(Episode 22) The Travails Of A Woman… a Breathtaking Story

Adaku was taken to the hospital and she was diagnosed with VVF, and the bad news was, it had progressed to a detrimental stage.

Doctor: “Why wasn’t she brought earlier, the surgical procedure to correct this is only done by specialists, either an obsteric-gynaecologist, or a urinologist” he said, they were referred to another hospital, from one hospital to another they roamed, but there was no one willing to perform the procedure. Raja decided they had to fly Adaku to India where there was reputable Urinologists, they were still planning the trip to India when Madam Biliki’s daughter, Kamla called home to tell them she was coming. She was also coming to start up a VVF center for women with the disease, and also create awareness to prevent the disease and also, early detection.

Madam Biliki: “Olorun oh, Kami, we have a child with us that needs your help. We have been going from one hospital to another; no one can perform the procedure”

Kamla: “Don’t worry mother, I will be on the first flight back to Lagos, I will be coming with my fiancé who is also a specialist in VVF procedure”

Madam Biliki: “Thank you my daughter, thank you so much”

Kamla, Raja and Madam Biliki’s daughter came back to Nigeria, with her fiancé and they were invited to LUTH to perform the procedure on Adaku. When they examined Adaku, the state of her disease was abysmal, and the chance of success of the procedure was pegged at thirty percent. There was also a chance that she could die from the procedure.

Adaku: “I would rather die, than live another day with this disease. Please I am willing to take the risk” she said so passionately that the hospital had no choice but to approve the operation. The date of the procedure was set, and prior to the date, different laboratory tests were carried out on Adaku, which were like ground work for the impending procedure.

On the D-day, Adaku woke up on the hospital bed and for the first time prayed, not to her chi but to the God in heaven. Living with Madam Biliki, she had been hearing a lot about the Almighty God that was greater than her chi and also greater than all the gods she knew and feared.  So to the Almighty God, she prayed.

Adaku: “Almighty God they call you, prove to me that you are God and worthy of my worship, let me come out of this operation alive, and i will not worship anyone but you” she whispered as she was wheeled to the theatre.

Kamla and her fiancé worked on Adaku for more than the specified time, more than six hours straight; there was one complication or the other, even her bladder was ruptured, such that when they filled it with sterile water, it leaked out. Also Adaku was losing so much blood that her blood pressure was extremely low. She had to be resuscitated many times, they were losing her and they didn’t know what to do. The condition was worst than they envisaged, and her chances of surviving the operation, had dropped to twenty percent.


The judge looked at the verdict and turned to look at the accused Ejike, and shook his head. The man was repentant for sure, but the law was the law.

Judge: “For first degree manslaughter, You Ejike Nwobodo has been found guilty, and sentenced to life imprisonment with ten years compulsory service” He said, and the court fell silent, many wanted Ejike to be freed, but the law was the law, and every action has its consequences. His wife broke down in tears when the judgment was translated to her. She held her stomach and cried. Ejike was not a young man, and a ten years compulsory service was going to see him dead, or out when he couldn’t even see his family anymore.

Senior wife: “Chineke me, what have I done in this life to deserve this. Who is going to take care of all the children and other wives while my husband is in Jail?” She wailed.

Ejike: “Please allow me talk to my wife” he said to the constable holding him. The constable followed Ejike to where the senior wife sat and wailed.

Ejike: “Go to the back of my room, uproot the cocoyam plant, and you will see a bag buried in the soil, there is a lot of money, share some among the other wives, keep some and keep a third part for all the children’s education. Make sure, you do a trade so that you have a source of income. My life is in God’s hands now, his will, will be done” He embraced his wife, and that was the first embrace she had gotten, since they got married.


Chike was tired of staying in Ogwashi-Uku, his life was never the same since his father died. People saw him as the cause of his father’s death, they blamed him for having an affair with another man’s wife, is actions had destroyed the lives of two men; one was dead, and the other was in prison. So, after his father’s burial, Chike left his home, in search of Adaku. He presumed that she would have gone to Igbundu, back to her people where she would become queen and overthrow her uncle.

Early the next day after his father’s death, he set out for the journey to Igbundu. He took the boat at his side of the river. He was surprised that he was the only one going towards Igbundu. Igbundu used to be a commercial village, people travelled from all over the South to Igbundu to buy and sell.

Chike: “Why is no one going to Igbundu?” he asked the boat captain.

