(Episode 8) The Travails Of A Woman… a Breathtaking Story

Adaku was told the words from the gods. It was Ezemmuo, who came to the palace to see her, to tell her the latest development. He also told her she would have to be married to a son of the son from a good home.

Adaku: “But I am only twelve” she said thoughtfully.

Ezemmuo: “It doesn’t matter. Have you started seeing your monthly visitor?”

Adaku: “Yes I have” she replied without flinching. Her mother had talked to her about her monthly visitor and sex. She had told her that she was a princess and therefore should not allow any man that was not worth it deflower her.

Ezemmuo: “Then you are ripe enough. This is a chance for you to continue your father’s lineage because your first son will be born to your father’s name” he explained everything to her and then handed her over to the women in the village. They were to fatten her and pamper her in preparation for the Dance where different men from different age group would dance for the princess; she would pick one man to be her husband from them.

Every young girl in the village envied Adaku; they wanted to be her friend. Some girls from good families were picked to be her handmaids; they went with her everywhere and played with her. But in all these, Adaku was not happy, this was not the life her mother wanted for her. She would be thrown into the same race for a boy child that her mother had been in, and had ultimately taken her life. She didn’t want to be queen, or get married, she only wanted to go to school and become like Queen Elizabeth.

Adaku: “But how do I escape from this people?” she wondered because twenty four hours a day, she had people around her.  They were either feeding her sweets, or oiling her skin, or massaging her waist. There was no way to get away from them.

The day for the dance ceremony came, there was a buzz in the village, and it was like even the gods were happy with them today. A little drizzle had wet the ground in the early hours of the morning, after so many months without rain. Even the sun looked happy, with its smile up in the sky. People cooked the last yams they had in their barn because they believed salvation had come for Igbundu; things were about to go back to the way it was before.

As for the good, marriageable sons of Igbundu, they oiled their skins and drew beautiful patterns on them, they used new lappas to wrap around their waist and crossed it in a V-shape around their manhood. It was a way to showcase what they had, and how of a man they were.  They were already at the village square, with all the other villagers, waiting for the princess to arrive.

The princess Adaku was girded in an abada wrapper that was tied around her waist and just mid thigh, three rows of ileke beads were arranged on her waist, and another rows of ileke was used as blouse to cover her breasts.

She sat in her hut, which was her mother’s hut before she died, awaiting the men that would take her to the village square. She was supposed to be seated in a decorated chair that would be hoisted by four hefty men. She was still waiting when a masked man came into the hut, she was immediately scared because she didn’t feel good about it.

Adaku: “Who are you?” she asked, trying not to show her fear.

Masked man: “I am to bring you to the village square, the whole village is waiting for you” he said in a muffled voice. Before Adaku could protest further, he scooped her on to his shoulders and started to run. He ran out through the back of the hut. Something told Adaku to scream, but she didn’t want to scream, because then people would say “Why is she screaming, is she scared of marriage?”. So, she kept quiet, but when she saw that the man was not going towards the village square, but towards the forest that led out of Igbundu, she knew something was wrong, and she began to scream, but it was too late, no one would hear her.

Adaku: “Where are you taking me, it is definitely not to the village square, and what do you want to do to me. Please have mercy on me, my mother is dead” she cried.

The man ran without stopping, till they got to the river bank, this place which was usually busy, was deserted because, the people had not traded for months, the river Niger stunk of dead fishes. When he put her down at the river, she saw her uncle, Azagba.

Adaku: “Uncle, what is going on?” she asked, relieved to see a familiar face.

Azagba: “You are going to have a new home, Igbundu is dangerous for you” he said and made to touch her, but she moved away. The words she heard sent cold chills down her back.

Adaku: “I am not stupid uncle. You want me out of the way so you will be King. I am not really interested in ruling Igbundu, so just let me go and live my life elsewhere” she said vehemently. Azagba just howled in laughter, this one reminded him of their father, the king before Emelu.

Azagba: “You are not stupid, me neither. I am not going to risk you coming back, so I will take you to your new home. Get her into the boat” he gestured to the masked man who swooped Adaku on to his shoulder again before he could protest and moved into the boat. Azagba stood and watched them, making sure that the boat sailed away successfully, he could have killed her but he was scared of the gods and what they would do to him, if he shed her blood. Besides the girl had not done him any wrong, she only stood between him and the crown he had sought for all these years.

So he returned to the village, to a village of chaos, he avoided the village square and made sure he entered his house from the back. Lucky for him, his compound was deserted when he entered, so he went to his hut and laid down, as if he has been there all the while. Just then, his first wife came in, she looked surprise when she saw him. It was the same look she had on her face when she was younger and unmarried, and he had stumbled on her coming out of the stream where she had her bathe. She had been stark naked because she had not expected anyone to be around. That was when he knew he wanted to marry her, she was so full as an African woman should be. He was not surprised she started conceiving immediately they got married.

Azagba: “What is it? Have you seen a ghost?” he asked nonchalantly.

First Wife: “My husband, I checked in your room before oh, I didn’t see you”

Azagba: “I was with Ezidemili, why were you looking for me?” he asked with a frown

First Wife: “Hmmn! There is fire on the mountain, the princess is nowhere to be found,. People thought she ran but Ezemmuo and the chief priest thinks someone abducted her, they are calling the person an enemy of Igbundu” she said, demonstrating with her hands.

Azagba: “It is clear to see that the gods did not support the idea of a woman ruling Igbundu. The people who plotted to take away my birthright, are being put to shame” he replied with a satisfied smile.

