life time. I am leaving for good”, she dropped the knife and went into the bedroom to pack her things but Femi caught up with her and began to rain punches on her. She ran out to the kitchen but Femi had already locked the door for fear that she may threaten him with the knife again. She ran to the balcony, Femi followed her there and pinned her to the wall. She began to plead for help and neighbours who were attracted by her cry gathered in the compound and were pleading with Femi to leave her alone. They were not surprised because they knew Femi with the habit of beating her. Licia was choking, she made one swift mood and began to run but Femi caught her. “You want to run away after ruining my life right? He pinned her against the wall of the balcony and pushed her down. She fell from the third flow upstairs where their flat was located. She landed on Femi’s car and broke her neck and died.


Femi was driven in a black Maria to court and pleaded not guilty to the murder charges against him. However, when his neighbours who had witnessed how he pushed her down from the balcony testified that he was used to beating Licia and Shana when they were living together, the judge sentenced him to death by hanging on the grounds that his pushing her off the balcony was premeditated. His parents came to sympathize with him in cell while he was awaiting execution.

Mr Johnson: “Look what you got yourself into, Femi. I warned you that any man who wants to go far in life should beware of women and alcohol. Look at what your lust after women has done to you”.

Femi: “I am sorry I didn’t listen to you. I thought I was enjoying my life. Life has been miserable ever since Shana left me. Are you still in touch with her? I want to at least apologize to her for all the pain and trauma I caused her. And the pregnancy she was carrying when she left my house, what happened to it?”

Ayomide: “You are my elder brother Femi but I am so disappointed at you. For more than ten years, you never asked of Shana and the children she had after you kicked her out of your house. I am ashamed”.

Femi: “Children? My children?”

Ayomide: “She had twins, a boy and a girl, then she relocated to London to live with her brother. She got married to the only son of Nigeria’s High Commissioner to the UK 3 years ago and exactly nine months after, she had another set of twins boy and girl for her husband. Your own twins are about eleven years now and their step father adopted them and they bear his name. They are so intelligent and they are topping in their classes, your children do not even know you exist”.

Femi: “Oh Lord, see what I have brought upon myself. If only I was patient enough”.

Ayomide: “Well, I spoke to Shana and her husband agreed that she brings the children to Nigeria to meet their biological father. Count yourself lucky, man”.

Femi: “I can’t wait to see her, oh my children, I thought I would die childless”, he began to weep.


Femi was led to the execution arena, a pastor was called to pray for him and Femi asked for few minutes to say a word.

Femi: “I have made lots of mistakes in my life because I got carried away by the pleasures of the world, women specifically. I sent out my wife because I felt that she couldn’t give me what other women were giving me. When she left, I remember vividly that she placed a curse on me but I took it for granted thinking that God will forgive me. It is important that we don’t joke with curses that people place on us especially when they are right. I abandoned my wife with her pregnancy because I thought other women can give me children but I was wrong. What I was looking for in Sokoto was already in my shokoto. Now, my children are bearing another man’s name and I will be killed without meeting them. I hope this serves as a deterrent to all men who maltreat their wives and lure women to their bed and try to outsmart them. I pray that God forgives me”.

The hangman’s rope was thrown over his head and immediately they removed the stool he was standing on, Shana and the children arrived but it was too late for Femi had already given up the ghost after being choked by the rope on his neck.

Shana: “Oh no, look what you have brought upon yourself, Femi. God knows that I loved you and I was willing to stand by you through thick and thin but you pushed me to the wall”, she was crying as she shielded her children’s face from the hanging image of their father.

Ayomide: “Why did it take you so long to arrive? He had hopes that he would see you and the kids before he dies”.

Shana: “The weather was bad and our flight was delayed. Marriage should not be 50-50, Divorce is 50-50. Marriage has to be 100-100. Marriage shouldn’t be dividing everything in half, but giving everything you’ve got. I gave you my all Femi, I gave you my 100/100 …but you took it and dashed it against the wall and gave me 50 – 50. I forgive him for whatever he has done to me and may his soul rest in peace”.


The dubious transaction of 20million naira by Femi into Nana’s account caused her bank to alert the EFCC who carried out thorough investigation that indicted her and Femi of gross financial crimes. She was arrested and jailed with her properties and cash including all that Femi  had confiscated since they couldn’t persecute him because he had been hanged before his involvement in the financial crime was unveiled.