Captain: “No one is going to Igbundu because she is on fire, there is a revolution ongoing, and the British government has sent her officials with a lot of soldiers to Igbundu. I am surprised you are going there” he replied. Chike was confused; a voice asked him, if he was ready to lose his life for the same girl who caused his father’s death. But he shunned the voice saying;

Chike: “Love is not only in good times” he said aloud, the captain turned to look at him, and shook his head.

When they got to Igbundu, the boat banked at the Jetty, it was deserted, and there was an eerie feel to it.

Captain: “Please, alight quickly so I can leave, this place is not safe” he said and Chike left the boat.

He followed the bush path from the jetty into Igbundu, but as he was walking, he heard a war cry coming in his direction; he dived into the bush and hid himself. The war party passed by, they were men of Igbundu, who were part of the revolution, fleeing to the other side of the river.

Chike: “I have to save Adaku, I hope she is alright” he said and crept out of his hiding place and continued on his journey towards Igbundu. When he got into the heart of Igbundu, he was appalled by the sights. Dead bodies littered the streets, the soil was stained with blood, some houses and farmlands were burning, and military vans filled the streets. Fear descended on him, he didn’t know it was this bad, he was now afraid for his life.

The revolution in Igbundu took a turn for the worse, when a British official, Wilberforce, a British man sent to take over Igbundu, was killed. The revolutionaries wanted to take over Igbundu, so they were infuriated when the British officials infiltrated their land with soldiers and big vans. So they turned on them and began to slaughter who they could. Many of them were killed, including soldiers sent by the British government, so also was Wilberforce. More troops poured into Igbundu in choppers, they arrested the men and boys of Igbundu, but most of the surviving revolutionaries, fled the village.

By the time Chike arrived at Igbundu, the war had been quelled, but the signs of destruction were everywhere. There was no one in the streets; he roamed the streets till he fell into the hands of soldiers.

Soldier: “Where I dey go?” a black, ferocious looking soldier asked as he held Chike by the shirt, with one of his hand holding his big machine gun. Chike stuttered as fear gripped his buccal cavity. He was hit on the head with the butt of the gun, and blood streamed out of a cut in his head.

Soldier: “No let that stinky blood touch this ground, I dey craze?” he bellowed. Chike in pains used his hand to wedge the blood from dropping to the ground. He was pushed towards a building, when he got in, he saw that many had been arrested, mostly men and boys. He joined them and sat down. His head ached him, but he had to find out about the girl he had come to search for.

Chike: “Please where is Adaku, the princess” he asked in English, the elderly men around him just stared at him, they heard the name of the lost princess, but they could understand his English. Only a boy, as young as he is, answered him, “The princess has not been seen since the day she was taken away from Igbundu. Do you know where she is?”

Chike couldn’t answer, he had lost Adaku forever, and yet he was stuck in a situation that he didn’t know anything about.

Question: How will Chike escape the situation he has found himself, will Adaku survive the operation, or will she be lost?

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  1. Adaku nd Chike are destined to be together, moreover Udoka’s nd Emelu’s spirit is @ work on their daughter and now that she had found Christ, she’ll survive nd Chike’ll survive too. Adaku has been destined to rule Igbundu, she’ll come back to rule.

  2. Chike will surely escape and Adaku will not die because she prayed to the living God and promised to worship Him if her life is spared..God is a covenant keeper..He must fulfill His part..but he will allow humans to exhaust their powers before he proved Himself..

  3. maybe by telling them all he know about Adaku, and even letting the soldiers know his mission. And for Adaku, she has giving herself to God, and i know that God will never forsake her. She will survive.

  4. Adaku will survive the operation and Chike will escape and elope to Lagos where fate will bring him face to face with Adaku.

  5. By divine Providence Adaku ‘ll survive d operation. I pity Chike for getting involved in what he doesn’t know about.

  6. Adaku will survive the operation and Chike will be freed. Since he can communicate in english, he will tell them his reason of coming to the land.

  7. Adaku won’t b lost, she will survive the operation even though she is loosing slot of blood. she shall scale through. Chike will escape.

  8. Hmmmmm……. Can you see how one sacrifices because of love? Chike shall find his love and his love Adaku shall survive the operation.

  9. Chike will be set free with the rest by the British government and adaku will undergo a successful operation.

  10. he should explain his cause to the British soldiers after all he can speak English n so they will know he is not part of them..n as for adaku am sure she will make it.

  11. I don’t really know how Chike will escape but I know Adaku will pull through.
    Adelove pls u r not replying my messages,am among d winners announced. Tanx Adelove

  12. Chike will look for any means to escape he might connive with one of does people nd sneak out. nd Adaku will survive de operation by special grace of God.

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