First Wife: “But my husband, did you see the day today? Rain fell, after many months of drought, did you see the sun, I think the gods wanted the princess to rule Igbundu”

Azagba: “Shut up and get out of my presence” he barked. His wife ran out of his hut in fright, she shuddered as a thought formed in her head.

First Wife: “My chi do not allow me see shame” she prayed.

The boat sailed to the other side of the river, which was Asaba, Adaku looked back on her home and all she could see was a big expanse of water. Who would take care of her father now? She wondered. Since her father went mad, she had taken care of him, talked to him every day and sang to him. She also prayed to his chi and the gods to have mercy on him and restore his sanity. Now that she was gone, who would take care and do all the things she did for him.

Adaku worried about her father, but she didn’t worry about herself. If only she knew what awaited her at her new home.

Question: What will happen to Adaku in the new land, will Azagba succeed in becoming King?

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  1. Even if Azagba becomes d king, his reign ‘ll b full of trouble & mystery. Adaku is in d hands of d gods now, its their duty to protect her.

  2. challenges will toughen her and she will be a great woman.Azagba will not last if he becomes king by force.

  3. A lot of things will happen. As for Adaku,the gods would send her back. Her uncle can never become the king unless the gods if the gods are death

  4. Azagba won’t succeed in becoming the king. I pray things go well for Adaku.
    Thanks Adelove… Good night all

  5. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Is it just me or what….my comments have not been uploading successfully!

    Well, I believe a promising future awaits Adaku in her new land meanwhile even if Azagba succeeds in becoming king it’ll be a fleeting experience….kingship doesn’t appear to be his destiny.

    Goodnight all,


  6. Evening ALC&Fs,

    Is it just me or what….my comments have not been uploading successfully!

    Well, I believe a promising future awaits Adaku in her new land meanwhile even if Azagba succeeds in becoming king it’ll be a fleeting experience….kingship doesn’t appear to be his destiny.

    Goodnight all,


  7. Azagba might ascend the throne but without the support of the gods, it will be disastrous for him and the people of Igbundu. Adaku might face challenges in her new home but she’ll always succeed.

  8. She will suffer but yet succeed,azagba will succeed to become a king, but the rot of the gods is awaiting him.

  9. Adaku will achieve her dreams of schooling and she’ll surely return back to rule
    Azagbe, if he takes the throne, will become a terror to the people.

  10. Adaku will face a lot of challenges but she’ll come out stronger and successful. One day, by fate, she’ll be back to Igbundu to possess her possessions.

  11. Nothing will happened to Adaku, as for Asaga, he might succeed in the kingship, but he will letter be dethrone by the gods and Adaku will come back strong and brave to take her throne back.

  12. Though the road won’t be smooth ..but she will over come ,she will achieve all her dreams,azagba will bcum king but adaku will return back to rule

  13. Azagba success to the throne is just for a while because Adaku is coming back to take what belongs to her and no evil will befall her in her new home

  14. Adaku will suffer but she will scale through and get herself educated. Azagba will never be king because the gods didn’t approve him

  15. Adaku will make it in the new home bt she will come bck brave.
    Her uncle might not be made the bcos the gods know the girl is nt dead so dey might decide to wait for her return cos she will definitely return one day

  16. Although the coupplotter (Azagba) will succeed for limited time, the gods will always prevail. They shall take care of Adaku as the chosen vessel anywhere he may have sent her. As for the land, I pity the people.

  17. Adaku should be well n fine in her new home. I think azagba will succeed d throne now that no one left that can rule in emelu’s house.

  18. Azagba might force himself to b king, but he wld never last as Adaku must come back n restore things in their village

  19. The story is just starting, Indian film will call it intermission….
    Many things will befell her in the new place she has found herself..
    But her chi.. will surely guide her.

  20. She will go get western education and be like Queen Elizabeth she envisioned.Azagba will probably manipulate his way through before the rightful heir returns.

  21. Noone does this & go scotfree. what about law of karma?. In d process, adaku will face a lot of challenges but her god & d gods of d land aren’t sleeping. As for the people, they will suffer cos d gods will be angry & made azagba too will face d consequence of his acts. Adaku will come back a better person in education & knowledge.

  22. Destiny can only be delayed… it can nevet change. No matter wat Azagba has done now its for a short time.Azagba will rule but wat awaits him is bigger than the throne he seek. Gudnyt Adelove and family.

  23. Azagba will succeed the kingship, but the village will know no peace. Asaku will go and with the help of the gods she will become a great woman and she will return back and take over the kingship

  24. Adaku is sold out and she will find favour there and get education ,Azagbe will be made king BT is reign will nt be peaceful, BT Adaku will return for her throne

  25. Adaku will suffer but at the end of everything she will rejoice.
    As for Azagba, he will not succeed to be the king. The gods will be angry with him.

  26. Azagba will face the anger of the gods even if he succeeded, which I doubt much. And the people of Ugbundu village will know no peace and suffer alot upon his succession. As for Adaku, she may probably suffer in one way or other but will subsequently comes back as long as she lives to claim her rites.

  27. Adaku will gain education n come home to liberate her people as for Azagba if he tries to have his way n rule d gods will deal with him terribly.

  28. She will go to school and be great, while the uncle will succeed as king. But she will come back to claim what belongs to her.

  29. i think they may try to defiled her before she get married so that the gods will not chose her. Azagba may succeed in becoming the king.

  30. Azagba will succeed to the throne since Adaku was no where to be found but she will come back in couple of years to claim the throne back

  31. she is going to suffer fr sometym but willl find happiness in d end. Azagba will succeed but calamity will soon befall him

  32. I think she will get d western education she need and become great. Azagba might be king but it will never last.

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