Corruption responsible for current economic woes – Prof Sagay

Corruption responsible for current economic woes – Prof Sagay

It was gathered that the chairman of the Presidential Adversary Committee on Anti-Corruption (PACAC), Prof. I. E. Sagay (SAN) has said it is no longer disputable that corruption holds the ace for the current sorry state of the country’s economy.

Sagay stated this yesterday in Jos during the public lecture/magazine launch of Nigerian Sociology and anthropology students Association (NSASA), University of Jos Chapter.

Speaking on the topic: “Fighting Corruption: What Has Worked and What Has Not”, Sagay said like viral cancer, corruption has eaten deep into the organs of national physiology emaciating its victim to near coma until the election of President Muhamadu Buhari about a year ago.

According to Sagay who was represented by Prof. Bolaji Owasanoye, Buhari’s surgical procedure has however, so far been resisted by a vocal minority of “native doctors” suggesting somewhat hypocritically to themselves that the patient is not ill.

“And if at all, the sickness is not terminal nor life threatening, fighting corruption demands stamina and resilience.”

“Nigerian’s experience reflects that of other countries who have in recent times fought corruption most notable Singapore, Botswana, Hong Kong, South Korea, Estonia, Georgia, Qatar, Chile, Uruguay, e.t.c. just to mention a few. In each of these cases, political will and leadership examples ranked first in the factors that changed the matrix.

“Fighting corruption is not known to be a tea party because corruption by its nature plays true to type. It refuses to accept noble values and strategies set to displace it because those values are antithetical to its character.”

“Thus corruption fights back using different collaborators and strategies. Where corruption is systematic as is the case with Nigeria, it pushes back through passivity and activity of various frontiers indicating that there are more traitors in the powerful minority than patriots, more back stabbers than supporters.’

According to him, the strongest indicator of such push back is in the contradictory desire of those who wish to eat Omelet without breaking eggs or go to heaven without death,” he said.

In his recommendations, he called for improvement of enforcement and sanctions regime for lack of accountability and integrity in public office.



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