Shana returned to London with her children after the burial. Today, she lives happily with her husband and 6 kids and she has an NGO that fights for women experiencing domestic violence in their homes.

End Note: Thank you so much for staying with us all through the story. We are sure that you have learnt one or more lessons just like we have from this story. Feel free to drop your comments on lessons learnt and suggestions on how to serve you better as your opinion matters a lot to us. 

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  1. Thank you Adelove this has really shown us not to play with what we have thinking that all that glitters is gold

  2. Faithfulness in our home matters a lot. Am so happy for how it finally ended. Thanks to Adelove may God keep you going higher.

  3. Omg! I never wished him death but I never wanted Shana to return to him. This should serve as a lesson to all the men out there.

  4. lessons so far is to be contented with whatever one has,never underestimate the power of a woman and a good name is better than silver and gold.hmmmmmm for the wages of sin is death,Femi died,licia died while Nana was jailed.kudos adelove crew

  5. Wonderful story and wonderful ending
    One shouldn’t be quick when experiencing domestic violence
    Thank God Shana spoke when she was to speak

  6. I learnt a lot.
    1-stay off women
    2-stay off women
    3-my brother I say stay off women
    4-keep repeating 1,2 and 3.
    Thanks Adelove. Good night all

  7. I knew from start that shana will survive it…..actor no dey die. Thanks to adelove for this beautiful piece.

  8. Lessons so far is to be contented with whatever one has,never underestimate the power of a woman and a good name is better than silver and gold. for the wages of sin is death, Femi died,licia died while Nana was jailed. kudos adelove

  9. lessons so far is to be contented with whatever one has, never underestimate the power of a woman and a good name is better than silver and gold, for the wages of sin is death, Femi died,licia died while Nana was jailed. kudos adelove crew

  10. Whatever we sow in life, this we shall reap. Femi sowed bad and reap death. It can happen to any of us, we should b careful.

  11. Evening ALC&Fs,

    I think the end is natural enough…..the fast lane is the way to hell; it’s been tested over time and the unfortunate terminal results always the same.

    Love wherever and whenever should be complete and unconditional not what we claim to have these days in our societies.

    Thanks ALCrew&Fans for another graphical narration and eye-opening moral, we pray for and love you!

    A good week up, all, night!


  12. wow so Nigerians have something lyk sentence by hanging??. thought dis was long abolished.anyway femi didn’t deserve dis.he really shd have suffered more

  13. Women shd learn 2 speak up in case of domestic violence and tnk God shana left wen she did cz she wd v ended up lyk licia. Femi, Licia n Nana all got wt they deserved.

  14. Hmmm… Any man who wants to be successful in life should have a woman and stick to her, but if he chooses to chase anything under skirt because he thinks he has money to throw about, then he shall die before his appointed time.

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  16. Hmmm… Any man who wants to be successful in life should have a woman and stick to her, but if he chooses to chase anything under skirt because he thinks he has money to throw about, then he shall die before his appointed time.

  17. Always remain faithful to your spouse no matter what.
    Wait on God for everything, children comes from God.
    Don’t abuse any office you’re given, be principled and work with integrity

  18. men should learn a lot from this story, and women who are being abused should speak up,when you die your corpse won’t do anything,it is better to be single,happy and alive,than to be dead,stone cold,and lonely in the grave,I pray God amend every broken marriages in Jesus name,adelove ride on

  19. So touching how femi ended without even seeing his children, thumbs up Adelove for this inspiring story, hope we all will learn from this to be patient in all we do.

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    To God be the glory who has paid her back for the years she suffered

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  25. good ending, effect of domestic violence and extra marital relationship . am glad u are finally happy Shana. thanks adelove love u guys a lot. more grease to ur elbow

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    Patience is very important in life as dy say God’s time is the best, if only FEMI was patient enough and he reciprocate the love his wife shown back to her all through dr stay together during her barren time he won’t fall
    Also do not underestimate d power of a lady

  34. Adelove,kudoos to you! I learnt slot ooo! Is good to be patient,and to value what you have no how it is, to have self control. Because, if femi possess all this qualities, he wouldn’t have die a shameful death. May his soul RIP!

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    Our men learn how to control your lipido for you to succeed in life.
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  43. Wow happy ending i love this
    It is very important we value wat we have; to the married on no occasion should u compare ur spouse wit another;
    We should learn to appreciate our spouse n stand by dem at all times

  44. Wow i am so glad Shana had a life she dint enjoy with Femi. Women shud learn to open up to their parent wen the issue of rape, beat, punch, torture remains constant in a relationship both single and married women. You deserve happiness nt depression, sorrows and pains. Women shud be respected at all times. Men cut ur ego and save ur relationship that is the key to a successful marriage. Never forget to let peace flow. Gudnyt and thanks Adelove and family… Expecting a new story… hv a lovely night

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  49. I learnt that for every bad situation – there is light at the end of the tunnel. Nice story, keep it up

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    Thumb up

  59. one should understand that marriage isis not a bed of roses, ups and downs but what matters is love trust understand and care because marriage is an institution of no graduation date till date you apart

  60. Femi & his kinds or types are not worthy to be among humans. there are many wives & husbands who suffer much psychological​ trauma in the hands of their spouses, may God delivered them & see them thru. those people who are like LICIA,FEMI & NANA are many today, bt may they also meet their doom if they refused to repent!

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  80. You will.not know the value of what you have unless you have lose it..that was indeed femi’s fate ..thank you so much @matty for this amazing story and 2 all the crew you are all are wonderful

  81. Marriage should not be 50-50, Divorce is 50-50. Marriage has to be 100-100. Marriage shouldn’t be dividing everything in half, but giving everything you’ve got.

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  83. This is indeed a fabulous story.I hope we ladies learn not to be greedy as seen,non of the ladies got to enjoy any of the things they got through greedy and ruining another woman’s home and marriage.And i hope Men learn that,No woman can give you what that faithful woman you married can not.We women can actually become anything to please the men we love.Shana would’ve gone the extra mile to make him happy if only he had communicated his needs and not resort to violence.Thanks Adelove.I learnt alot

  84. Adelove, please stop painting the negative picture of Akwa ibom girlz az husband snatcherz and sex loverz. It iz irritating to me

  85. No I fit write wetin I gain from this story fInish. This story is full of lesson for any man. 2 important lessons in life for any man to succeed, “”Stay away from Women (Be faithful to your wife) and alcohol…

  86. Sokoto and shokoto… the end of femi is commensurate to his karmic pattern. happy for Shana!

    more grace Adelove!

  87. A wonderful ending I like what happened to all the cheaters. I learnt it’s not good to cheat stay firm with what you have and wait upon God to see you through. Domestic violence is a No, No No, so all men should never dare because you do not know what your outcome will be. Thank God for Shana she left and found love, peace n multiple wealth. Any woman going through this should not ever thing you will not make it out there definitely you will make it, don’t stay because you want to change a man who was never changed from the beginning. Learn to speak up so that you will be safe don’t wait until you are bed ridden before you speak because you might not have a second chance like Shana.

  88. Wow… I learnt a lot.
    As a woman, one should endure with her husband but not to the point where he’ll kill you… A woman should be able to speak out when violence gets involved in her marriage.
    As a man, to succeed in life, one should stay away from women and alcohol else one won’t go far.
    Parents should always keep in touch with their children in marriage and at the sense of any changes, they should try to check on their children.
    Guys should learn to speak out to a lady they love, they shouldn’t procrastinate professing their love.
    Women should not always think they are smart while dealing with men… Playing smart with a man could lead to the loss of the woman’s life especially ladies.
    And also, men should never underestimate the power of a woman… Any good looking thing coming too easily might be dangerous.
    I really learnt a lot from this story.
    Thanks Adelove.

  89. this is one of d best so far….adelove is d best…i love d role of Shana..i pray to b like her but not to have Femi of a husbsnd as her oo… i pray this story teach some of our daddies in d house some lesson… love u adelove.

  90. Thanks Adelove & crew.the story is full of lessons & lecture. Above all value what you have ,show respect & believe God.No marriage can survive without prayer & love

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  92. I learnt that one should be contented wit wat u ave ,love ur wife ,don’t abuse anyone psychologically and emotionally, dont stealing ,for the wages of sin is death, (unto femi) but the gift of God is external life for Shana with the Virtue of a God fearing woman

  93. A bird at hand…….whatever you face in marriage, always remember the vows. Life is not a bed of roses and whatever a man sows shall he reap.

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